Mass Effect 3 And The Pernicious Myth Of Gamer 'Entitlement'

Mass Effect 3 And The Pernicious Myth Of Gamer 'Entitlement'
The video game industry has also grown enormously. Estimates have the game industry passing $70 billion by 2015. How games are sold has also changed. Now gamers have many different options, including monthly subscriptions and free-to-play games with ...


Video Game Luminary Phil Harrison Joins Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment ...
13 March 2012 — Microsoft Corp. today announced that Phil Harrison, video games luminary and former Sony executive, has joined the Interactive Entertainment Business (IEB) leadership team as corporate vice president, with an emphasis on growing the ...

Are video games art? Draw your own conclusions
By Mike Snider, USA TODAY Sure, the three-dimensional vistas explored in video games such as Super Mario Galaxy and Halo are enchanting, immersive and often dramatic. But, as the age-old question goes, are they art? 'Mass Effect 2' is one of the games ...


Video-game review: 'MLB 12 The Show,' 'Nicktoons MLB 3D'
Bellingham Herald
By BILLY O'KEEFE - McClatchy-Tribune "MLB The Show" has been the undisputed king of baseball sims for at least five years running, and even though the 2012 edition's additions rank on the weak side, this remains the case. For the second straight year, ...

Faith Fueled Violence Invades Video Games
Huffington Post (blog)
There are types of conflict that don't translate well to a console game format: I couldn't imagine an entertaining video game on the US monetary policy. Violence translates visually into something that entertains. Given the history of religion, ...

Gamer doesn't let disability slow him down
WTSP 10 News
Who lets their kids play video games all day? Well, when you get to know Coby Yamauchi, you quickly see that gaming is his lifeline. "We encourage him to be competitive in sports and this is his sport," Coby's dad, Ken, explains.

WTSP 10 News

Maybe Video Game Reviewers Are Con Men. Maybe.
Video game publishers see game reviewers as marketing tools. Publishers sometimes allow positive reviews to be published before negative ones. Publishers sometimes require game reviewers to not mention certain plot or technical details in exchange for ...

3 Severe Cases of Gamer Entitlement
Crave Online
Yet, this kind of thing happens all the time, especially in the wonderful world of video games. Recently, BioWare has come under fire from their fans for multiple reasons. Firstly, a legion of diehard Mass Effect fans are very upset that BioWare ...

The Art of Video Games exhibit
The game “is a prominent example of the complexity that can be captured in video-gamenarratives,” say co-authors Chris Melissinos and Patrick O'Rourke in The Art of Video Games — From Pac-Man to Mass Effect 2 (Welcome Books, $40).

Aspiring Video Game Designers Tee-up for Golden Tee Golf's Design-a-Hole ...
MarketWatch (press release)
ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill., Mar 13, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Lots of kids want to become video game designers when they grow up. And apparently, many still want to after they grow up. Just ask Jim Zielinski, designer of the #1 video bar game, ...

The Art of Video Games Opens This Week (blog)
A panel member at that conference, Chris Melissinos—former chief gaming officer for Sun Microsystems, frequent speaker at gaming and technology shows, and avidvideo game collector—was asked to guest curate. “Video games are more than what people ... (blog)

Gamer's Grasp: Women in Games
Baruch College The Ticker
Over time, the video game industry has manifested itself from two-dimensional tennis simulators to three-dimensional full-length cinematic experiences. Granted, the media has matured in some aspects regarding technology, story and even gameplay.

VIDEO GAME REVIEW: 'Twisted Metal' worthy of the name
Central Michigan Life
By Jordan LaPorte on March 13, 2012 11:00 am in Reviews / no comments The popularity of vehicular-combat games was at its height in the late '90s, and “Twisted Metal” was one of the most beloved series representing the genre.

Central Michigan Life

Food and Video Games
Smithsonian (blog)
Furthermore, ever since the video game boom of the late 1970s, games have been used as a means to advertise products—including edibles. While “advergaming” may be a recent piece of Internet age jargon to describe web-based games created to market a ...

Video Game Deal: Assassin's Creed: Revelations
Geeks of Doom
The video game deal of the day over at Amazon today is Assassin's Creed: Revelations for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 for $29.99 each (that's 50% off the list price of $59.99). Note, this sale is valid only for today, Tuesday, March 13, 20112, ...

Geeks of Doom

Video Game Quick Hits 3/13/2012
Big Shiny Robot!
I'm generally a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, but I've always avoided the video games. I just can't wrap my brain around it being any good. How can they port the constantly changing styles from each match into a game? How can they the technical grappling ...

Big Shiny Robot!

Codemasters Extends Video Game Partnership With F1
Today, Formula One World Championship Limited and Codemasters have agreed to a multi-year extension for multiple titles across video game consoles, personal computers, mobile devices, and online platforms. “Codemasters has created some of the best and ...

How Video Games Draw Us In and Hold Us Spellbound
by Scott Rigby and Richard M. Ryan Glued to Games: How Video Games Draw Us In And Hold Us Spellbound by Scott Rigby and Richard M. Ryan does in many ways go in the opposite direction of much of the current research on video games.

Cops: Woman used video game to lure teen for sex
Danbury News Times
A Maine woman is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old local boy she met while playing a video game online. Police said Cassandra Grant, 21, met the boy in March 2011 while playing ìModern Warfare: Call of Duty,î and developed a relationship with ...

New video game releases
Kansas City Star
Walgreens: When you purchase 25 4×6 prints you can get 25 for free! Just use the code PRINTS4U at checkout! Free Sample: See if you qualify for a free sample of Gevalia Coffee, courtesy of Target. (Note that I had the best luck requesting mine through ...

Video Game Character or My Little Pony? Yes.
Some would say that the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic phenomenon has nothing at all to do with video games. I've got several images that prove otherwise. Grown men in love with a cartoon aimed at little girls? Preposterous! Outrageous!

Parkinson's patients test video games as therapy (video)
Parkinson's patients recently took part in a University of California at San Francisco study to see if special video games could replace their regular exercises. Scientific researchers and game developers came together to create the therapeutic games.

“Mass Effect 3” revolutionizes the video game industry
Binghamton University Pipe Dream
I don't care if you've never played a video game in your entire life. You could pick up an Xbox controller and not know which side is up, it doesn't matter. Sure, “Modern Warfare 3” is the best-selling game in video game history, but we all know that ...

Binghamton University Pipe Dream

Video Game Journalism Needs An Enema And I'm The Doctor
It's bad enough that video games in general get a bad wrap, but now bad game journalism is fucking it up for us even more. I would expect that sites that get MILLIONS of hits of traffic would follow standard practices and FACT CHECK before posting a ...


Video Game Review: 'Major League Baseball 2K12' Strikes Out Swinging
CHICAGO – I have long-defended 2K Sports' “Major League Baseball” franchise, more commonly referred to as “MLB2K,” against the claims that it doesn't compare to Sony's more acclaimed “MLB The Show” and encouraged hardcore baseball fans to play both ...

Xbox Live Arcade achievement/gamer score policy changing April 1st.
Microsoft has confirmed that starting April 1st all Xbox Live Arcade games will have their mandatory cap of 20 achievements/200 gamer score raised. The limits are being raised to 30 achievements instead of 20, and 400 gamer score instead of 200.

This week in Video Game Criticism: From ME3's ideological dissonance to ...
Dan Cox leads the way this week with an interesting podcast featuring two of the Critical Distance team, Eric Swain and David Carlton, as well as several other stars in a conversation on the nature of play. This week in Video Game Criticism : From ME3 ...


Experience 40 years of video games at the Smithsonian
In video games, there are three voices: the creator, the game and the player. Through gaming, the player gets to inject his own morality and worldview, says the exhibit's curator Chris Melissinos. (Courtesy of YouTube) WASHINGTON - It might sound ...


German Video Games Sales Hit $2.6 Billion
Hollywood Reporter
COLOGNE, Germany -- No sign of a downturn in Germany's gaming industry, as figures released Tuesday show revenues from gaming up 3.5 percent to $2.6 billion (€2 billion) last year. The figures, from marketing institute GfK, suggest online gaming is ...

Hollywood Reporter

Gamer's Domain #6 for 3/13/12
Marshalltown Times Republican (blog)
Hello and welcome to Gamer's Domain #6! I'm Levi Castle, and I am extremely tired. This week's post will be shorter than the others, as I have a MASSIVE day ahead of me tomorrow and need the 5 hours of sleep I've got left until I have to get up.

The Smithsonian Weighs In On Video Game 'Art - ArtsJournal: Daily ...
The Smithsonian Weighs In On Video Game 'Art' "There is a tremendous amount of artistry that goes into video games. The final product, especially at the triple-A level, is a consumer good; it's entertainment. You could certainly make the same ...
ArtsJournal: Daily Arts News - Visual

Gamer Doesn't Let Disability Slow Him Down « CBS Sacramento
By snelsonkovr
It's a gamer's dream: some of the top Halo players in the world gathered in a Davis living room with a setup that beats any arcade. ... Who lets their kids play video games all day? Well, when you get to know Coby Yamauchi, you quickly see ...
CBS Sacramento

New Video Games For the Week Of 3/13: Doctors and Gangsters
By Charles Webb
Most of you are probably still playing Mass Effect 3 on your game machine of choice, but just in case you've finished it (or simply in need of a break from saving the known universe), a couple of smaller releases are out this week to tide you ...
MTV Multiplayer

Video Game Classics Don't Stand a Chance Against the Mighty ...
By Veronique Medrano
From the funnily demented mind that gave Youtube the 'Annoying Orange', gives Chuck Norris enthusiasts brings their darkest gamer fantasy to life. We get to see Chuck Norris go head to head against some classic icons in the ...

Which Video Game Company Got Their Start Manufacturing Playing ...
By Jason Fitzpatrick
Answer: Nintendo. The majority of modern video game companies got their start in the later part of the 20th century with the rise in popularity of arcade and then console gaming. Nintendo, however, can trace its roots all the way back to the late ...
How-To Geek

You got food in my video games. | So Good
By Mark
Food items as a part of video games are not a new thing, I'm not too proud to admit that I spent many hours playing the Burger Time arcade game as a kid. For those of you unaware, burger time was game where you, as a portly chef, walked ...
So Good

NES Controller Top: For Gamer Girls with 8-Bit Style - Technabob
By Conner Flynn
This gamer girl top looks great and is super stylish. Perfect for the geeky girl who wants stripes on top and an old school NES controller at her waist. The D-Pad and buttons are in the perfect spots for tickling, so I think I would be tempted to do ...

Sean Astin – A Gamer with a Passion for Others | ArmorBlog
By Justin
1.Before ArmorGames was Armor, it was GamesofGondor and we featured Medieval and Lord of the Rings themed games. Do you ever play video games? If so, what are some of your favorite games? I am a GAMER!!!! My favorite game of all ...
ArmorBlog - The Armor Games Blog

Oh, Sleeper To Release “Stand Your Ground” Video Game This ...
By wookubus
“This adventure allows the gamer to step into the boots of a warrior, pick up his axe, and traverse through the storyline of our latest album, Children of Fire. We are always looking ... perfect way to do this. Plus, who doesn't love video games!?” ... - Metal, Hardcore...

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Set to Play Video Game Themed ...
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Set to Play Video Game Themed Concert. Post by Eorl @ 03:17pm 13/03/12 | 4 Comments. Video Games Unplugged: Symphony of Legends is an event being performed by the Melbourne Symphony ...
AusGamers :: News

The Walking Dead Video Game to be Released in May? | Daily Dead
By Jonathan James
We've been covering Telltale Games' development of The Walking Dead video game since it was announce last year. While we've seen a number of screenshots and videos, we haven't had any solid release information. Now, it appears that ...
Daily Dead

“Journey” Video Game & Official Launch Trailer Released
By Robb Orr
“Journey” Video Game & Official Launch Trailer Released. Every time I hear or read the hackneyed, “are video games art?” debate, one game developer's work always comes to mind as clearly being art. The developer in question is ...
Comic Booked

ScrewAttack Video Game, Video Game Vault: NBA Hangtime | Video ...
Watch the ScrewAttack Video Game Vault: NBA Hangtime online at GameTrailers .com. Post comments online about ScrewAttack on the Game Trailers website.

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