Rearranging Heatpipes in New GX-7 Cooler for Gamers

Gelid's Tries Rearranging Heatpipes in New GX-7 Cooler for Gamers
Maximum PC
The company's latest cooler, the GX-7 (or CC-GX7-01-A, if you prefer), falls under Gelid's Gamer branding and utilizes seven heatpiples arranged in a way the company claims facilitates better heatflow than most traditional heatsinks. ...
Death of a Retailer: GameStop's Q2 Earnings Pave Way to Digital Future
Used video games and gaming machines sales totaled more than $292, generating 46% of the company's profits. Chief executive Paul Reins said, “GameStop's resilient retail model enabled us to achieve our earnings plan despite a challenging period for the ...
Classic Teams in Video Games
Operation Sports (blog)
However, I have enjoyed seeing video games evolve into the awesome creations we have today, even Madden. It seems 2K is on to something including legends in its NBA game. Although some are recycled it adds something to the game. ...
Of course video games were blamed for the London riots, writes CIARA O'BRIEN
Irish Times
Eventually someone got around to blaming video games for the rioters' behaviour. Not poverty. Not cutbacks. Not a lack of services and support. Not a lack of leadership and a widespread feeling of disassociation from the political system. ...
Video games are not to blame for the English riots (blog)
Noel Gallagher, former frontman of Oasis, blasted the actions of the UK rioters in an interview with Bang Showbiz last week, blaming the 'age of violence' that has been created by the range of 'brutal TV and video games' on offer to teenagers today. ..
Gameloft Sticking with Universal Builds for New Releases
Touch Arcade
Talking with Pocket Gamer during the Gamescon ’11 conference in Germany, Gameloft PR Manager Gregory Wintgens stated that from here on out the iOS mega-developer plans to “release everything as Universal†rather than the long standing practice ...
GamesCom 2011: Sonic Invades Super Mario 3D Land
Sarcastic Gamer managed to talk briefly to Nintendo marketing executive and spokesperson Iwanta Fuyu about Sonic's inclusion, in which he had this to say... "Many fans loved how the levels with Yoshi played in Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii. ...
Brooks Brothers Attempts to Lure Yuppies, College Students With 'Vintage Video ...
New York Magazine
... near 20th Street), which will focus on more casual clothing, internally dubbed the "University collection." But here's the exciting part: The store will have a "lounge" area with "vintage video games," which can only mean one thing — Ms. PacMan.
Hip-Hop Meets Gamer With Def Jam Rapstar
The Root
With the popularity of video games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, it was only a matter of time before hip-hop took a stake in the karaoke-game market. Def Jam Rapstar is the first truly interactive hip-hop game experience, available on XBox 360, ...
Meet the gamer – Mad Dog Malcs
Xbox 360 Digest
... you will be the game and when that happens, SkyNet will become a reality!! Special thanks to Mad Dog Malcs for taking the time to answer our questions. To apply to be featured in a future “Meet the Gamer” segment, simply fill out the following form.
Unleash the gamer within: Cooler Master Storm Enforcer review
Australian Personal Computer
If you're a hardcore gamer in the market for a LAN-friendly mid-tower solution that won't break your student benefits budget, you'll probably find the Storm Enforcer's feature list all kinds of "radical" and "gnarly". At this price point, we can excuse ...
No playing around, video games are an art form
Crikey (blog)
As John Lanchester remarked in a London Review of Books article in 2009, “there is no other medium that produces so pure a cultural segregation as video games, so clean-cut a division between the audience and the non-audience. ...
The PC Gaming Reader – read the best of PC gaming writing as an ebook
PC Gamer Magazine
The PC Gaming Reader is a collection of the best PC games writing from PC Gamer, PC Format, Edge and the now sadly defunct PC Zone. Previously we gave it away with issue 222 of the magazine, but now we're offering it to everyone in e-book format. ...
New Xbox Dashboard, Kinect Future Detailed
The much-touted Cloud storage feature applies to gamer profiles and saves - the whole account is saved to the cloud, meaning you can log in on a friend's console and retrieve your profile and saves easily. Deeper Facebook integration via the Social tab ...
PopCap: Playing casual games may help you bond with your kids
Maybe video games aren't so socially damaging after all: A study from PopCap Games says that playing casual games with your kids can actually lead to increased bonding. Of course the Seattle casual game maker has an interest in games being perceived in ...
Virtual goods, real rights?
... last year's review on the online gaming world by the government in Vietnam indicated that it considered that virtual goods and property are not real assets comparable to real-world goods and property (you can read Gamer/Law's report on that here). ...
Why it feels good to be the Master Chief
Leave it to a psychologist at the University of Essex to discover that the secret sauce in irresistible video games is the characters' personalities — especially those that leave just enough creative space for players to pour themselves into. ...
And in other PC gaming news…
PC Gamer Magazine
The PC Gamer logo in letters ten foot tall! Framed in purest gold! Tremble at it's magnificent glory! Inside is a collection of magnificently constructed PC gaming news. Frequent PC Gamer contributor Lewis Denby defends Deus Ex: Invisible War over at ...
Video Games: GamesCom Trailer for Amy
A trailer for the upcoming video game Amy hit the web. This premiered at the German expo GamesCom. Amy takes place in December 2034 in the small town of Silver City (Midwest, USA) after a comet strikes, wreaking havoc on humanity and unleashing a ...
Fans discover joys of three-dimensional gaming
Dubai: Ali Mohammadian thought he'd seen and done it all in racing video games, having played every release in the Need for Speed franchise over the last decade. The 21-year-old Dubai gamer has just discovered the joys of three-dimensional gaming and.
Kinect-ing The Possibilities
The Kinect is undoubtedly a revolution in video games, but I see at as a revolution for more than living room fun. The Kinect offers up endless fun and functionality, its only a matter of time until it is implented in places other than next to your TV.
The Lawbringer: WoW's immune system and the gold selling virus
by Mathew McCurley Aug 19th 2011 at 3:00PM Pop law abounds in The Lawbringer, your weekly dose of WoW, the law, video games and the MMO genre. Mathew McCurley takes you through the world running parallel to the games we love and enjoy, full of rules, ...
Gamescom 2011: Five upcoming games that stand out
CNN International
He's covered video games for upwards of 400 outlets over the past 20 years, from Forbes to The Hollywood Reporter, and produces 3-D television and online content for outlets like DirecTV and NVIDIA 3D Vision Live. Cologne, Germany (CNN) -- Gamescom is ...
Flamebait Friday Debate: The Worst / Best Video Game Movie You've Ever Seen
Today the Lazygamer crew decided that we are tired of saying 'movies based on video games' so instead, we have decided that we need to coin a new term for them. Now instead of just doing the expected and referring to them as 'crap movies', ...
Tony Hawk: Ride Skateboard Bundle Is the Olliefied Deal of the Day
we played video games. We played them with the kind of high functioning beta-male vigor that would've been better spent on grades or girls or folding laundry appropriately or doing laundry at all than on Super Mario Kart. We played them with conviction ...
Tap Tap Glee Brings Musical Melodrama to Your Phone (blog)
Pairing hit TV show Glee's catchy showtunes with Guitar Hero's signature synchronized button-pressing gameplay, free iPhone and iPad game Tap Tap Glee hopes to bridge the world between flamboyant musicals and finger-blistering video games..
Video: Creating Hockenheim For The Forza Motorsport 4 Game
All Car Tech
Video games. From coin-operated arcade games to the advent of home games consoles a whole generation had a new form of entertainment and for the budding gearheads, the best fun was provided by racing games. Just as car technology has progressed ...
Dragon Age 3 to deliver 'marriage' of DAO and DA2
Lots of 90+ reviews, we also got fans that I think in some cases who were expecting more Dragon Age: Origins," Dr. Muzyka told PC Gamer. Muzyka points to "a misalignment of expectation" for the sequel, which explains the negative reaction some die-hard ..
Pictures from the Pocket Gamer, PapayaMobile and Super Rewards' GDC Europe ...
Pocket Gamer
by Jon Jordan At GDC Europe, together with sponsors PayapaMobile - the fun social mobile gaming network for Android - and Super Rewards - the global monetisation solution for digital content and games - we held our soiree at die kunstbar, in the shadow ..
Pictures from the Pocket Gamer, PapayaMobile and Super Rewards ...
Another games conference can only mean another swinging Pocket Gamer party. And so it was. At GDC Europe, together with sponsors PayapaMobile - the fun social mobile gaming network for Android - and Super Rewards - the global ...
PocketGamer.Biz |
The Weekly Gamer 8.19.2011 |
By Stewart Smith
The Weekly Gamer 8.5.2011. The Supreme Court speaks out about a recent ruling regarding video games, an update on a possible Mirror's Edge sequel and Nintendo responds to early adopters angry about the 3DS price drop. callofjuarez SB ...
That Gamer Podcast, Episode #52: Eagle Mustache | That Gamer Hub
By Ben
[iTunes] Subscribe to That Gamer Podcast in iTunes. [Zune] Subscribe to That Gamer Podcast in the Zune Marketplace. [RSS] Add That Gamer Podcast feed to your RSS aggregator. Contact: [Email] Have your questions, comments, and rants read ...
That Gamer Hub
Gamescom '11: Gameloft plans to release all future ... - Pocket Gamer
CU 'HD'. Click to read the full 'Gamescom '11: Gameloft plans to release all future iOS games as Universal builds' news article. For more Gameloft news and Multiformat news,
Pocket Gamer |
Will We Get Too Old for Video Games? |
By Paul Tassi
The data appears to suggest that once a gamer, always a gamer. We'll obviously have to see how things progress over the next few decades, as these 37 year olds are the first ones to truly grow up with video games...
Bible Stories That Demand to be Video Games - Gaming For God
By Evan Derrick
I had this game as a child, undoubtedly because my parents thought that as long as I was spending hours playing video games I could at least be reading scripture at the same time. Just an FYI, parents, kids can see through that stuff a ...
Gaming For God
Dragon Commander Preview |
Dragon Commander Preview. Dragons with jetpacks is only the start for this exciting new title. Feed
Coming Soon, Shorter Video Games - Slashdot
Coming Soon, Shorter Video Games 305 ... lucky to find the time to beat a 10- hour game once or twice a month,' says Fuller of the average-age gamer...
Video Games - The Barnes & Noble Review
History, myths, and stories of the digital playground. Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America By Jeff Ryan How did a portly plumber in red overalls ...

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