Video games about Jesus, the devil released on same day

Video games about Jesus, the devil released on same day
Fox News
At the same time, Lightside Games announced the release of “Journey of Jesus: The Calling,” which it called the first-ever video game based on the life of Jesus. The timing was not lost on Brent Dusing, CEO of Lightside Games.

'Diablo III' fans celebrate role-playing video game's long-awaited release at ...
Washington Post
Fans of “Diablo III” celebrated the midnight launch of the long-awaited video game. A crowd of more than 1500 gathered Monday night around a stage built underneath the Ferris wheel at the Irvine Spectrum Center, a shopping center located about a mile ...

Gov.: RI working to keep ex-Red Sox pitcher Schilling's video game company viable
Washington Post
Lincoln Chafee (CHAY'-fee) says the state must do “everything possible” to keep former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling's video game company solvent and prevent the state from having to pay the firm's debts. Chafee acknowledged concerns about 38 Studios' ...

Video game review: Kingdom Rush HD
New York Daily News
LOVED IT: A challenge from the very start, tremendous unit variety, maps and enemies come in all shapes and sizes HATED IT: Incredibly steep learning curve, a few instances of cheapness, lousy story mode GRAB IT IF: You enjoyed Defender Chronicles ...

New York Daily News

Gamer's delight: Class plays with another form of screenwriting
The Star-Ledger -
Offered through Montclair's School of Broadcasting, the course recognizes the fact that a career in video games does not mean locking yourself in the basement to play some fantastical saga to its conclusion. Nor is it a vocation to merely daydream ...

The Star-Ledger -

Large crowd turns out at midnight release party for 'Diablo III' video game
San Jose Mercury News
By Derrik J. Lang AP IRVINE -- Fans of "Diablo III" celebrated the midnight launch of the long-awaited video game. A crowd of more than 1500 gathered Monday night around a stage built underneath the Ferris wheel at the Irvine Spectrum Center, ...

RI governor: Officials meeting with Curt Schilling's video game company
By AP PROVIDENCE ---- Governor Lincoln Chafee says he and Rhode Island economic development officials have been meeting with the video game company owned by former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling about its finances. Providence-based 38 Studios ...

'Max Payne 3' video game has potential for huge success
By Skip Wood Daybreak Daily's afternoon jog around the track with the pop-culture world setting the pace finds a computer game, a note rapper, other things, and the mystery music video. REVIEW: Not sure about the game but the writing here is good, ...

Bel Air High grad develops video game at McDaniel College
Baltimore Sun
BY MARISSA GALLO, A typical college senior plays video games, he doesn't make them. Bel Air resident and soon-to-be McDaniel College graduate Seth Marple, however, did just that. "The challenge is just being creative," Marple, 22, ...

Video gamers geeked over release of 'Diablo 3'
Detroit Free Press
This video game image released by Activision Blizzard Inc., shows gameplay from "Diablo III". The epic fantasy role-playing game has been 12 years in the making. / AP Photo/Activision Blizzard Inc. By Associated Press IRVINE, Calif.

Two big releases next week may break video game sales slump
Other factors in the slump: growth in sales of downloadable games and add-on content, as well as a casual gamer shift to mobile and Web games. Some developers have turned design efforts to the next generation of video gameconsoles, even though only ...


Video Game Maker Says 'Call of Duty' Copies Old 'Delta Force' Logo
Courthouse News Service
By BARBARA LEONARD (CN) - The latest "Call of Duty" video game features a fictional division of the US military called Delta Force that a competing game developer trademarked in 1998, NovaLogic claims in Federal Court. Calling itself an innovator in ...

Courthouse News Service

Diablo III: Long-awaited video game sequel launched
BBC News
Long-awaited video game Diablo III has launched, causing servers to struggle under huge volumes of traffic. Blizzard Entertainment said it would launch more servers to cope with the traffic levels. Around 1500 fans gathered at a shopping centre close ...

BBC News

Game of Thrones (Video Game) Review
Comic Book Movie
With a show/book series as immensely popular as 'The Song of Fire and Ice' series; it was inevitable that we were going to get a video game. While we did get the RTS Game of Thrones: Genesis a while back; many fans (including myself) looked for a ...

'Journey of Jesus': The First-Ever Messiah-Based Video Game?
Welcome to the world of religious video games. Journey of Jesus: The Calling, created by Lightside Games, debuted today on Facebook as the self-described “first-ever” video game based on Jesus. With two million players already sucked into Lightside's ...


Educational Video Games for Kids
By Jo McClelland (Tecca) | May 15, 2012 | + When we think of educational video games, most parents think of our computers, not the gaming consoles connected to our TVs in the living room. Playing video games can be a positive learning experience for ...


RI Gov. Trying to Keep Schilling's Video Game Company "Solvent"
NBC Bay Area
By Patrick Hickey Jr. Curt Schilling's video game company needs help financially in spite of releasing a good first game. Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee told WPRO-AM on Tuesday that state economic officials are doing "everything possible" to keep ...

PH video game publisher brings in new offering
Local video game publisher IP E-Games Ventures Inc. has brought the long-awaited third instalment of the Diablo franchise—widely expected to be the best-selling video game in history—to the Philippines. In a briefing on Tuesday, IP E-Games announced ...

Video Game Deal: 'Game Of Thrones' Video Game Art Book Bundle
Geeks of Doom
Today sees the release of the Game Of Thrones video game, based on author George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire book series and the HBO show Game of Thrones. Right now, for the same price as the regular edition, you can get the Game Of Thrones ...

Geeks of Doom

Dreadline, a new video game in the works, promises much madcap mayhem
By Chris Reidy, Globe Staff The video-game resumes of Bryn Bennett and Steven Kimura are studded with stints working on such games as System Shock 2, Bioshock, Titan Quest, Guitar Hero 2, and Freedom Force 2, as well as the entire Rock Band oeuvre.

Rhode Island Subsidizes Curt Schilling's Video Games: Who's Buying This Fantasy?
Reason Online (blog)
The New York Times wrote about video game publisher tax breaks last year (conflating them with subsidies as though they are the same thing). And while Rhode Island is throwing taxpayer money at elves and faeries, its cities are going bankrupt.

Reason Online (blog)

BioGamer Girl: "DIABLO III" (Video Game Review)
... can sell in-game items for in-game currency, or even real life dollars. While long overdue, DIABLO III is a wonderful game and a perfect sequel for the franchise. There's really nothing to dislike about it. Well, unless you're a jealous console gamer.

Activision releases Battleship video game
Activision's latest motion picture tie-in video game Battleship is available today at retail outlets nationwide. The game takes a hybrid approach combining military strategy and first-person action gaming as players take control of a powerful naval...

Video Game Addictions Growing in America
He'll play for a while, get a snack, and then play some more video games. So it's a big part of his life," Melody said. They say Dalton's grades dropped and he was not getting enough physical activity. They say they didn't see the same son they once ...


Video game sales may hit six-year low in 2012
By Dan Graziano
Video Game Sales Slide In 2012. NPD Group last week announced that video games sales for the month of April were down 26% and software sales plummeted from $630.4 million to $307.2 million, representing a 42% decline from April ...
BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech

Video Game Alphabet Plays Other Alphabets | WebProNews
By Richard Stalker
So now if you have kids, or are going to have kids, you can use this handy-dandy video gamealphabet that any gamer can easily understand. Or if you are a teacher and you are teaching a history lesson on what good games were like, this ...

New Video Game Releases- June 2012
By Alex Riviello
New Video Game Releases- June 2012. by: Alex Riviello 48 minutes ago. Amazon. June seems like a good month to brush up on all the video game titles you missed out on so far this year. Finally, things get a bit slower. (Go outside during the ...

Video Games: Chill Out, I Got This - Memebase: Rage Comics ...
By Cheezburger Network
Video Games: Chill Out, I Got This. x. Share. video game memes - Video Games: We Shall Rebuild. Get Over Here and Play a Video Game · Incorrect source or offensive? age of empires?category:Memeempirememerebuildvillagers · Share on ...
Memebase: Rage Comics, Forever...

David Banner: "If Life Is A Video Game, Who Has The Controller ...
By Jerry L. Barrow, Senior Editor
David Banner sits down with to talk about his new project Sex, Drugs andVideo games available on May 22nd 2012. ... David Banner: “If Life Is A Video Game, Who Has The Controller?” May 15, 2012 · 0 Comments ...
The Urban Daily

Mapping the surface of a video game moon - Hack a Day
By Brian Benchoff
... and reply to emails from builders around the globe. Usually, though, I'm knee-deep in a personal project, or just hanging out playing a few video games. ... Mapping the surface of avideo game moon. posted May 14th 2012 5:01pm by Brian ...
Hack a Day

What Classic Video Games Would Look Like in the Real World
By Michael Zhang
What Classic Video Games Would Look Like in the Real World. Michael Zhang · May 15, 2012. Prior to the fancy graphics video game players enjoy today, classic games were based on simple geometric forms. German photographer Patrick ...

PC Gamer UK – June 2012-P2P » Releaselog |
Pc Gamer Dvd Magazine The UK's best, and best-selling, PC games magazine. Trusted by both the public and the industry to deliver the most authoritative, honest, informative and entertaining reviews, PC Gamer is the ultimate buyers' guide ...
Releaselog |

New Video Game Releases Week 20, 2012 - Video Games Blogger
By Ferry
Video Game Xbox 360 controller powering on. Here's the list of this week's video gamereleases. The biggest of the new titles are Diablo III, Max ... What video games will you be playing this week? Any of these? Tags: Diablo III, Game of ...
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