Learning to sim with Tropico (video)

Try something new: learning to sim with Tropico | VG247
By Brenna Hillier
Try something new: learning to sim with Tropico. Even veteran gamers need to stretch themselves sometimes. We sent Brenna on the adventure of a lifetime to master both a new genre and a tiny tropical nation.

38 Studios: Broke Rhode Island now owns a video game company
By Ken Sweet @CNNMoneyTech May 28, 2012: 11:24 AM ET NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Rhode Island owns a video game company. That wasn't supposed to happen. Taxpayers in the small, financially stricken New England state are on the hook for tens of millions of ...

Pro Gamer SK.MC Crowned StarCraft II Champion At Inaugural Red Bull ...
With fans driving hours, crossing state lines and international borders, Austin, Texas became an eSports epicenter Memorial Day weekend, at the first ever Red Bull Battlegrounds invitational pro-video game tournament.


video game review
Youngstown Vindicator
Military video games have never been known for their subtlety, but over the last few years they've become increasingly bombastic, culminating in the flamboyant pyrotechnics of the mega-selling “Call of Duty” franchise. So I was a little surprised the ...

Video Games Positively Impact Variety of Health Outcomes
Doctors Lounge
Although additional rigorous clinical trials are warranted, the literature suggests that video gamescan be useful in improving a variety of health outcomes, particularly those in the areas of psychological and physical therapy, according to research ...

Are video game soundtracks the new concept albums?
The Guardian (blog)
"Everything has to loop indefinitely," says the band's bassist and resident gamer, John Famiglietti. "We recorded it all while watching video captures of gameplay – everything we did we put up against that footage and said, is this working?

The Guardian (blog)

She Tried To Make Good Video Games For Girls, Whatever That Meant
Millions of little boys across the country were highly visible within video game culture, making them the primary demographic for game development companies. Studies continually pushed the idea that women just didn't like technology—or games.

Can These Video Games Help You Make Better Life Choices?
The World at Work is powered by GE. This new series highlights the people, projects and startups that are driving innovation and making the world a better place. Big Idea: WILL Interactive develops Virtual Experience Immersive Learning Simulations ...

Video Game Review: League of Legends a hit
Like most people in their 20's I was born with a video game controller in my hands. From Atari to PS3 I've sampled a little bit of every system along with PC games. In these coming articles I'll give you a brief overview of the games I've been playing ...

Vote for The Greatest Video Game Music
Last year, The London Philharmonic Orchestra recorded The Greatest Video Game Music, an album of game classics reimagined by some incredible musicians. Now, they're set to record a sequel, and IGN readers have a chance to pick one of the songs.

The Bum in the Unlocked Bathroom: How Bad User Interfaces are Ruining ...
Over the last several years, I've done a lot of different tasks in my effort to vampire-suck-extract a stomach-full of hot, thick information from the neck of the video game industry. The ultimate idea is to make video games with my own studio.

Boy makes wish, plays video game with Joe Mauer on scoreboard
Sunday Grant played a baseball video game with Twins catcher Joe Mauer on the 57' x 101' Target Field scoreboard. "We found out he loves to play video games and what better place to play then here?" asked Mauer. The catcher first became aware of Grant...


Demand high for game developers let go by 38 Studios
Luckily, he is in the video game industry. Dozens of game companies are lining up to hire castoffs like Kole from 38 Studios LLC, Curt Schilling's failing video game maker. “They are pulling us out of the fire,'' Kole said, “and we really appreciate ...


UK Video Game Chart: Ghost Recon Future Solider takes top spot
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Solider has entered the UK All Formats All Prices video gamechart at No.1, toppling Max Payne 3. Future Soldier achieved the best week one sales in the Ghost Recon series, but previous entries haven't debuted on all ...

Pocket Gamer is heading to E3 2012
Pocket Gamer.Biz
by James Nouch The bloated extravaganza that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo is just days away, and this year the Pocket Gamer team is staging a mass exodus to gaming's promised land. Editor-in-chief Kristan Reed, Steel Media MD Chris James, ...

Job outlook bright for 38 Studios staff
Boston Globe
By Michael B. Farrell Animator Michelle Bartlett, 24, of Norton handed her resume to John Lindemuth, director of art for Turbine Inc., at a job fair for video game developers in Providence last week. Nicholas Kole just lost his job.

Boston Globe

Melbourne man morphs into video game
Herald Sun
At least that's how Carlton North man Hamish McGregor is looking at his inclusion in hit video game, Max Payne 3. Mr McGregor became one of eight people around the world, and the only Australian, to have his likeness included as one of the characters ...

New Video Game Releases – May 29 – June 4
After the last two weeks, it's nice to have a bit of a breather. The big news is that PC gamers will finally get their hands on Max Payne 3. Based on my play through of the Xbox 360 version, I can safely assure that you you're in for a treat.

Guy Disaster Mode! Video Games and Porn are Killing the Modern Man
Video games are destroying mankind! This is the desperate-sounding conclusion from a recent report penned by Stanford University psychologist, Dr Philip Zimbardo, who believes that the "overuse of video games and pervasiveness of online porn" is ...


Get Started Learning Japanese With This Little Video Game
Still, that's where you need to start when learning Japanese, so starting with chiptunes and a video game is better than starting with a book. While it gets repetitive in parts, that's also the point: it's trying to hammer home knowledge, ...

Stabbing shows how mental health workers are at risk
Statesman Journal
I'ma confessed video game geek, so my ears perked up when I heard about an article in Governing magazine titled “6 Ways Governments Are Using Video Games.” The article notes how games are used to help train first responders, educate soldiers on ...

E3 2012 predictions
The Wii U is going to be there in force (well, at least it should be or else I expect Nintendo will be in a bit of trouble), and I want to see some proper gamer's games. It'd be nice to see a proper demo of Zelda on Wii U, but I expect that game is ...

Launch Pad: The Dark Knight returns
By Brett Molina, USA TODAY Want a sign this is a slow week for video gamereleases? The highlight is a title that was originally released last October. On the bright side, PlayStation Vita owners finally have something new and notable.


Be a creator, not just a gamer
By Payal Dhar May 28 2012 Who doesn't like a spot of monster-shooting, zipping through space taking down enemies or pitting their wits against a physics puzzle? But guess what could be even more fun — creating your own game.

E3 2012 Preview
A sneak peek at all the E3 video game hotness including Wii-U, Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed 3 and more. by IGN's E3 Strike Team With mere days to go until the Electronic Entertainment Expo opens its doors on June 4th, the biggest video game event of ...

Video games positively impact variety of health outcomes
(HealthDay) -- Although additional rigorous clinical trials are warranted, the literature suggests thatvideo games can be useful in improving a variety of health outcomes, particularly those in the areas of psychological and physical therapy, ...
Medical Xpress - latest medical...

Can Video Games be Blamed for Acts Committed by Norway's ...
By Sidrah Zaheer
People who maintain prejudice and convert that negative feeling into extreme hatred for other people exist everywhere. They are not exclusive to any caste, class, creed, culture, religion, philosophy or place. The shootings that occurred in ...
Pak Tea House

By Cheezburger Network
demotivational posters - VIDEO GAMES DON'T MAKE KIDS VIOLENT. ... Snail Cyborgs Set to Takeover The World · Video Games - Video Game Memes · There's a Problem When Batman Can't Login · See all 59 Cheezburger Network Sites » ...
Very Demotivational - The Demotivatio...

Porn, video games, the Internet, anxiety, boredom, and the death of ...
By Michael Bates
Moreover, these addictions foster the seemingly opposite vices of passivity and hyper-aggression. The porn addict becomes a lecherous loser, with one-flesh union supplanted by masturbatory isolation. The video game addict becomes a ...

Joey Logano Races Video Games Into Victory Lane - Features ...
By Matthew Kato
We talked with Joey about his video game paint schemes and his gaming habits while at the track and when he's at home. ... xMarvell commented on mojomonkey12's post about re: Joey Logano Races Video Games Into Victory Lane.

Video games and movies become lifelike with AV Video glasses
By Radhicka S Saxena
Video games and movies become lifelike with AV Video glasses. By Radhicka S Saxena /3 hrs ago... Put on these AV Videos glasses whenever you want to watch a movie or a video game. You won't be a spectator anymore but instead a part ...

Video game section for RiotACT? | The RiotACT
By Myles Peterson
Would readers be interested in a Video Game section on the site under Entertainment? ... Video game section for RiotACT? TAGGED. computer games, games, video games. By Myles Peterson 28 May, 2012 30. Would rioters be interested in ...
The RiotACT

1st-ever Jesus video game launched
(OREGONFAITHREPORT) — Journey of Jesus: The Calling — the first-ever video game based on Jesus — launches today from Lightside Games, makers of the popular Journey of Moses. Interestingly, also launching today: Diablo III, the ...

23 Instructional Signs That Must Exist in Video Game Worlds ...
The vast majority of video game characters we come across are only on screen for a few seconds. In that time they often behave in surprising ways that would suggest they're receiving instructions we're not privy to. We asked you to show us ...
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Wunderkind Pictures Inks Strategic Deal with CBS Interactive for Video
By John Gaudiosi
'The Avengers' Get Video Games from Ubisoft · Activision Aims for the Funnybone with 'Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse' Video Game. Blake Freeman hopes to change that with his August release, noobz. Wunderkind Pictures has entered a ...

Hideo Kojima: video game drop-out – interview part 1 - The Guardian
I felt like the world was waiting to see what video games could be, what they could ... MGS4 was more film than video game, so it's not much of a surprise. ..... and more, all rolled up into agamer's game, which is what this man was born to do.

Social Media Helps Laid-Off Video Game Makers Survive a - Good.is
38Studios, a video game development house in Rhode Island run by retired baseball ... “I write about video games professionally, so it's a pretty big deal when a ...

A List Of Good Things About Video Games - News - www ...
We hear about the supposed negative effects of video games often, but the Internet's Frugal Dad ...Filed under: News, Gamer Culture, gaming is good for you ...

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