Is the video game industry in crisis?

Is the video game industry in crisis? (blog)
Is the video game industry in crisis? Last updated 14:35 29/06/2012. 12. moneybagblog If you've been browsing the internet today to get your daily gaming fix, you've no doubt read about Activision reducing the size of Prototype developer Radical ... (blog)

Samsung Series 7 Gamer
PC Magazine
The Samsung Series 7 Gamer delivers on most fronts, making for a powerful gaming laptop that's equipped with some great features. Its minor shortcomings are tempered by its reasonable price tag.

Iran's new video game: Verdict on Salman Rushdie
Those demons must, in turn, be featured in video games. America, indeed, switches demons all the time, allowing video game creators to help you shoot Russians one week and then lock and load in some difficult Arab nation the next. It seems that Iran ...

Quinn Pitcock: NFL teams fear video-game addiction
NFL News
Quinn Pitcock is trying to get back to the NFL after suffering from a video-game addiction. He thinks teams might have ... "The only way I could get my endorphins was by playing video games," Pitcock said, keeping the routine up for months. "I would ...

Video Game Review: Gravity Rush
New York Daily News
There is something intoxicating about playing through Gravity Rush for the PS Vita.

New York Daily News

Australian Mom Steals Over 500 Video Games
It is interesting to note that she specifically stole video games from these places almost exclusively. Video game stores now are really glorified pawn shops, and bringing in a new title will get you anywhere from $30 to $40, no questions asked. That ...


Video Game Quick Hits – 6/29/12
Big Shiny Robot!
Friday, June 29th, 2012 at 6:38 am Category: News, PlayStation 3, Video Games ....Apparently there are pages and pages of content, but most of it just hype, like “Halo 4 will be a huge blockbuster game this holiday that every gamer should play.” A few...

Big Shiny Robot!

Opinion: Video games and Male Gaze - are we men or boys?
Video games and Male Gaze. Recently I did an interview, an excerpt of which you can find here, with Hitman Absolution director Tore Blystad. If you haven't been keeping up with the franchise, a recent trailer for the game got the internet up in arms ...

London 2012 - The Official Video Game Review
London 2012 is pretty good for an Olympics brand extension video game. As unfair as it sounds to qualify any compliment I may be about to bestow on SEGA's officially licensed tie-in for the London Olympics, the game's subgenre is a yardstick all ...

Beware Diablo 3's RMAH, Gamer Loses $149 To Auction House Bug
Cinema Blend
Movie news · Movie opinions · Movie reviews · Upcoming movies · Trailers · Podcast · Hollywood gossip · Video games · Hollywood movie discussion ...Beware Diablo 3's RMAH, Gamer Loses $149 To Auction House Bug. Author: William Usher. published: ...
Cinema Blend

Video Game High School: Autosaving for the Final battle
Houston Press (blog)
Sometimes Video Game High School suffers from an identity crisis. Conversations I've had with producer Matthew Arnold ... It's a low-key existence where he caters to a gamer crowd interested only in a good time. There's none of the desperate need to ...

Salman Rushdie 'Targeted' In Iranian Video Game Intended To Carry Out Virtual ...
International Business Times
More than two decades after Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khomeini sentenced renowned author Salman Rushdie to death over "blasphemy" in his book, "Satanic Verses," a video game has been developed by a government-sponsored Iranian student ...

International Business Times

London 2012 video game lands ahead of Olympic Games
With the countdown to the London 2012 nearing its grand finale, the official London 2012 video game tie-in has been released by Sega.


Ubisoft drops The Expendables 2 Video Game on XBLA, PSN and PC
The Expendables 2 Video Game will debut on PSN, Xbox Live Arcade and PC this summer as a four-player co-op shooter, both local and online. The Expendables 2 Video Game is a prequel, covering events leading up to the opening of the film.

The Family That Built A Video Game Together
The Family That Built A Video Game Together Set adrift like a modern day Swiss Family Robinson, Jason and Nicole Stark left the Australian games industry on a mission together. They took their four children, they packed their bags and set sail to Noosa ...

London 2012: The Official Video Game Of The Olympic Games – Review
The Independent
Athletics isn't really a sport that transfers well to the videogame sphere. Unless you're using Kinect's full body sensor, the inputs you're making are never going to accurately reflect the action on screen. That's why the button mashing of Konami's ...

New THE WALKING DEAD Video Game Episode Has Hit
Episode 2, "Starved for Help", for THE WALKING DEAD video game is now available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Learn more about the new episode and check out the launch trailer!


Average Gamer 6.29.2012: Summer of Gaming Part Two
Welcome back to the Average Gamer. This summer I feel busier than I was last year and last year was the wedding, honeymoon, moving, etc. This summer at least is fun things to do for the most part. As I type this, it is 101 degrees outside and has tied ...

Virtual Fatwas and Death Sentences: The Crazy Politics of Video Games in Iran
Slate Magazine (blog)
These are the side effects of the Iranian video game industry's rapid growth—something that Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei himself has apparently pushed for. "We developed around 140 games with Islamic and Iranian contents which can compete with ...

Slate Magazine (blog)

Wii U Online Service to be Free
Video Game Examiner. + Subscribe · Nintendo had their annual shareholders meeting today and discussed the future of the 3DS and the online service of the Wii U. Among other topics, these were the two that seemed most important to the users. First thing ...

The Expendables 2 video game explodes onto XBLA and PSN this summer
The Expendables 2 video game explodes onto XBLA and PSN this summer. The Expendables 2 is set to become a video game - because if there is any movie that deserves a video game tie-in, it's...


NODE Studios; The New Name in Video Game Entertainment
Opposing Views
Taking today's hottest tracks and blending them with some of the best scenes from popular video games, VG Medley is Node Studios' take on music videos for gamers. In the premiere episode, Bass Union takes scenes from Rockstar's Max Payne 3 and mixes ...

Opposing Views

Google Nexus Q hacked to load video games
Google Nexus Q hacked to load video games. By: Dan Graziano | Jun 28th, 2012 at 11:40PM. Comments. Filed Under: Accessories · Nexus Q Video Game Hack · Google unveiled the Nexus Q streaming device at its annual Google I/O developer conference ...

First Online Viral Video Game Show Seeks Contestants with Exploding Melons ...
Seattle Post Intelligencer
First Online Viral Video Game Show Seeks Contestants with Exploding Melons and Jaw-Dropping Magic Tricks Stunt Buxx, the First Online Viral Media Game Show, released details today of their inaugural July 1st Canada Day and Fourth of July ...

Nintendo's latest hire is Disney video game exec
Nintendo has added a new member to its team, a man who held a leading position at Disney's video game department. ... Nintendo thrived when video games were all about popping in a cartridge and getting immersed into a solitary experience. It blew away ...


Best Mom Ever Steals Over 500 Video Games for Her Children
When authorities searched the home of Rebecca Margaret Johnson following her attempted theft of nearly $2500 AUD from a Big W department store in Queensland, Australia, they discovered a treasure trove of stolen video games. Over the course of a year ...

ACMI's Game Masters exhibition honours the pioneers of video game culture
ABC Online (blog)
Game culture is a familiar subject for Bodman who was the original curator for the 2002 landmark exhibition Game On - the definitive history of video games at London's Barbican Art Gallery. While Game On charted the history of video games, Game Masters ...

ABC Online (blog)
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Preview - Video Games Blogger
By Ferry
It's always a ton of bricks, uh I mean a ton of fun, to play a new Lego video game! ^_^. Ferry's Links · Assassin's Creed 3: Desmond Becomes The Ultimate Assassin · Diablo 3 Walkthrough · Game of Thrones ... Latest Video Games News ...
Video Game Walkthroughs, Video...

20 thoughts on “Most Gamers Prefer Physical Copies Of Video Games”
By sickr
According to NPD Group's Online Gaming 2012 report, one-third of consumers who bought video games during the past couple of months prefer to buy digital games than getting physical copies. This, of course, means that two-thirds of ...
My Nintendo News

Video Games: You Can Look but Don't You Touch! - Memebase ...
By Cheezburger Network
Video Games: You Can Look but Don't You Touch! x. Share. internet memes - Video Games: You Can Look but Don't You Touch! Get Over Here and Play a Video Game · Incorrect source or offensive? category:the ...
Memebase: Rage Comics, Forever...

[Video] Game On! by Jeremy Johnson — Big Design Events
By Dave Curlee
... On” Jeremy Johnson will take you on a tour of gaming trends – which includes everyone's favorite gaming buzz words: gamification, gameful, game layer, gamestorming, game mechanics, gameplay, game theory and good old video games.
Big Design Events

inclusive_geeks: GLBT History in Video Games: Full Set of Articles
By Crystal
Uh, so my friend had posted on here the first article of my feature on the history of GLBT characters in video games. I got a lot of really helpful comments but didn't want to spam this group every time an article got written, so now that it's done, ...
Inclusive Geeks

Video Game Nightmare: There Are Some Cases Even the BEST ...
By Mike Mintz
I am a gamer. It started back in 1981 with Pong on our television. From there I progressed to Atari and arcade games. Life changed dramatically in 1986 with the purchase of my first Nintendo gaming system. My days and nights were filled with Super Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda and Contra – good thing I was only 10-years old and had the time to spare. Fast forward twenty-five ... Admin Fee?. Tagged as: funny lawyer ads, funny lawyer commercials, video games· Cancel reply ... Blog by Martindale-Hub...

Speak Out: Your Favorite Old School Video Game - Wrentham, MA ...
By Dan Libon
Speak Out: Your Favorite Old School Video Game. With the 40th anniversary of ... With this historic moment in entertainment, we at Patch want to know about your memories of playing Atari and old school video games. Did you own your local ...
Wrentham Patch

Skyrim Logic - Video Games - Memes, Captions, and Funny Videos
By Cheezburger Network
video game memes - Skyrim Logic. ... Video Games - memes, game lols, captions,. I Can Has Cheezburger? FAIL Blog · Memebase · The Daily What · Know Your Meme · LOLmart · All Sites » · Memebase · Demotivate · Photobombs · Graphs ...
Video Games - Memes, Captions,...

10 Envy-inducing Video Game Bathrooms - Mental Floss
The stereotype of the serious video gamer living in his parent's basement,... Many have grown ...

Video Games Re-Imagined As Traditional Japanese Prints
Video Games Re-Imagined As Traditional Japanese Prints. The guys behind Ukiyo-e Heroes create images of your favorite Nintendo characters in the style of ...

Video Game Reunion Clips, and Extras! | GameTrailers
Find the latest about the Video Game Reunion show. Episodes, extended cuts, trailers and more are avialable at

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