eSports a/k/a electronic sports

A Briefing on eSports
... short for electronic sports, represent the various competitive gaming scenes. From fighting games, MMO arena player-versus-player, first-person shooters, or real time strategy, there exists a competitive scene for almost every genre of video games...

MLG Pro Gamers Flock to So Cal with $120000 Up for Grabs
From July 29-31, competitors from around the globe will battle for more than $120000 in prizes and stipends playing some of the most popular video games of all time including the record-setting Call of Duty: Black Ops on PlayStation 3, ...

Ways to Save Money as a GamerGamer-conomy
... it's tough to be a gamer and be able to play the games you want when they are still relatively new. I am a thrifty shopper and anyone of my friends and family will tell you right away that I find deals and find them to benefit me, with video games...
'From Dust' Review
Game Rant
Video games as a medium allow users to escape into a fantasy world where the rules of reality don't apply. They can transport gamers to far away locales, place them in the shoes of powerful heroes, or even allow them to play god. ...

Let Off Some Steam: I'll Be Over Here… Playing Video Games
Kotaku Australia
People who play video games are sometimes referred to by that awful label 'gamer'. Yet nobody who goes to their cinema once a week is called a 'movie-watcher'. That would be ridiculous because everybody goes to the movies. There's no need for them to ...
A Plea for More of the Strange, Weird and Fringe
This is the current lamentable situation of the modern gamer. There are so many games that are just paint-by-number rip-offs or less direct clones of other noteworthy franchises. Often enough, even the games that they rip-off are clones themselves. ...
Stop blaming video games for terrorism
Because of this, there are times when being a gamer is a taboo. I began playing video games in the early to mid 1990's. I have seen them evolve from the lightheartedness of Super Mario Brothers to the violence of the Grand Theft Auto. ...
We want better games, women say
More and more women are turning to gaming. Many love the mental challenge of video games, like using their hand-to-eye coordination. But they want a game with good female characters, a game that plays well with a good story to it. ... premieres G4 Films Wednesday
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (blog)
By Stanley A. Miller II of the Journal Sentinel, the gaming website, today announced it will launch its first star of G4 Films on Wednesday, a new project to find, develop, produce and license full and short films about video games...
Review : Boulder Dash XL
Xbox 360 Digest
PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Rockford™ and Crystal™, heroes of First Star Software's Boulder Dash®, one of the greatest classic video games, get their bits and bytes together to make their Next Gen-Debut. Back in the 80's, when hairstyles were wild and music ...
Lunch Break Links: Classic Story Covers Re-Imagined and Long Island Rages
U Weekly (blog)
*Following the theme of re-imagined children book covers; here are a bunch of video games redrawn as if they were classic books. I admit I'm not a huge gamer, so a lot of these went over my head, but they're still pretty cool looking. ...
Do you want to be on TV like I was?
... and all that nonsense, but the plan for next week is to have a panel of gamers connected via Skype who they will cut to every now and then to chat with and that is when your moms can finally be proud of you for playing all those video games...

Reviewed: Alice – The Madness Returns
IT News Africa
So it's with great enthusiasm that McGee ventured forth for another trip to Wonderland, this time producing the sequel Alice: Madness Returns through Electronic Arts. The madness did truly return, as any gamer can attest who only saw the game's opening ...
Office scandal: I picked a cubicle over an office
After a few weeks of watching "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century," listening to Electric Light Orchestra's "Discovery," and programming primitive video games in BASIC on his TRS-80 Radio Shack computer, JP told me about Dungeons & Dragons. "Elves? ...

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