Hours of playing video games can change brain for the better, research finds

Hours of playing video games can change brain for the better, research finds
Fox News
Reuters/Thomas Peter Video games can change a person's brain and, as researchers are finding, often that change is for the better. A growing body of university research suggests that gaming improves creativity, decision-making and perception.

Video game 'Mass Effect 3' aims for a truly galactic reach
The Oshkosh Northwestern
The first true blockbuster video game of the year, Mass Effect 3, lands in stores today. Hovering just under the status of such mega-franchises as Halo, the first two games in the sci-fi role-playing series have sold a combined 7 million copies.

Concept video game controller takes haptic feedback to the next level
A team at the University of Utah has begun testing a video game controller with a new form of haptic feedback, based on movement felt though a thumb-controlled joystick. Many games controllers feature haptic feedback in the form of vibration, ...


Video game industry facing identity crisis
Times of India
The $64 billion global video games industry, shaken up by the likes of Zynga in recent years, may be on the verge of another identity crisis. SAN FRANCISCO: The $64 billion global video gamesindustry, shaken up by the likes of Zynga in recent years, ...

Why Aren't There More American Revolution Era Video Games Like Assassin's Creed 3?
The American Revolution setting has been met with aa great deal of excitement, especially here at Geekosystem, not only because of its potential, but also its freshness in the gaming world, which got us thinking: Why haven't there been more video games ...

University of Utah professor invents new video game controller (video)
Salt Lake Tribune
By Vince Horiuchi University of Utah mechanical engineering professor William Provancher would play video games to relax and take his mind off of work. Instead, all of that thumb-twitching game playing gave him a potentially multimillion-dollar idea.

Video game industry looks for new plan to reach players
The Malaysian Insider
Reuters pic SAN FRANCISCO, March 5 — The US$64 billion (RM192 billion) globalvideo games industry, shaken up by the likes of Zynga in recent years, may be on the verge of another identity crisis. Hardware and software sales for consoles keep dropping ...

The Malaysian Insider

Research Says Video Games Boost Brains; They're Still Awful For Our Bodies
by Deborah Dunham | Leave a comment | Share a Tip The millions of people who playvideo games will be happy to learn that, despite past research that showed it was bad for you, a new study now says it's actually good for your brain.


Gamer's Grasp: Games Imitating Life
Baruch College The Ticker
Sure, these games don't have the strongest storyline of video games (honestly, when is the last time anyone played Call of Duty for the story?) but the theme of warfare is there, and it's enough to keep players entertained. Inspiration comes from many ...

Release of Mass Effect 3 sparks supernova in video-game galaxy
Edmonton Journal
So did the threat itself, from the imagination of the team behind the popular Mass Effect video gamefranchise. After eight years, the series concludes Tuesday with the global release of Mass Effect 3, the swan song to one of the most morally ...

Video Game Quick Hits 3/6/12
Big Shiny Robot!
As expected, today's top story is the Assassin's Creed III reveals. In addition to the promotional screens leaked last week we also have some story and game play details. The story revolves around Connor (how 'bout that Wrath.o.tron?) ...

Big Shiny Robot!

5 Video Game Characters Named After Jewish Mysticism
Houston Press (blog)
6 2012 at 7:00 AM Who knows where the names of video game characters come from? Most of the time you don't even pay attention, you just process the information for identification and move on with your quest. Well, a fair amount of them actually come ...

Redbox extends free video game offer; offers free rental
al.com (blog)
By Debbie M. Lord Redbox, has extended a free video game rental offer through Thursday, and thrown-in a free DVD rental to boot, according to a story atmoneyland.time.com. That same Thursday is also the day that Redbox, the DVD andvideo game rental ...

al.com (blog)

This week in Video Game Criticism: From gender norms to combat's realities
Welcome, welcome to This Week in Video Game Criticism! As things are beginning to kick off in San Francisco, your friendly neighborhood curator is starting the conference early with some sunny, spring-worthy critique and commentary, worthy only of the ...


PWNED: Young Money's Lil Twist Mistakes Fred Durst For An "Old Man"
If you've seen any recent photos of Limp Bizkit frontman and cultural flop Fred Durst, then you'll notice that buzzed down gray hair running down in a five o'clock shadow beneath that signature backward New York Yankees hat, which makes sense ...


A Pro Gamer's Halo 4 Wishlist
Among those diehard Halo fans is pro gamer Tom "Tsquared" Taylor. After making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year playing Halo titles on the MLG circuit, Taylor has found himself questioning the future of the franchise he built his professional ...

Pocket Gamer Awards 2012 winners to be unveiled at a special ceremony tonight
Pocket Gamer
by Joao Diniz Sanches Gather round, for later this evening the cream of the pocket gaming industry will congregate at the downtown San Francisco venue that is hosting the Pocket Gamer Awards 2012 ceremony. That's later this evening San Francisco time, ...

Future Marvel video games won't come from SEGA
Marvel has confirmed that SEGA will no longer publish video games based on its licenses, with Captain America being its last. The future of Marvel's plans for the console business remain uncertain, though video games as a whole do hold significant ...


NBABasketblog: Williams, Rondo & video game numbers
It's a stat line more frequently produced in video games than on an actual basketball court. Sunday afternoon, New Jersey Nets guard Deron Williams dropped a franchise-record 57 points on the Charlotte Bobcats in his team's 104-101 win.

Gamer's Domain #5 for 3/6/12
Marshalltown Times Republican (blog)
Hello and welcome to Gamer's Domain number 5! I'm Levi Castle, and this week I'll be talking about something that I know many gamers are wondering about: the next generation of consoles. Alright, so we all know that the PS3 and Xbox 360 are both very ...

Valve May Introduce Its Own Video Game Console - Rumour.
X-bit Labs
by Anton Shilov While some market observers believe that one of the current game console designers may quit making hardware, other say that Valve Software, a well-known game developer and the owner of Steam video game delivery system may enter the ...

X-bit Labs

The video games industry struggles to draw more customers
Daily Gossip
During the past few years, the video games industry has been severely affected by Zynga and now developing companies are struggling to find new methods of attracting more customers. Reuters reports that the subject will be discussed during this week's...

Daily Gossip

Chicago Cubs win World Series (in video game ad)
By Keith Shaw Add a new comment March 06, 2012, 2:59 PM — Much like the Sony Playstation 3 ad last year highlighting the personal lives of video game characters (all of the characters were "real" and they were paying homage to "Michael", ...

Baby, I Can See Your 'Halo 4,' but Are You My Saving Grace?
By Michael Comeau Mar 06, 2012 12:20 pm Media hype is starting to surround Microsoft's upcoming 'Halo 4' video game. Could it ignite a comeback for a struggling industry? Microsoft (MSFT) just took the wraps off its upcoming Xbox 360 game Halo 4 -- the ...

Mass Effect 3 review round-up: Third game in the trilogy is an undisputed triumph
PC Gamer: 9/10 - Even if the end destination of this final chapter isn't quite as magnificent as we hoped for, we'll never regret the hundred-hour, three-game journey we took across the galaxy to get there. Mass Effect 3 is an incredible experience ...

Q&A: Curt Schilling Talks Video Games, Game of Thrones and What It's Like to ...
Philadelphia Magazine (blog)
I caught up with him to talk about Reckoning and the transition from starting pitcher to video gamemogul. Congratulations on the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. I'm not a gamer, but I've heard good things. Thanks, that's always good to hear.

Video games do not adequately meet older adults' needs
In their upcoming Ergonomics in Design article, "Putting Fun Into Video Games for Older Adults," authors Anne McLaughlin and colleagues conclude that even games for "all ages" do not adequately meet older adults' needs and suggest how game developers ...

New video game releases
Kansas City Star
Bob Evans - Tonight (Tuesday) get one free kids meal with each paid adult entree. This offer is valid for kids ages 12 and under. Ace Hardware - This Saturday, March 10th, get a free quart of Clark+Kensington Paint. Visit Facebook to get your voucher.

Totally free Vintage Video games - Business and Technology + ...
By administrator
No cost Timeless Video games. When one particular becomes bored to death and it's seeking something to do, online normally allows a number of ways of alleviating the particular boredom. Just one typically opts for the option for actively playing on line arc online games, because it ... And finally, a great steps video game could get the particular smells along with adrenaline pumping- creating game enthusiasts a lot more aware along with knowledgeable if they're getting referrals.
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New Video Game Releases Week 10, 2012 - Video Games Blogger
By Ferry
Here's the list of this week's video game releases. The big new titles are: Mass Effect 3, Street Fighter x Tekken, Mario ... What video games will you be playing this week? Blog Widget by LinkWithin. Tags: Mario Party 9, Mass Effect 3, Street ...
Video Game Walkthroughs, Video...

Just How Active Are Active Video Game Players? | Mind the Science ...
By Colleen Davis
These video games encourage kids (and some adults too) to get off the couch and jump, leap, and dance their way to fun…and fitness? Maybe not. A recent study published in Pediatrics found that children who received an active video game ...
Mind the Science Gap

Top 10 Video Game Vixens | N4G
Top 10 Video Game Vixens. Kokugamer writes: Video games have always gotten a bad rap for being sexist. Apparently there is a lack in feminine heroes.
A Visual History of Video Games | HEAVY
Loading Player... Games Video. Scroll Left. Scroll Right. A Visual History of Video Games ... Video Game Pick Up · LEGO Stop-Motion Salutes the Best Games of ...

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