Game developers' add-ons bypass piracy

Game developers' add-ons bypass piracy
San Francisco Chronicle
Video-game makers that once steered clear of emerging markets to avoid getting ripped off by copycats are returning - with free online offers to make money from customers willing to pay for add-on features. Redwood City's Electronic Arts, whose ...

San Francisco Chronicle

Video Game Review: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
New York Daily News
No, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is a video game. Activision's action game is a direct sequel to 2010's solid ... Hollywood could learn a thing from Fall of Cybertrondeveloper High Moon Studios. Those three Transformer movies overfocused on humans, ...

New York Daily News

Game Developers Choice Online Awards: Audience Award now open
Video game news, video game reviews, walkthroughs, video game mods, and game trailers ... If you're a fan of online games, then you might want to head on over to the Game Developers Choice Online Awards website and vote for your favorite title.


New Harvest Moon game coming in November
Video game developer/publisher Natsume Inc. has announced a November 6, 2012, release date for 3DS game Harvest Moon: A New Beginning. The date also marks marks the 15th anniversary for the series in North America. To celebrate, Natsume will be ...

The Walking Dead Video Game To Be Released On iOS On Wednesday
Mobile & Apps
Telltale Games confirmed to IGN that the third episode of its multi-part video gamebased on The Walking Dead comic series and TV show will arrive on Aug. 28 for PlayStation Network and Aug. 29 for Xbox Live Arcade, PC, and Mac. The game is a five-part ...

Mobile & Apps

ChiDevDate Pairs Up Chicago Game Developers For Helpful Feedback
ChiDevDate is a matchmaking service that's aiming to build a sense of community among Chicago game developers of all ranks and help them find the kind of feedback they need to get their projects out the door. ChiDevDate was launched by Jake Elliot and ...


August 29, 2012: Ed Boon Talks About "Injustice: Gods Among Us" Video Game
Superman Homepage
Ed Boon, "Mortal Kombat" co-creator and "Injustice: Gods Among Us" developer, spoke with about the up-coming video game that will see Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Solomon Grundy and other DC characters in brutal ...

Superman Homepage

Why Video Games Haven't, Won't and (Maybe) Can't Become Good Movies
The other major defense that video game fans may use to defend the quality of these adaptations, is that many of the films listed above (and the many, many more I haven't listed) have suffered from bargain basement creative teams and directors. How can ...


NFL player livid with Madden 13 for using wrong photo
Yahoo! News Blogs (blog)
Not the right Marcus ThomasEA's Madden series prides itself on creating the most authentic football video game experience on the planet. From signature moves to stadium turf to licensed shoes, the game's developers try to nail the look and feel of...

Yahoo! News Blogs (blog)

Video Game Developer's Noncompete Is Null: Calif. Court
A California appeals court on Friday sided against Fillpoint LLC in a suit accusing a video game developer of breaching a noncompete covenant in an ...

Georgia a hotspot in video game development |
Video game fans of everything from Mafia Wars on PS3 to Farmville on Facebook , listen up -- the next big explosion in digital entertainment could come out of ...

Video Games Get Political This Election Season (Video)
Hollywood Reporter
In addition to Rock the Vote, Chair and Epic Games have also teamed with Video Game Voters Network and Project Vote Smart to provide easy access to informative, real-world voter resources where gamers can register to vote, learn more about the ...

Hollywood Reporter

Mario's latest gold rush doesn't pan out
The Daily News Online
Video Games Mario's latest gold rush doesn't pan out. Story · Comments ... Whenevervideo-game companies stretch out popular franchises for financial reasons rather than creative ones, disenchanted customers call it a "money grab." It's a charge ...

An Inside Look At How GameStop Refurbishes Used Video Games
GRAPEVINE, Texas – Gamestop took a gamble back in 2010 by investing $7 million in a factory to refurbish used video games. Called “The Roc” ... Raines said only four percent of used game sales are titles released within the last 90 days. He said the ...

Hayley Wickenheiser one of first female characters in NHL video game
"Traditionally, video games have been seen as something for boys, and hockey's been seen as agame for boys," Wickenheiser said in an interview Tuesday. ... In the meantime, gamers will have the option to choose Wickenheiser or Ruggiero in "NHL 13.

Alpha Bits & Bytes, pay-to-play video game business, opens Friday
Coshocton Tribune
His addiction was video games and starting Friday, Alpha Bits & Bytes will be open to all gamers. The 36-year-old Brooklyn native moved to Coshocton in 2011 to live with his girlfriend and now-business partner, Haylee Babcock. Opening the modern-day ...

A whole new video game
Vancouver Sun
As Rose, gamers use herbal healing skills, talk their way through problems, and dally with one, none or all eight suitors. The game takes about three hours, and can be played over and over with different choices. As with many mobile video games ...

Patients level up their vision by playing video games (blog)
So the woman who had never plaid a video game in her life sat down with a bunch of patients and had them play hours and hours of video games. And they got results. But, like any therapy, video games to treat vision comes with some risks. Maurer says ...

UK top 20 video games chart
The Guardian
4 (3), London 2012: The Official Video Game (3+), Xbox 360 (59) PS3 (41) PC (0), 9. 5 (–), Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron (12+), Xbox 360 (67) PS3 (32) PC (1), 1. 6 (4), Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (7+), Xbox 360 (38) PS3 (22) Wii (14) DS (4), 10 ...

The Guardian

Adventure Time creator's love of video games and animation are hopelessly ...
The Verge
Now the show, inspired by a heady mix of gaming, Dungeons and Dragons and indie comics, is getting its own video game. But it's not exactly what Ward originally had in mind. Just six months after Adventure Time's spring 2010 premiere on ... Over the ...

Video Game Atlas: High Hrothgar
Houston Press (blog)
By Abby Koenig. Gaming. Video Game Atlas: High Hrothgar. By Jef With One F Wed., Aug. 29 2012 at 6:00 AM. Categories: Gaming · Pin It. Once a week Art Attack will offer you a handy little travel guide to the fictional worlds of video games ...

LG to launch Smart TV 3D video game platform – Video Games ...
By Mark Raby
LG to launch Smart TV 3D video game platform. Aug. 28, 2012 (1:25 pm) By: Mark Raby. LG wants to bring in a new generation of couch potato gamers, the kind that haven't really been bothered with extra contraptions like the Xbox 360, PS3, ...

Gunslingin': Imagining NFL QBs As Video Game Weapons - SB Nation
By Jon Bois
Michael Vick is the proximity mine from Goldeneye 007, and Jake Locker is the sword from The Legend of Zelda. Here, we preview every NFL quarterback in terms that spoiled children of the video game... - All Posts

Free Technology for Teachers: Fun, Free Math Video Games on ...
By (Mr. Byrne)
Math Moves U is a fun math video game site. Math Moves U has three levels of difficulty; grade 6 or lower, grade 7, and grade 8 or higher. To play the games students first choose from one of eight customizable characters to be in the game.
Free Technology for Teachers

TechnoBuffalo and the Broken Video Game Review System ...
By Joey Davidson
Video game reviews, in essence, are meant to rate games in a way that informs customers. Between the written word of the review and the score itself, readers should be able to easily glean the value of any given game. Unfortunately, today's scoring system has become a broken and bloated ... Joey Davidson has been a diehard gamer ever since his dad brought home the family's NES and a copy of Paperboy. He's been taking his opinions to the interwebs for more than five years ...

The Evolution of Basketball Video Games | NBA
By FanIQ Blog
The Evolution of Basketball Video Games For those of us who are young enough to remember video games from the Atari years, the game of basketball has evolved quite a bit in the digital world.
FanIQ Blog

New Video Game Releases Week 35, 2012
Here's the list of this week's new video game releases. The Summer drought is gone ...

Video Games journalism class debuts at University of Iowa ...
The twenty students in Kyle Moody's “Specialized Writing and Reporting: Video Games and Communication” class will meet this evening for the third time in a ...

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