Will the Box Office Save the Video Game Star?

Will the Box Office Save the Video Game Star?
Thier's piece stemmed from game developer Alex Hutchinson's lament that it's difficult for AAA game developers to get an adequate return on investment. The long development process, multiple studios of programmers and artists required to create these ...


Video-game review: 'Bust-N-Rush' offers plethora of content and addictive ...
Kansas City Star
While you never actually play against someone directly, you can check out your friends' scores on the different maps, modes and difficulties, compare scores and even try to beat them in a gamesimilar to Survival Mode. Having one of your scores beaten ...

Maui childhood influences video game [The Honolulu Star-Advertiser]
So much so that he's incorporated a portion of the island culture into his work as a video game developer. His Kalani Games company, located in Austin, Texas, came out this summer with "Tiki Gods: Ancient Times," a colorful 3-D puzzle-action game for ...

Torchlight 2 Release Date
The popular dungeon crawler is new and improved over it's predecessor Torchlight released in 2009.Developer Runic Games had originally intended to release Torchlight 2 in 2011. However after Beta testing it was decided to rework the game and hopefully ...

Review: Borderlands 2
The introductions for the characters took on a comic book design, with a still image and matching font. Music/Sound ... This offers more to the mystery of the game and piques the interest of the player to find more Echos to unearth more of the story ...

Dishonored - "End Game" Developer Diary

Video: Game production, the League of Legends way
Video: Game production, the League of Legends way Exclusive ... When producers are dealing with so many aspects of a game's development, they often get far too involved in the minutiae the project, and end up slowing down their entire team. League of ...

Developers reflect on 25 years of 'Street Fighter'
Tomoaki Ayano was 13 years old when he first came across one of the video game industry's most important franchises. His friend invited him to a local arcade in Japan and introduced him to a video game called Street Fighter II. "I was put in awe by ...

Tokyo Game Show 2012
Washington Post
Attendees walk through the venue during the Tokyo Game Show 2012 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. The annual video game expo, which is held from Sept. 20 to 23, attracts thousands of business visitors and the general public with exhibitions of the ...

Made-in-Canada 'FIFA Soccer 13' video game draws huge demo audience
Global Edmonton
While North American sports gamers eagerly anticipate the new version of Madden, it appears the world waits for the latest FIFA video game.Some 1.99 million people in 73 countries downloaded the demo for the made-in-Canada "FIFA Soccer 13" in the first ...

Voice Actor Tomokazu Sugita's Novel Inspires Video Game
Anime News Network
Japanese game developer Arc System Works announced at Tokyo Game Show 2012 on Thursday that it is making a video game of Getsuei Gakuen (Getsuei Academy), the dōjin (self-published) novel and game written by voice actor Tomokazu Sugita ...

Game simulation study lets students design the future
The South Florida Times
MIAMI (FIU)ó Most kids in high school are counting down the seconds until class is over, but not so for the students in Miami Northwestern Senior High Schoolís video and simulation game designprogram. ìThe majority of ... While some teachers find ...

Tokyo Game Show Kick Off: What to Expect
Kapitall Blog (blog)
The Tokyo Game Show kicks off today. Microsoft (MSFT) and Nintendo (NTDOY) are sitting it out. The absence of these console giants gives plenty of space for mobilegame developers to showcase their products. This is the video game exhibition of Japan.

Kapitall Blog (blog)

The Flash: Video Game Releases of 2012
Arguably the biggest game this year, Halo 4 is being released in November. With Bungie no longer developing the series, to me this game will be interesting. It is difficult to know whether the fans will like or dislike the new developers. Personally I ...

Devil May Cry: Vergil not a playable character
GamingBolt (blog)
This should be a disturbing news for Devil May Cry fans, as the latest game developed by Ninja Theory, won't have a playable Vergil. The brother of Dante was shown numerous times and even in the recent TGS 2012 trailer. The PC version is also slated to ...

GamingBolt (blog)

Gamers confront copyright law, says Rutgers law scholar
As video game developers prepare for the next generation of home gaming consoles, beginning with Nintendo's Wii U later this year, and more games allow for more user creativity, these are important questions to ask. Lastowka hopes his research will ...

Are Video Games The Future Of Television? Microsoft Certainly Hopes So
International Business Times
Instead, the Redmond-based consumer electronic company is expanding its existing video gameand home entertainment hardware into a new area entirely: television production. The company announced on Tuesday that it is hiring Nancy Tellem, the former ...

Can Film-Inspired Project Financing Work for Games?
... for the development, marketing, and distribution. This prompts independent developers to complain that their creativity is being restricted and that their work is transformed into mere execution. ... In its report The Money Game: Project Finance ...

Go Behind the Scenes of Forza Horizon [Video]
In order to get people talking as it is coming out, developer Turn 10 Studios has released a video, in which people who participated in the development of the game get to tell us just how passionate about racing games and cars in general they really are.

Australian-developed 'Armello' seeks to blend board, card and video games
A dream-team of Australian developers working under the label 'League of Geeks' have overnight pulled the wraps off their flagship product: a board/card/video gamecombination named Armello. Worked on over the past year in their spare time, Armello...


Get your groove on with new video game tunes
The ever-growing trend of releasing great video game music continues. Three games(well, their developers, composers and publishers) are itching contribute songs to your MP3 playlist. First up is Mark of the Ninja, contributing the song “Mark & Blade ...


University students open game studio for “dreamers”
Incubated in late July at the Game Developers Guild on campus, Gio Peralto-Pritchard, a sophomore information technology major, and Carlos Gonzalez, a junior communication arts major, formed the studio. “People have ... Their second and newest game ...

VIDEO: "Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z" Partners Team Ninja with Keiji Inafune
Crunchyroll News
Now known as Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, the game sees Inafune and his Comcept studio partnering with Team Ninja and Lost Planet 3 developer Spark Unlimited, kicking off a new Ninja Gaiden franchise. Inafune, formerly of Capcom and now with his own ...

Crunchyroll News

Cultures collide in Freeplay and the art of computer games
Sydney Morning Herald
FILM critic Roger Ebert caused a million gamers to gnash their teeth in 2005 when, after reviewing the movie based on the computer game Doom, he stated video gameswere not art. (Nobody was offended the movie itself was not considered art; it starred ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Halo 4 Covenant weaponry detailed by 343 Industries with new video
Video: Halo 4: Covenant Weapons Video. Interestingly ... The one new addition to Halo 4 is the Storm Rifle which replaces the Plasma Rifle which had been around since the very first Halo game. This new ... You can find the complete list of Covenant ...

Orbiting Game Culture: Brandon Boyer launches Venus Patrol
Austin Chronicle
That's no stretch of the imagination: Today's independent video game developers are the punk rockers subverting the increasingly staid world of interactive entertainment starring anvil-jawed marines and keg-breasted damsels. With a few exceptions, the ...

Austin Chronicle

Publishers Wanted Obsidian To Use Kickstarter
Now it appears that video game publishers are drumming up new and creative ways to use crowd-funding to benefit their own bottom line. According to Obsidian Entertainment, the developer behind the Kickstarter smash success Project Eternity, publishers ...

Gaming needs more Olympics-style emotion and tears says Bennett Foddy
Foddy cites the example of an injured athlete at the Beijing Olympics who hopped to the finish line: "It showed he cared in a way video game players wouldn't; it's what we struggle with -- making the outcome matter." Games developers, argues Foddy ...


Stan Lee debuts mobile game 'Verticus' at Comikaze
At the main stage of the Los Angeles Convention Center's South Hall, Stan himself introduced the trailer (narrated by Stan) for his latest project Verticus, a new video game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. In the game, produced by POW ...


Black Ops 2 Zombies trailer outs first in-game footage, big reveal next week
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Screenshot In what looks like in-game footage, you see a bus pull into a post-apocalyptic urban setting, before catching a glimpse of zombies - which appear to have been hospital patients - going mental and wrecking the bus ...

The Joystiq Indie Pitch: FTL: Faster than Light
Indie developers are the starving artists of the video-game world, often brilliant and innovative, but also misunderstood, underfunded and more prone to writing free-form poetry on their LiveJournals. We believe they deserve a wider audience with the ...

Boston Festival of Indie Games partners with Adobe, Unity and Alienware
Fest supporter Adobe is hosting the debut Adobe Game Jam at the festival. From 10 am to 7:30 pm on the day of the fest, game developers are invited to make their own game. Participants will propose game concepts, form teams, design the core features, ...

The 10 best video games of 2012 so far…
Californian developers thatgamecompany have made a habit out of pushing the definition of the medium. Journey is ... Shooting and level design is also much tighter, providing a thrilling and emotional finale to one of this generation's finestvideo ...


New Halo 4 Video Shows More Exile Gameplay, Big Changes
Mobile & Apps
Halo 4 Screenshot (Photo : xbox). Print: Email. Tweet. Video game Web site Giant Bomb played Halo 4, again, with 343 Industries game designer David Ellis and studio producer Che Chou. The game of Capture the Flag was played on the map Exile. Like Us ...

Mobile & Apps

VIDEO: How Skylanders developers made Giants
Toy News
Activision has released a new video showing how Skylanders developer Toys For Bob produced the new Giants game. The trailer includes commentary from studio head Paul Reiche, chief of staff Alex Ness and toys and characters director I-Wei Huang.

Toy News

The Bleeding Joystick (Sept 20, 2012)
Speaking of slick, badass game remakes, Killzone will once again see the light of day as Killzone HD. the original game landed almost a decade ago, back in 2004 (wow, I feel old). This time around the game will have full 720p resolution and will move ...


Move Over Angry Birds, Bad Piggies Set To Take Centerstage On Sept. 27
Mobile & Apps
Fans of the furious feathers can rejoice as Finnish game developer Rovio, the brains behind the hugely-successful Angry Birds franchise, has announced the roll-out date of its upcoming game "Bad Piggies." The company's ... Earlier this month, Rovio had ...

Mobile & Apps

Amazon games boss joins Scottish mobile publisher
Amazon's video games boss has left the retailer for a role at mobile publisher anddeveloper Tag Games. ... “We have all seen how the business is changing, and how much more important mobile and free-to-play gaming is becoming,” said Chambers.


Zynga Fights Electronic Arts With Counterclaims
Courthouse News Service
(CN) - Game developer Zynga has filed a countersuit against Electronic Arts claiming that the competing company has a monopolistic and "unlawful" scheme to keep employees. Zynga rose to popularity with social games for cellphones and ... EA, which ...

Twitch raises $15m for game videos and community
Digital Media Wire
Twitch, the San Francisco-based developer of a video platform and community for gamers, said on Wednesday it has raised $15 million in a new round of funding led by Bessemer Venture Partners. Alsop Louie Partners and Draper Associates ... “Our current ...

Digital Media Wire

Dishonored's developer diary reaches its End Game [Video ...
By Peter Parrish
The fourth installment of Dishonored's developer diary series finds the Arkane staff reflecting on the 'end game' of the creative process. This is described as the period in which the developersthemselves can play the game through from ...

All posts tagged as Best Video Game Developer | ScrewAttack.com
From here, you can see all content with the #Best Video Game Developer tag. Favourite Developer of the Seventh Gen Consoles. Blog Post | Posted September ...

Dishonored - "End Game" Developer Diary | Video | news10.net
pubId=35121343001 Dishonored - "End Game" Developer Diary The dev team at Arkane Studios reflect on the journey of taking 'Dishonored' from its early ...

Video Games: Is it wise to ask a game developer to help create your ...
We are a group of college students who came up with an idea, but are clueless on how to get started. We are developing the beta with gameplay already.

[Video] Game Schools - Extra Credits - Make Games SA
I agree this video is valuable... especially for parents of prospective game developers... I'd actually like for it to be stickied (or something like it stickied). In South ...

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