How Video Games and HD Are Changing the Military

How Video Games and High Definition Are Changing the Military
Gametech, held in Orlando this past summer, showcased just how big video gamesand simulations are becoming for military training. The use of the HD technology viavideo games to help train America's military of tomorrow has reduced training injuries...


The gamer, the playboy and the young master: the next generation of Kims
CNN (blog)
Back in 2006, one Chinese expert observed that Kim Jong Il's oldest son, Kim Jong-nam, was "too much of a playboy" to be seriously considered, son #2 Kim Jong-chol was "more interested in video games" than governing, and Kim Jong-un (then just 23) was ...

Video Games Could Kill The TV Star
But it's certainly an interesting line of thought and we'll see how the future unfolds and where ecosystems, gamer preferences and the market as a whole go. "Personally, I think this would creatively be an awesome move and would allow people to share ...

Shopping for a gamer? CNET's Holiday Help Desk has your back
CNET (blog)
a geeky gaming headset (hey, they're important), and the mother load of all gamergifts, a brand-new console. If you're still unsure which of these pretty sweet options to get for the adorable gaming addict in your life, let CNET's Holiday Help Desk ...
CNET (blog)

Kids test hottest video games to see if they're worth your money
Video games may be the big get for kids this holiday season. But it's their moms and dads who have to deal with the big expense. Mom Lindsay Kinkead knows that for sure. She says, "It kills me. It's hundreds and hundreds of dollars. ...


JOE's Top five video games of 2011
2011 will go down as possibly the most packed release year ever in the history of video games. With that in mind, trying to pick a favourite was incredibly tough. Though Super Mario is used to saving princesses, this year he faced his most formidable ...

10 Best Video Games for Holiday 2011
For my list, I looked at games released from September until now because it's likely that your beloved gamer already owns the older games. The 10 games that make the cut are arranged below and on the following pages in reverse order.

Video games can promote healthy eating behaviour
Photo by AFP ISLAMABAD: Researchers have found out a new innovative way of inculcating healthy eating habits among school children: video-games. Fruit, juice and vegetable consumption among children is generally low. Innovative programs are needed to ...

Junk Food Might Kill Kids with Video Games: Report
Village Voice (blog)
Groups like Kellogg's and Cadbury try to lure kids into eating fatty, sugary snacks by setting up websites with video games and pairing cartoon characters with products, claims the British Heart Foundation and Children's Food Program, which conducted ...

Top 10 video games of 2011
Washington Examiner
'The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D': (3DS; $39.99) Proving that gold doesn't tarnish, the "Citizen Kane" of video games returns to treat a new generation to a sprawling, emotional epic. » 'Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary': (Xbox 360; ...

Washington Examiner

Bethesda takes UK Christmas video games No.1
by Michael French Some Christmas traditions don't last forever - and Skyrim has smashed the eight-year grip Electronic Arts and Activision has had on the Xmas No.1. Bethesda's Elder Scrolls game held the top spot after rocketing to the top of the ...


BadAss Gamer Goes Airborne To Take Out Enemy Plane
One gamer, Thomas Olson wrote "It's hard enough to even kill anybody in BF3, let alone pull off insane manoeuvres like this. "One time, I managed to drop a low-flying Apache with an unguided rocket, and I was pretty stoked about it for the rest of the ...

The best song of 2011? It had to be by Lana Del Rey
The Guardian (blog)
It would be nice if Lana Del Rey really was the mysterious polymath auteur she briefly appeared to be when the vaguely Adam Curtis-like clip for Video Games started doing the rounds on the internet, rather than a female singer who's worked – like Adele ...

PS Vita freezes, touch screen problems reported
The freezing issue has been experienced by pro-gamer Kiryu Tsukimiya too. Some Vita owners are also reporting being unable to boot up their handhelds, despite them being fully charged, while one early adopter has posted pictures of the portable with ...

Firefall's Mourningstar Gets Sexy Cosplay from Crystal Graziano
Red 5 Studios is dedicated to bringing together millions of gamers across the world by creating immersive worlds, intriguing stories and compelling characters. They believe that online games and persistent worlds are the future of video games.


Pocket Gamer's Top 10 Games of the Year 2011 - PSP Edition
Pocket Gamer
by Peter Willington That plucky old PSP, eh? Everyone predicted it would meet its demise in 2011, and yet it's seen some truly astounding releases this year, even if the quantity of titles coming out on the platform has significantly diminished. ...

Pocket Gamer

My favourite Christmas game: Cliff Bleszinski
"My older brother, who I've always been close with, knew what a gamer I was. The hot title of the holiday that year was 'Strider' on the Genesis. I simply couldn't fathom how good the title looked for the time. "Long story short the day before we flew ...

Paris puts on its game face for video arcade retrospective
Globe and Mail
Pity the security guards and museum attendants who have had to endure the non-stop beeps, blips, whooshes and whirring laser sound effects within the walls of Game Story, a major Paris exhibition entirely devoted to the history of video games. ...

Globe and Mail

The 10 best indie video games of 2011
A game of building and survival, this procedurally-generated masterpiece had already gained an enormous following by the time it was officially released in November. An extended experimental pre-release campaign, in which players could pay to get hold ...

The Best Games of 2011
PC Magazine
Video games, in its relatively short existence, have gone from a nerd hobby to a near-ubiquitous form of entertainment that has become as significant part of our digital lifestyles as smartphones and laptops. These days, you can play video games on ...

Pac-Man's Multiplayer Arcade Comeback
(On a side note, I play every chance I get against friends like Ultimate Gamer contestant/pro Ciji "Starslay3r" Thornton. Gets real competitive, hehe.) On a side note, the company also recently had Namco girls tour several Dave and Buster's locations, ...

Despite Success, Naughty Dog Sees Transition to Next Generation of Consoles as ...
For Wells, the shift is a ”double-edged sword” with two different gamer impulses competing with one another: “The geek inside you is always excited about a shiny new toy, but then the practicality of it starts to set in: this is going to be a lot of ...


10 Ways To Get Your Girl Into Gaming (blog)
Unless you're one of the lucky few already synced up with a gamer lady, chances are you'll have to mold her into one. It might take a delicate hand, so a genre breakdown is in order. But it IS possible. “Skillful surgery” instead of “blunt hammer,” so ...

FWD News: Lazy Eye can Improve With Gaming
Game Forward
While eye patches were long believed to be the only, if imperfect, solution to this problem, new studies have reinforced the notion that having patients play video games could result even greater outcomes. Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, ...

Launch Pad: Return of the Jedis
By Brett Molina, USA TODAY It's time to visit the Launch Pad, where we look at the big video games and downloads releasing this week. Although it's a quiet week in terms of volume, PC fans should be particularly thrilled by one significant title making...


Minecraft creator designs Minicraft 'sequel' in 48 hours
BBC News
Minicraft is a top-down action title in which the gamer roams a randomly-generated environment, building structures, exploring dungeons, harvesting materials and fighting enemies. But while many of the elements may sound familiar to players of its ...

BBC News

Witcher 2 devs suing pirates, claim to be sure who downloaded illegally
“We're addressing only 100% confirmed piracy causes that are 100% possible to prove,” said Michal Nowakowski, CD Projekt's VP of Business Development to PCGamer. “We are not worried about tracking the wrong people. As this is the trade secret of the ...


'Portal 2,' 'Skyrim' Top A Thrilling Year In Games
by AP It's a good time to be a gamer, as studios continue to release thrilling adventures with clever stories, tight gameplay and spectacular production values. So many fine games have been released in 2011 — particularly in the last few months ...

The best songs of 2011
The Guardian (blog)
1 Lana Del Rey – Video Games 2 Azealia Banks – 212 3 Tyler, the Creator – Yonkers 4 Joe Goddard – Gabriel ft Valentina 5 Frank Ocean – Swim Good 6 Nicki Minaj – Super Bass 7 Beyoncé – Countdown 8 Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Remix) 9 Rihanna ...

The Guardian (blog)

5 Animals Playing Video Games - Mental Floss
By Chris Higgins
5 Animals Playing Video Games by Chris Higgins - December 19, 2011 - 12:47 PM. To make your Monday complete, I present you with a variety of videos featuring animals playing video games, along with analysis of whether they are good at ...

Biofeedback for video games | Lousy Canuck
By Jason Thibeault
Biofeedback for video games. December 19, 2011 at 12:53 pm Jason Thibeault. This is pretty awesome. Advancer Technologies released what's probably a viral video for their biofeedback sensors, which take muscle impulses to create signals that you could connect to an Arduino HID controller which turns any arbitrary input signals ... I'm an IT guy, skeptic, feminist, gamer and atheist, and love OSS, science of all stripes (especially space-related stuff), and debating on-line and off. ...
Freethought Blogs

Video Games In 2011: 'Portal 2,' Uncharted 2,' 'Batman: Arkham City'
By The Huffington Post News Editors
It's a good time to be a gamer, as studios continue to release thrilling adventures with clever stories, tight gameplay and spectacular production values. So many fine ... On Huffington Post: The Video Games Of 2011: The Most Anticipated Titles ...
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed

Video: "Video Games" Live by Lana Del Rey | According 2 G
By The G
The Best of the Music & Art Scene In New York From A to G. Daily!
According 2 G

Dance video games are a great success | NCPAD Blog - Endless ...
By Tamika Jones
The fitness game craze started around 2008 with the introduction of Nintendo's Wii Fit. Soon after, the dancing fitness games branched out and formed its own genre around 2009 with the launch of Xbox 360's Dance Central. Dancing games ...

Nintendo DS Lite Metallic Silver | Ex4 Fun Video Games
By Mimin
Video games Consoles. Reg. Price : $ 99.99. Price: $ 143.99. You save: $ -44 (-44%). ADD TO CART · ADD TO WISH LIST. This Best Selling Nintendo DS Lite Metallic Silver Tends to SELL OUT VERY FAST!! if this is a MUST HAVE product, ...
Ex4 Fun Video Games

Veni Vidi Vici Vita | GGS Gamer
By Tracey McGarrigan
As Japanese gamers dashed to the shops to pick up their brand new PS Vitas this weekend, GGSGamer sent me to London for a 2 hour play session where I got hands on with the newest edition to the Sony family. The biggest product launch ...
GGS Gamer

GameSpot Reports: Gamer Dating -
... you do and where do you go if you're specifically searching for a gamer to love ? ... who playvideo games are losers/nerds/dorks that aren't fun to be around. ...

Back to Karkand DLC Review [Australian Gamer] | N4G
Back to Karkand DLC Review [Australian Gamer]. Barry from Australian Gamer checks out the DLC for Battlefield 3 and lets you know if it is worth the money! ...

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