The Worldwide Events For Indie Game Developers

What Are The Worldwide Events For Indie Game Developers? - Forbes: "Conferences – Events – Talks IndieCade in Los Angeles is a place for indie developers and indie game developer students to showoff their game in Culverson, CA. This event is a blast to go to because a lot of non-digital and experimental games are on the games floor. Also talks are done for press at IndieCade. IGF – International Games Festival – This is the award show at the GDC usually where they show off games on the indie-floor space, and the indies finalist game space. Afterwards, they do the award show afterwards showing off that year’s best games coupled with the video game awards show for AAA games where the pioneers of this industry speak such as Waren Spector, Cliff Blizinski, and so on. IGF Website Entry – If you pay the fee or are waived the fee, you can submit your game for the judges. This is a great place to get PR for your game simply by having it showcased on the IGF website, TigSource, IndieGames, DIYGames, Indie Game Mag, KillScreen, The Venus Patrol, etc. GDC – Game Developers Conference “Main One – . . . ."

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