Video Game Companies At E3 Show Must Evolve Or Die

Video Game Companies At E3 Show Must 'Evolve Or Die'
Investor's Business Daily
By PATRICK SEITZ, INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY With the latest generation of consoles running out of gas and free social and mobile games stealing the spotlight, video game makers are looking for the hardware companies to do something to spark sales.

Video games in a rut as E3 show kicks off
MSN Money
By MSN Money partner 3 hours ago By Dan Gallagher As the video game industry kicks off its annual E3 conference this week, investors have taken a particularly dim view of the sector, as the aging console cycle and slumping retail sales have hit the ...

Max Payne 3 review: New video game brings noir back in gritty style
CBS News
Let's not forget that - hot on the heels of the success of "The Matrix" - this is the series that defined "bullet time" in video games. "Max Payne 3" doesn't reinvent the series' trademarked gameplay, but it does manage to make one or two additions ...

CBS News

Mass. AG gets complaints from unpaid workers at Curt Schilling's video game ...
By Todd Wallack, Globe Staff Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley's office has received complaints from unpaid workers at Curt Schilling's video game company trying to recoup their backpay, a spokesman has confirmed.

A brief history of video games told by video games
CBS News
(CBS News) Do you like video games? Did you happen to grow up in the 80's or 90's? If so, then you are going to really enjoy the video above that gives a brief history of video games using onlyvideo games to tell it. Not sure what exactly that means?

As gaming grows more casual and mobile, developers scramble to adapt
(CNN) -- In 2012, when people build farms on Facebook, kill pigs on their phones and gun down mutant space aliens on their home consoles, how do you define the word "gamer"? It's not so easy, is it? The evolution of that question factors deeply in the ...

Zynga Adds 50 People Through Talent Acquisition of Video Game Maker Buzz Monkey
Zynga just closed a talent acquisition of Oregon-based video game maker Buzz Monkey, which will add about 50 people to its arsenal of game developers, we've confirmed with sources who have knowledge of the deal. The price isn't being disclosed and the ...

VIDEO GAMES: IGN Previews The Amazing Spider-Man Game
Comic Book Movie
According to IGN, we might finally have a true successor to the great Spider-man 2video game. We also get a confirmation that the Movie cast are not lending their voices to the game. The folks over at IGN posted a world premiere preview of the ...

Comic Book Movie

Activision Publishing Highlights Immersive and Innovative Slate of Video Games ...
MarketWatch (press release)
(Developed by Treyarch for Xbox 360(TM) video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Windows PC.; not yet rated by the ESRB.) Skylanders Giants - Skylanders Giants builds upon the breakthrough ...

Principal Video games - Permit Your Child Engage in The Finest Video games
The Bakersfield Voice
Most often the children can have the memory of images more rapidly than the phrases, producing links in between then and making sense of objects, can be completed quite quickly with use of thesevideo games. As we put together for the coming wave of ...

VIDEO GAMES: E3 Gameplay Demo Walkthrough For TOMB RAIDER Revealed
Comic Book Movie
Crystal Dynamics studio head Darrell Gallagher and game director Daniel Bisson have revealed a fantastic gameplay demo of Tomb Raider at E3 and you can check it out in full right here. Looks like Uncharted might just have some new competition.

Comic Book Movie

Small Cap Video Game Stocks: Dying With the Industry? THQI, TTWO & COOL
SmallCap Network
A closer look at small cap video game stocks THQ (THQI), Take-Two Interactive Software (TTWO) and Majesco Entertainment (COOL). By John Udovich The Yahoo homepage recently ran a headline asking if the video game industry dying, meaning investors might ...

Video Game High School: Your Life Will NEVER Be This Cool
Houston Press (blog)
4 2012 at 10:00 AM Producer Matthew Arnold promised me a break from first person shooters in the fourth episode of the ever-more amazing Video Game High School via e-mail this week, and the best show on the Internet did not disappoint.

Reasons For An INCEPTION Video Game
Comic Book Movie
I have been covering video games for awhile, so I do normally see games in development for 2 years or more. And in Nolan's situation, I could definitely see it. As a film maker, he does not have the time to completely dedicate himself to a video game ...

Video: We analyse Nintendo's pre-E3 announcements
CVG's Tim Clark and Nintendo Gamer's Matt Castle have picked apart the pre-E3 announcments for your viewing pleasure. Are you excited about the new features? Do you think it's going to be a good enough console? Let us know in the comments below.

Samuel L. Jackson to Host Spike TV's VIDEO GAME AWARDS, 12/7
Broadway World
Samuel L. Jackson will return to Spike TV to host "VGA TEN," the tenth anniversary of the "Video Game Awards" live on Friday, December 7 at 9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT. The acclaimed international film, stage and video game star, most recently featured in the ...

Samuel L. Jackson to Host 'VGA Ten' - The Tenth Anniversary of Spike TV's ...
SAMUEL L. JACKSON TO HOST "VGA TEN" - THE TENTH ANNIVERSARY OF SPIKE TV'S "VIDEO GAME AWARDS" New York, NY, June 4, 2012 - Samuel L. Jackson will return to Spike TV to host "VGA TEN," the tenth anniversary of the "Video Game Awards" live on Friday, ...

Vancouver teen's video game wins national prize
The Columbian
This storyline might be meaningless to many, but it's noteworthy to a gamer — it combines elements from two very distinct genres of video game culture. Creating this innovative mash-up of platforming and role-playing elements won Eli a national award.

E3 2012 offers a sneak peek at new video game titles, tech
The Sudbury Star
Video games remain big business -- annual global sales of hardware, software and accessories are pegged at roughly $78.5 billion -- though it's a business in a state of flux, with retail sales dipping as more people get their games through online ...

Coakley gets complaints from unpaid 38 Studios workers
Boston Globe
By Todd Wallack Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley's office has received complaints from unpaid workers at Curt Schilling's video game company trying to recoup their back pay, a spokesman has confirmed. The attorney general's office said it ...

Record entry in video games contest
Fife Today
A video games development competition has attracted a record number of entries, according to the Scottish Government. Dare To Be Digital, organised and hosted by the University of Abertay in Dundee over the summer, has received more than 100 entries...

Fife Today

Are Video Games and Porn Causing 'The Demise of Guys'?
One of the major problems in this anecdote is that the majority of video game players are not murderers, and do not have the behavioral problems that Breivik had before playing video games. Behavioral research on the subject of video games and ...

Video games this week: Gravity Rush, Lego Batman 2
Hindustan Times
The exciting Gravity Rush gives the Vita a shake-up, and Lego Batman 2 approaches to right wrongs across a sprawling Gotham city. Inversion (360 PS3) North America: June 5, M17+ Europe: Delayed to July, 18+ A Gears of War-style cover shooter given a...

Hindustan Times

Gamers unite: Video game, computer tech expo returns to DTLA this week
blogdowntown (blog)
By Hayley Fox DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES — The three-day computer and video game conference returns to Downtown LA this week to debut new gaming products, technologies and innovations for a large audience of industry members. The Electronic Entertainment ...

blogdowntown (blog)

Activision's Blockbuster Line Up For E3 [Video Games]
Gstyle magazine
The Amazing Spider-Man – Go beyond Sony Picture Entertainment's Columbia Pictures feature film and find out what happens next in The Amazing Spider-Man video game, which brings Spider-Man's free-roaming, web-slinging action back to New York City.

Gstyle magazine

Samuel L Jackson to host 10th Anniversary of Spike's Video Game Awards
Digital Spy
Samuel L Jackson has been announced as the host for the forthcoming Video Game Awards. Spike TV's Video Game Awards will celebrate its 10th Anniversary when it airs live in over 100 countries and territories around the world on Friday, December 7 at ...

Naked PC Gamer Arouses Suspicions
By Brian Ashcraft
Naked PC Gamer Arouses Suspicions People game naked. People game in their underwear. People game in robes and bath towels. But very few people film their bodies in various states of undress as they rave on and on about video games.

Game Over! Giant Robot has the video game culture art you crave
By Patrick Roanhouse
While getting ready for the E3 Expo I decided to stop by Giant Robot in the Los Angeles Japanese cultural district of Sawtelle. There, Giant Robot Owner/Publisher Eric Nakamura was hosting a show of video game culture influenced art.

Samuel L. Jackson To Host Spike's Video Game Awards - Deadline ...
Samuel L. Jackson has signed to return as host of Spike TV's Video Game Awards, which will air live December 7 and be produced again by Mark Burnett. The event, dubbed VGA Ten this year to celebrate its 10th anniversary, hands out ...

Kevin Smith is making video games now | Joystiq
By Jessica Conditt
Kevin Smith is making video games now. Writer, producer and actor extraordinaire Kevin Smith is breaking into video game development with a new studio. His first title will be "an iPad thing," Smith said during Spike TV's pre-E3 coverage, but ...

Amazon Reveals New E3 Video Game Pre-order Section | N4G
Amazon Reveals New E3 Video Game Pre-order Section. "As new titles are announced and box art revealed over the next couple days, you can sneak over to Amazon to check out the details as they have launched their new ...
N4G: xbox360 news feed

Porn and Video Games Are Ruining the Next Generation of Men ...
By Thomas Ausart
... with you guys this very alarming article about the effect of porn and video games on men. You can find the whole version at Business Insider, but here's the gist: The average boy spends 13 hours a week playing video games. The average girl spends 5. ... My parents limited my video · Funkfreed. (Baboon, 122. Points). on 6/4/12 at 6:09am. My parents limited my video game hours to like 2 a week until high school but at that point I just didn't care for them at all. 0. Daedalus's picture ...
Wall Street Oasis - Investment...

Video Games: Link, is Your Wallet Full Again? - Memebase: Rage ...
By Cheezburger Network
Video Games: Link, is Your Wallet Full Again? x. Share. video game memes - Video Games: Cutting Grass. Get Over Here and Play a Video Game. Submitted by: Unknown. Via: colinlepper · Incorrect source or offensive?
Memebase: Rage Comics, Forever...

Comic Book Movie
Hit the jump to check a new Red Band trailer for Hitman: Absolution and the first full trailer for The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes, both of which will be shown at E3 this month. Conspiracy, descent in hell... murders and treasons, there is the menu of ...

Diablo III Video Game, From Blizzard Entertainment
New York Times
In those benighted times, video games hardly rated a blip on the mass-entertainment and cultural radar — that took a few more years and the likes of the Wii and World of Warcraft. But among the young men and women flocking to the Internet, ...

New York Times

Aliens (xenomorph) influence in video game monsters
To celebrate the return of one of the most successful science fiction/horror franchises, we're taking a look back at video games that were influenced by the movies' main villain, the xenomorph. The following titles borrow heavily on the vicious alien's ...


Chatty: Diablo III, Video game complaints
EvilDolemite links to an interesting discussing the future of video games, and the direction things seem to be following. So should you really just get over it? Don't ask me. Vote with your wallet. Which brings us back to Diablo III.


Video games, porn hook young men
by Lois M. Collins/Deseret News (June 1st, 2012 @ 2:18pm) Overuse of video games and readily available pornography online are robbing young men of their futures. That's the premise of a recent guest column on CNN by a pair of experts who have studied ...

Will Next-Gen Consoles Be At E3?
By Alex Dale for CVG UK We already know that the eight generation of video-game consoles will kick off at E3 2012 - whether Sony and Microsoft like it or not. But what we don't know for sure is who will cast the first stone.

Gamer's paradise
The Sudbury Star
By STEVE TILLEY, QMI AGENCY If you're interested enough in video games to be perusing these scribblings, you likely know that the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles is the largest and most important video game trade show of the year, ...

LucasFilm Announces Mature Video Game 'Star Wars 1313': Is It Related To The ...
It certainly sounds similar to the video game, does it not? You'd have to imagine there's some overlap here either with a few characters (Lucasfilm would not announce the name of the main character in 1313) or maybe it's just a test run to see if fans ...

E3 2012 Video Game Preview: Trailers for TOMB RAIDER, CASTLEVANIA, GUARDIANS ...
by Dave Trumbore Posted:June 1st, 2012 at 4:51 pm With the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3 2012) set to kick off on June 5th at the Los Angeles Convention Center, we thought we'd bring you a preview of some of the major video games that are going to ...

What's in game at E3 Expo? You wanna know, and we're gonna tell you
By Patrick Roanhouse Follow me, Patrick Roanhouse, as I cover major press news from the E3: Electronic Entertainment Expo -- the the biggest video game trade show in the United States. Developed and birthed when the video game industry outgrew the once ...


Is the 38 Studios debacle a symptom of unreasonable gamer expectations?
There is something terribly wrong with the way triple-A video games are made in 2012. In light of the massive layoffs and political repercussions at 38 Studios, it is time to really examine the different perspectives in gaming culture, make compromises ...

Ask a Game Developer Anything: DLC, Bad Video Game Writing, And More
CommentatorHatman asked, "Why is writing so bad in video games?" The number one reason, in my opinion at least, is that if you're a good and talented writer, you would rather be writing a book or a screenplay where the writing is the focus and most ...

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