When a Japanese Gamer Girl Speaks Her Mind

When a Japanese Gamer Girl Speaks Her Mind
Haruna Anno is a retro gaming idol—the young girl who loves old games. She also speaks her mind, and that's always good for an idol. When Dragon Quest X was revealed yesterday, some gamers were excited. Many, when they learned about the required ...
“Bleach” for any gamer
UConn Daily Campus
However, it delivers what the fans want, awesome characters and their stylish attacks. For anybody who finds this game in the inevitable bargain bin, this "Dynasty Warriors" spinoff looks and well enough to be a prime candidate for any gamer's afternoon.
Online Video Games Emerge as New Art Form
Internet Evolution
Today, as video games are angering parents, the quality of their art, music, and narrative is improving rapidly, and even the violent and explicit material addresses moral and ethical issues. I would argue that Pong, in all its minimalist glory, ...
iBuyPower Gamer Power BTS11 PC Review
By Eric Neigher | Sep 6, 2011 When I pulled iBuyPower's Gamer Power BTS11 out of its giant box and fired it up, the first thing my girlfriend said was "It looks like a computer for one of those bad guys from Star Wars." She's so cute with her inability ...
Germany's best Gamer comes from SK Gaming
SK Gaming
By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields Computerbild Spiele, the biggest gaming magazine in Europe, have found Germany's best gamer during Gamescom 2011. He is none other than an SK Gaming fellow! Deutschlands bester Gamer (english: Germany's bestGamer) is the ...
Gamesmaster Golden Joysticks Awards shortlist announced
By Tom Hoggins, Video Games Editor Future Publishing have announced the shortlist for the Gamesmaster Golden Joysticks awards, set to take place on Friday 21 October at the Westminster Bridge Park Plaza. The Golden Joysticks, now in its 29th year, ...
This summer in video games '11
UConn Daily Campus
Between the drastic infiltration of an online database, and one of the most drastic price cuts in video game history, there was a lot of drama in the video game industry this past summer. The summer started on a sour note for Sony. ...
Apple "Hated Video Games" Says Xbox Man
By Michael Fox There's nothing better than a stir of the pot. Seamus Blackley, one of the original team behind the concept of Xbox, has spoken to Edge Magazine about Apple and its policy on games. He claims that it expressed little interest in gaming ...
Gigabyte G1.Sniper 2 Z68 Gamer Motherboard
Benchmark Reviews
The "gamer" badge has been slapped onto and endless string of products, many of which fail to deliver what today's gaming market wants: a well priced, fully featured device that will give them an edge over the competition. From the outside looking in, ...
If you love video games, you should watch this.
Deron Bauman: Yes. And as you probably already know, I've been linking each image to information about the... Deron Bauman: Shmeat might be my new go to. Andrew Simone: I was working on putting this up when I saw it in my twitter feed. YOU. ...
The More Inconic Characters of This Generation
I placed him as one of the more iconic characters of this generation because he has single-handedly transformed the way characters are portrayed in video games. His realistic mannerisms have changed the way developers craft characters — challenging ...
Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge Is Out… Right Now
Megarom Interactive (Pty) Ltd., South Africa's leading importer and distributor of interactive video games, today announced that the release date for South Africa has been moved up to September 7, meaning that South African gamers will be able to get...
Video games stolen from library
Suburban Life Publications
By Anonymous The Elmhurst Library reported that 19 video games were removed from their locked cases and taken between 9 am and 3:45 pm Friday from an open shelf on the second floor of the library, 125 S. Prospect Ave. Police did not name a suspect or ...
NTI Birmingham announces new February date for its Game Camp: Nano course
Pocket Gamer.Biz
by Jon Jordan Filling the gap between a university game course and actual industrial experience, Birmingham City University's New Technology Institute has announced a new date for its full-time four week Gamer Camp: Nano course. ...
Resistance 3 Composer Talks Music's Importance
PSX Extreme
Music is crucial in video games. And when it comes to an adventure like Resistance 3, the soundtrack continually works to immerse us deeper in the captivating experience. In our review, we said the audio was a huge highlight, primarily due to the...
Fox News attacks 'green' games -- public opinion and controversy in the mass media
Video Game Writers
This week, Fox News aired a segment called “Video Games Go Green“, wherein pundits and radio personality TJ McCormack commented on the games Sim City Society and Fate of the World. McCormack took up arms against the games by claiming the games use ...
UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System (Xbox 360)
UFC Personal Trainer offers the most exhausting workout in video games, but bugs, repetitive programmes, and overlong stretching periods cause you to tire for the wrong reasons. UK REVIEW--If you have ever doubted that video games could offer a proper ...
Why Doesn't Euroleague Recognize Tel Aviv?
Tablet Magazine
By Liel Leibovitz|September 7, 2011 3:00 PM|0Leave a comment As a professor of video games at a major university, I spend a lot of time, well, playing video games. So when Marc Tracy posted a trailer for NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, I was thrilled. ...
PS3 and XBOX 360 Merged to Make Super Gaming System? (PHOTOS)
Christian Post
Gamer Timofiend took it upon himself to create an amalgamation of the world's two most popular video game consoles; the PS3 and XBox 360. Gamer Timofiend took it upon himself to create an amalgamation of the world's two most popular video game consoles ...
Study Finds Video Game Competition, Not Violence, Can Lead To Aggression
Warp Zoned
A new study at Ontario's Brock University has turned the old adage, “playing violentvideo games causes violence,” on its head. A paper published in the American Psychological Association's journal Psychology of Violence entitled, “The Effect of Video ...
Dead Island, Resistance 3 Hit Stores
San Diego Entertainer Magazine
From aliens to cars to zombies, anything is possible when it comes it video games. This week is an especially good week for PS3 fans as a flock of new video games hits the shelves today. With summer almost ending, and for some, school already starting ...
New MSI Gaming Laptops Feature GTX 570M GPUs
Tom's Hardware Guide
According to the company, the new units are designed for "the serious gamer seeking unmatched power with an unprecedented immersive experience," packed with loads of memory, loads of storage, Intel Core i7 processors and an optional Blu-ray optical ...
Guillermo del Toro is 'inSANE' about gaming
“I'm learning a lot about how video games are made. I'm learning the way that the narrative works in video games. It's interesting how resourceful you have to be in guiding the audience. In a strange way, it's similar to playing chess with the audience...
Opinion: Why Do We Restrict Content?
Dara O Briain presented Live at the Apollo the other night and, purely by chance, I caught a bit of it where he did a sketch on video games. As to be expected from him it was very funny, but two things really stuck out in what he was saying: how ...
The Trail of Nihon Falcom
By Kevin Gifford, 09/07/2011 If you recognize the name Nihon Falcom, then it seems safe to say that you're a very hardcore gamer. The small Tokyo-based game developer has been in the JRPG business long before it was even called JRPGs, pioneering the ...
Nintendo News: Nintendo Marks Launch of Kirby Mass Attack Game with Customized ...
MarketWatch (press release)
REDMOND, Wash., Sep 07, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- One of the most unique characters in the world of video games is about to give hungry fans a fun way to attack snack time. To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Kirby(TM) Mass Attack video game for the ...
FREE Video Game, No Extra Charge For Propaganda
68 Caliber
And paintballers like first person shooter video games especially, so when a FREE, first person shooter, zombie-splattering game comes along (yes, you can haz a shotgun), it would seem to be a wonderful opportunity for ...
Multiplayer Gaming Goes Fullscreen with LG's 3D Dual Play Glasses
By IDG News Service, PCWorld Sep 7, 2011 1:00 PM Normally in multiplayer games the screen is split, but with LG's Dual Play glasses and a 3DTV, each gamer can view a full screen. The technology sends a separate image to each player's glasses. ...
How satisfied are you with the speed of your internet service provider?
By Community Team People playing the latest video games at the gamescom 2011 computer game fair in Cologne, Germany, Thursday, Aug. 18, 2011. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner) Communications giant Rogers has acknowledged its practice of limiting bandwidth on ...
The World Is Saved: A Gamer Anthem That Will Make You Proud
As gamers, almost all of us know what it feels like to be up till sunrise hacking away at a game, in the knowledge that the concept of bedtime was nothing compared to your desire to finish the game you were playing. We also know that great feeling when ...
Scary Game Findings: A Study Of Horror Games And Their Players
Kira Tanner - A 33 year old intermediate gamer, who spends at least five hours playing a week. She doesn't own an Xbox 360, though has a rich history of gaming experience. Claims to become very absorbed in games and scares easily. ...
Google Insights Products index: 'Driver,' 'Modern Warfare 3' hot this week
The Independent
The release of Driver: San Francisco on September 6 and a sneak preview of Modern Warfare 3 have pushed the two action-packed video games into the top Product-related search terms over the past week. Driver: San Francisco was released on Xbox, ...
BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 review
He is an avid gamer with an exceptional knowledge about Gaming... Does the latest BlackBerry Bold touchscreen device have what it takes? Canadian handset manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) has produced the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900; the love-child ...
The Most Anticipated Video Games: Fall 2011 | GUY.com
By Video Game Staff
People love to cite games such as Ico and Shadow of the Colossus as examples of why video games should be considered art. While those are great games, what people should cite instead are titles made by indie development house ...
Using Video Games to Model Real Life Outbreaks « Mr Epidemiology
By Mr Epidemiology
Using Video Games to Model Real Life Outbreaks. 07 Sep. Those of you who know me know that I'm a video game nerd. And comic book nerd. And just nerdy nerd in general. So when I read an article that used World of Warcraft to model ...
Mr Epidemiology
Video games and online courses | On Teaching Online
By Eric Wignall
Video games are really nothing like online courses, except where they are exactly the same. ... And even those games that are not as violent, or set in different contexts, often offer far more to the gamer than meets the eye. In games like The ...
On Teaching Online
Possible Worlds — Video Games Reveal the Invisible World of ...
By admin
Video Games Reveal the Invisible World of Science. In “Gaming Reveals the Invisible World of Science,” an article for the STEM Matters series on the Ashoka Foundation's changemakers website, Dr. Katherine Culp was interviewed at length ...
Possible Worlds
A prescription for video games? | VSP Blog
By David C
According to recent research from the UC Berkeley, people with amblyopia (lazy eye) could improve their vision by playing video games.
VSP Blog
Video Games Go Green - Fox News Video - FoxNews.com
Watch the latest politics, entertainment and breaking news videos at FoxNews. com.
Gamer Poop: Oblivion - YouTube
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mM-bfn8vZ_w Click here to watch Gamer Poop : LA Noire GamerPoop: Oblivion (Machinima) Conversations and random ...

TV Rival: Video Games, DVDs On Rise
by Wayne Friedman, Alternative devices for viewing TV/entertainment content have been growing -- but nowhere has this gain been evident than with video-game devices. Knowledge Networks says in 2011, playback/recorded content via video-game ...

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