Gamers hit back at cop GTA UK riot blame

Gamers hit back at cop GTA UK riot blame
PC Advisor
Rockstar has to be stopped.” “MisterGenius” chimed in: “I remember the peaceful days before video games, when violence didn't exist. Hitler must have been a major gamer!” DRCD1 said: “What bothers me most is that people believe that videogames are any ...
New Project Aims to Catalog 'Historic Gaming Locations'
Gaming writer and historian Patrick Scott Patterson hopes to assemble the definitive list of notable locations that played a pivotal role in the development of video games. by Pete Davison 1196 Borregas Avenue, Sunnyvale. ...
Mind Games #5: Cheap Tricks
By Nicholaus Noles | Aug 9, 2011 Gaming is an interactive experience. We play games -- but at the same time, games play us. In this column, psychologist Nicholaus Noles explores how video games manipulate our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, ...
Disney Preps Surround Haptics For Video Games
The demonstrated game features a driving simulator that is equipped with a seat that integrates “vibrating actuators” that allow a gamer to feel “road imperfections and objects falling on the car, sense skidding, braking and acceleration, ...
Psychologists reveal how people really feel about video games
However, some violent games are still so superficial that the gamer is less attached to the action on screen: "Because video games mimic things in real life, so you experience more 'real life' emotions. That's why driving and football are so much more ...
This Week In Video Game Criticism: From Gamey Games To Jamestown
The second of Ian Bogost's remarkably readable pieces from this week is on 'Why Debates About Video Games Aren't Really About Video Games' for Kotaku, and you could certainly read the first piece in light of this. The crux of it is that: "The debate ...
Video game rental service GameFly to offer PC game downloads, new features
USA Today (blog)
By Mike Snider, USA TODAY Video game rental company GameFly is looking to evolve into a one-stop online destination for video games -- like Netflix is for movies and TV. Later this year, in time for the holiday shopping season, the online video game...
Study finds majority of UK adults are gamers
Game Kudos
The survey, conducted by Newzoo, found that 68% of men and 58% of women in the UK play video games on a regular basis. Germany's figures stand at 63% of men and 54% of women, while 61% of men and 52% of women in France consider themselves to be gamers...
Playstation Vita suddenly overpriced (says Japanese analysts)
By Peter Smith 4 comments Gamers (or perhaps more accurately, analysts who report on video games) are certainly a fickle bunch. When Sony announced that its upcoming Playstation Vita handheld gaming system would retail for $249 US, the same (at the ...
First billion point video gamer in history aims to regain crown this Labor Day
Today, McVey still plays video games, mostly modern titles for the XBox 360 and other modern consoles. He has taken a shot as his still standing Nibbler record off and on for the past few years but has not yet reached his previous lofty goal which ...
The Hype Debate: Good Or Bad For Industry Solidarity?
PSX Extreme
Hype can introduce interactive entertainment to those who have never called themselves gamers; it can put a commercial before a curious consumer who goes, "damn...that's what video games have become?" With more visibility and more money comes expansion ...
Head in the Cloud (registration)
David Perry is co-founder and CEO of cloud gaming platform Gaikai. The service allows publishers to make their games available to any gamer on any machine, as recently demonstrated by the EA demos of Mass Effect 2 and Dead Space on retailer Walmart's ...
You can finally play a real shooter on PS Vita – Levine
Myona News
There aren'ta lot of interesting characters in video games, and that's why Amy and Evan and their team are so good at what they do.” He added: “The technology is so competent, the controls feel responsive, the characters are great…how can you not love ...
Showdown: McGrath vs. MacGrath - New Gamer Nation
By Super Sanchez Bros
Take your seat everyone it's time for another N.G.N. Showdown. The only place in the world were video games get put up against real life attractions. In this edition the [...]
New Gamer Nation
Analyst: 3DS games should be $20-$25 -
By (James Orry) Analysis. The 3DS has a huge head start on this handheld generation thanks to the PS Vita's staggered arrival (it won't hit the US or Europe until 2012), but first-mover advantage won't count for anything if no one wants ... - All Updates

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