Zynga Heads for Pitsville

Zynga Heads for Pitsville
By Erika Morphy Zynga may turn into a social gaming ghost town if it doesn't come up with a smart mobile strategy and some killer new games soon. "Gamers are thinking, 'Why be tied to Zynga's browser-based games when I can put my cool mobile games in ...

You should never, ever, preorder a video game
Truth is, you should almost never, ever, preorder a video game. ... Before covering video gamesand gear for CNET Reviews, Jeff Bakalar worked in film and video ... He's a gamer, comic book nut, and a diehard New Jersey Devils fan. Off the ...

Aging gamer has got no time for your fancy MMOs, prefers sleep
... to the Entertainment Software Association, the lead industry group for video games, ... At last week's Electronic Entertainment Expo, the major video-game console ... The aging gamerdilemma may be why the high-profile “Star Wars: The Old ...

Video Game Predicts a Long, Dystopian Nightmare for Us All
Reddit user runs strategy game "Civilization II" for ten years. In short, we're all doomed.

Beyoncé played around with programmers' lives
New York Daily News
Beyoncé played around with video game programmers' lives when she pulled plug... Beyonce dances during a shoot and preparation for her new video game ...

New York Daily News

History, as Painted by Video Games
History News Network (blog)
It's a video game, after all, and not a particularly new one at that (Civ fanatics may ... in general -- have comes not from movies and TV but from video games. And ...

Best Video Games of 2012 and 2013
Top Gaming Picks for PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS and More.


Band launches a video game -- with a big prize
These days bands are willing to get creative when it comes to promoting their music. I can't say I knew much about Swedish group The Amplifetesbefore they ...

Students Tackle Video-Game Design
Education Week News
... into learning, programs are evolving to turn students into video-game designers.... Valley Middle School in Mill Creek, W.Va., design their own video games.

Education Week News

McVan's Video Games to close doors at all locations in Fort Wayne
All three McVan's Video Games locations plan to close their doors after 20 years in business in Fort Wayne, blaming a lack of interest in traditional video games.

Aisha Tyler Rants “I've Been a Gamer Since Before You Could Read.”
Aisha Tyler Rants I've Been a Gamer Since Before You Could Read ... Now, it's entirely possible that they love video games and wanted to see the ... crime 9:30 AM 0 Indian Teen Murders Elderly Neighbor to Buy a Video Game Console ...

Round 5 Corporation Secures Exclusive Toy License From ...
MarketWatch (press release)
... From ZeptoLab® For Award-Winning Video Game Franchise Cut The Rope® ... cover a broad array of genres from sports and entertainment to video games.

Super Mario 8-bit video game meets TTC subway map
Toronto Star
“The fixed paths and levels look like routes and stations to me,” says Delisle — who is not surprisingly a video game junkie. “Video games are firmly planted into ...

Toronto Star

Video Game Players Get Off the Couch for Outdoor Airsoft Wars this ...
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
... this new found sport in place of television and video games this hot summer. ... Video GamePlayers Get Off the Couch for Outdoor Airsoft Wars this Summer ...

Seven More Digital Marketing Tips For Video Game Executives
MediaPost Communications
About a year ago, I wrote 10 Video and Social Media Marketing Tips for Video Game Executives.Video games present unique marketing challenges and ...

Neal Stephenson to work on sword-fighting video game
The Guardian
Neal Stephenson to work on sword-fighting video game ... Gun-based video games allow customisations and reams of stats "for intense geeking out", said ...

Lollipop Chainsaw Review
Canada Video Game Examiner ... through, but is also a game I can see breaking down the barrier between Grasshopper Manufacture and the average gamer.

This Week In Video Game Criticism: From Diablo addictiveness to ...
... game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Eric Swain on topics including why Diablo III is less addictive than Diablo II, hard boiling video games, ...


E3 2012: Video game design vlows minds with Sphero
Sure C++ and user interface would be taught in video game school, but many ... of the newest and perhaps oddest ways to play video games ever envisioned.


E3 2012: Video Game Design Pushes the Boundaries of User ...
If this year's Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles has shown the gaming community that despite the innumerable sequels dominating the video game ...


Aisha Tyler Calls Out "Illerate and Racist" Online Trolls
Complex.com (blog)
I've been a gamer since I made friends with a girl in the 5th grade just to get at her Atari. ... I was a voice in not one, but two major video game titles. I hosted the ...

JoyTunes Wants To Teach You To Play Real Instruments With ...
JoyTunes' work in connecting video games to music education attracted ... to announce the addition of another notable veteran of the music video game space.

Anita Sarkeesian, Video Game Rape Culture, and Why Online ...
Anita Sarkeesian, Video Game Rape Culture, and Why Online Harassment Is Not a ... a subject that's not exactly radical: the portrayal of women in video games.

Philadelphia Eagles Team Up with 'Angry Birds' Video Game Maker
The 700 Level
I'm assuming I'm in the minority here, but I've never actually played the "Angry Birds"video game that is/was so damn popular. So the Eagles organization's new ...

The 700 Level

The future of man — via video game
One gamer's ten-year run with the game Civilization II tells us what we already know: This world is in for real trouble.

Wii U and PlayStation 3 compared using 'Assassin's Creed III'
In the video game industry, technical specifications are talked about constantly when new hardware is ... When he's not playing music, he's playing video games.


Video Game Review: 'Harley Quinn's Revenge'
BG News
“Batman: Arkham City — Harley Quinn's Revenge” is a new downloadable content package for the original “Batman: Arkham City” video game released October ...

'The Expendables 2' video game outed
The Australian
THE Australian Classification Board appears to have inadvertently revealed an unannounced video game adaptation of "The Expendables 2" is on the cards.

VIDEO GAMES: New Screenshots And Character Renders From ...
Including new images of Black Cat, The Lizard, Scorpion and Vermin; hit the jump to check out these fantastic character renders, concept art and screenshots from The Amazing Spider-Man's upcoming video game tie-in. Josh Wilding - 6/12/ ...
Comic Book Movie

How to Use Video Game Tactics in the Classroom | MindShift
By MindShift
Science teacher Paul Anderson says video games teach kids that failure is okay — that it's part of the learning process. “Trying something, failing ... So he created a class around the premise of a video game — without a video game. Anderson ...

Tropes Vs. Women In Video Games Vs. The Internet | Rock, Paper ...
By John Walker
The question of sexism in videogames really oughtn't be a question at all. Videogames are rife with the thickest seam of sexism, and have been since the first had front covers on the cassettes. Not just in the games themselves, but in the ...
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Aisha Tyler combats 'illiterate and racist' gamer attacks -Destructoid
By Jim Sterling
I liked her and never doubted that she was an actual gamer... and I appreciate that they sought out someone that WAS an actual gamer and not just a spokemodel or pretty face or worst yet, a suit. Oh... and "Girl Wood" - yeah, that's pretty much been my take-away .... permitting non-commercial sharing requiring attribution. Destructoid aka ModernMethod is an independently-run company forged by our childhood love of video games and adulthood hatred mainstreamvideo game press.

A Never-Ending Video Game - Andrew Sullivan - The Daily Beast
By Andrew Sullivan
Kelsey Atherton wonders why video games so often take place in post-apocalyptic settings: Lycerius has plotted out the twin nightmares of the Cold War, both Orwellian and Apocalyptic. The only reason given for this grim pursuit is a morbid ...
The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

EA Sports releases new video game features - News14.com
Chances are if you've played just one console video game in your life, it was Madden football. Each year it is a top seller, and among the features developers at EA have included in Madden 13 to continue that streak is voice control through ...
TOP STORIES - News14.com

By davidjdunn
Today in Literature and Video Games, groups presented arguments to the class regarding the social, epistemological, ethical, and educational implications of various video games. Each group selected a video game and argued in favor of it, ...
Vanderbilt Programs for Talented Youth

Lollipop Chainsaw Lollipop Wrappers Locations Guide
By Ferry
Video Games Blogger Logo · Lollipop Chainsaw Walkthrough · Lollipop Chainsaw Achievements Guide Lollipop Chainsaw Achievements & Trophies Guide · Lollipop Chainsaw Lollipop Wrappers Locations Guide · Gravity Rush Walkthrough .... XIII-2 Endings Chat · GamerHabits: Take a Deep Breath · Mass Effect 3 Review & Ending Discussion · Prototype 2 Walkthrough · Saints Row 4 Announced By THQ · Uncharted 3 Walkthrough · Uncharted 4 Coming! Video Game Music Scores ...
Video Game Walkthroughs, Video...

Pocket Gamer's WWDC 2012 party on the Rock(s) | feature | Pocket ...
As is the Pocket Gamer way, we kicked off WWDC 2012 with a party. Revisiting Vessel, the scene of our GDC blow out, this time we took a local Alcaltraz theme with all prisoners (ahem guests) getting an official mugshot and a packet of candy ...
PocketGamer.Biz | www.pocketgamer.biz...

Five Awesome Video Game Music Cover Bands |
By Sara Clemens
Five Awesome Video Game Music Cover Bands. Published by Sara Clemens at 11:00 am under Lists,Video Games. Like many people with ... Somewhere between thumbing-up and thumbing-down tracks, and telling it I liked The Black Keys, Imogen Heap, and Apocalyptica, Pandora decided I'd probably be into hearing music from video game soundtracks—especially covers of music from video game soundtracks. You win, Pandora. This round. I recently poked around the Unreality ...

Aisha Tyler – “It's who I am. To the core. I'm a gamer.” | XBIGY Games
By ramdewarkiron
Aisha Tyler, who you may remember as, 'That hot chick who dated Ross in Friends', has come out and declared to the world that she is a gamer. ... I was a voice in not one, but two major video game titles. I hosted the Reach Beta tutorial. I was a Gears of War superfan panelist at ComicCon. I hosted the Ubisoft presser at E3 2012. I didn't do any of it for the money. ... I go to E3 each year because I love video games. Because new titles still get me high. Because I still love getting swag.

Clang, A Video Games project
Clang, A Video Games project. Desc: Neal Stephenson and friends want to make a video game. Category: Video Games, Humor. Tags: videogame, CLANG, kickstarter, Neal Stephenson, sword fighting. Submitted: Lef. Date: 06/13/12. Views ...

Counter-Strike: GO release date is August 21, $15 price ... - PC Gamer
Valve has just announced the launch date of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: August 21. A collaboration with Defense Grid developers Hidden Path, Valve also ...

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