Company creates scents for video game characters

Company creates scents for video game characters
Both are popular video game characters, who, the story goes, were created in a laboratory. Both have Mega Blaster arm cannons to fight off enemies. But now, again from a laboratory, both now have a distinct scent, thanks to a partnership between Capcom ...

Company creates scents for video game characters
Norwich Bulletin
... scents for video game characters was the product of a hallway conversation between two workers in the Bedoukian's production department. David Bedoukian, son of company president Robert Bedoukian, and Drew Corcoran both loved video games and ...

Video Game Review: Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance
California Literary Review
Video Game Review: Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. by Laura Buttrick. August 12th, 2012 at 9:39 am. Print · Email; Tweet. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance box art; Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Release Date: July 20, 2012. Platform: ...

California Literary Review

The Walking Dead: Episode 2 Review
A popular argument to start these days is whether video games are a legitimate art form or not in the same way that movies and television shows are. My general argument is no, because while there is unquestionably a large amount of artistic vision that ...

Japanese video game developer opens office in Taiwan
Focus Taiwan News Channel
12 (CNA) Capcom, a Japanese developer and publisher of video games, said Friday it has opened an office in Taiwan that will serve as base for expansion into the wider Asian online gaming market. Capcom has chosen Taiwan because of the country's ...

'Sequelitis' is spreading in 2012 to the delight of this gamer
Burlington Hawk Eye
'Sequelitis' is spreading in 2012 to the delight of this gamer. By WILLIAM The summer slump of video game releases is once again upon us. I've been able ... With the ability to do everything from possess a rat and sneak ...

Video game review: The beat goes on in Sony's 'Sound Shapes'
News Sentinel
The platform game abides. It may have the least appealing name imaginable — see, your character has to jump between platforms — but in recent years the genre has attracted the interest of a whole posse of young game designers. With hits like "Fez," ...

15 Biggest WTF Moments in Video Games From The Current Generation
WTF Moments in Video Games. wtf moments. Every gamer has had some sort of "WTF moment" at least once in their life. ... would know exactly what he or she is referring to. It's easily one of the most shocking, and unexpected moments in video game history.


What Makes a Good Video Game Villain?
What Makes a Good Video Game Villain? By Joey Davidson on August 12, 2012 in ...The Joker, arguably the best “evil for the sake of being evil” villain of all time, just appeared in two successful video games. How much did we really know about them?


Legendary Video Game Artist Paul Steed Dies
The Inquisitr
Legendary video game artist, Paul Steed, has died. His unexpected death was first announced on Saturday by a spokesperson for the gaming program, The Jace Hall Show. Steed had been close friends with the hosts of the show and was also a very popular ...

Preview: Popular Franchises Round Out the Gaming Year
Boise Weekly
Video games Preview: Popular Franchises Round Out the Gaming Year. Posted by Michael Lafferty on Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 1:00 PM. Mass Effect 3: Leviathan (PS3, 360, Wii U, PC) explores the origin of the Reapers, starting in the third quarter. Video...

Boise Weekly

Police: Teen stole video game system to trade for drugs
Glens Falls Post-Star
Police: Teen stole video game system to trade for drugs. Print Email. 2012-08-11T16:33:00Z Police: Teen stole video game system to trade for drugs The Post-Star. 8 hours ago. (0) Comments. GLENS FALLS -- A Queensbury teen faces a felony burglary ...

Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson Uses Nintendo Wii for His Physical Therapy
What's rad is that his doctors are using motion controlled video games to help A.P. get back on the field faster. Utilizing the Wii Balance Board and the Wii Fit, ... The 25 Best Video Game Character Look-A-Likes · The 50 Most Forgotten Platforming ...

Stiq Flicks: Persona 4 Arena and The Raid: Redemption
by Kevin Kelly · Writer RSS on Aug 12th 2012 2:30PM. 0. Stiq Flicks – from film and video gameindustry freelance writer Kevin Kelly – examines video games and attempts to pair them with matching films. It's like wine and cheese, but with more aliens.

Online accounts for Blizzard video games hacked
Austin American-Statesman
IRVINE, Calif. — The maker of video games such as "Diablo" and "World of Warcraft" is warning players that hackers have gained unauthorized access to some online accounts. Blizzard Entertainment says it has no evidence that the intruders acquired ...

Ski Safari and Final Fantasy III are the top-reviewed Android games for July
Pocket Gamer
The Android Quality Index boasts over 290000 reviews from websites like Life of Android, PocketGamer, and Gamezebo, and uses a unique metric to create a single definitive score for each Android title. All downhill from here. Ski Safari really nailed ...

New Super Mario Bros 2 (3+)
Video games · Risen 2: Dark Waters review - Stealth and storytelling · Deadlight · Video games · Deadlight review: Surviving among the zombies · skyscraper advertisement. Most Read in Authors. Feather floating in the wind · Psychic Sally Morgan · Why ...

Jesper Kyd Scores Soundtrack for Vigil Games Darksiders II
Sumthing Else Music Works will launch the Darksiders II Original Soundtrack featuring Jesper Kyd's original music score in conjunction with the action adventure video gamefrom THQ and Vigil Games. The 2-CD soundtrack will be also be available digitally.


NOW: Panthers vs Texans Live Football FREE NFL Video games ON CP TV
Mitchell Advocate
Texans vs Panthers Live Stream Online Free, Watch Texans vs Panthers Live Stream NFL Football Games Live Stream HDTV Coverage, How & Where to Watch NFL Live Stream? Are you looking for Texans vs Panthers NFL Live Stream Preseason 2012 Live ...

PlayStation boss: Social gaming “difficult to sustain,” satisfied with PS Vita ...
The industry faced a crash back in the late '70s due to over commercialization ofvideo games but was saved by Nintendo. There may be some merit to Tretton's point, as core gamers are probably much more loyal than social gamers and in turn will help ...

Local 21 Year Old Opens A New Video Game Store In Rockford
It's called "Game Corner", the video game store is right at the corner of east state and Perryville. Today is the grand opening for business. ... say the shop works with customers in the down economy. The owner says video games have always been his ...

A Sons of Anarchy Videogame? Don't Count on It Anytime Soon
He also said that it was his responsibility as a gamer to release a quality product, "not some 1/2 promotional piece of shit like Game of Thrones." But in the end, maybe it's all just as well. Besides, there's already a pretty good game video game ...


Fan campaigning for EA Sports to add women's soccer team to 'FIFA'
LONDON – Video games giant EA Sports has received criticism for failing to include women's players and teams on its popular title "FIFA" in the wake of the United States' dramatic victory for the Olympic gold medal. The Americans' 2-1 triumph over ...

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception DLC adds Tournament Mode
The Gamer Scene (blog)
... U Will Have 3D Compatibility, But Not At Launch · Downloads · Featured · New Releases · News · Podcast · Reviews · Uncategorized · Video Picks · Jobs · Advertise · Donate · Store · Privacy Policy · Contact · Staff Login. Copyright © 2012 The Gamer...

The Gamer Scene (blog)

Team USA Basketball Olympic Gold Medalist Kevin Love Has Game Off the Court
Love talks about his other love, video games, in this exclusive video interview below.... John also serves as the video game expert for NBC in Washington D.C. and has produced videogame documentaries for The History Channel and Starz Entertainment.


All-Star Athlete Rehabs Knee by Using a Leg Press as a Video Game Controller
All-Star Athlete Rehabs Knee by Using a Leg Press as a Video Game Controller Wiihabilitation is so 2008 and, yes, Adrian Peterson of the NFL's Minnesota Vikings is doing some of that as he tries to come back from a devastating injury in American ...

Vita's Success Reliant on Upcoming Months - Unscripted Access Episode #17
The Gamer Access (blog)
After a week long hiatus due to traveling, The Gamer Access is back again with Unscripted Access and to say that Sony stole the week for news would be a large understatement. Between Gran Turismo 6, LittleBigPlanet Karting, PlayStation Vita, and more, ...

Sexual harassment in the gaming world
China Daily
When Miranda Pakozdi participated in the Cross Assault video game tournament this year, her team's coach, Aris Bakhtanians, interrogated her on camera about her bra size, said "take off your shirt" and focused the team's webcam on her chest, feet and...

China Daily

Infidel Bloggers Alliance: Video Games
By Pastorius
Video Games. Lana Del Rey. Open up a beer and you take it over here. And play a video game. Bookmark and Share. posted by Pastorius at 4:49:00 AM permanent link#. 0 Comments: Post a Comment. Subscribe to Post Comments [Atom] ...
Infidel Bloggers Alliance

WWE 13: The Peoples Video Game
By Dane T
Past editions of WWE games have become very successful due to historical matches and key moments captured and relived in the video games. WWE 13 is set for release this October 30 for the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Hardcore gamers can ...
Xbox 360

Video Game News - Collider
By Dave Trumbore
Video Game News: Nintendo's Wii U Release Delayed in Europe, CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS II Multiplayer Trailer Revealed, Plus a Look at HALO 4 Weapons. by Dave Trumbore Posted: August 11th, 2012 at 4:24 pm ...

Company creates fragrances for video game characters | Online ...
By Brian Dowling
Why video game characters should have specific scents is a normal question to ask, and there are certain characters that even the most fervent of fans might not want to sniff. (Think Mario and Luigi's scent of a plumber, or consider the ... David Bedoukian, son of company president Robert Bedoukian, and Drew Corcoran both loved video games and worked closely with fragrances, so it might have just been a matter of time. They started talking about how their favorite characters and ...

Video Games Given Some Awesome Movie Style Posters - Geekscape
By UncannyShawnMadden
Video Games Given Some Awesome Movie Style Posters! Fallout3615 ... Graphic designer Ron Guyatt who is based out of Toronto, Canada has gone and done that and they are everything a gamercould want and hope for. Check out the ...

Super Punch: Recent Blur video game cinematic trailers
By (John)
Recent Blur video game cinematic trailers. PlanetSide 2. The space marine designs are about as generic as can ... Posted by John at 12:08 PM. Labels: blur, video, video games. No comments: Post a Comment. Older Post Home. Subscribe to: ...
Super Punch

Video Review: Quantum Conundrum | San Antonio Current — Blogs
By people's gamer
By people's gamer. After some toiling with about $500 of new technology, I finally managed to get my own video capturing device and editing software to work! Presenting my first %100 home-made video review of Quantum Conundrum!
San Antonio Current — Blogs

The Admissions of a Gamer and the Rise and Fall of a World of ...
By Amanda Murphy
Let me just preface this blog post by saying: I am an adult of 26. I'm a gamer to the very core and heart: I've grown up with games. When I was not even in Kindergarten yet my dad brought home the old brick Gameboy and it was over for me.
The Button Mash

9GAG - Paperback covers for video games.
Paperback covers for video games. eggsnake | 2 days ago 25 9273. Love. 1284; 2; Email. Paperback covers for video games. Comments. Report post · Y U No Signup?! Popular Posts « Prev · Next ». The most aggressive hamster I have ever ... Site Feed

Epic reveals Ex-Amalur devs studio name and project | Front ...
By Zanthis
Epic revealed what the developers of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will be named and what their working on.
Front Towards Gamer

In Medias Res: Captain Quasar vs. the Gamer
By Milo James Fowler
Captain Bartholomew Quasar is back in action, thanks to the fine folks at Ray Gun Revival. In "Captain Quasar and the Fastest Thumbs on Zeta Colony Four," the governor of a backwards moon requests the captain's help in getting rid of a ...
In Medias Res

Release Date Madness! | Airborne Gamer
By Musa Omar
There's been some confusion on the accurate release date of Assassin's Creed 3, a lot of gaming sites like PC Gamer, GameSpy and even IGN are saying the.
Airborne Gamer

Kickstarter: Double-Edged Sword for Video-Game Entrepreneurs ...
Video-game projects raise serious cash via Kickstarter, but can those founders actually deliver ... In 2011, 253 game projects--which includes video games and board ... Kickstarter video, is an industry veteran with a massive gamer following.

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