Apple's new iPad making waves in video game market

Apple's new iPad making waves in video game market
. . . faster and sharper-looking new iPad is drawing the notice of the traditional video game industry, as developers are envisioning games for it that have more in common with the visceral 3D shooter "Call of Duty" than "FarmVille. 

Why video games on the new iPad will rock (blog)
by Peter Nowak on Friday, March 9, 2012 3:39pm - 0 Comments If you follow tech news at all, you know by now that the big news out of the Apple event in San Francisco on Wednesday was the announcement of the new iPad. Rather than going with iPad 3 or ... (blog) 

BSO welcomes Video Game Orchestra
Boston Herald
By Jed Gottlieb Video game music began invading classical music's most hallowed halls a few years ago. But tonight's program, “Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy,” will astound devotees of Symphony No. 9. Boston's Video Game Orchestra will swell ...

Video games as multi-player art projects
Melissinos spoke to me over the phone about the user's role in creating video game art, and his “separation anxiety” over lending much of his personal collection for the exhibition. Click through the following slide show for a quick spin through 40 ...


Video games rising steadily in importance and profitability
Taipei Times
While this year's Oscars honored films in which the movie business sweetly congratulates itself on its own birth — The Artist, Hugo — the most dollar-sucking entertainment release ever is not a film, still less an album; it's a video game.

NPD: Video game sales plummet by 20 percent during February
While the video game industry was likely pleased at the upswing of sales compared to January 2012, February was still a slow month for video game sales compared to the previous year. According to a new report from the market researching NPD Group,...

With video games, virtual economy equals real money
The Journal News |
By Chris Morris, Special to While it seems counterintuitive, the hottest trend in the video game industry is giving away games for free, then offering a deeper-level of interaction — for a fee. Whether it's new titles, like Smurfs' Village on ...

NPD: February video game sales down 20 percent in US, Xbox 360 still best ...
The Verge
By Andrew Webster on March 10, 2012 02:43 am 13Comments February historically isn't a huge month for video game sales, but numbers from market research group NPD show that sales in the US have fallen 20 percent compared to 2011.

Video game sales continue to slide in February, Xbox still top console
The video game industry continued to struggle in the United States last month as sales slid yet again according to market research firm The NPD Group. After dropping 34% year-over-year to $750.6 million in January, total video game hardware, ...

Apple's new iPad may get hot video games
Times of India
Apple Inc's faster and sharper-looking new iPad is drawing the notice of the traditional video gameindustry. NEW DELHI: Apple Inc's faster and sharper-looking new iPad is drawing the notice of the traditional video game industry, as developers are ...

Mass Effect 3 by BioWare Completes a Sci-Fi Story
New York Times
When Commander Shepard set out in 2007's Mass Effect to establish humanity's place in the cosmos and protect our species from extinction, no one knew if a video gamecould deliver a science-fiction saga to rival the best of television and film.

New York Times

“The Art of Video Games” opens in March at the Smithsonian American Art Museum
Warp Zoned
Starting March 16th, the Smithsonian American Art Museum will be showcasing the forty year evolution of video games as an artistic medium, with a focus on visual effects and technology. It will feature some of the most influential artists and designers...

Warp Zoned

The Dark Knight Rises Video Game Info Leaked (blog)
For those of you disappointed that it was looking like there may be no video game tie-in for the Dark Knight Rises, there is now hope. MCV reports that they obtained a 2012 release schedule from a major UK High Street retailer. And a tie-in video game ... (blog)

Video game reinforces math skills for local students
The Rome Observer
DimensionU is a series of educational video games and reward systems where students practice core kindergarten through 12 grade subjects including math, literacy, science and history. The games offers action-type adventures associated with commercial ...

Video game review: Stellar finish to 'Mass Effect' trilogy
In this video game image released by Electronic Arts, a scene is shown from "Mass Effect 3." By LOU KESTEN ASSOCIATED PRESS Science fiction fans love their galactic empires. From the novels of Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert to the multimedia epics ...

Artificial intelligence project builds video games from scratch
Ars Technica
By Megan Geuss | Published March 11, 2012 2:32 PM Santa's Snowfight Escape was created by an AI system called Angelina. Santa's trying to get to that mug of hot chocolate at the top. Her name is Angelina: she runs on a heavy-duty Mac server and she's ...

VIDEO GAME REVIEW: 'Syndicate' succeeds despite beginning challenges
Central Michigan Life
By Jordan LaPorte on March 11, 2012 11:06 am in Reviews / no comments “Syndicate” seemed like it had everything working against it, like its troubled development cycle or fans of the original game that were angry about “Syndicate” being turned into a ...

Zen And The Art Of Video Game Blogging
I don't actually enjoy controversy that much, especially when writing about something that I really enjoy like video games. It's funny, I used to blog about politics primarily and when I first started blogging about games, I figured I'd leave all the ...

The Saints' Bounties Are Nothing New—to Video Games, Anyway
When something happens in real life sports, my first instinct is to see if I can replicate it in a video game. It's partly why they exist, after all. But the New Orleans Saints' infamous "bounty" system, which paid premiums to players who delivered ...

Can the iPad 3 change the gaming industry?
When Apple Inc. introduced the iPhone, it initiated a change in the video game industry. The market began to see a shift of importance in mobile gaming. Smartphones started to become a platform not to be taken lightly and it opened up a world of ...

Los Angeles Dodgers play video games against solders in Afghanistan
The Saginaw News -
GI Joe. "The soldiers waited five hours to play with the Dodgers. There are a lot of Dodgers fans over there. They had a great time. It's just like sitting with your buddy in the basement and playing video games, only they were 7000 miles away.

The Saginaw News -

Alex Vincent Talks Child's Play and the Upcoming Video Game
Dread Central
Are you a gamer, and do you plan on picking up the title once it is release? ALEX: I actually have not heard anything about a Chucky video game. I've been playing video games since Atari, but not all that much in recent years.

Dread Central

Previously on Alan Wake: What Can Video Games Learn from Television?
by John Vanderhoef on 11th Mar, 2012 Although TV and video games seem to have little in common in terms of economics, distribution, or even narrative approaches, in some ways, video games can be seen to share a few loose structural qualities with ...


Apple's New iPad Could Give Tough Competition to Traditional Video Games Consoles
NewsPoint Africa
This density of resolution will provide a true HD experience to its users which would really help Video game designers. Many developers like Zynga and Electronic Arts to "Crysis" developers Crytek are now embarking on this feature to bring their ...

Incredible Technologies Challenges Fans to Design a Golden Tee Golf Hole
Lots of kids want to become video game designers when they grow up. And apparently, many still want to after they grow up. Just ask Jim Zielinski, designer of the #1 video bar game, Golden Tee Golf. Zielinski gets paid to dream up the beguiling ...

Senior staff at UK retailer GAME told to prepare for administration period
Video Game Writers
By Christopher Floyd on 11 March 2012 in News with No Comments The UK's biggest brick-and-mortar video games outlet, GAME, has been having a tough time in recent months, with rumors of them holding back pay to improve end-of-year figures, ...

Video Game Writers

Cliff Bleszinski Picked of For Liking Zelda?
Zelda Dungeon
Thursday's Video Game Conference had an unexpected mention of the Zelda series. Among a group of well known video game designers talking about what game inspired them to pursue the career that they did, Cliff Bleszinski, also known as Cliffy B, ...

Zelda Dungeon

Zadzooks: Mass Effect 3 review
Washington Times
Use a variety of weapons to stop the Reapers in the video game Mass Effect 3. Prepare to help the injured in a war against the Reapers in the video game Mass Effect 3. By Joseph Szadkowski John Shepard teams up with a Krogan in the video game Mass ...

Washington Times

The New iPad to Replace My Xbox? Ha! Fat Chance
... and the company and a few game developers think it might be the next big thing invideo games. They claim that the device's Retina Display and quad-core graphics, courtesy of the A5X processor, will be enough to make every console gamer jealous.


Out-of-town arts and entertainment events
Richmond Times Dispatch
Opens Friday: "The Art of Video Games," exhibition examining video games as an artistic medium. Through Sept. 30. Kennedy Center, Washington, (800) 444-1324. Tuesday: Tacács Quartet, 7:30 pm in Terrace Theatre, $32. Thursday and Saturday: National ...

The Five Universal Elements of Top-Rated Video Games
Crunchyroll News
"AAA game" is kind of thrown around in today's gaming scene, describing everything from ruthlessly traditional RPGs to military shooters to weird time-travel adventures. This also tends to be reflected in a game's scores, from review scores and ...

Crunchyroll News

Humor and gaming take center stage
San Antonio Express
Jimmy Brisson, 21, plays the video game "Starhawk" at the Palmer Events Center during South by Southwest Saturday March 10, 2012 in Austin, TX. Holden Sparks, 2, (center) poses for a photo with Crystal Graziano as "Mourningstar" (left) and Lee Reherman ...

Boondock Saints stars at SXSW for teaser trailer reveal of new video game
Coventry Telegraph (blog)
By David Bentley on Mar 10, 12 07:53 PM THE STARS of The Boondock Saints film are to appear at the SXSW film festival tomorrow to launch a new video game spin-off. The 1999 film was directed by Troy Duffy and starred Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman...

Coventry Telegraph (blog)

Carve a path and get tricky with it with the new "SSX" game
Daily Camera
By Marc Camron Rocky Mountain Gamer Whatever happened to extreme sports games? Once a hugely popular sub-genre dominated by the likes of "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" and "SSX," snowboarding dropped in popularity faster than Shaun White missing a double ...

The Big Game Plan
Hindustan Times
Ben does it for a living and makes Rs 4 lakh a year, and he gets free keyboards, consoles, headphones – the fringe benefits of being a gamer. Don't drop your jaw yet. Pro-gamers abroad (North America, Europe, and especially South Korea) are practically ...

Hindustan Times

Lana Del Rey Goes Green at Chateau Marmont
The Gossip Girls
The "Video Games" singer was decked out in an all green outfit while taking a little time to sign posters and greet her fans who were situated outside the west coast hotspot. The weekend doings come just after Miss Del Rey spoke out in her own defense ...

Benz to lead Defiance
TG Daily
Syfy has cast the lead role in its upcoming sci-fi thriller Defiance, which will air alongside an accompanying video game being developed by Trion worlds. The part has gone to Julie Benz, who genre fans will recognize as Darla from the beloved, ...

TG Daily

Game seeks buyer to avoid administration: report
| LONDON (Reuters) - Struggling British video games retailer Game (GMG.L) has put itself up for sale, as it tries to raise cash to pay a quarterly rent bill due in a fortnight, the Sunday Times reported. The paper said Rothschild had been appointed to ...

Title Stripped from Pokémon Champion Who Crapped in Hotel Hallway
Two-time Pokémon champion Ruben Puig Lecegui was stripped of his his title at the United KingdomVideo Game Championship following a scandal in which he and members of his team are accused of leaving their hotel rooms to take a sh-t in the hall.

Here (And There, And Really Everywhere) Be Dragons
North Country Public Radio
This year alone the mystical creatures are being featured in two movies, a new book, video gamesand a museum exhibit. But then wasn't it always that way? Dragons are deeply entwined in the mythology of nations ranging from Egypt to South America, ...

Taking the Polar Plunge!
Wicked Local
The day began with the fun Costume Parade with outfits ranging from Video Game characters to Pirates, Mariners, Polar Bears, and dancing Ice Cubes, with more than 1000 spectators huddling together in the cold air and wind to cheer the Plungers on.

The Future is Video Games - Not Films. Maybe | Flickering Myth ...
By flickeringmyth
While this year's Oscars honoured films in which the movie business sweetly congratulates itself on its own birth – The Artist, Hugo – the most dollar-hoovering entertainment release ever is not a film, still less an album; it's a video game. Coming out ... You have to be a pretty dedicated gamer to happily spend hours-upon-hours playing these games - and you have to have the time, and often the isolation, to be able to fully involve yourself in these games and the universe they create.
Flickering Myth Movie Blog

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5 Totally Awesome Video Games From The 80s [LIST/VIDEOS]
By Matt Ryan
Before there were HD and 3D video game graphics, there was Frogger. There were many video games that were 80s staples, here are our favorite 5. Be sure to “Leave A Comment” at the bottom of the page. What was your favorite 80s video ...
New Jersey 101.5

Video Game Mashups: Mario Bros vs. Katamari | I Am Bored
Video Game Mashups: Mario Bros vs. Katamari . What would happen if you mashed up Mario Bros. and Katamari Damacy?
ExcitingAds! I am

Review: MLB 12 The Show (Vita) - Cheap Ass Gamer - Cheap Video ...
A current listing of cheap video games, video game sales and video game deals: CAG. ... For the portable gamer, stay positive that next season's game has plenty of time (and room) to improve. Fair Outstanding | Very Good | Fair | Poor | Awful ...
Cheap Ass Gamer (US Feed)

The Saints' Bounties Are Nothing New—to Video Games, Anyway ...
By Owen Good
When something happens in real life sports, my first instinct is to see if I can replicate it in a video game. It's partly why they exist, after all. ... ... The Saints' Bounties Are Nothing New—to Video Games, Anyway ...
Kotaku Australia

Mass Effect 3 Review PC | Airborne Gamer
By horizon011
Airborne Gamer. PC Gaming Blog. Skip to content. Home · PC Gaming News · Reviews · Giveaways · QOTW · Contact Me · About Us · Our Friends · RSS/Subscribe · Video Game Addiction? Download eBook · Thank You! Staff · Gaming News ...
Airborne Gamer

February video game retail sales drop 20 percent - Yahoo! News
News: U.S. retail sales of video games tumbled 20 percent in February as people cut spending on... This includes spending on mobile games, video game downloads and buying virtual items. .... i'M SORRY I'M a PC gamer I cant relate to this.

Video Game Momentum | N4G
Video Game Momentum. Nerds on the Rocks talks to their audience to discover what keeps agamer going until the end of the game. The results are as ...

List of video games featuring Mario - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of video games where the character Mario plays a part, either as the protagonist, antagonist, supporting character, as part of an ensemble cast, or as ...

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