Don't start a band: why everyone should be making video games | The Verge: " . . .  "A lot of people think the way into making games is through getting hired by a publisher," she lamented. But with recent successes in crowdfunding and cheap or free software pushing the bar of entry lower than it has ever been before, that illusory transaction of quality through industry participation is slowly fading into irrelevance. InZinesters, Anthropy describes how her own foray into game development began with a $15 license for Game Maker, a popular program that allows users to rapidly prototype and publish games without knowing how to write code. It doesn't matter if your initial end product is good or bad, Anthropy insists, because like in other creative pursuits, the experience of making the attempt changes you. "You're so much more powerful after you’ve made a game," she said, speaking to a mixed crowd of aspiring students, designers and non-gaming "normals" in the Tisch School's ninth floor lobby last Thursday. "What we really need are more people who aren't already entrenched in the existing culture." With a wider palette of unique voices, Anthropy believes video games can undergo a renaissance of creative expression that speaks to the individual. . . ."

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