Fall video game preview 2012

Fall video game preview 2012: Five questions
The only problem is video game players haven't heard much from it since. Meanwhile, digital titles continue to ... Over the next four months, retail video games reclaim the spotlight, once again engaging players as well as testing their bank accounts ...


Video Game Deals: Amazon All Day Video Games Gold Box Event for PC Xbox ...
HawtWired (blog)
... All Video Games Gold Box Event Today! The Gold Box Events kicks off today, Tuesday, August 28, 2012 and features one deal of the day, in addition to lightning deals on Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, Wii, DS, PC and other video game systems every few hours.

How Video Games Could Improve Our Vision
New York Times
The developmental psychologist Daphne Maurer made headlines this year with research suggesting that people born with cataracts could improve their eyesight by playing Medal of Honor, the “first-person shooter” video game. ... How did computergames ...

New York Times

Free Online Games Sink Pirates for Emerging-Market Growth
Video-game makers that once steered clear of emerging markets to avoid getting ripped off by copycats are returning with free online offers to make money from customers willing to pay for add-on features. Electronic Arts Inc. (EA), whose ... Gamers in ...

OnLive's founder leaves cloud video games service
BBC News
The founder of OnLive - the cloud-based video games service - has left the firm, after organising a controversial rescue of the business. A statement said Steve Perlman ...OnLive offers its own game pad to allow subscribers to play using their own ...

BBC News

Machinimagic! The Top Fan-Made Films Based on Video Games, And Why ...
1. Dead Fantasy: Give the Gamers What They Want — Action! Video games should feature more pure action than a Terminator T-800 UFC match, so it's weird that mostgame-inspired movies feature more pointless explanation than you'd find in a manual for ...


LG's Game World Will Bring Video Games to Cinema 3D Smart TVs
Gamers with LG Cinema 3D Smart TVs should be excited about the upcoming Game World, unless they happen to be into more mature titles -- such as games with lots of blood and gore -- since LG won't be including such titles. Kwon says the games in the ...

Madden NFL 13 Amazes with Even More Realistic Gameplay
Yahoo! Sports
For me as a sports video gamer, I seek realism as a key part of my gaming experience. ... game. I think EA Sports has again taken sports video games to a whole new level of realism with the release of Madden NFL 13. ... I like how the variable level of ...

med schools use robots, video games to train new doctors
Calgary Herald
Over the past few years, some universities have increasingly been using new technologies, includingvideo games and robots, to teach the next generation of doctors. The tools are aimed at helping students become better doctors and improving patient care.

Video Game State of the Union and the Changes We Need
Desktop Review
Video games are still a multi-billion dollar industry, so while it may be in dire straits with regards to quality, this doesn't foreshadow anything as severe as a complete collapse. Rather, it's just thatgames have plateaued as far as innovation and ...

Police: Woman Bites Boyfriend For Playing Video Games « CBS ...
By Candice Leigh Helfand
A woman who grew tired of her live-in boyfriend after suspecting him of looking at other women and frequently playing video games took action - by biting him in the chest.
CBS Tampa

Video Game Music! - Games and Video Games
Post Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 12:27 am Post subject: Video Game Music! Reply with quote. Post your favorite video game music! ...not sure if this one should have gone in the music section or this one, but it's a trivial affair for a mod, right?
Wrong Planet Asperger / Autism Forums

Meet The Developers Of New Video Game 'Dishonored' & Tour Their Texas ...
Business Insider
Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio are the developers of Dishonored, the upcoming game by Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks featuring stealth, revenge, and the supernatural. The game follows Corvos Atano, an assassin blessed with ...

Business Insider

Am I the Bad Guy..? How Video Game Developers Make YOU the Villain
Crave Online
I've recently completed Gears of War 3. As was my experience with the previous entries in the series, I found the single-player experience to be a laborious trudge from one shootout to the next, with only the occasional obligatory vehicular section ...

5 Lessons For Kickstarter Video Game Projects That Want To Succeed
Everyone has cool ideas for video games. I come up with new (amazing!) ideas all the time, but I wouldn't go to Kickstarter wearing just the fig leaf of a concept. I'd be justifiably laughed out of the room. Maybe if I was a big-wig game developer I ...

Video: 5 things social games can teach core developers
TouchFactor Inc. Game Development Engineer @ TouchFactor Marin ... For more of Fiden's thoughts on how social games can teach core game developers, be sure to check out his full GDC Online presentation in the above video, courtesy of the GDC Vault.

Madden 13 Release: Rounding Up Reviews for Popular NFL Video Game
Bleacher Report
Want more real-time Video Games news? Visit Team Stream on ... out what gamers want and how to satisfy them. Don't take my word for it though; let's take a look at some of the many reviews across the web and what people are saying about the latestgame.

Bleacher Report

Legendary retro racing video game Super Mario Kart turns 20 years old
On August 27, 1992, an interesting new video game was released on the Super Famicom console in Japan. ... Although Mario had branched out into non-platforming genres before, such as his puzzler stint in Dr. Mario, the early-1990's era still had plenty ...


Game developers issue funding plan to a year's work
Get Bracknell
Funding problems could mean a year's work to provide a free online Wild West videogame could go down the pan. Jack Bromhead, 24, from Yorktown Road in Sandhurst, is part of a group of four game developers who have been working for around a year on ...

Rock the Vote: Partnership with gaming community 'a natural fit'
Last week, Rock the Vote announced partnerships with Microsoft, video-gamepublisher Ubisoft, and game developer Epic Games to deliver election information to young gamers and urge them to register to vote. Vice president of communications and...

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