Video games' benefits go beyond fun

Computer: Video games' benefits go beyond fun
While every gamer likely has a favorite genre, I would argue that it's important to branch out to gain the most benefit from time spent playing video games. Different kinds of games foster different skills. Games like The Sims may teach interpersonal ...
The Negative Impact of Video Games in Children
By the time a boy is 21 years old, he's spent 10000 hours playing video games alone, this according to a recent study. This addiction to video games doesn't discriminate economic levels or ages, because nowadays kids as young as 5 or 6 years old are ..
For fall video games, good things come in 3's
Tucson Citizen
Video games, unlike just nearly every other form of entertainment, have a tendency to improve with each iteration,” says Adam Sessler, who co-hosts X-Play with Webb. “We are getting high-quality games.” One slight surprise: the lack of casual games in ...
Noel Gallagher blames UK riots on video games
Warp Zoned
Bear in mind, this is a man who bludgeoned his brother with a cricket bat for talking too loudly. So he's definitely an expert on why someone would want to partake in a bit of the ultraviolence. But something tells me that Noel isn'ta big gamer...
Fall video games preview: Five key questions
USA Today
"At the end of the day it all comes down to content, and if Nintendo can deliver strong AAA video games for their 3DS platform this holiday season, sales should pick up substantially," says Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR) analyst...
It's modern warfare as the big games go into battle
Picture: Electronic Arts Source: Supplied IT'S time for video games to play with the big boys. As the games industry gears up for one of the biggest holiday seasons in years, experts say the fight is now not only between game publishers but with ...
iBUYPOWER Gamer Power 942i Mainstream Desktop PC
About - News & Issues
Aug 16 2011 - The iBUYPOWER Gamer Power 942i is a system that is more of a general purpose system with a slightly bit of emphasis on gaming. It is tough to produce a balanced system at the $800 price point and still offer exceptional gaming performance ...
Norway Retailers Pull Violent Video Games off Shelves after Massacre
Arbitrage Magazine
Norway's biggest retailers are pulling 51 video games from shelves following the terrorist attacks in Oslo that left over 90 people dead. Coop Norway and Platekompaniet pulled numerous titles, including Call of Duty, Sniper Ghost Warrior, ...
Phantom EFX partners with Chicago company for slot video games
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
There are profits to be had in PC-based slot-type video games, and the Cedar Falls-based company is getting ready to unveil a new suite of games that previously could be found only in casinos. Phantom EFX has entered into a five-year partnership with ...
Movies that Made Gaming, Three Films that influenced the design and direction ...
Gamasutra (blog)
by William Volk on 08/16/11 02:47:00 pm Movies and Video Games are both visual mediums. While some movies have been derived from specific games, for the most part it has been Film that has served as an inspiration for game themes. ...
The History of Video Games as Movies
It goes without saying that some of the big blockbuster video games are becoming more profitable than some of the biggest films of the year and I know myself, I have sat through cut scenes and thought, “This should be a movie. ...
Video: New "Mass Effect 3" Gameplay Footage & Screenshots (blog)
The upcoming action RPG will mark the third and final chapter in the Mass Effect trilogy of video games. With the shooting looking a lot better this time, we've also included these screenshots to show off just how better the graphics look, too! ...
Deus EX: Making The Sound
Most people do not realize how much work goes into the sound effects and musical score in video games, especially in ones set in the future where all the in game weapons don't exist. For instance in games set in current or close to current times and...
Child of Eden release date confirmed for PS3
“This is one of those special, rare games that belong in every gamer's library, and the PlayStation®Move integration coupled with the ability to play the game in 3D make for an even more unique experience on PlayStation 3. ..
Clutching at statistics
Sydney Morning Herald (blog)
These constant surveys reek of desperation, and highlight the inferiority complex the video games industry has. Over the years there has been an incremental increase in the numbers, sure. But why should we care as gamers that the category of 'gamer has ..
Adults-only classification for video games coming
St George and Sutherland Shire Leader
Mr Smith said he would work with other attorneys-general on national guidelines for the new ratings system. Australia's highest classification is MA15+, which means adult video games are censored to fit this category or simply banned altogether. ...
El Shaddai Brings Grand Vision Back to Console Gaming
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Ryan Kuo Takeyasu Sawaki, the director of concept game El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, previously worked as a lead artist on Devil May Cry and Okami, two classic video gamesdistinguished by their high style—seen in the former's ornate ...
GDC Europe: Samyn On Why Indies Will Help 'Failed' European Biz
by Mike Rose [Indie, Design] "Video games are ready to become a real medium," suggested Tale of Tales Michael Samyn (The Path), "but the only thing that is a little bit awkward is that we always seem to be doing the same thing over and over. ...
We spend our time in The Sims Social
If you are an avid Facebook gamer, then The Sims Social may not seem too different from your standard Facebook affair; with similarities to Cityville, and even Farmville. Doubtlessly you will find some love in this game, but it appeals more to those ...
GDC Europe: Braid's Blow Proposes A New Philosophy Of Game Design
by Simon Parkin [Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Design] Video games are essentially systems that output answers to the questions that a designer feeds into them, and we need to learn to better listen to those answers. So said Jonathan Blow,...
'Jack and the Beanstalk': Classic gets modern makeover
USA Today (blog)
By Marc Saltzman, USA TODAY The version of Jack and the Beanstalk you read as a child probably didn't begin with Jack playing video games, nor did it let you interact with objects on the page -- but you can expect both in a new e-book app for iPad. ...
CHELSEA: Platt family releases pair of books on acting
Heritage Newspapers
Tara, a 1995 Chelsea High School alumna, and Yuri are actors who have many voiceover credits in television, anime, and video games. Tara has lent her voice to thevideo games "Final Fantasy XIII" and "Halo 2" among others, as well as the animated..
Technology wants trump needs
Journal Review
Angry Birds can be found on iPhones, cartoons and video games as well as school supplies and snacks. Tim Bristol writes Internet Forum for the Journal Review every Tuesday. Contact him by email at Posted: Tuesday, August 16, ..
VGRevolution's "Back to School" Guide
Believe it or not you will also want to put a damper on the gamer stereotype of unwashed, unclean, up until 5am playing video games. Luckily that doesn't mean you have to hop into your nearest Hollister and listen to awful music playing at ...
Brilliant Indie Game The Stanley Parable Will Mess With Your Head
Wired News (blog)
While these choices might range from insignificant (where to jump next) to world-changing (whether to kill the king), they are almost always meaningful to the gamer'sexperience in some way. The Stanley Parable , a downloadable indie game made with...
"Sleep No More": Shakespeare meets Internet games
The British company Punchdrunk's production is ostensibly the story of "Macbeth," though mixed with Alfred Hitchcock's film "Rebecca" and told in the form of an interactive maze that owes more to video games -- New York magazine compared the experience ...
10 Worst Fake Video Games From Science Fiction
By Phil Haney
That's why this list of video games from old science fiction films and television shows is so great. In the future we will achieve inter planetary space travel but our video games will be really lame (sadly it seems the opposite is ...
Video Games: New Releases, August 2011 Volume 3 |
By Terrence Aybar
Video Games: New Releases, August 2011 Volume 1. It's safe to say that this Summer of Arcade has gotten off to one hell of a start. JuarezCover ... Video Games: New Releases, August 2011 Volume 3 ...
Top 25 Must-Play Video Games: Tomb Raider (#9)
By Meg
Hello everyone and welcome to Top 25 Must-Plays, the place where you can read about video games, well-known and well-hidden! All of these choices from number 25 to 1 have well-shaped characters, immersive story lines or something unique ...
Video Games Blogger
Army Online Video Games: Maint… | AdvancingWomen's Diversity Blog
By admin
Army Online Video Games: Maint… by admin on August 16, 2011. Army Online Video Games: Maintaining your attention and offering you lots of hours of amusement are several vari… Tagged as: diversity, diversity business ...
AdvancingWomen's Diversity Blog
Sony Ericsson nets limited-time FIFA 12 exclusivity ... - Pocket Gamer
One-nil to Android. Click to read the full 'Sony Ericsson nets limited-time FIFA 12 exclusivity for the Xperia Play' news article. For more FIFA 12 news and Xperia Play news, visit
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Fall video games preview: The complete schedule
Game Hunters: In search of video games and interactive awesomeness · Home · Archives · Related topics · Forum · About · Fall video games preview: Five key ...
Video Game Deals - Cheap Video Games on Sale | dealnews
Check dealnews for the latest video games deals. Our editors search hundreds of websites to find the best cheap video games on sale for Xbox 360, Wii, ...
Retail sales of video games tumbled in July - Technology & science ...
A market research firm says that U.S. retail sales of video game hardware, software and accessories dropped 20 percent in July to $707.7 million, ...
If you think video games are just child's play, think again. Video games are influencing everything from how we share information to how we spend money ...

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