The 10 Steps to Becoming a Pro Gamer

The 10 Steps to Becoming a Pro Gamer
Gaming for a living always seemed like some sort of adolescent dream growing up. Being paid to play your favorite game was something most kids only fantasized about, but now in 2012, it actually can be a reality for the truly hard working and talented.


The Art of Play: Video Games Exhibit Opens at Museum in Washington
Voice of America
MARIO RITTER: Six-year-old gamer Jacob Smith enjoys playing at the museum. JACOB SMITH: “Awesome…” Jacob was prepared to take a favorite video game he found there. JACOB SMITH: “I was really excited. I think that you could buy games here.

Chinese gamer tops 10-year charts
Bill Gunderson is a San Diego money manager, financial talk show host, and creator of the Best Stocks Now app. He has been featured in -- or a guest on -- several national financial news sites, including Fox Business, Bloomberg, Barron's, Fortune, ...

Congressmen Threaten Free Speech With The Violence in Video Games Labeling Act
Joe Baca and Frank Wolf want to place on every video game that hits store shelves. Well okay, not every video game. Just every game with an E (Everyone) rating or higher. Only EC (Early Childhood) games would avoid the label.

'Mass Effect' Controversy: How Video Games Have Freed Storytelling
Such storytelling controversies still can't compare to gamer fury over how the best-selling "Mass Effect" video games ended. The "Mass Effect" games carry greater expectations than any book, film or TV series ever could.

Gamer entitlement on the rise: Call of Duty fans call for 24-hour blackout
Globe and Mail
A group of angry Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 fans is trying to round up support for a 24-hour multiplayer blackout in an attempt to make the hit military shooter's developer alter certain aspects of the game. A video uploaded to YouTube on March...

Globe and Mail

Westeros Deserves Better From The Game of Thrones Video Games
So why has George RR Martin's Game of Thrones series been given such short shrift by video game publishers and developers? While HBO's TV series exploded onto the scene last year, gathering the tale millions of new fans, it's not like it had previously ...

'Game of Thrones' video game This Is War trailer - watch
Digital Spy
The Game of Thrones video game tie-in has been given a new trailer by Atlus. The latest video, titled 'This Is War', highlights the bloody trials and tribulations of life within the Seven Kingdoms. The trailer focuses on the backstory of the game's two ...

DT Debates: Would video game warning labels be helpful or hurtful?
For this week's debate, we're taking on the discussion surrounding the HR 4204 bill, which wants to put warning labels on nearly all video games. Our own Amir Iliaifar and Ryan Fleming go head to head. I'll start by saying I'ma huge gamer.

Videogames Politely Invade Smithsonian Art Museum
Wired News
“The Art of Video Games” opened on Friday, March 16 at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. (I participated on the advisory board for the exhibition.) This isn't the first time that videogame-related exhibits have been shown at a Smithsonian museum; ...

Wired News

Maxim Has a Weird 'Gamer Girl' Fetish
This week, Maxim launched a contest to find its very own Maxim Gamer Girl. Like a pig hunting truffles in the wild, Maxim will scour the streets of America for the perfect "video game vixen." Wear your "hottest outfit," the magazine commands.

Review: The Smithsonian Celebrates Video Games
"We could not have had this exhibition at any other time than now," says 'chief gaming evangelist' Chris Melissinos, "because we finally have the vocabulary to understand and appreciate [video games]...I believe it's society's responsibility to protect ...


Video Game Quick Hits 3/30/2012
Big Shiny Robot!
A little slow in the news this week, which is probably connected to the slow release schedule we're facing for the next few months. But we've still got a few key items: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception has continued to receive good multiplayer DLC ...

Big Shiny Robot!

Please Change The Endings Of These Video Games
All of this nonsense regarding the unfavorable wrap-up of Mass Effect 3 got me thinking: Havevideo game endings really mattered that much to me? It seems that endings of books and movies stick with me moreso than their middle content, ...

Gamers' letdown: Smithsonian's video-game exhibit scores low on interactivity
Washington Times
(Photograph provided by the Smithsonian American Art Museum) A new exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum is billed as “The Art of Video Games.” Visitors will encounter beautiful production art, a chronological look at the majorvideo-game ...

Washington Times

Mendon students learn how to make video games
Milford Daily News
By Morgan Rousseau/Daily News staff Beginning Monday, a dozen students in the Mendon and Upton Regional School District will start learning how to create video games. The Video Game Development Club is designed for students who are interested in ...

BSO's summer season includes music of Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, video games
Baltimore Sun (blog)
The only concert in Meyerhoff Hall will be "A Night in Fantasia" on July 28, devoted to music from video games and anime. The program, tied to the Otakon Convention in Baltimore, will be conducted by Philip Chu and feature Jillian Aversa, ...

Baltimore Sun (blog)

Could Scratch be the Key to Maintaining Canada's Video Game Lead over the UK?
Gamasutra (blog)
In 2010, Canada overtook the UK as the world's third-largest video game developer, thanks in large part to an ecosystem of government grants and tax breaks. This support has angered some critics who see it as wasteful government spending, ...

Gamasutra (blog)

Come On, Video Games, Let's See Some Black People I'm Not Embarrassed By
Worse yet, I've never played a black video game character who made me feel like I was cool. Instead, I've groaned and rolled my eyes at a parade of experiences that continue to tell me video games just don't get black people.

Pwned: Nicki Minaj 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded' Leaks
by Music Editor JT Well, everything has gone nothing short of awful for Nicki Minaj in the lead up to the release of her sophomore album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, and to keep in proper order, someone decided to go ahead and leak the album, ...


Further declines in video game sales offset Best Buy Q4 revenue
by Mike Rose [Console/PC, Business] Revenue from video game sales continued to decline for major electronics retailer Best Buy in the fourth quarter of the previous fiscal year, offsetting sales growth elsewhere for the company.


Video games firm Lucid to open incubator
Liverpool Daily Post
Its commercial director, Andy Davidson, said last week's Budget, which included offering tax relief to video games firms, makes such an incubator an attractive option for companies such as his. He said: “At the end of the second quarter of this year, ...

Wait, Why Isn't The PGA Championship in the PGA Tour's Video Game?
But the PGA Tour licenses this video game. So I asked EA Sports what gives? "Confusion between the PGA Tour and PGA of America is quite common," EA Sports' Craig Evans, the game's director of marketing, told me. "The PGA Championship is a tournament ...

Using a trampoline as video game controller
By Keith Shaw Add a new comment March 30, 2012, 10:55 AM — The Wii Fit game and Balance Board sit on a shelf near the TV, having gone unused for a while, but this video may get me inspired again to merge video games with exercise.

Sweepstakes: Play Video Games With Derrick Williams
Have you ever wanted to play video games with a member of the Timberwolves? Enter today to win a chance to do just that. The Timberwolves are offering a “PlayVideo Games With Derrick Williams” sweepstakes, which will allow you to hang out with ...

Playing Video Games for a Living is Just as Terrible as It Sounds
Game testing and QA positions can be really rough jobs, as previous lawsuits and even a webcomic attest. Though the testing process is vital to good game development, not all developers or publishers necessarily consider their testers to be vital ...

Video game, Chinese boxer docs get cross-country simulcast
AP TORONTO — Films about video game designers and Chinese boxers will be beamed across Canada as part of a new partnership between the Hot Docs film festival and Cineplex Entertainment. Organizers at the Toronto-based documentary festival say its Hot ...

Average Gamer 3.30.2012: WWE Edition
Welcome back to the Average gamer. This week I am starting off my sports game series. This week is wrestling, next week we will have baseball, toss in some golf, then hockey, followed by basketball, and ending up America's new favorite sport, Football.

Video: Game of Ponies |
By Jeff Wysaski
Video: Game of Ponies. Posted on March 30, 2012 by Jeff Wysaski. Are you guys as excited for season 2 of Game of Thrones as I am? To get you in the spirit, here's the opening theme mashed up with My Little Pony…

Playing Video Games For A Living Is Just As Terrible As It Sounds ...
By Kate Cox
Game testing and QA positions can be really rough jobs, as previous lawsuits and even a webcomic attest. Though the testing process is vital to good g...
Kotaku Australia

The Evolving Perception of Video Games - BrokenMyth Studios
By Kate
Video game nation: Why so many play. A journey through the world of video games, which 183 million Americans play – 25 percent over age 50. What's behind the fascination? Temp Headline Image A conventiongoer and the 'Dark Void' ...
BrokenMyth Studios

The Powerful Role of Video Games In Learning | Edudemic
By Jeff Dunn - Executive Editor
According to a new infographic from FrugalDad, video games play a critical role in bolstering a child's ability to socialize, learn, and grow. From therapy to literacy improvement, video gamesare an easy way to get a child's brain to start thinking ...

TODAY: Indie Video Game Showcase and Crowd Funding Jam
By sarahgiffrow
The Indie Video Game Showcase and Crowd Funding Jam session will explore how you can harness the awesome power of crowdfunding to get your indie game project off the ground, and how. If you'd rather play games instead of making them , they'll also be showcasing indie games like ... At BarCamp Portland 6, we will showcase indie video games and explore crowd funding models. The goal of our event is to help local developers and entrepreneurs prototype their projects and ...
Portland Geek Council of Commerce...

HelloGiggles – Ms. March = Samus Aran… The Most Important ...
By Michele Morrow
Ms. March = Samus Aran… The Most Important Female In Video Game History. by Michele Morrow. Level Up's monthly segment is back! Every last Friday, I will feature one digital starlette by profiling her importance in video game history.

Christian Video Games: Chuck Norris As Mario
By Ashley DeHart
In this fun image, we see the game Super Mario reimagined as a game powered by a great Christian man named Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris is also a Republican.

Double Fine's Kickstarter Project Kickstarts Video Game Funding ...
By Brian P Rubin
Excluding Double Fine's huge numbers, it's clear that the video game category was the recipient of major generosity. “In the month before Double Fine, the Video Games category averaged 629 pledges per week,” says the post. “After Double ...
Inside Gaming Daily Blog

In through the outfield: Archiving video games – the search for the ...
By Neil Infield
On Monday we had a presentation from James Newman and Iain Simons, co-authors of 100Video Games, co-founders of Game City, and co-founders of the UK National Videogame Archive. And what an entertaining pair they made, switching ...
In through the Outfield

ScrewAttack - Angry Video Game Nerd: Sonic Memories ...
By RawmeatCowboy
Get More:, ScrewAttack - Angry Video Game Nerd: Sonic Memories, PC Games, PlayStati...

The Totally Rad Show – LIL WAYNE Video Game! – Def Jam ...
Check out another new music video! The Totally Rad Show - LIL WAYNE Video Game! - Def Jam Rapstar Review Lil Wayne Can a video game turn 3 white dudes into.
Mass Media Exposure

Students develop video game in partnership with the Children's ...
By emi
Rather, as a fellow with the Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry (VBC), Gestwicki has led a multidisciplinary team of students in the development of video games that incorporate the best components of game design and exemplify the ...
Emerging Media Initiative

Brandon Sanderson Blog: Announcing the Mistborn Video Game
I've been a gamer since my first Atari, and I wanted to do it right. ... Brandon Sanderson and Little Orbit team up to bring Mistborn Saga to Video games in 2013 ...

10 video games sure to horrify parents | N4G
CA News: 'We thought it would be an eye-opener to look at these particularly racy games and how they pushed the 'ol proverbial envelope.' (Manhunt 2, PC ...

Stop the Misinformation Campaign About Video Games

Stop the Misinformation Campaign About Video Game Violence
Two Congressmembers have introduced a bill that would require game publishers to add a "clear and conspicuous" warning label to most new video games. HR 4204, the Violence in Video Games Labeling Act, is only the most recent in a series of legislative attempts to restrict or otherwise hinder speech in the form of interactive media. We've put together an action alert that lets you to tell your Congressmember that you stand against the unnecessary and burdensome regulation of speech in video games, and that she should too.

Video game review: Unit 13
New York Daily News
Truth is, Unit 13 wants to be the perfect portable third-person shooter, deep enough for the hardcore gamer but bite-sized enough for the iPad convert. And the new PS Vita game from Zipper Interactive almost succeeds. It does a lot of things right on ...

New York Daily News

EMI Sues Over Def Jam Rapstar Video Game
Hollywood Reporter
We can hardly imagine the difficulties of clearing a hip-hop song for use in a video game. Rap songs are known to include multiple contributors and underlying samples, which means a ton of paperwork. The producers of Def Jam Rapstar, a video game that ...

Video-game review: 'Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13'
Bellingham Herald
By BILLY O'KEEFE - McClatchy-Tribune From Kinect support to the chance to reenact Tiger Woods' upbringing, "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13" boasts its share of new features for the back of the box. But the most paramount addition by far to "TW13" is a new ...

"Are Video Games a Waste of Time?" Asks a March Persuadable Research Survey
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Overland Park, KS (PRWEB) March 29, 2012 We've heard all the negative arguments againstvideo games. They're addictive time killers that contribute to obesity. Even with all the downbeat press, video game sales are in the billions of dollars every year ...

Video Game Legends to Judge Make Something Unreal Live
CARY, NC and LUTON, UK (March 29, 2012) – Epic Games, Inc. and Train2Game announce the distinguished lineup of video game luminaries who have committed to participate in Make Something Unreal Live, the groundbreaking game development competition coming ...

Video game mystery: When did 'Super Mario Bros.' come out?
WTSP 10 News
(USA TODAY) -- Nintendo's classic Super Mario Bros. is right up there with Pac-Man and Space Invaders as one of the most recognizable video games ever made. Check Wikipedia and it gives Super Mario Bros., which launched on the Nintendo Entertainment ...

WTSP 10 News

He's a Video Game Video Star, And He Wants Out
But we may be seeing how a new breed of video game star here—the bedroom video producer, the big fan, the young, aspiring gamer who loves to express their love for video games in video form—shakes things up and draws hundreds of thousands of gamers ...

Government Turns to Video Games for Training
MyFox Phoenix
(EndPlay Staff Reports) - Epic Games Inc.'s software has powered popular video games such as the "Gears of War" franchise. Now it will benefit actual crime fighters and Army physicians among others. The game developer announced that it has partnered ...

MyFox Phoenix

Gamer's monster challenge
Daily Pioneer
If you don't have a girlfriend, the next fun thing is becoming a competitive gamer. There is money in it, proven by the wallet of the first Indian Gaming Carnival,which boasts it is the world's third largest. Shana Maria Verghis reports.

Cambodian teen chained to post for playing video games
New York Daily News
By Nina Mandell / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Sok Khorn, a 13-year old Cambodian boy, is chained to a power pole after his father discovered he was skipping school to play video games. A Cambodian dad is in trouble with the law after he chained his son to a ...

New York Daily News

Video Games Enlist for Government Training
CIO Today
Can video games help to train professionals? The US government seems to think so. On Tuesday, Epic Games announced it has entered into a long-term agreement for licensing its Unreal Engine 3 technology to the governments of the US and its allies.

CIO Today

Obama tops gamer presidential survey, Paul top Republican candidate
Barack Obama is the overwhelming favorite presidential candidate according to a poll conducted by Nexon America regarding its MapleStory online PC game players' political interests. A majority of the game's players identified themselves as politically ...

Classic paintings, cubed: Artist Adam Lister's video game-inspired art history
Washington Post (blog)
Lister reduces famous paintings to geometric abstractions inspired by cubism, minimalism, pixels and 8-bit video games. “Having grown up playing Atari and Nintendo video games, this broken-down, angular method of processing and displaying information ...

Top 10 greatest video game theme songs
WTSP 10 News
After pulling the audio clips from all of the video games, they wanted to make a Top 10 list of the best video game songs and find out if you agreed or disagreed. Let us know in the comment section below. They used these rules when selecting their ...

WTSP 10 News

I play games. I am not a 'gamer'.
Yet I don't consider myself a 'gamer'. Why? Because as soon as I dip below the surface of the net, the collective indignant bawl of a legion of self-defined 'gamers' makes me nauseous. There's a rolling ball of 'gamer' culture that thunders through ...

Samson finds his inner gamer
Edmonton Journal
Samson is a gamer? He doesn't seem the shoot-'em-up, time-waster type. This is a guy who tends to hide away in public libraries to write his songs, lest he cave in to the distraction of the Internet. "I don't actually play video games," he chuckles.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City video game receiving mixed reviews
“Over the course of more than 15 years, Resident Evil has established a rich history as one of the video game world's most storied franchises. Sadly, Resident Evil: Raccoon City fails to add to that rich history, serving up ordinary squad-based game ...

The Gamer's Notebook
Ventura County Reporter
I protected my chest with both of my arms and pressed my back against a brick wall in dreadful anticipation of the rage-inducing finale of arguably one of the greatestvideo game trilogies of all time, Mass Effect 3, as it became the veritable D-Day of...

Ventura County Reporter

EA Sports to Launch Euro 2012 Video Game As Expansion Pack for FIFA 12 Users
EPL Talk
By The Gaffer on March 29, 2012 (about 3 hours ago) EA Sports announced today that the officialvideo game for Euro 2012 will be available as a downloadable expansion pack for owners of the FIFA 12 game. US residents will be able to get the game for ...

Study: Kids quit sports for video games
WJXT Jacksonville
It reveals that 42 percent of teenagers have been pushed too hard and would rather play video games than play on the field, saying sports just aren't as fun. "We want to be our kids' coach, we want to be an advocate for our children, we want to push ...

'Mass Effect 3' fiasco won't end
There have been a lot of embarrassing moments in video game history. The Great Crash of 1983. The Super Mario Bros. movie. The Atari Jaguar. PlayStation Home. But few will come close to the quagmire in which BioWare finds itself after the colossal ...

Shannon Tweed-Simmons gets own video game
The Telegram
Gene Simmons' slew of female groupies were no doubt taken aback when he professed his undying love to Shannon Tweed-Simmons at their televised wedding ceremony, and now Tweed-Simmons is fighting them off superhero-style in a video game inspired by her ...

The Telegram

Do the Video Game BAFTAs matter?
Fresh from winning a Video Game BAFTA for best Online Browser Game, we speak to Bossa head Henrique Olifiers about the effect of the awards on the industry, winning casual game Monstermind, and the state of the browser-game industry.

Rehabilitation, Ritalin, video games and other topics
Tulsa Beacon
Parenting has been replaced with Ritalin and video games. (Parents are overmedicated and the next generation has never experienced hard work.) America, the “land of opportunity,” is now the “land of handouts.” (America is starting to look like Greece ...

Molester, caught on video game, sentenced
IPSWICH, England, March 28 (UPI) -- A British court sentenced a man to three and a half years in prison for molesting a 10-year-old girl who caught the act on her Nintendo DS, officials said. John Fisher, 46, admitted touching the girl inappropriately ...

Majesco Entertainment, publisher of the wildly successful Zumba® Fitness video games that have sold more than 6 million copies, captured an epic flash mob on film at the IHRSA Fitness Convention. More than 2000 Zumba® enthusiasts gathered in downtown ...

Top 5 Video Games as Art
Phoenix New Times (blog)
The Smithsonian in Washington DC decided to weigh in on the debate rather heavily by hosting an exhibit on video game art, which focused on the evolution of gaming as a medium by featuring playable copies of Pac-Man, Super Mario Brothers, The Secret of ...

Phoenix New Times (blog)

Video: "Video Game: GOTY Edition: Special Edition"
By Michael Epstein | Mar 29, 2012 | 12:41 pm | Permalink Have you ever considered buying a collectible edition of a new game? Are you pre-ordering one right now!? Before you pull the trigger, you should know that animator Nevarky thinks you should ...

Sharp, Keith Candidates For NHL '13 Video Game Cover « CBS ...
By Sam Zuba
For the first time ever, the fine folks at EA Sports are letting fans pick the next cover athlete for their annual NHL video game.
CBS Chicago

Sharp, Keith candidates for NHL 13 video game cover | Red Light ...
By Jay Zawaski
Sharp, Keith candidates for NHL 13 video game cover. For the first time ever, the fine folks at EA Sports are letting fans pick the next cover athlete for their annual NHL video game. Blackhawks Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews were on the ...
Red Light District Recent Posts

Nintendo Gamer – April 2012-P2P » Releaselog |
By ShaN
Ngamer Magazine No other mag gives you so much Nintendo: new games picked apart in unseemly detail; the latest titles reviewed by the best writers in the business; dedicated Virtual Console and WiFi sections… and a huge World of ...
Releaselog |

The Nine Best Current-Gen Video Game Soundtracks
By Dan Seitz
The Nine Best Current-Gen Video Game Soundtracks. [avatar] Profile. 03.29.12 at 11:32 am. FZKilla. The score to 'RAGE' by Rod Abernethy was really good as well. Sadly, the soundtrack hasn't been released for the masses, except for a few ...
Gamma Squad

Video Game Reviews | RotoRob
By Herija Green
This time last year I felt 2kSports had started to close the gap on Sony's highly regarded baseball title, The Show. Fast-forward to 2012, however, and after spending a couple of weeks with both games it's clear that MLB '12 The Show is once ...

How we enjoy video games.
How we enjoy video games.. LOOK AT TAGS. ... How we enjoy video games. Flag. Uploaded by: mcdolla · previous · next · random. Comment. How we enjoy video games.. LOOK AT TAGS. LOOK AT TAGS. Tags: You | are | Awesome ...
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The Best Video Game Locations Vol. 1 | Static Multimedia
By Matthew Farraye
Movie, Music, Video Games, Comics. ... The Best Video Game Locations Vol. 1. Previous Full size. At the end of the day, the creative teams of any given game essentially give voices to all that game's elements, whether it is the sound of the ...
Static Multimedia

Video Game Hero Confronts His Obsession in 'Skyrim Hoarders'
By Don Deane
Okay, confession time -- we're addicted to the hit video game 'Skyrim' and have been playing it for months and months. But no matter how much we enjoying.

Frontline Gamer: Interview with Rob Lane of BaneLegions
By Frontline Gamer
Frontline Gamer: Firstly thanks for agreeing to let me badger you with my questions! Before we start on the 'real' questions can you tell us all a bit about yourself, your staff and your company, and how you got yourselves into the industry?
Frontline Gamer

Gamer Girls. - Imgur
sign in · register. Imgur is used to share photos with social networks and online communities, and has the funniest pictures from all over the Internet. the simple ...

Joe's Garage (SMB): Most Likely to be Pwned by RDP - F-Secure ...
Last week, we advised readers to apply Microsoft update MS12-020 sooner than later. For those of you that have — good work. And if you haven't yet applied ...

Could used video game sales kill the industry?

Could used video game sales kill the industry?
Developers can't stand used video game sales. Just ask Silicon Knights chief Denis Dyack. "I would argue, and I've said this before, that used games are cannibalizing the industry," Dyack told GamesIndustry International in an interview published ...

Got a Profitable Flash-Based Video Game? Adobe Wants a Cut
Wired News
By Scott Gilbertson Adobe has released Flash Player 11.2 and has decided it's high time the once-ubiquitous browser plug-in started earning the company a bit of money. For most Flash developers that means the new revenue sharing plan will not have any ...

Developers can't stand used video game sales. Just ask Silicon Knights chief ...
"I would argue, and I've said this before, that used games are cannibalizing the industry," Dyack told GamesIndustry International in an interview published yesterday. "If developers and publishers don't see revenue from that, it's not a matter of hey ...

'Street Fighter X Tekken' Video Game Review
ABC News (blog)
The “Street Fighter” and “Tekken” video game series have been going head to head for over a decade, but putting the two franchises together gives fans a whole new experience. With great animation, new moves and features, and a whole lot of extras to ...

ABC News (blog)

The '80s: Great for junk food and video games
Video games and its ties to childhood obesity has been a hot and serious topic for some time now. In fact, video game historian Patrick Scott Patterson notes the worst examples can be traced all the way to the '80s. These days, most fast food tie-ins ...

Can an Energy Drink Really Make You a Better Gamer?
that'll make you a better gamer. Better, that is, than the sort of gamer you might otherwise be tossing back a Red Bull or Lucozade. The claim: Traditional energy drinks make you jittery and cause post-buzz crashes, while upstart GungHo claims it's ...


Gamer Survey: Obama on Top
MarketWatch (press release)
LOS ANGELES, Mar 28, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Barack Obama is the overwhelming favorite presidential candidate among players of the online game MapleStory, according to a poll conducted by Nexon America regarding its players' political interests.

Video Game Review: Disappointing 'Silent Hill: Downpour' Frustrates More Than ...
CHICAGO – I keep going back to “Silent Hill” even though I so rarely find the scares that made this one of the most beloved franchises in the history of games. There have been eight “Silent Hill” games (with a ninth in May for the Vita) in thirteen ...

Haney book, Tiger Woods video game hit US stores
The Citizen Daily
Woods had the strongest opening sales for any of his video games last year when Augusta National Golf Club allowed its course to be measured and portrayed in a video game -- an unprecedented move for the famed pine-tree-laden lay-out.

Gamer's Piece: How Should Games End?
UConn Daily Campus
On the one hand, all the controversy does show how much video game storytelling has improved as millions of people clearly do give a darn about it. But at the same time, all this stress does bring up the question of what, exactly, do players want for ...

Gamer technology to be used to create exact replicas of Constitutional ...
St. Augustine Record
BY DARON DEAN, By PETER GUINTA A 3-D scan technician employed making highly technical video games for a California company will visit St. Augustine on Saturday and use a spinning laser to take exact measurements of the city's ...

The Curious Insecurity of the Smithsonian's 'The Art of Video Games' Exhibit
Perhaps the biggest problem with The Art of Video Games is how much space it feels compelled to devote to testimonials insisting that video games are, in fact, art and worthy of an exhibit of this magnitude. Judging by the massive crowds at the show, ...


The Greatest Video Game Theme Songs
CBS Local
After pulling the audio clips from all of the video games, I wanted to make my Top 10 list of the best video game songs and find out if you agreed or disagreed. Let me know in the comment section below. OK, first off just a few rules I went by while I ...

CBS Local

Gamer Survey: Obama on Top
SYS-CON Media (press release)
By Business Wire Barack Obama is the overwhelming favorite presidential candidate among players of the online game MapleStory, according to a poll conducted by Nexon America regarding its players' political interests. Additionally, a majority of ...

Allen advances to 2nd round of Madden '13 video game
DE Jared Allen defeated Cowboys DE DeMarcus Ware in the first round of the Madden '13 video game cover voting bracket by a score of 58 percent to 42 percent. Allen is currently taking on No. 2-seeded Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski in what will surely be a ...

Do Violent Video Games Lead to Violent Behaviour?; MacPhee
Journal Pioneer
I absolutely love video games. Ask anyone who knows me; they'll probably try to make some kind of joke regarding how much of a gaming nut I am. I'm extremely opposed to people who accuse violent games as being a sort of hub for turning people into ...

Video Game Deal: James Bond 007: GoldenEye
Geeks of Doom
The video game deal of the day over at Amazon today is James Bond 007: GoldenEye for Nintendo Wii for only $14.99 (that's 50% off the list price of $29.99). Note – this deal is valid only for today, Wednesday, March 28, 2012, until 11:59pm PST, ...

Geeks of Doom

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13: EA Sports Boasts Another Must-Own Video Game
Bleacher Report
It's been a long and amazing road to get to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. EA Sports comes out with a game that will have you throwing expletives and jumping for joy, all within the span of a few moments, just like the real thing.

Bleacher Report

Do Violent Video Games Lead to Violent Behaviour?; Schut
Journal Pioneer
Over the years, the video game industry has developed and really come to the forefront as a form of entertainment in society. Today, we have video games about a variety of subjects, but the area that causes the most controversy is the area of violent ...

Tim Schafer to open Melbourne video game exhibition
The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in Melbourne announced today that Double Fine's Tim Schafer will be in Australia to open the museum's Game Masters exhibition this June. Schafer will be joined by former Lionhead game designer Peter ...

Senate passes limits on tax credits for video-game industry
Florida Times-Union
By Walter C. Jones ATLANTA — The Senate voted 46-0 Tuesday to pass limits on tax breaks for the video-game industry. The bill would whittle down tax credits that the gamers got originally along with movie makers in a law that observers credit with ...

VIDEO GAME REVIEW: PlayStation 3 exclusive 'Journey' a brief glimpse of ...
Central Michigan Life
Many players may actually find themselves reflecting on their personal journey while the credits roll, a rare occurrence in video games. The environments themselves are really interesting as well. From the barren desert to ancient city ruins, ...

Central Michigan Life

Career Profile: Video Game Developer
UNM Daily Lobo
“That is why I focused on video game development as one way to do it.” In addition to teaching classes for advanced video game development, Sen has directed and released three video games through the Xbox Live service: “Magnetic Defender,” “Toybox ...

Congressmen Propose "Violent Behavior" Warnings on Video Games
Crunchyroll News
"The video game industry has a responsibility to parents, families and to consumers--to inform them of the potentially damaging content that is often found in their products," he said. "They have repeatedly failed to live up to this responsibility.

Crunchyroll News

This week in Video Game Criticism: From Journey to Dear Esther
We start off by checking in with our friend Sebastian Alvarado, who is onto the second installment of his Gamasutra blog series on nanotechnology in video games. Articles on Dear Esther are still trickling in, but Tommy Rousse came out on top this week ...


One-Word Video Game Reviewers Pass Some Harsh Judgements
It can be hard to encapsulate the qualities of a video game in a bunch of paragraphs or on a 10-point scale. The About section of One Word Reviews says that the "site is intended to be a middle ground between the longform review and the very shortform ...

Focus On: Video Game Fitness
By Fitnessista
For a while, the only video game action our house saw was Call of Duty- the Pilot is a fan And then, the lovely representatives from Microsoft were so kind to send a couple of fitness video games that I.
The Fitnessista

23 Unseen Backstories of Classic Video Games |
Even the strangest movies usually take the time to explain the context of the weird ass universe in which they take place. But many of our favorite video games dropped us in the middle of complete madness and never bothered explaining ...
Cracked: All Posts

Video Game Architecture -
I am curently having a problem deciding on a broad scope how my game engine will be structured. One important thing that i am looking for is separation of logic and rendering. In order to do this my first idea was to to have a Engine base ... Forums RSS

Amazon's Buy 2 Get 1 Free Video Game Sale | TechnoBuffalo
By John Fick has you covered. They're currently offering 3 games for the price of two in their Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale!

Gamertag Radio | Yo Soy Danny Pena Episode #6 – Gamer Next ...
By godfree
This week we continue with the second part of my interview with Gamer Next Door, Jo Garcia. During the interview I asked about her followers in Latin America and the increase in the number of women who play video games. She also threw a ...
Gamertag Radio

Gamer Soundtracks: Untested Methods Brings His New Game ...
By cebsilver
Gamer Soundtracks: Untested Methods Brings His New Game. by Curtis ... The album moves on through the gambit of video game emotions with “You're Still the Only Princess” which feels like it could be the romantic song of the year. I could ...
Gunnar Optiks Eyewear

Video Games Are Good For You–The Social Benefits of Gaming ...
By andy green
Sure we all know that playing many hours of video games can do wonders to keep you a virgin… but check out this infographic. It shows us that there are many social benefits of getting sucked into the world of the gamer. Ask your doctor if ...
WGRD 97.9

First look at Assassin's Creed III Wii U in issue 74 of Nintendo Gamer ...
The latest issue of Nintendo Gamer magazine hits UK shops today, and you'd be mad not to go out and buy it. Unless, of course, you don't want to read our ...

Top 100 Video Game Weapons - IGN
Weapons are central to the gaming experience, offering infinite and imaginative tools to wield, waste and destroy. The best in-game weaponry is a topic often ...

... X-Men Origins: Wolverine ™ Uncaged Edition · Wolfenstein · Spider-Man™: Web of Shadows · Blur™ · Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa ™ Video Game · Kung Fu ...

Video Game Review: Kid Icarus: Uprising

Video Game Review: Kid Icarus: Uprising
New York Daily News
By Ebenezer Samuel / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS It took more than two decades for Nintendo to revisit the Kid Icarus franchise. But the underrated icon's return was well worth the wait. It took more than two decades for Nintendo to revisit the Kid Icarus ...

New York Daily News

Video-game review: 'Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City'
Bellingham Herald
By BILLY O'KEEFE - McClatchy-Tribune If you assembled a focus group of people who've never played a "Resident Evil" game and tasked them with designing the next one, "Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City" very well might be what they conceive by day's ...

Video Game review: In space, no one can hear these 'Angry Birds' crash
Salt Lake Tribune
Video Game •Those furious feathered friends who have landed on just about every mobile phone on Earth have returned to rob us of even more work time. "Angry Birds Space" (iOS, Android, PC and Mac) is the first true sequel to the biggest-selling mobile ...

Online gamer 888's earnings nearly double
| March 27 (Reuters) - British online gaming company 888 Holdings' full-year earnings nearly doubled, helped by strong growth of its casino and poker offering, and the company named Brian Mattingley as chief executive. The company, which operates 888 ...

Video Game Developer Loses $7 Million Award
Courthouse News Service
By BONNIE BARRON HOUSTON (CN) - A federal judge rejected the $7 million arbitration award issued in favor of the publishers of "Section 8" video game. In December 2009, video-gamedeveloper TimeGate sued Gone Off Deep dba Gamecock Media Group and ...

Online video games may expose kids to violent language, experts warn
Experts warn that's exactly what could be happening if you let your child play an online video game through Xbox, PlayStation or on the computer. Matthew Kinney loves to play online video games with his sons. What he doesn't love?

New video game releases
Kansas City Star
There are some hot deals on toys at Target right now. Between printable manufacturer's coupons and Target store coupons, you can get great deals – like Battleship and a Hasbro Card Game of your choice for just $5!! Catch up on all of the details right ...

Video Game Review: 'Tales of Graces f' Excites with Fights, Stumbles with Story
If you are a gamer that likes to accomplish every part of a game, you will want to make sure to look over what items you will need to hold onto before you end up selling something you needed. The merchants do come in handy, however, as many items you ...

5 Ways a Hunger Games Video Game Could Work, Killer Kids and All
Sooner or later, we're going to get a video game based on The Hunger Games. No film can be as popular as this one, raking in just under $155 Million opening weekend, and not bring a huge amount of tie-in products in its wake, video games included.

US Military Funds Effort to Hack Video Game Consoles
Popular video game consoles such as Nintendo's Wii and Microsoft's Xbox 360 may resemble the new battlefields for national security in the eyes of the US military. The US Navy has begun funding a project to hack previously owned game consoles in an ...

Haney book, Tiger video game hit stores
A new tell-all book by former Tiger Woods swing coach Hank Haney arrived in stores, the same day the golf star's new video game hit the shelves as well. The well-timed product releases come two days after Woods ended a two-and-a-half-year win drought ...

Video Game Quick Hits 3/27/2012
Big Shiny Robot!
We all know the Mass Effect 3 ending has been somewhat controversial. It's been a little troublesome to discuss while avoiding spoilers as the game is still new. Late last week Arse-bot decided it was time to blow this wide open, and spoilers be damned ...

Big Shiny Robot!

Amazon 'All Video Games Gold Box Event' offers PS3 for $259.99
As most of you know by now, Amazon is hosting an "All Video Games Gold Box Event" today. Every two hours a new video game product will be on sale. Like most Gold Box deals, when the new product is available, the previous one expires.


Australian capital receives R18+ classification for video games
by Mike Rose [Console/PC, Business] The saga surrounding Australia's proposed R18+ rating for video games may finally be coming to an end, as the country's capital Canberra will have access to the rating from next week.

New Video Games For the Week Of 3/27: Slim Pickins? (blog)
With a new downloadable South Park game along with the fascinating monochromatic puzzler Closure, we might secretly have some hidden treasure available on consoles this week. Oh, and Silent Hill: Book of Memories for the Vita has been delayed. (blog)

Town centre video games store is axed
Halifax Evening Courier
Administrators Pricewaterhouse Coopers closed 227 stores and 2100 jobs after being called into the troubled video games retailer. A spokesperson for PwC said talks were ongoing with parties who have expressed an interest in buying parts of the business ...

Halifax Evening Courier

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13: Gameplay Review and Features for Hit Golf Video Game
Bleacher Report
Timing is everything, and that has never been more apparent than right now for Tiger Woods and EA Sports. On Sunday, Tiger wrapped up his first win in almost three years, and today Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is released. To further increase the actual ...

Bleacher Report

PERRIS: Video game tournament set for library
The video game contest is at 3 pm April 11 in the community room. Admission is free. Winners will get prizes. Everyone will get snacks, drinks and the chance to compete. The library is at 163 E. San Jacinto Ave., Perris. In Firefox, go to Tools / Clear ...

Why BioWare Needs Gamers to Make True Art
Wired News
These are issues that do affect the fundamental trust relationship of the gamercommunity and BioWare, as the multiple kerfuffles demonstrate. But, the real change happening, in my opinion, is the paradigm shift of video games towards being a true ...

Wired News

Teachers issue video games warning
The Press Association
Violent computer games are having a damaging effect on the "tender young minds" of children, a teachers' union has warned. The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) raised concerns about the negative impact of children spending hours a day ...

Section 8 Video Game: Judge Rejects $7 Million Award To Publishers
Houston Press (blog)
By Richard Connelly Tue., Mar. 27 2012 at 12:30 PM ​A federal judge has rejected the $7.3 million award an arbitrator gave publishers of the first-person shoot game Section 8 in their lawsuit against the game's publishers. Game developer TimeGate had ...

Robert Bowling moving on from Call of Duty
At first, the sudden resignation might come as a surprise to fans of the best selling video gamefranchise in history and Infinity Ward's claim to fame, Call of Duty. However, when you stop to take a second and think about it, the split seems like the ...

Download Code: Awards illustrate Canada's video game dominance
Financial Post
Assassin's Creed Revelations is one of the games up for a Canadian Video Gameaward this year. Each Tuesday in Download Code, Daniel Kaszor looks inside the business of video games with news, analysis and a peek at the week's major releases.

Financial Post

Horrible Food and Video Games Used to Date Back in the 80s
Video game historian Patrick Scott Patterson writes, "Anyone who claims video games cause child obesity might had more of a case in the 1980s." Here's more than eight glorious minutes' worth of commercials that explain why we were fat in the 1980s.

AIAS Foundation Supports Aspiring Video Game Industry Changers
Virtual Press Office (press release)
"The video game industry has incredible support within the academic world to develop and support students whose dream is to enter the interactive entertainment industry," said Martin Rae, president, Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.

Battlefield 3 PC patches delayed by console certification process
Speaking to PC Gamer, Bach was asked whether the PC patch is being delivered in one big lump instead of incremental updates due to console manufacturers' requirements. "Yes," he replied. "There are benefits to it, because you get proper testing.

I Messed Up My Video Game Kickstarter. Now, I'm Fixing It.
Three weeks ago, we launched a Kickstarter page for our project, "Crowdsourced Hardcore Tactical Shooter." With a week to go, we have reached, as of this writing, just over $70000 dollars of our $200000 goal, putting us at 35% funded.

I Messed Up My Video Game Kickstarter. Now, I'm Fixing It.
By Christian Allen
I Messed Up My Video Game Kickstarter. Now, I'm Fixing It. I Messed Up My Video GameKickstarter. Now, I'm Fixing It. Three weeks ago, we launched a Kickstarter page for our project, "Crowdsourced Hardcore Tactical Shooter." With a week ...

Video Games' Storylines Summed Up Differently (10 pics) - Izismile ...
By Voodoo
Here is a fresh view on popular video games. Here is a fresh view on popular video games.12345678910.

Video Game Soap Is Amazing, Gets You Clean! -
By sjohnson
Video Game Soap Is Amazing, Gets Your Clean! The controller you see above is not some weird third-party knock-off from China. It's a bar of soap. That's right, it's soap molded to look like a freakin' controller. You can buy it at Digital Soaps on ...
G4 TV - TheFeed

Parents: everything you know about video games is wrong | VG247
By Scott Steinberg
As you're aware, video games are one of today's most positive, uplifting and enjoyable escapes, and a pop culture medium that even the famed Smithsonian's now recognizing as among the era's defining art forms. Alas, many parents still ...

Video Game Reviews | RotoRob
By Herija Green
When the term “survival horror” is invoked most gamers think of one of two franchises: Capcom's Resident Evil or Konami's Silent Hill. And while the former has shifted toward action, Silent Hill is offering gamers a true throwback experience in ...

Gaming Nexus - Mistborn saga entering video game realm in 2013 ...
Bestselling author Brandon Sanderson and developer Little Orbit will be producing a video game prequel to the Mistborn series of novels. The role-playing game, titled Mistborn: ... BEST-SELLING FANTASY WRITER BRANDON SANDERSON AND LITTLE ORBIT TEAM UP TO BRING MISTBORN SAGA TO VIDEO GAMES IN 2013. Sanderson to pen original prequel to ... "As an avid gamer, I'm extremely excited by this opportunity," said Sanderson. "The chance to write the story for a ...
Gaming Nexus

Top 10 Best Pro Wrestling Video Games -
By admin
“Being that both are heavily targeted to the young, wrestling and video games seem to go hand in hand. Over the years we have been subject to many crappy games in the genre but, when done right, the joy one gets from it is almost second to ...

Nokia Fluid spotted at Occasional Gamer. : My Nokia Blog
By Jay Montano
Handsets often make at appearance at occasional gamer before being officially announced. This is because handsets playing those Windows Phone games reveal their model identity. You can see here the upcoming Lumia 719, 800c, 610 etc ...
My Nokia Blog

Helping young cancer patients cope: Re-Mission video game ...
By Todd Vandenbark
As reported in the iMedicalApps blog, the non-profit organization HopeLab has created a video game with the goal of helping young people cope with the daily regimen required to fight cancer. Re-Mission features a nanobot (microscopic robot) named ... Imagine a library with a collection of video games with the artistry of the biggest sellers that promoted healthy living, and help young people cope with life's challenges. Such an image gives this librarian hope that we might begin ...

Amazon Kicks Off All-Day Video Games Gold Box Event ...
By Anthony Severino
On top of the discounted price on a 320GB PS3, has a entire day dedicated to saving you money with their all-day Gold Box event dedicated to video games. Today's deal of the day is a 320GB PS3 for $259.99. But along with that ...
PlayStation LifeStyle

Eye Level: The Art of Video Games Triumph!
By Georgina
Many video game celebrities could be spotted hanging out during GameFest, including Keith Robinson of Intellivision, Tommy Tallarico of Video Games Live, and Seth and Michelle Sternberger of 8 Bit Weapon (who also performed). Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear Solid fame popped ... Also be sure to check out upcoming programs at the American Art Museum, including a performance by the wonderful Gamer Symphony Orchestra on April 29. Posted by Georgina on March 27, 2012 in ...
Eye Level

Video Game Controller Soap! - News - GameTyrant
By venkman
I know gamers aren't really into collecting soaps, but I think you'll want to check these out! Here we have an awesome collection of controller soaps for the PS3, XBox 360, and the original NES system. After a long hard day of sweaty gaming, ...

9GAG - Rainbow lvl: Gamer
Rainbow lvl: Gamer. funny98boy | 1 day ago 203 29195. Love. Tweet. 57. Share1514. Pin It. Rainbow lvl: Gamer. Comments. Report post · Y U No Signup?! Show your love to 9GAG. Follow @9gag. Recommend on Google. Recommended ... Site Feed

5 Ways a Hunger Games Video Game Could Work, Killer Kids and All
Video games' perception in the public eye has become tainted to the point that making a video game, any video game, about kids killing other kids could simply ...

ScrewAttack Video Game, Video Game Vault: Battle Chess | Video ...
Watch the ScrewAttack Video Game Vault: Battle Chess online at GameTrailers. com. Post comments online about ScrewAttack on the Game Trailers website.

How Video Game Sounds Are Made
How Video Game Sounds Are Made ... video about Wabi Sabi Sound, a Berkeley -based audio ...

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