Amazon promotes little guys with Indie Game Store

Amazon promotes the little guys with Indie Game Store | Internet & Media - CNET News: "The dedicated storefront on Amazon's Digital Video Games Store is designed to highlight games that can get lost in the din dominated by developer powerhouses. . . . Amazon today launched an Indie Games Store to address just that problem. A new category on Amazon in the Digital Video Games Store, it is designed to help indie developers get better exposure for PC, Mac, and browser-based games. For gamers, it means a new way to discover gems. The storefront has features and promotions like Indie Spotlight, which is just what it sounds like: a focus on individual developers, with Q&As and featured bios. Until July 17, players can get three preselected titles for free when they buy any indie title, and until July 23, consumers can get deals on bundles of games at a discount. May the independent game developer wallow in obscurity no more."

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