TV and video game contracts could be the future

TV and video game contracts could be the future
The head of Microsoft's interactive entertainment division seems right at home onstage in front of a large audience of journalists and video-game developers at the Galen Center arena in Los Angeles, where thousands of insiders are gathered for the ...

This Week In Video Game Criticism: From Dishonored to outsider criticism
Are those who play in alignment with the goals intended by developers playing any more 'truly' than others, or is their alignment of goals merely incidental?" Robert Yang finds the game's tutorial lazy and disruptive. Meanwhile, Becky Chambers does a ...


Rovio Entertainment Releases Its First Trailer of Angry Birds Star Wars Game
On Video Games
Rovio Entertainment has released its first trailer of their newest game “Angry Birds Star Wars”. Rovio Entertainment, which was previously known as Relude and Rovio Mobile, is a video game developer company who is currently based in Espoo, Finland ...

VIRTUAL PIGGY INC : Biodroid - Leading Portuguese Game Developer Selects ...
Virtual Piggy, Inc. (OTC:VPIG) today announced that it has signed an agreement to provide its child safe transaction solution to Biodroid, one of Portugal's leading game developers. Biodroid Entertainment based in Lisbon, Portugal, develops innovative ...

Top Video Games to Look Forward to in November
The Massachusetts Daily Collegian
November for video games is like summer for movies. It's when blockbuster gamescome out and when fans line up outside game shops for midnight releases. This November is looking to be like one of the greatest for video game releases since 2007.

The Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Video-game review: 'Fractured Soul'
Bellingham Herald
The innovation behind "Fractured Soul's" gameplay enticed the Mega Man/Mario junkie inside of me to climb out and play a game that lovingly marries puzzling, platforming and shooting elements into a fantastic (and cheap!) experience. Immediately when I ...

11 Japanese Video Game Names You Won't Believe Are Real
Kotaku Australia
Today marks the release of lovely little adventure game Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, and if you think that's a silly name, you're not alone. For decades now, Japanese developers have whipped up a great number of video games with titles that seem ...

Video Games and Aestheticising Sexual Violence
GamingBolt (blog)
A few years ago, I pondered on the use of video games, like movies, in causing aversion to crimes such as rape and violence against women. A key example was the Hollywood film The Accused featuring Jodie Foster. Viewers talked about how the scene ...

GamingBolt (blog)

November Video Game Release Dates - All Formats
CCL Online
Game publishers are all starting the big fight for the Christmas #1 sales spot, they want to be "that game" and they want you to buy it, it's that simple. So here is my pick of what I think will be the big hit releases of November, sure it's not ...

CCL Online

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