Not Many Developers Are Working On Wii U Games

Not Many Developers Are Working On Wii U Games
Surprisingly, the Wii U came in dead last with only 4.6 percent of developers saying they were working on a title for Nintendo's console. Other consoles didn't fare too well either as only 13.2 percent of developers are making a game for the Xbox 360 ...

Donkey Kong to the Future: Divining What's NextNew York Times
At 60 Mr. Miyamoto is still designing games for Nintendo, but the company's newest creation, the Wii U, has not invaded American living rooms with the speed of its predecessor. . . .

Free-to-play Xbox Live game hits 2 million players
Additionally, gamers must hold an Xbox Live Gold subscription ($60 per year) to download Happy Wars. Toylogic also announced today that a ... Happy Wars may be the first free-to-play game for Xbox Live, but it won't be the last. Signal Studios' third ...

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