Faces Behind Successful Mobile Games

The Faces Behind Successful Mobile Games
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We spoke to 4 high-profile game developers who attended the 2013 D.I.C.E. Summit in Las Vegas last week and asked them the following: what makes their games special, how they made it in the gamingindustry and what excites them about the future of ...

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What Games Are: Why The Xbox's $5 Problem Is Great For OUYA
Editor's note: Tadhg Kelly is a veteran game designer, creator of leadinggame design blog What Games Are and creative director of JawfishGames. You can follow him on Twitter here. Game developers, publishers and platform holders regularly argue the ...

'GTA 5' publisher discusses PS4 and Xbox 720 video game development budget ...
Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games (the publisher who is responsible for the upcoming “GTA 5”), has commented on the development costs for PS4 and Xbox 720 video games. According to a report by Edge on Feb. 6, CEO Strauss ...
What's Next for THQ's Games? - IGN: " . . . Ultimately, all of this is mostly good news for gamers. Each of these studios and properties found new homes because they’re desirable and because they are -- or have the potential to be -- successful. It may be a while before we know the end result of the THQ bankruptcy auction, but the games will have the final say, on this generation of consoles and the next."

Is Your Mind for Sale? Inside the Allure of Digital Sweatshops | Collective Intelligence | Big Think: "Another form of human computation von Ahn has developed is the seductive online game ESP that was acquired by Google in 2006. People will spend up to 40 hours a week providing "meaningful" labels to images, helping to optimize online image searches, an area where current computer vision techniques have fallen short. While Google shut down its version of ESP in 2011, human agents used the game to generate over 10 million labels. Like Mechanical Turk, this is a form of artificial artificial intelligence. ESP asks humans the type of task that it would like to farm out to a computer, but can't. If you make this task into a game, people will play it, earning "points." While this is a completely worthless currency, Zittrain points out that it is really positive feedback that people are craving, and that is what motivates them to participate. "

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