Can video games replace traditional workouts?

Can video games replace traditional workouts?
But, can video games take the place of traditional exercise? Researchers at Michigan State University looked at the results of 16 different studies to determine if active video games could provide the same cardiovascular benefits as a traditional ...

Gamer gift guide: 'Call of Duty' accessories
By Mike Snider, USA TODAY Have a Call of Duty fan on your list? There are a battery of perks available for shoppers. -- Turtle Beach has an entire line of headphones, including the high-caliber Ear Force Delta wireless headset with Dolby 7.1 Surround ...


Utah Symphony: "Video Games Live!" on Dec. 30
Salt Lake Tribune (blog)
The Utah Symphony is bringing "Video Games Live!" back to Salt Lake City audiences for a bonus round Friday, Dec. 30 at 8 pm in Abravanel Hall, featuring music from some of the most popularvideo games of all time. With Assistant Conductor Vladimir ...

Hands down, these are the best controller-free video games of 2011
New York Daily News
BY Ebenezer Samuel Ubisoft's answer to Guitar Hero is Rocksmith and it will strike a chord with all those who want to learn to play. Majesco's Kinect-exclusive take on the classic game Twister shapes up as a winner. It's a phrase that gamers have said ...

New York Daily News

5 Video Games With the Worst Bugs of 2011
OC Weekly (blog)
With video games becoming more complicated to develop over time, the bugs that accompany these games will become more apparent....or hilarious. The following is a look at five of the most notable video game bugs and glitches of 2011. ...

OC Weekly (blog)

Teaching STEM: From comic books to video games
Washington Post (blog)
While the federal government is turning to video games to get kids into the math and sciences, back in the day comic books provided a near-direct link to young minds. But the medium wasn't warmly received by the older generation (sound familiar?) ...

Top Ten Most Addictive Video Games Revealed
The results of a new study have revealed the console titles gamers feel are most addictive, while also showing that two thirds of gaming fans claim to feel 'addicted' to playing video games. The study, conducted by video game price comparison and ...

Violent Video Games Alter Men's Brains
After playing violent video games for one week, young adult men showed signs of sustained changes in a region of the brain associated with emotional control, according to a new study from Indiana University. “For the first time, we have found that a ...


Best Video Games of 2011
Windsor Star (blog)
Here is a guide to which video games you should buy this Holiday season. We will start off with the best role-playing game of 2011, and also Game of the Year, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is the fifth game in its series and arguably the best. ...

Windsor Star (blog)

Pocket Gamer's Top 10 Games of the Year 2011 - Nintendo 3DS Edition
Pocket Gamer
... encourage a totally different style of play from anything else on this list. It forces you to get out and get walking, and to go to places where you can meet people. It's the antithesis of most video games, and that's what makes it so wonderful. ...

Pocket Gamer

The top 25 video games of 2011
Globe and Mail (blog)
2011 saw one epic video game saga come to a brutal and bloody conclusion even as another reached new heights atop beautifully rendered mountains. A small Canadian studio's deeply original iOS adventure effectively put an end to the “Are games art? ...

Globe and Mail (blog)

Family Gamer TV Christmas Bloopers
Wired News
If you think there is something we should cover in season 2 get in touch via Twitter (@FamilyGamerTV or @GeekDadGamer). Andy is a father of three young children and produces the Family Gamer TV show and runs the Family Gamer Awards. ...

Gamer's Gift Guide: Games of All Sorts + Toys!
Computer and console gamers already know what they want for the most part. They might want Skyrim or The Old Republic (which launched a bit rockily last night). They might want the first person shooters Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3. ...

Electronic Arts releases long-awaited 'Star Wars: The Old Republic'
San Jose Mercury News
(AP Photo/Electronic Arts/BioWare) "Star Wars: The Old Republic," which represents not only the latest iteration of George Lucas' space opera but also one of the biggest bets ever in video games, hits store shelves Tuesday. ...

So the new possible leader of North Korea might be a gamer dork
Middle son Kim Jong-chol has also been cited as being unworthy, due to him being “more interested in video games”, which Kotaku previously cited, via Wikileak. Though the real reason might be something that the Post just highlighted, and that's how ...

Best video games for all the family
by Ruki Sayid, Daily Mirror 21/12/2011 THERE'S just three days to go until Christmas but if you're still struggling to find pressies for the gamers in your family, we're on the button to help you select the right one. We asked expert Neil Ashurst, ...

My favourite Christmas game: Randy Pitchford
"The only video games I would be playing that Christmas was that hand held Mattel 'Soccer' with its primitive LED's. I was devastated. I could no longer rely upon my parents to make sure I was optimally stimulated and entertained! ...

Syndicate reboot banned in Australia, BBFC yet to make a decision
PC Gamer Magazine
“Unlike the BBFC the Australian Classification Board have no '18′ category for video games so this means they are much more likely to reject a video game,” the BBFC said. “In Australia computer games may only be classified G, PG, M or MA 15+. ...

BioShock Infinite Preview
I can only think of one gamer, and that's me.” A confessed fan of turn-based strategy, in BioShock, Levine created a pensive shooter. Its nervous hyper-violence arrived in waves bridged by extended moments of calm; windows in which we could stop, ...

Best Buy Selling 30+ Video Games for $4.99 Each, Today Only!
If you are looking for some last minute presents or stocking stuffers, this may be the place to find them. Normally these games cost around $20-$30 at regular price, so you are saving some big bucks. Best Buy Selling 30 + Video Games for $4.99 Each ...


Third-quarter digital game sales couldn't offset big drop in retail video games
... it has the added benefit of a fuller description of overall game sales because it includes digital game sales and used games and rentals. The third quarter was a particularly weak season for the release of new blockbuster video games for the consoles.

How the Makers of Mass Effect Use Tolstoy to Prove Video Games Are Art
Here's a look at the upcoming portable from the makers of the SOCOM games. You'll see how the same kind of tactical focus has been revisited and rebuilt for a portable and more social experience, as previously noted by our own Stephen Totilo. ...

And in other PC gaming news…
PC Gamer Magazine
Last night, the PC Gamer Mint Imperials united to celebrate the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Sadly I missed it, but Rich and Owen were in attendance as the guild massed on the steps to the Sith Academy on Korriban and posing dramatically....

PC Gamer Magazine

Talking Point: Why Is It So Hard to Make a Good Christmas Game?
Nintendo Life
It's that magical time of year again, a time for all of us to indulge in Christmas movies, Christmas music, Christmas TV specials and Christmas video games! Alright, we admit... not so much the last one. But that poses an interesting question: why not? ...

Nintendo Life

Kelowna teens play video games for charity
A group of teenagers in Kelowna, BC, is playing video games for to raise money for orphans in Africa. The 15 teenagers aim to play for more than 96 hours non-stop, taking turns over a five-day period, in the hopes of raising $5000 for food and soccer ...

Grateful Dead The Epic Tour Game Release Date Scheduled For 2012
On Video Games
So far Baby Boomers have flocked to video games online not so with consoles but because online games like Farmville are simple, easy to play and interactive on a social level. Families can play together and keep track of one another and parents can...

On Video Games

Video Games + Books = ? | Dystel & Goderich Literary Management
By Morris
Video games are certainly one of the most interesting story telling mediums today, mostly because it hasn't quite figured out how to best tell a story. Role Playing Games, like the recently released The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, have an expansive ...
Dystel & Goderich Literary Management

Video Games, Your Brain and the Smell of Death – The Blogs at ...
By Robert Lamb
And what am I to make of the gamer who filled his home with the beheaded female corpses? I enjoy a good blood-soaked video game romp as well as the next guy, but stuff like this really makes me ponder the effects of violent video games on ...
The Blogs at HowStuffWorks

What the Tech? - Hottest Video Games of the 2011 Holiday Season
WBKO interactive's Corey Fryia stops by GameStop to talk to the experts about the hottest games of the 2011 holiday season in this special edition of What the Tech?
WBKO - HomePage - Headlines

Lana Del Rey - Video Games (live on Jools Holland, Oct.11, 2011 ...
By radstarr
I think he was actually talking about this gorgeous new starlet who sings about video games and god. I would love to play Zelda with her, though for now I will have to settle for an SNL appearance. She will strut her stuff on Saturday Night Live, ...
Cut Out Kid Recent Posts

Holiday Gamer's Guide 2011
By DeaconBlade
This year's Holiday Gamer's Guide will be slightly different. Instead of a multiple page breakdown, I'm gettign right to the point and mixing things up together like a good old bowl of gumbo. Everyone should know the proper things to search for ...
Unscripted 360

Sniper Video games Is It Great For Persons |
By thegreenapple
Sniper Video games Is It Great For Persons. Posted on December 21, 2011 by thegreenapple. The main benefit downside of trying to play Activities could be generally arguable, particularly when scientists have noticed that men and women ...

"CIA Spy" Claims Video Games Are Being Used Against Iran
By Dan Seitz
You've probably never heard of this game studio, which tells you how effective it was.

Utah Cultural Alliance Events Blog: Video Games Live @ Utah ...
By Crystal Young-Otterstrom
SALT LAKE CITY—The Utah Symphony is bringing Video Games Live! back to Salt Lake City audiences for a bonus round Friday, December 30 at 8 p.m. in Abravanel Hall, featuring music from some of the most popular video games of all ...
Utah Cultural Alliance Events Blog

Web Teacher › Useful Links: Video Games and girls, WordPress for ...
By vdebolt
Useful Links: Video Games and girls, WordPress for Android, iPad bloggers. Are video games good for girls? The things she points out probably also apply to boys, but this is an interesting report. I'm jealous of WordPress 2.0 for Android. ...
Web Teacher

Saving Money On Video Games: Steam Sales Edition
By Alan Schram
These sales are when they start to heavily discount the video games they distribute for the purpose of getting more games into the hands of gamers right when those gamers have the most extra cash floating around. There's a few things to know about the Steam Sales before you dive in, so read on to make sure that you ... Publisher Packs are a fantastic choice for the budding gamer. They are filled with a ton of games, all from the same publisher, all discounted for one low great price. ...
Canadian Finance Blog

U.S. Senator complains about tax dollars spent on video games ...
By RawmeatCowboy
"Video games, robot dragons, Christmas trees, and magic museums. This is not a Christmas wish list, these are just some of the ways the federal government spent your tax dollars. Over the past 12 months, politicians argued, debated and ...
GoNintendo - Portable News

Gamer Workouts: My Body Is Ready (Intermediate) | GamerFitNation ...
By Scott Herman
As January approaches we want to make sure everyone is ready to take their fitness to the next level!

Super Mario 3D Land 2: What We Need | Front Towards Gamer
By Tony "ChaingunPope" Wilson
Now that I've completed Super Mario 3D Land, I've begun to think about what I want from the sequel.
Front Towards Gamer

Chickens In Video Games Must Die - G4tv.Comedy -
Sound the alarm! Chickens in video games must die! For years, chickens have appeared in our favorite video games like the Legend of Zelda and Call of Duty.

Sex and nudity in video games - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article is about the use of sex acts and nudity in video games. .... Final Frontier, Hardcore Gaming 101, reprinted from Retro Gamer, Issue 67, 2009; ^ Jones, ...

GotGame | The Irate Gamer
Half Blind Gamer Let's Plays · Classic L337 · Audio · GotGame Radio ... Resident Evil: Operation... Irate Gamer checks out the newest Resident Evil installment ...

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