Why most people don't finish video games

Why most people don't finish video games
At the beginning of the 21st century, the average gamer was pushing 30 -- mid-to-late 20s, to be exact. They weren't playing as often as they did in their adolescence, but in between entry-level jobs, earnest slacking and higher education, ...
Pocket Gamer to launch in Germany
London, UK, Berlin and Cologne, Germany – 16 th August 2011 – Steel Media is proud to announce that the latest international expansion of its Pocket Gamer network sees the PG brand establishing itself in Germany through a licensing deal with MediaXP, ...
The Most Surprisingly Awesome Licensed Video Games
by Rollin Bishop | 1:58 pm, August 17th, 2011 Over the years, video games licensed from other mediums have slowly slid into a sort of batting slump where anything licensed from something — like comics, for example — is immediately assumed to be...
Occasional Gamer Dev app stats out two unknown Windows Phone devices
Occasional Gamer Dev Elbert Perez has a stats page that grabs the device ID of the Windows Phone devices that are running his game apps. The stats page recently nabbed two devices that are new and made their first appearance on the tracking list....
VIDEO GAMES: Reviewing the Microsoft Kinect
Rochester City Newspaper
By Willie Clark on August 17, 2011 It can be hard to review an idea that's not really for you. Clearly, Microsoft did not have the 21-year-old, out-of-shape college nerd in mind when it designed the Kinect, and that's no secret. ...
Toshiba Qosmio X775: Toshiba's Gamer Grows Up
by Dustin Sklavos on 8/17/2011 12:25:00 AM Toshiba's flagship Qosmio line of notebooks have been, for the longest time, big, flashy, red and black beasts. These juggernauts sported 18" screens with high-end graphics and processing power, ...
White Sox Players Face Off with Soldiers at Military Video Games
MyFox Chicago
Wounded veterans and active military members got the chance take on some players from the White Sox in video games. Not surprisingly, the games were military combat games. The Sox players even competed against military members serving overseas and were ...
Free video games: Nesfun.com offers dozens of free classic Nintendo games to ...
We all know that as technology continuously improves, so do video games, with ever-increasing realism in sound, graphics and control, but some of us still yearn for the days of 8-bit purity exemplified by the NES, and Nesfun is for us. ...
VIDEO GAMES: New Zelda Wii game gets a release date
Rochester City Newspaper (blog)
By Willie Clark Comments (0) Wii owners, dust off your consoles and ready your swords: Nintendo has revealed the release date for pretty much the only reason left to keep a Wii on anymore: the eagerly anticipated "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. ..
VIDEO GAMES: Katee Sackhoff Discusses Voicing Black Cat in Spider-Man: Edge of ...
Comic Book Movie
In the year 2099, Alchemax scientist Walker Sloan seeks to gain power and fortune by traveling back in time to the present day in order to use his knowledge of future technology to found Alchemax much ahead of time. This causes the future of 2099 to .
iQU launches marketing and analytics service for online games
Gamer-profiling company iQU is launching an analytics and marketing platform to help online games find more users through mobile and social networks. The Haarlem, Netherlands-based company was formerly known as MMOTraffic.com and MMO Life, ...
Nintendo reveals streamlined Wii console for Christmas
By Tom Hoggins, Video Games Editor The “Family Edition” bundle will include the new streamlined white console, which has been altered in order to sit horizontally rather than vertically, a Wii Remote Plus controller, nunchuk sub-controller and copies...
We don't play video games to escape real life...but to be our ideal self
Essex Echo
By Vanessa Moon » New research has looked into whether the lure of games, including controversial ones such as Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, are actually a way for the gamer to be someone else. Instead of playing because they enjoy the shooting ...
Game over for angry gamer
A long losing streak on an online gaming site was what allegedly set off a 48-year-old man who was arrested on Wednesday in the southern Athenian suburb of Alimos for threatening the life of the local website administrator. ...
Noel Gallagher – Brutal Video Games Caused London Riots
You probably heard about the riots in London and numerous other locations, and you may have seen our article that video games were blamed for all of this. Over the last so many years, video gameshave been blamed for most public outbreaks, ...
VIDEO GAMES: Lego Watchmen
Comic Book Movie
The game will feature new and innovative gameplay to change up the usual Lego formula. For one, not every level will be two player co-op. However, some levels will require players to fight each other, and the winner according to the story will be need ...
Will Bethesda Have the Balls to Settle the Scrolls Suit the Gamer Way?
By Horace Rumpole Bethesda - or Elder Scrolls fame - is suing Minecraft maker Notch over the use of the word 'Scrolls' in the latter's new game. But Notch - aka Markus Persson - has a plan to make gamers cheer and lawyers weep. A Quake 3 challenge. ...
Gamescom 2011: New Journey Trailer Revealed, Game Still Remains a Mystery
I have gotten the chance to play it and can say that this is a game much like LIMBO, where the story will be left up to the gamer's interpretation. There is no spoken dialogue from any of the characters. The story will be mainly told through the body ...
Doing Digital Distribution Right
GoozerNation (blog)
For example, when a gamer finishes a game they could sell it back to Steam or PSN for credit. Or maybe there could be some sort of system where a gamer could gift another gamer their game if they no longer want it. It would remove the game fromgamer ...
Gamescom Hosts Fight for the Games Market
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The battleground for this clash is Gamescom, one of the annual conventions of the video gamesindustry, an amalgam of trade show and consumer showcase that opens today in Cologne and will set the agenda for video games and beyond. ...
New Action RPG To Hit iPhone And iPad On August 18
Former lead programmer of Bioware, Tobyn Manthrope, is bringing an action RPG to the App Store on Thursday, August 18, according to Pocket Gamer. The upcoming game is called “Emissary of War” and should be available for all the iDevices. ...
You Can Make Millions Playing MOBAs
People have been playing video games against each other, tournament-style, since the dawn of time, or at least since the dawn of competitive multiplayer video games. You know what is new though? Offering a million dollars and upward to the winners. ...
GDC Europe: Quantic Dream's de Fondaumiere's Call To Arms On Ratings
"Not one year passes by without big discussions in the media and most of the timevideo games are portrayed as being one of the reasons why people do shoot other people." He noted that, across the globe, "More than 50 games have been banned since the ...
WE CAN FIX IT: Video Game Movies (All of Them)
Crave Online
Video games are an art form. That's been the subject of some debate lately, but for the sake of this article we're committing to our own take on the subject, that video games are art. If you disagree, then we agree to disagree with you. ...
The Wii's last hurrah
The Sun
When I got my first Wii at launch, I hailed it as the future of video games. So vociferous was my support that I insisted my entire family witnessed the glory of this shining white box of wonder. Before I knew it, my parents had got one, my nan decided...
PS3 price drop!
Playstation 3's have had a price drop, making them almost as cheap for the average gamer. This drop in price is effective immediately for North America and Europe and will start August 18th in Japan. The Slim 160GB model will now be available at the ...
Metacafe Original Video: Review of Video Games in First 6 Months of 2011
In our first Metacafe original, we bring you a review of video games in the first six months of 2011 from Metacafe's Doug Perry and Scott Pierce. By ADAM FENDELMAN The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. ...
Warehouse 13 Does Referential Humor Right
Video games approach storytelling from a fundamentally different viewpoint than film. The audience actively participates in the narrative. They don't get to be objective observers. Also video games stories are ridiculously stupid. ...
The New Gaming Industry, Seen From the Inside
Motley Fool
By Anders Bylund | More Articles Ask the average gamer to name a video game producer, and Majesco Entertainment (Nasdaq: COOL ) is unlikely to be the first choice. According to Majesco CEO Jesse Sutton, that's about to change. With just $116 million in ...
TechEBlog » World's Angriest PC Gamer
In just 10-days, the world's angriest PC gamer video has received over 267000 views on YouTube, and it consists of several Diablo 3 rants.

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