Ralph Baer, the Father of Video Games, reflects on his career

Ralph Baer and Bill Harrison Play Ping-Pong Video Game, 1969

Ralph Baer, the Father of Video Games, reflects on his career
Salt Lake Tribune
Today, the average gamer spends eight hours a week feeding an $18.5 billion-a-year business that reaches 67 percent of American households. Even Baer couldn't foresee the monster his ingenuity and engineering prowess would unleash. ...
Baroness Greenfield claims video games cause bubonic plague
Baroness Susan Greenfield, who is the Professor of Pharmacology at Oxford, has come out with a new radical theory that computer games are causing dementia in kiddies. The Baroness, who was taken very seriously on technology matters during the last ...
Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand Expansion Pack Trail...
Battlefield 3 is still fresh in gamer's minds and it will be receiving an expansion pack that will update four classic maps from Battlefield 2. The expansion pack will also include three new vehicles and ten new weapons for gamers to choose from. ...
PC Gamer US Podcast #293: Tribesunal
PC Gamer Magazine
For the first time in awhile, we're all playing the same game at PC Gamer —Tribes: Ascend. And we're more than glad to share our hours of experience in the game's just-launched beta. It can't last long, though: Call of Duty, LA Noire, Batman: Arkham ...
Playing Video Games May Fix Lazy Eye in Older Children
Eye Doc News
But a new study conducted in an eye clinic in India found that lazy eye can be corrected in older children, between ages 10 to 18, if they stick to a regimen that includes playing video games with their weaker eye along with standard amblyopia ...
Price of Finding HTC Rezound Release Date Cost Mobile Gamer His Life
Blackjack Champ
The price of finding the release date of HTC Rezound, a hot new smartphone and an item on many gamer's wish lists, cost one mobile gamer his life. Luckily it was on the popular mobile game and not in real life, or the tragedy would be well… much more ...
EMIToy project takes control of video games
European Plastics News
By Richard Higgs A proliferation in the number and variety of electronic and electrical toys on the market has brought with it the growing problem of electromagnetic interference. Not only are emissions from toys such as videogames interfering with ...
After Ra.One brought video games into focus
Indian Express
On the APA website, an excerpt from an article written by him states, “Recent video games reward players for killing innocent bystanders, police and prostitutes, using a wide range of weapons including guns, knives, flame throwers, swords, hands, ...
Microsoft's sold 57 million Xbox 360s
What's for more interesting is that there have been over a hundred million HD consoles sold – which means a heck of a lot of people are playing video games, and it's easy to see how and why our favourite pass-time has eclipsed music and movies in terms ...
Cloud Strife
Sure, the adorable little puzzle game is a good time for any gamer that doesn't take him/herself too seriously, but it's also quite easy and slow-paced. Now, if you have a younger gamer in your life, this is pretty much the perfect game to play along ...
Court Docket: Three men charged with shoplifting video games
Livingston Daily
Police said Weigand took a duffel bag from a store shelf and filled it with video games and a PlayStation before tossing the bag over the fence in the garden area, where the third suspect, Ryan Merriman, 25, of Sterling Heights, was allegedly waiting ...
Help Oversee the Next Generation of Video Games with a Master's Degree in Game ...
DigitalJournal.com (press release)
First person shooters. Real-time strategy. Online role-playing games. Sports. Action. Simulations. From gameplay and graphics to presentation, storyline and even input devices, the video game industry is the very definition of innovation. ...
Arcade veterans aim for "Iron Man" video gamer title
Stories about gamers who play games like World of Warcraft for days on end have gained their share of press and there is little doubt that gamers who get their hands on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 at midnight tonight will play it for long hours ...
Net Loot: 'The Tide' Is One Terrific Limbo-Inspired Film
As a gamer, when I hear of a new video game-inspired film, I feel only a small spark inside my chest. What with the Resident Evil series flopping dramatically, I've little hope left. The video from Samsquanch films however, is a light in a darkened ...
Skyrim's mandatory install is massive.. for PS3 owners
5.5gb for a PS3 gamer is nothing. If you haven't upgraded your harddrive by now with an el cheapo 1Terabite from Computermania, than you need to hang your head in shame. I would think installs of any sort would be more news worthy on the xbox where, ...
'Monkey Island Tales 1' is Now More Portable than Ever
Touch Arcade
If you are an iPad-less iOS gamer who has always wanted to give Monkey Island Tales a try, now is your chance. Or, if you're already a fan of the iPad version and you just feel like having the game with you in your pocket at all times, you know, ...
Nintendo Not in Crisis: No Death by iPhone
(and maybe this rant was spurred on by the heat, coupled with a slow news day) – I'm saying that now, more than ever, we need people who actually play video games to be the ones reporting on video game news. In the meantime, watch out for link bait.
Call of Duty's Social Network Launch Delayed
Piki Geek
If you were a PC gamer who was hoping to jump on the Call of Duty bandwagon this weekend, you were left out in the cold. Call of Duty's PC Social Networking features, dubbed “Call of Duty Elite PC” Will be delayed until this Tuesday, November 8th. ...
Madfinger Games working on Xperia Play version of Gears of War-style shooter ...
Pocket Gamer
by James Nouch Pocket Gamer has received word that Madfinger Games is planning to release a version of Shadowgun fully optimised for the Xperia Play. A Gears of War style third-person shooter for Android and iOS, Shadowgun received a glittering Pocket ...
Vintage Gaming: Earthworm Jim
As silly as this may sound to people who actually understand video games or make them themselves, I have always loved 2D games for the ways they make me think about space. Obviously three-dimensional spaces expand the horizons of possible game worlds, ...
Review: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
Naughty Dog's Uncharted series is recognized, both to its credit and deprecation, as the apotheosis of modern cinematic experiences in video games. There is certainly a charm and thrill that grants the game a charisma for which most can only hope. ...
Dragon Age II: Mark Of The Assassin Reviewed
Inside Mac Games
CPU Gamer has released a new review of the story based DLC for Dragon Age II, Mark of the Assassin. The add-on features a new assassin character named Tallis, new items, new enemies, new environments, and the return of stealth based gameplay. ...
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit roars onto the Android Market
Pocket Gamer
by Will Wilson Android owners waiting patiently to see some of EA's biggest franchises finally leave the Xperia Play-exclusive garage will be pleased to know that the Pocket Gamer Bronze Award-winning Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit has roared out onto the ...
Zadzooks: GRave Defense HD review (iPad)
Washington Times
Nothing will suck the enthusiasm out of a gamer faster than wading through 23 minutes of death to stop 14 levels of monsters only to get blown away by some floating clown in cape. For a bigger challenge, I'll direct you to the outer-space Mothership ...
Profanity in Dm
Australian Gamer
When a gamer comes home drunk from a night of fun times that may or may not have involved identical twins called Jenny and Susan respectively, and one wants to play the latest incarnation of one's favourite game series... what should happen? ...
Gaming equals networking
Daily Helmsman
Students in the Helen Hardin Honors Program are teaming up this weekend to battle it out in popular video games during their Local Area Network party, more commonly known as a LAN party. "Everyone is going to bring their own system to play on, ...
UI grad student focuses on gaming
UI The Daily Iowan
For Nicholas Kelly, the inspiration comes from video games. When the University of Iowa graduate student isn't teaching rhetoric classes, he is working on his Ph.D. research, which focuses on the intersections of technology and culture. ...
10 Hardest Video Games | EgoTV
By Jonny Svarzbein
Sometimes you want to finish a video game because its enjoyable to play. Sometimes you want to finish a video game because it has a compelling story that you.
Video Games May Stoke Creativity, Study Says
By Chris Curley
Popular wisdom says that video games turn kids' brains to mush, but a new study from researchers at Michigan State University (MSU) suggests gaming might actually help get kids' creative juices flowing.
Well-Being Wire by MeYou Health
Are You a Creative Tester? Then You Probably Played Video Games
By Mike Brown
If you asked 100 software testers what traits translate into success, somewhere near the top of that list you would find creativity. But what makes a tester.
Software Testing Blog
Most Offensive Video Games Ever: Banned, Sued and More | Game ...
By Nadia Oxford
The five most offensive video games ever across various ages and consoles, each sure to offend and get parents, lawmakers and educators up in arms.
Game Industry News, Interviews...
Free Christmas time Video games and Actions | Train On The Brain
By lgtelecom
Free Christmas time Video games and Actions. Posted on November 7, 2011 by lgtelecom. Candies Walking stick Decoration is actually a pleasurable action for children to create on your relatives The holiday season get together its rather a ...
Train On The Brain
WAY – Girl Gamer Kanako and Zack Interview | TGN Social
By YouTubehttp://WAY-show.tgn.tv  See Kanako and Zack's channel: http://www.youtube.com/KineticElements. Join the conversation on TGN Social! See http://tgn.tv.  TGN Social
The 25 best Minecraft mods | PC Gamer
PC games reviews, news and free PC games from the global authority on PC games - PCGamer.com.
Longest Video Games - Long Games - UGO.com
Video games are expensive! Get a real bang for your buck by sitting down with one of the longestvideo games ever.
Longest Video Games | N4G
UGO - It's starting to get cold outside, so what better time to lock yourself in front of your gaming station and hunker down with one of the longest video games ...
DEMO Download - LEGO.com Video Games : What's new
Here you can download and play a demo of LEGO® Harry Potter™ Years 5-7 the video game. It might be a good idea to get your parents to help with this. ...

Maroon and Gamer: Decisions, Decisions
The State Press
By Spencer Fawcett November 7, 2011 at 12:01 am Print This Post A typical trope in video games this generation is the element of choices. While it may seem like a common thing to include in a video game, they are literally two-dimensional. ...
Comedian Wayne Brady is a serious gamer
USA Today
My mom didn't let me play video games growing up, so now I do…gaming gives me a chance to just let go, blow somebody up and fight somebody from another dimension. It's all escapism. It's a little bit of an addiction, but one of the healthier ones. ...
Where horror and video games intersect
TG Daily
Several years ago, I was writing about a new generation of video games that were pretty damn frightening and believable. Of course, with the popularity of games like Dead Island, they're getting more hyper violent and freaky than ever. As gamer Andrew...
‪The 50 Best Sports Video Games of All Time
Bleacher Report
Video games not only present the exciting opportunity to stimulate one's hopes and dreams on the field of play, but they often allow users to play the role of General Manager as well. These games continue to shape generations of exhilarated users. ...
'Waste of time? Video games make kids creative'
Times of India
PTI | Nov 7, 2011, 07.58AM IST LONDON : Most parents may agree that playing video games is a waste of time and harmful for their kids. But, a new study has suggested that the games could actually be firing up children's imaginations. ...
UK top 20 video games chart
The Guardian (blog)
Battlefield 3 holds its ground, but will it survive the onslaught from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 this week? This article was published on guardian.co.uk at 10.52 GMT on Monday 7 November 2011 . It was last modified at 11.20 GMT on Monday 7 ...

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