Best Video Games Of 2011

The 10 Best Video Games Of 2011
NPR (blog)
by Harold Goldberg A screenshot from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, one of the best video games of 2011. A screenshot from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, one of the best video games of 2011. I'm no great fan of placing the best games of the year in any ...

Best video games of 2011
San Jose Mercury News
When it comes to 2011, it was a year when video games tried to tell different stories. Realizing that spectacle can only do so much, developers crafted experiences that would appeal to an audience that's grown older. Some of that can be seen in the ...

More Post 50s Use Video Games To Exercise
Huffington Post
Video games aren't just for kids anymore. One in 25 people over 50 exercise using Nintendo's Wii Fit video game, according to a survey by Saga, the British services firm focused on people age 50 and up. Since "exergames" hit the market, ...

Gamer Drops $16000 on Virtual Sword for Unreleased Game
Escapist Magazine
During a recent auction for the soon-to-be-released martial arts MMO, Age of Wulin, one excitedgamer purchased an exclusive in-game sword for just $16000 before even playing the game. At the same event, someone else bought a Hook of Departure sheath ...

Gamer's Manifesto: Our picks for the best games coming in 2012
Lexington Herald Leader
By Scott Sloan — So what does the new year hold for gaming? More great games, and new ways to play them. The handheld PlayStation Vita will launch in February, and Nintendo's new Wii U console is expected to go on sale near ...

Lexington Herald Leader

Playing Video Games Incurs Mother's Wrath
Becoming enraged, she set upon her son who had been playing video games, which he'd received as Christmas presents. Slamming the video game console to the floor, the Tillman picked up her son by his arm, dragged him into his bedroom and subsequently ...

Usability Evaluation For Video Games: Gulfs Of Execution, Evaluation
by Georgios Christou [Console/PC, Design] A lot of the readers of #altdevblogaday are students, young developers and hobbyists, so I've decided to write down a few things about usability evaluation methods for games. I feel that very little is out ...


The 11 Most Infuriating Songs Of 2011, No. 2: Lana Del Rey, "Video Games"
Village Voice (blog)
Which is probably a good thing for Del Rey and her people, since "Video Games" is about two harp-strokes, a battery of singing lessons, and a couple of pots of hot tea away from being Enya for the Twitter set. It's not too surprising that "Video Games" ...

The 'Skyrim' Effect: How Video Games Show Sophisticated Treatment of War, Politics
Despite the average US gamer's age being 37-years, and 43% of gamers being female, this multi-billion dollar entertainment sector is intellectually derided by critics. At best, it is labelled a shallow light show for adolescent boys, and at worst, ...


The Legend of Zelda Video Games from a Christian Perspective
Acton Institute (blog)
Zelda is a series of video games celebrating its 25 th anniversary this year, originating in 1986 with The Legend of the Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It revolutionized video games with its adventure elements and exploration. ...

Acton Institute (blog)

Behold, the Top 10 video games of 2011
It's almost unfair to compare other games to Skyrim, a behemoth of a test in which you can invest 50 hours and still feel like you're only scratching the surface of what it offers. Skyrim stands not only as a benchmark for how much can be accomplished ...

Top 10 video games of 2011
The Dominion Post
It's a simple, but brilliant idea: you have a portal weapon, which you can fire at walls, floors and ceilings. It creates a hole or "portal" to other parts of an apparently abandoned research and test centre. The gun can also pick up and move objects. ...

Best of 2011: Comedy shows and albums, video games
So I thought I'd shake up the format with two things any mature, 34-year-old man should be deeply concerned about: comedy and video games. Let's start with the funny stuff. From economic woes to political turmoil and celebrity meltdowns, ...

The 60beat GamePad Accessory Is An iOS Gamer's Dream [Video]
Cult of Mac
By Killian Bell (6:21 am, Dec 29) While there are many benefits to gaming on an iOS device, such as cheap games and an impressive handheld experience, there is one downside: no physical control pad. That won't be much of a problem to some, ...

Australian Gamer Presents - The Games You Should Have Played In 2011 But Didn't
Australian Gamer
The Australian Gamer team shares their thoughts as to some of the top games you should have played this year, but you may have overlooked...but hey, there's always next year to check them out. For more information (again) read my review, but the point...

Australian Gamer

The Internet v CD Projekt: a Legal Perspective
As a law student and as an enthusiastic gamer, I can't help but have noticed the recent controversy surrounding CD Projekt. In case you haven't been following it, the story goes something like this: CD Projekt release The Witcher 2 without any DRM. ...

GAEMS G155 Portable Gaming System Review: Portable For The Sake Of Being Portable
The case is built out of a strong, durable plastic which is supremely useful for travel whether you're a Major League Gamer or someone who for some odd reason, can't go without playing video games for 5 days. The lack of a shoulder strap is something ...


VIDEO: Yet another kid going bonkers Xmas morning over video games he just ...
Via Tiny Cartridge. And warning: the audio's kinda wonky and ear piercing, so you might want to lower the sound… The swimming in place; is that a new “thing” that kids do, or is he just being a spaz? Also, I'm in complete agreement with TC; ...

How Atari games showed me the power of a child's imagination
Ars Technica
By Ben Kuchera | Published December 29, 2011 1:04 PM I'm often asked for advice when it comes to raising children around video games, mostly due to the fact that I have of three of the former and a few thousand of the latter. The truth is my kids don't ...

Schell Brings Craft Culture To Games With Puzzle Clubhouse
by Leigh Alexander [Console/PC, Business] Amid a heyday for commercial video games, a number of designers are looking at ways to democratize games as a medium of popular communication. The more gaming penetrates mass culture through mobile phones, ...


The sad story of Paul Christoforo
Ocean Distribution's Paul Christoforo engages a back and forth email conversation withGamer, getting surlier and ruder with every reply, eventually saying “no one cares what you think”, “we just have to put you in the corner with your im stupid hat ...


Gamestop Apologizes for THE LAST GUARDIAN Cancellation Mishap
Last week GameStop (biggest video game retailer in the US) was calling every gamer who had pre-ordered The Last Guardian to tell them the game had been cancelled and they should move their pre-order to another title. However, Sony later issued a ...

Video Game Company of the Year
Nerd Reactor
Gamers are thankful for so many great video games released this year and all the video game companies that bring them those games. If only there was enough time to play them all. At the end of 2011, games like Batman: Arkham City, Legend of Zelda: The ...

Nerd Reactor

UFC Undisputed 3 Interview with Producer, Neven Dravinski
Operation Sports
Jon Robinson: You guys have tried to create this game for two very different types of users, simplifying the controls for the average gamer while at the same time delivering an option for competition rules and controls for the hardest of the hardcore. ...

Operation Sports

Gamer endures 16 hours of DDR for a Guinness World Record ...
By Jordan Devore
This week, Minnesotan Alexander Skudlarek found out from Guinness World Records that he now holds the title for "Longest Video Games Marathon on a Dance / Rhythm game." And all this took was a mere 16 hours and 18 minutes of Dance ...

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn Hates Video Games | GameFront
By Ross Lincoln
It's fitting that we get to end 2011 with a last minute VIDEO GAMES ARE BAD attack. After all, we've spent the year blaming them for everything from riots to terrorist violence. So what now? They're apparently responsible for horrible, horrible ...

Best Video Games of 2011 |
By nickestrada
Here is a little look into what we feel were this year's best video game releases.

Networked Politics » Blog Archive » Sorts Of Video Video games
By BaronaKindler375
Video video games are taken care of into many classes depending at the content. Going by way of that rule, many games have compatibility into multiple categories. On the other hand, we will remember the type of nearly all video games, ...
Networked Politics

The 10 Best Video Games Of 2011 - WNYC
By Harold Goldberg
Commentator Harold Goldberg runs down his top ten video games of the year, from strange alien worlds to noir mysteries ...
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PSP outsells PS Vita in Japan – Video Games Reviews, Cheats ...
By Matthew Humphries
Tags: hardware sales, japan, PS Vita, PSP, Sony, video games · DiggDigg; redditReddit; FacebookFacebook ... Esta entrada fue publicada en Gamer, Móvil, Noticias por Webmaster. Guarda el enlace permanente.... Posted In: Doom creators ...

LDR – Video Games (Re.You Edit)
By chrome
Chris Urban, a friend of ours, put this online a few weeks back, and i simply wasnt online enough to get any kind of blog work done, in between renovating the new club, travelling and taking care of all kinds.

Do Video Games Make Kids More Creative? |
By deshondat
Gamerfitnation's DeShonda Thigpen writes how video games make kids more creative.

A Year in the Life of a Gamer (Xbox 360) - GameSpot Video
A visual journey through 2011 through the eyes of a gamer. ... "New Year's Resolution 2011 ...

20 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2012 | N4G
20 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2012. Year 2011 was a great year for the gamers, a lot of great titles were released, like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, ...

Playing Video Games at Work - Evil Avatar
Wow, nice find Lock. Looks like someone missed the memo, or he's just showing his true Rino colors. BeardedSonOfNel is online now ...

Will Video Games Ever Become a Tool for Environmental Change ...
We've seen video games with eco-themes pop up more often over the last few years, but will they ever hit mainstream?

9 reasons why video games are better than Christmas | GamesRadar
As a man that makes a living writing words of varying quality about video games, I am contractually obliged to hold the opinion that video games are better than ...

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