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Game developer slams Microsoft after hit game pulls in a pittance | News | TechRadar: ". . . . Rubicon criticised Microsoft for not featuring the game prominently on its store because it hadn't been launched for Intel-based Windows 8 machines too. The post, which has now been deleted, read: "Apple regularly promote our apps. Android regularly promote our apps. Even RIM (Blackberry) regularly promote our apps... Microsoft on the other hand clearly do not value us at all." "If other developers get this treatment, that store is going to look mighty bleak for a long time to come. Please take this as a warning. "I know I sound bitter and twisted and there's a reason for that – I actually am. We have wasted a lot of time, resources and money on supporting this platform and all that happened was we got spat on.". . ."

The End is Nigh: The Ten Best Post-Apocalyptic Video Games
Video games have been tackling the subject for years now, and there have been a host of titles dealing with what happens in a post-apocalyptic world. Short answer: A lot of mutant shooting. Long answer: Well, you'll have to read on. Check out the ten ...


Best portable video games of 2012
New York Daily News
The iPad isn't going anywhere. And neither are its games. It's no wonder Sony's excellent PS Vita had such a hard time carving a niche this year, despite splendid hardware, and no wonder the first console of the next generation – the Nintendo Wii U ...

New York Daily News

Washington Post: Video games don't kill people, people kill people
Daily Caller
There is no statistical correlation between video games and violent crime, a Washington Post article argued in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting. “Video game consumption, based on international data, does not seem to correlate at all with an increase ...


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