Warner's approach to video games is paying off

Warner's approach to video games is paying off
Los Angeles Times
Most other major entertainment companies have backed away from the video game business, but Warner has bought and expanded franchises not tied to individual films, giving it some of the hottest brands. "The movie-based games business is broken, ...
WWE Video Games: Top 10 WWE Video Games of All Time
Bleacher Report
WWE has a storied history of video games dating back to 1987's MicroLeague Wrestling on the Amiga and Commodore 64. MicroLeague was a largely simulation, turn-based strategy based game it was the first game to carry the WWE license. ...
Video Games: Arkham City as "Dangerous and Dirty" as comics
Comic Book Movie
"First, we didn't want to just throw people in there. They had to be in there for a reason and should have an angle as to what that person was doing in Arkham City," he said. "And that is different for all the supervillains. ...
Family Gamer TV Tackles Limbo and Flower
Wired News
By Andy Robertson This week we meet new family on Family Gamer TV. Tobi, Mary and their three kids have never owned a videogame console. As the sun sets on our San Francisco trip Tobi talks about playing Limbo , Flower and Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure ...
Child Aggression Linked To Profanity In Video Games, Movies
Cinema Blend
You have got to love all these studies about video games saying one thing or another and then having a subsequent study appear a week or two later that completely contradicts it. Sort of like a die-hard moralist priest caught fondling an altar boy, ...
You Know What Video Games Need? More Wise, Witty, and Lecherous Old Men
Commenter Paradox Me believes there's plenty of room in video games for more wise, experienced, and humorously nostalgic old men, leading the charge or just kicking back and telling us all about how Speak Up on Kotaku was better when they were kids. ...
DRM Schemes in Video Games
Wall Street Journal
I don't think any of these practices would be tolerated by any other branch of the entertainment industry. I believe they only exist in video games due to a negative stereotype of gamers as young and lazy. What are your thoughts on the subject?
Lana Del Rey Sings 'Video Games' Live At 'The Premises' (VIDEO)
Huffington Post
... earned her internet fame and critical dismissal in one blow. Yes, we understand the takedowns of her hype (there is a lot of hype), but that doesn't change the fact that "Video Games" -- the tune Lana's singing live this time -- is one helluva song.
Video gamer stays downtown
Crain's New York Business
Oberon Media moves to 100 Wall St. from One World Financial Center after weighing a switch up to techie Mecca, the Flatiron district. By Theresa Agovino on October 18, 2011 Oberon Media has subleased 16100 square feet at 100 Wall St., between Water and ...
Kid picks homework over video games
Today's THV
"No time for cartoons or video games," Kramer said. "I spend my weekends doing homework most of the time." Kramer's father, Tim Kramer, said that his son's perpetual curiosity leaves him with few quiet moments. Even at lunch with his chemistry ...
PC Tech 101: The Gamer's Guide to PC Tech
In part one of our Gamer's Guide to the PC we explained what the CPU, motherboard and memory do, while part two focused on the PC's graphics card. It's time to complete our beginner's guide with a look at the other bits and pieces that go into a gaming ...
Get a free issue of PC Gamer UK via the iOS Newsstand
PC Gamer Magazine
Previously we mentioned that both PC Gamer UK and PC Gamer US have hit iOS devices. Now, for a limited time, one free issue PC Gamer UK is yours to download and read on any Apple i-device of your choosing! PC Gamer UK issue 231 is now available as free ...
Dark Souls: Man beats 'hardest videogame of all time' in under 2 hours
Daily Mail
One gamer has somehow beaten the whole game in one hour and 26 minutes - and in case anyone doubts him, he's posted the whole insane feat on YouTube. The swords-and-sorcery world of Dark Souls is absolutely merciless - packed with monsters who can kill ...
Golden opportunity for Ireland to drive next phase of video games
The sheer cost and scale of making best-selling console and PC video game titles until now meant Ireland had to content itself with making middleware and providing business support to the video games industry, but that's about to change. ...
Kerrang video games issue out tomorrow
by Chris Dring Named Kerrang Presents: The Videogame issue, the new edition features head-to-head gaming showdowns, special photoshoots, reviews, and a whole lot more. Pop Punk heroes New Found Glory are the cover stars, while readers can find out what ...
Consumers Can Review Video Games At MyGameFrog.com Before Making a Purchase
Emailwire (press release)
This site offers all kinds of video games for sale. Every video game on this site comes with it's own unique description and trailer. They currently offer thousands of titles to choose from, and for every type of system. When visitors first arrive to ...
Are Video Games Good for Relationships?
SodaHead News
Well, technically the stereotyped gamer wouldn't have a girlfriend to begin with, but that's not the point. The point is, we both know it's just not true. In fact, as The Frisky's Sophie Leon will attest, a lot of gamers are girls. ...
Lana Del Rey: "Video Games" (Live At The Premises) (Video)
A few weeks back we saw Lana Del Rey perform “Blue Jeans” live at the Premises, and now a clip of “Video Games” from the same session has emerged. Here the song is stripped down to just piano and vocals, with Del Rey looking a lot more confident in her...
The Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator – Taking Gaming To A New Level
Ten infra-red motion tracking cameras continually monitor the real-time movements of the gamer on the omni-directional treadmill. This data is sent to the PC running Battlefield 3 to control the speed and direction of the in-game character. ...
EA Accused of Gaming Battlefield 3 Review Scores
Escapist Magazine
The questionnaire, sent to Press Fire/Dagbladet, Gamer.no and Gamereactor, starts off innocuously with a request for contact information but ratchets things up quickly [as in, the second question] when it asks about whether or not the reviewer in ...
6 good games to play to get into the Halloween spirit
Whether you're a console, computer or portable gamer, you'll be covered and find something that will make your month better. Premise? This is a multiplayer Castlevania adventure where up to six players band together online as iconic heroes and heroines ...
The Mediatrician
Harvard Magazine
by Cara Feinberg This past June, the US Supreme Court decided that violent video games posed no more danger to children than the grimmest of Grimms' fairy tales. At issue was a California ban of the sale of violent video games to minors—and seven of ...
Rocksmith review: Drop-D minus
by Jordan Mallory on Oct 18th 2011 2:20PM Video games, by design, are meant to impart fantasy; they let us make believe that we as people are more incredible than we actually are, or that there's more to the world around us than we realize. ...
7 Reasons Why Gaming Is Great For Your Relationship
The Frisky
Let's stop stereotyping the “gamer” world as a place exclusively for basement dwelling social pariahs in dingy underwear who subsist on Hot Pockets microwaves with love by mom. Those of us — yes, women game too! — who play video games also enjoy ...
This is Epic: The Most Awesome Gamer in Thailand [VIDEO]
Penn Olson
by Willis Wee on October 17, 2011 in Gadgets, Video In an arcade in Thailand, thisgamer is making the first person shooter genre into a really entertaining spectator sport. He is acting as if he's holding a real gun and mimicking the actions on the ...
Virtual games cause very real problems
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Failing classes, straining their eyes and spending money they shouldn't on video games are potential issues “addicts” can face, said Debra Cox-Howard, mental health clinician at Counseling and Psychological Services. She said she sees one to two video ...
Early impressions of Memoir '44 Online
PC Gamer Magazine
Memoir '44 is an entry-level WWII board game, and most every board gamer I know has a copy gathering dust in a closet somewhere. It's a difficult game to judge. It's so easy to teach and learn that it earns an automatic recommendation for anyone ...
Sledgehammer's 3rd Person CoD Probably Cancelled
By Mike Nelson | Oct 18, 2011 Blue's News picked up a juicy quote from a Computer and Video Games interview with Sledgehammer's General Manager, Glen Schofield. When the subject of the team's 3rd person Call of Duty game came up, Schofield commented ...
Patriot G2 AMD Black Edition DDR3-1600 8GB Memory Kit
Benchmark Reviews
The Patriot Gamer 2 AMD Black Edition DDR3-1600 8GB memory kit is aimed specifically at the AMD CPU based gamer and works flawlessly in the new Bulldozer platform. With BEMP, the PatriotGamer 2 AMD Black Edition DDR3-1600 8GB memory kit is tuned and ...
The Spot: Company of Heroes
But PlayStation wanted to reconnect with the hardcore gamer. Deutsch proposed a grand spot that would bring 15 years of game characters together and celebrate their exploits—feats accomplished, of course, by the gamer who controls them. ...
Lana Del Rey – “Video Games” (Live at the Premises) at Pretty Much ...
By Luis Tovar
After releasing a video for Blue Jeans live, Lana Del Rey releases a live clip of her performing her flagship single, Video Games at the so called Premises.
PMA | Pretty Much Amazing
Teach the Children Well: Through Video Games - Crowdsourcing.org
Teach the Children Well: Through Video Games. document .... Source: http://info.topcoder.com/blog/bid/45342/teach-the-children-well-through-video-games?source=Blog_Email_[Teach%20the%20Children%20W] Author: Clinton Bonner ...
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Microsoft's Kinect: The Future of Video Games?
By Guest Author
When Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox first launched last November last year, I was floored by their innovative technology that lets you control movies and music.
Tech Cocktail
Geek Gamer Weekly: Thurrott Edition
By Paul Thurrott
I join the Geek Gamer Weekly podcast this week to discuss the Apple 4S, Windows 8, Skype, DLC Gaming and much, much more. ... Geek Gamer Weekly: Thurrott Edition. reprints; Email; Print. rating: (3). Tweet ...
Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows
Spooky video games for Halloween | Toledo Newspaper
By Michael Siebenaler
Halloween horrors await with two recent video games full of visceral content and endless action in crowd-pleasing multiplayer modes or single player blood.
Toledo Newspaper
Watch Lana Del Rey Perform "Video Games" on "Later With Jools ...
Lana Del Rey performed her single "Video Games" on the British television show "Later... With Jools Holland" tonight, as OneThirtyBPM points out. Watch the ...

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