Mad Men Video Game: Drink, Smoke, Shoot People

Mad Men Video Game is Free, Lets You Smoke and Shoot People
If you're like me, you watched Mad Men and lamented the fact that the hit AMC Show takes place before the dawn of home video game consoles. Can you imagine too-cool ad execs Don Draper and Roger Sterling in a pitch meeting for the Atari 2600?

Be Don Draper in 'Mad Men' 8-bit video game
Fans of AMC's hit show "Mad Men" are probably wondering where their video game adaptation is. Surprisingly, none have been announced. So until that day comes (no guarantees if it ever will, by the way), we have yet another excellent production by The ...

Video Game Review: Twisted Metal
New York Daily News
By Ebenezer Samuel / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS For 10 years, the Twisted Metalvideo game series lay dormant. And now that it's back, it makes its mark by doing exactly what it did well a decade ago. Developer Eat Sleep Play revives the long-running ...

New York Daily News

Smithsonian Art Of Video Games Exhibit Opens With Gaming Festival
By Ken Gagne, PCWorld Mar 22, 2012 10:30 AM The Smithsonian American Art Museum says "yes" with its newest exhibit, The Art of Video Games. The exhibit is curated by Chris Melissinos of Past Pixels, a group charged with the preservation of video game ...

Video-game review: 'Crush3d'
Kansas City Star
By BILLY O'KEEFE There's been a lot of buzz lately about "Fez," an upcoming, long-in-development puzzle/platforming game that literally turns the 2D platformer on its side. But five years ago, an unheralded game named "Crush" did it first - and ...

Video Game Review: Mass Effect 3 SciFi Epic's Finale Among Best Games Ever
Huffington Post
Excellent graphics, brilliant voice acting, a compelling storyline, and sound plotting combine to create some of the best story telling video games have ever seen. For those new to the games, the Mass Effect series is a talky sci-fi epic in the vein of ...

Studying Violence in Video Games
Crave Online
This all stems from an article that was sent to me about video games being linked to aggressive behavior. The piece details a study which indicates that participants, having recently played a violent video game (Call of Duty, Hitman, Killzone, ...

The Art of Video Games on display at the Smithsonian
By Chris Mellisinos People have been discussing whether video games are art for a long time. Are games merely entertainment, a diversion? Or are they an artistic medium that can inspire us? We hope we've answered that question. “The Art ofVideo Games” ...


Video games should be labeled like cigarettes: Proposes bill
HR 4204, or the "Violence in Video Games Labeling Act," is a recently proposed bill by Reps. Joe Baca, D-California, and Frank Wolf, R-Virginia, to force game makers to label their offerings, in a manner similar to what's found on cigarette cartons.

Disney sketches sequel to 'Epic Mickey' video game
By DERRIK J. LANG Despite his insistence on crafting an interactive homage to the silent cartoons that inspired him to create "Epic Mickey," the veteran designer admits that the game's characters should have actually spoken.

Video game created by Huntsville superintendent helped save life in 2007 (with ... (blog)
An article published last weekend on the humor site, "6 Acts of Real-Life Heroism Made Possible by Video Games," discussed various ways that video game enthusiasts have used their skills to help others in need. One North Carolina man, ... (blog)

The Video Game Generation Has Changed the Rules
The times they are a-changin and video games are leading the way. In the past, there were books and movies. Writers wrote the plots and readers watched and read. If they liked it, they were happy and spread the news to buy it. If they didn't like it, ...


See video gaming's evolution unfold in 'The Art of Video Games'
Kansas City Star
To create the book and exhibit, author and curator Chris Melissinos built a list of 240 video games from six of the eight generations of video game consoles, from the Atari 2600 up through the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (the first generation Odyssey ...

Bill Attempts to Put Warning Labels on Violent Video Games.
The warning label required under a regulation issued under subsection (a) shall be placed in a clear and conspicuous location on the packaging of the applicable video game and shall state: ''WARNING: Exposure to violent video games has been linked to ...

Congress wants video games to have warning labels like cigarettes
GlobalPost (blog)
The gaming world's arch-nemesis Joe Baca has introduced a bill that would require video games to include warning labels. Joe Baca (D-CA) addresses the gathered delegates during day one of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) at the Pepsi Center ...

Facepalm Alert: California Representative wants health warning on video games
This third attempt at passing this bill, called The Violence in Video Games Labelling Act, is even harsher than his previous failed attempts. This new version would call for any video game Rated E or above on the ESRB Ratings System chart to carry the ...

A video game you can't win –– about Israeli red tape
by emanuel maiberg, j. correspondent In most video games, players battle dragons or space aliens, or engage in modern warfare. The goal in the Israeli-made game “Arnona Race” is mundane by comparison, yet equally heroic: paying Jerusalem's municipal ...

Rep. Baca renews attempt to regulate video games
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
The bill, opposed by an industry trade group, would mandate the following message be printed on video game packages: "WARNING: Exposure to violent video games has been linked to aggressive behavior." "It's time for the government to step up, ...

Video Games Shouldn't Be Afraid to Mean Something
You know why everyone's up in arms about Mass Effect 3's ending? Because it doesn't mean what they want it to. But, whether you liked the ending, hated it or lobbied to have it changed, BioWare's sci-fi franchise does means something because it aims to ...

Video Games: An Industry on the Rise
Newswise (press release)
Newswise — Bob Lehrman a self-described 'non-gamer' and adjunct professor of communication at American University takes an unusual look at the video game industry, in this week's Christian Science Monitor Sunday Magazine cover story.

Video games get Budget tax break
"It will support our brilliant video games industry", he said. This is budgeted to cost the government £15 million in 2013/14 and £35 million the following year. The announcement was cheered by the video game industry, which has lost jobs abroad in ...

A new show chronicles video games' artistry and cultural importance
Express from The Washington Post
“The goal wasn't to look at art within video games but at video games as an art form,” Melissinos explains. “You can create art that goes into a video game — illustration, music, sculpture — but it's not any one element that makes video games as ...

Express from The Washington Post

Video game retailer Game Group goes into administration
PC Advisor
By Richard Plant | Computerworld UK | 22 March 12 The executive board of UK specialist video game retailer GAME Group have announced their intention to appoint an administrator to oversee drastic measures designed to cover the company's liabilities to ...

How your video game necromorph gets its voice
At lot of time is spent talking about the graphics in video games, but that is really just one part of the sensory experience. The other part — the sound — immerses you in the game often without you thinking about it. The clanks, the screams, ...

Video games in Vegas: Cosmopolitan plans Strip-side EA sports bar
Indianapolis Star
AP LAS VEGAS — The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is turning a Strip-side space used for a pop-up wedding chapel over New Year's and Valentine's Day into a temporary sports bar with video games. Officials planned to announce Thursday that the resort's EA ...

The Social Benefits of Video Games
In many fields from medicine to the military, video games are being used as training tools to help develop specific skills and “Gamification” of many jobs increases productivity, creativity and motivation. Check out the graphic for yourself below, ...

The Dishonest Narrative Event: A Pitfall of Video Game Storytelling
Piki Geek
Let me take a moment to talk about one of the most notorious pitfalls in all of video gamenarratives. It's a technique that's been around since the advent of story-based video games, one that's clearly defined as a uniquely poor method for ...

Spider-Man Video Game Gives Superheo His Own Twitter Feed
Sky News
The latest Spider-Man video game is attempting to push the boundaries between the virtual and real world by giving the superhero his own fake Twitter feed. In an effort to make the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man game feel more grounded in reality Peter ...

Sky News

Warning: Exposure To Violent Video Games Has Been Linked To Aggressive Behavior
Cinema Blend
proposed in a bill for video games to carry, similar to the warning label on cigarettes by the Surgeon General. This interesting bit of news comes from Games Politics, where they detail that the bill is part of the HR 4204 act, or Violence inVideo ...

Cinema Blend

What Will Video Game Shooters Look Like When We're Old?
By Luke Plunkett
Who, if you remember your Swedish musical video game partnerships, also made the amazing 8-bit Trip from a few years back. [thanks Roxy!] Contact ... books 12:00 AM 8481 Do you Want to Master the Video Games? Wednesday, March 21 ...

Smithsonian Showcases The Art Of Video Games
By Zeon Santos
(YouTube Link) Video games are finally being recognized as an art form, and the Smithsonian is celebrating with their Art of Video Games exhibit, featuring a staggering assortment of games both arcade and console, classic and cutting edge.

Smithsonian Showcases Video Game History with The Art of Video ...
By Jason Fitzpatrick
The Art of Video Games is the Smithsonian's look at the history of video games; check out this video trailer to see what the exhibition is all about and hear from some notable folks.
How-To Geek

Best Video Games of 2012 (So Far)
By GuySpeed Editors
While we still suffer from a glut of video games before the holidays and right at the end of every year, game publishers are finally starting to learn to spread the releases out a bit. Thanks to stiff... The single-player campaign can be frustrating if you're not a hardcore gamer, or if you just really hate racing mechanics. But who bought 'Twisted ... Mass Effect 3, the finale to the epic series is arguably one of the best videogames in years and not just the best video game of 2012. Never before ...

Video: Game x Kendrick Lamar – “The City” at Pretty Much Amazing ...
By Luis Tovar
Here's the video for The City, the single Kendrick Lamar hijacked from Game's shrug-inspiring 2011 LP, The R.E.D. Album.
PMA | Pretty Much Amazing

Birthday Scenario Game – Video Game Edition - Memebase: Rage ...
By Cheezburger Network
internet memes - Birthday Scenario Game - Video Game Edition. ... internet memes - Birthday Scenario Game - Video Game Edition. Get Over Here and Play a Video Game. Submitted by: dragonboy3. Via: Chibird · Incorrect source or offensive ...
Memebase: Rage Comics, Forever...

PWNED « Modeled Behavior
image. Apple announced this morning a major dividend program that is set to transfer profits to shareholders at a significant rate. From the looks of it starting at ...

Are video games just propaganda and training tools for the military ...
But just how close are video-game developers with various military outfits? And how does it ...Prior to enlisting, Crump was also a keen gamer. "I learned my ...

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