The UK video games cultural test

Insanity--UK Tax Relief for Video Games -
“Up to 4 points may be awarded in respect of the contribution of the video game to the promotion […] of British ... Of course developer can always just pay the full tax as usual, but for the government to test their scruples and tease them with tax ..."
Revealed: The UK video games cultural test | Game Development | News by Develop: "Government details developer eligibility for tax relief The UK government has unveiled details of the cultural test for video games tax relief in its draft legislation released today. To pass the tests, provided below, a game must be awarded at least 16 points to be eligible for tax breaks. Developers will be awarded with four points for instance if at least 75 per cent of the game is set in the UK or another EEA state, and three points if only 66 per cent is set in such locations. Other tests includes how many characters depicted in the title are from the UK or another EEA state, if the game depicts a British story or one which relates to an EEA state, and whether the title helps promote, develop and enhance British culture. One potential point of controversy however could stem from points available for British staff in specific positions. For example, one point could be awarded if the project leader "is a qualifying person". This also applies to the positions of scriptwriters, composers, artists, programmers, designers and the head of department. . . ." 

Tim Schafer talks Ümloud! with Game Guy Barry White
Tim Schafer talks Ümloud! with Game Guy Barry White Iconic video game developer Tim Scahfer sits down with Game Guy Barry White to talk about last week's Ümloud! charity event. tim schafer game guys entertainment KXTV 02:11 ...

2012 a banner year for Canadian video games
Developer: Queasy Games (Toronto). It's hard to believe that just two guys could make a PlayStation Vita game that's better than those pumped up by giantdevelopment teams, but that's what Jonathan Mak and Shaw-Han Liem did. Sure, they had some help ...

Disney Buys South Korean Game Developer Studio Ex (Report ...
By Patrick Brzeski
The new acquisition is Disney's latest grab in an ongoing drive into the lucrative Asian gaming sector.... AWARDS · VIDEO · NEWS · 3D · SMPTE · CES 2012 · E3 EXPO · SXSW · SIGGRAPH · WOMEN IN ENTERTAINMENT · LES MISERABLES · VIDEO: AGENTS ROUNDTABLE · POWER AUTHORS ... The Walt Disney Company has acquired South Korean game developer Studio Ex, All Things D reported today. The South Korean startup focuses on multiplayer, free-to-play online and ...

Disney Buys South Korean Game Developer Studio Ex - AllThingsD
The game studio will focus on developing free-to-play games for the Asian market based on new ...api-video/find_all_videos.asp&fields=id,thumbnailURL, guid ...

A visit with a video game developer - Chicago Tribune
Video arcade game developer Eugene Jarvis talks about Defender, one of the games he created, while being interviewed at his home in Glenview, Ill. (John J.

Adobe releases updated cloud based game developer tools
Adobe releases updated cloud based game developer tools. 4. December 2012. 0 Comments. OK, I will start off by saying “cloud” is one of those massively ...

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