Great games for your new smartphone or tablet

Great games for your new smartphone, tablet: "Snag a new smartphone or tablet for the holidays? Welcome aboard! Both devices provide tons of hours of entertainment between streaming TV shows and movies, and millions of apps. Of course, there's also a wide selection of games to choose from. Need help picking games? Here are some choices: Angry Birds Star Wars (Android, iOS, Windows 8): The physics-based puzzle game combines two hot properties into one package. Players use the touchscreen to fling powered-up birds at pigs stealing their eggs, all behind popular Star Wars backdrops such as Tatooine and the Death Star. Expect perks such as Luke Skywalker's lightsaber and Obi Wan Kenobi's Jedi force powers at your disposal. Infinity Blade II (iOS): The role-playing game stars a knight dueling in a series of one-on-one encounters. The graphics are gorgeous, while the search for new swords, shields, armor and magic abilities grows increasingly addictive. It's a great choice for mobile players preferring a more core gaming experience. Flight! (iOS): The premise seems really . . . . "

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