Why video games are key to modern science

Why video games are key to modern science
By John D. Sutter, CNN Camden, Maine (CNN) -- Video gamers spend tons of time -- for many it's 10000 hours by age 21 -- battling mythic monsters, shooting aliens and rescuing princesses from digital castles. Adrien Treuille wants to put those efforts ...
Video Games Help to Correct Amblyopia in Older Kids
October 23, 2011 (Orlando, Florida) — A regimen that adds playing video games and the drug citicoline to standard treatment can improve visual acuity and binocular function in older children with amblyopia (or lazy eye), researchers reported here at ...
Comic Book Movie
IGN posted an article about some easter eggs at ARKHAM CITY which point at a sequel.The most obvious clue for the sequel is harley's pergnancy test being positive and her singing a baby song at obviously her baby!Well use the link and go watch the ...
Video games: Satisfy your need for speed with 'Forza 4'
Minneapolis Star Tribune
REVIEW: "Forza Motorsport 4" is off and running with great features, especially with the new Wireless Speed Wheel control. If you've ignored the "Forza" auto-racing series out of apprehension that the world's deepest driving simulation is too imposing ...
7 Reasons Why There Will be a Video Game Revolution This Fall
International Business Times
By IB Times Staff Reporter | October 23, 2011 5:31 AM EDT The planet will witness the emergence of groundbreaking video games this fall that will attempt to take gaming to a whole new level or die trying. While highly anticipated sequels like “Call of ...
The Best First Video Games
Bejeweled, the first title from PopCap Games, revolutionized what it meant to be a casual gamer. Whether or not you want to admit it, you have probably played Bejeweled. So has your Mom, your friends, your grandma, that guy down the street, ...
How Valve experiments with the economics of video games
The company's Steam distribution system, with more than 35 million users, is sometimes called the iTunes store of video games. Valve is also a private company, in both the corporate and literal meanings of that word. So it was more than a little ...
Maroon and Gamer: Less Interactive Games?
The State Press
By Spencer Fawcett October 22, 2011 at 1:34 pm Print This Post In this generation of video games, whenever I show people a trailer, from actual gameplay for a new video game, the most popular response I get is, “That looks like a movie! ...
Amazon begins Halloween sale for select video games
Amazon has started their “Un-BOO-lievable Halloween Video Game Savings” sale for over sixty select video games on the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Notable titles included in the promotion include Catherine, Dead Island, ...
In Stores This Week: Video Games
Big Shiny Robot!
You know the holiday shopping season is shaping up when you see a release list this long. It doesn't matter that most of them crap shovelware. All those ridiculous dancing games are what Grandma is buying for the little ones. ...
Batman: Arkham City breaks the hero game mold
Arizona Republic
by Louie Villalobos - Oct. 23, 2011 12:00 PM Video games about superheroes don't have the best track record. Many are based off of movies and feel rushed. Others try to create new narrative and come up short. Rare is the superhero game that is both ...
10 of the Most Creative Video Game Deaths Ever (GeekDad Wayback Machine)
Wired (blog)
By Curtis Silver As a gamer, I play a lot of video games. In playing a lot of video games, I also die a lot. I mean all the freaking time. I think I “fell down” in Call of Duty: World at War at least 20 times last night before finally realizing that I ...
Craigslist Finds
By Jen Marx Everything and anything from a tow truck to video games, check out these finds now selling on Craigslist. If you're little one has been begging for his or her own digital camera, now is the time to purchase a KB Gear Jam Cam 2.0, ...
Fall Out Occurs Over Lesbian Asking About LGBT Characters In WoW Lore
Lez Get Real
Hello, I am a lesbian gamer. See this picture, that is of the very first character I ever got to level 60. Yes, she has been through a few race and faction changes since I started her….back in the days when the filters still blocked the word lesbian ...
Meet the Reader: MtMannion
This week we have a more PC oriented gamer, of late, a certain MtMannion. If you only hang around on TSA you'll probably know him better as Mikiyaru, but he's oft found as MtMannion. Anyway, everyone say hello and be polite, now! ...
Kid Icarus Coming to Nintendo 3DS eShop
Piki Geek
Are you a gamer that feels nostalgic for Kid Icarus every time you play a round in Super Smash Bros: Brawl? Nintendo will be putting an end to that heartache soon. This week at Nintendo Direct, plans to release Kid Icarus as a 3DS Classic eShop title ...
IndieCade 2011: The Dream Machine
by Jeff Mattas, Oct 23, 2011 7:00am PDT The point-and-click adventure genre has been around nearly as long as video games themselves, so it's especially refreshing (and surprising) to encounter one that takes an entirely new approach. ...
Halloween Games: Goosebumps
[Halloween Games is a retrospective highlighting horror-themed video games. This entry sees Chris Gampat reflecting on DreamWorks Interactive's Goosebumps: Escape From Horrorland.] If you're a late '80s/early '90s kid, you're probably familiar with RL ...
[Weekly Rewind] 10/22/2011: Your Recap of Gaming News- New York Comic-Con Edition
Complex.com (blog)
That is okay, we can at least help you out in one of those areas. High Moon Studios gave gamers their first glimpse of the Fall of Cybertron. Plenty of new rap tracks seem to be showing the love for the video games industry.
Game for more?
The Asian Age
Sundays are meant to catch up with your gang, and nothing bonds a group of friends more than a lazy Sunday afternoon spent playing video games, challenging each other's skills over Fifa or God Of War, or maybe a high-adrenalin session of boxing or even ...
Brain-teasers beats gore at games awards
Sky News Australia
A puzzle game has beaten famous combat, football and racing titles to top spot at the world's biggest video games awards ceremony. Portal 2, a first-person brain-teaser, was named the Ultimate Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick awards in London, ...
Film rights to Assassin's Creed picked up by Sony Pictures
Back in May of this year, it was announced that Ubisoft Motion Pictures had in development, 3D feature films based on video games Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon, and Splinter Cell. It appears for now at least that Assassin's Creed has a distributor as ...
Schools focus on science, math to develop problem solvers
Greensboro News & Record
Instead, they design video games, create cold-case files and build bottle rockets and miniature fuel cell cars. Forbes, a technology teacher at Ferndale Middle, has one advantage: Her students face no state exams, so they can focus on hands-on ...
Can We Finally Stop Predicting the Death of Game Consoles?
As I've said here before, I'm an avid gamer, and I've owned just about every game console that has hit store shelves. And each device — yes, even the 3DO — I have been impressed and entertained with in one way or another. ...
Is your online game gold real? Lawyer tackles the issue
Pioneer Press
Those are workers who play video games, sometimes in sweatshop conditions, for hours on end to acquire virtual items that are sold to status-seeking gamers on a virtual black market in exchange for nonvirtual money. "There is no way to know when the ...
Kids 'N Kinship: Meet Joseph
Age: 12 Interests: Joseph enjoys video games, bike riding, bowling & fishing. He also loves animals! Personality/Characteristics: He is talkative, respectful of thers and has a great sense of humor. Goals/Dreams: Joseph wants his mom to have her wishes ...
Modern Warfare 3 Elite
Whether you are using the Playstation Network or Microsoft, or any other system for that matter, the Elite package is definitely an upgrade for the hardcore gamer. This will be a $49.99 annual subscription. The big news: killstreaks are no more. ...
Whistleblower: Parents want an explanation from Microsoft
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Last month, Microsoft banned a 13-year-old honor student in Minnesota from playing Xbox 360 video games online for violating the company's "terms of use." Microsoft's e-mail offered no further explanation. Taylor Leeson, an eighth-grader from Lakeville ...
Here's the First Dumbass Thing the Mainstream Media Said About Grand Theft ...
1 scapegoat for the corruption of youth through violent video games. Rightfully considered an epochal entry in video game design, the open-world, 3D Grand Theft Auto III didn't arrive as a total surprise in 2001, even to the mainstream media of the ...
Microsoft Announce New Xbox Kinect Games for Kids
Geek WIth Laptop
With video games often blamed for triggering violent behaviour and childhood laziness, the introduction of educational, physical games could get more parents on side. Microsoft are developing these games with two of the big names in childhood education ...
Friendship Elementary turns festival into healthy exercise
Gainesville Times
Principal Berry Walton began the festivities with a one-mile fun run, followed by several activities in the gym, including Xbox dancing video games and a prize auction. "We want to promote a healthy culture here in our community," Walton said. ...
Play: A valuable tool for learning
She admitted they are also alarmed at how increasingly video games are becoming popular even among young children. “It can be fun but studies have shown it can lead to violence. A recent study shows that at the age of 8, mostly boys, can get addicted ...
New businesses
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Nonetheless, the recent decision of Walls 360 -- a graphic arts firm that licenses images from children's books and video games to make life-size wall art -- to relocate from San Francisco to Las Vegas is welcome news to a city that's struggled with ...
Games and earrings taken from Easton Walmart
The Star Democrat
EASTON Easton police arrested two Easton men Wednesday after the men allegedly stole 10 Play Station 3 video games and earrings from the Easton Walmart, according to Easton police. Dennard Earl Dixon, 22, of 517 August St., and Raymond Davenport, 22, ...
Video games used in new treatment that may fix 'lazy eye' in older children
Science Codex
October 23, 2011 -- A new study conducted in an eye clinic in India found that correction of amblyopia, also called "lazy eye," can be achieved in many older children, if they stick to a regimen that includes playing video games along with standard ...
How to Survive NYCC/NYAF (and Other Huge Conventions)
Big Shiny Robot!
This year's convention was a blast – lots of great panels, special events and announcements from all the big names in Comics, Movies, Video Games, and Anime. Previews night was my favorite – mostly because it's about 1/10th as crowded as Saturday and ...
Automated VIDEO GAMES site, 2700 Games, PS3 PS2 Wii ... - Flippa
By SmartStartUps
Flippa: Website gamesmechanic.com is up for auction. Find other websites to buy just likegamesmechanic.com on Flippa.
custom - Flippa
Video games As Leisure For Your Mates | Free Online Articles
By SchnitkerPlourd353
Video games As Leisure For Your Mates. Gaming has develop into one of the simplest ways to entertain folks the place buddies play with one another attempting to prove their superiority towards one another. Gaming has turn into the favourite ...
Free Online Articles
Wii Video games For Fitness | Carbon Offset List
By john
In recent times young people are into video clip video games. In order for you to help get them eager about fitness you can perform video clip video games with them. Ensure that you use the Wii (or PlayStation Shift incorporates a new video ...
Carbon Offset List
WII Fit Video games | acicafoc.net
By Sally
and It is believed that fitness video games that have the user conduct lower-body harmony and weight-shifting routines could benefit individuals with weight-bearing rehabilitation soon after an injuries or surgical procedure. On top of that, ...
A Help On how to Melt away Nintendo Wii Video games
By jason
A number of Wii consumers have asked on their own no matter if you'll find it plausible to burn off Nintendo Wii discs. We are going to explain precisely how.
White Fusion
Warner's approach to video games is paying off - Los Angeles Times
"The Dark Knight Rises" doesn't hit movie theaters for nine months, but Batman is at the heart of what may just be Warner Bros.' most important release of the fall ...
Controller Pro-Gamer Profile: Kelly - GameSpot
Meet Kelly, better known as Mrs. Violence, one of the professional gamer contestants on The Controller.

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