Video Game Review: Kid Icarus: Uprising

Video Game Review: Kid Icarus: Uprising
New York Daily News
By Ebenezer Samuel / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS It took more than two decades for Nintendo to revisit the Kid Icarus franchise. But the underrated icon's return was well worth the wait. It took more than two decades for Nintendo to revisit the Kid Icarus ...

New York Daily News

Video-game review: 'Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City'
Bellingham Herald
By BILLY O'KEEFE - McClatchy-Tribune If you assembled a focus group of people who've never played a "Resident Evil" game and tasked them with designing the next one, "Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City" very well might be what they conceive by day's ...

Video Game review: In space, no one can hear these 'Angry Birds' crash
Salt Lake Tribune
Video Game •Those furious feathered friends who have landed on just about every mobile phone on Earth have returned to rob us of even more work time. "Angry Birds Space" (iOS, Android, PC and Mac) is the first true sequel to the biggest-selling mobile ...

Online gamer 888's earnings nearly double
| March 27 (Reuters) - British online gaming company 888 Holdings' full-year earnings nearly doubled, helped by strong growth of its casino and poker offering, and the company named Brian Mattingley as chief executive. The company, which operates 888 ...

Video Game Developer Loses $7 Million Award
Courthouse News Service
By BONNIE BARRON HOUSTON (CN) - A federal judge rejected the $7 million arbitration award issued in favor of the publishers of "Section 8" video game. In December 2009, video-gamedeveloper TimeGate sued Gone Off Deep dba Gamecock Media Group and ...

Online video games may expose kids to violent language, experts warn
Experts warn that's exactly what could be happening if you let your child play an online video game through Xbox, PlayStation or on the computer. Matthew Kinney loves to play online video games with his sons. What he doesn't love?

New video game releases
Kansas City Star
There are some hot deals on toys at Target right now. Between printable manufacturer's coupons and Target store coupons, you can get great deals – like Battleship and a Hasbro Card Game of your choice for just $5!! Catch up on all of the details right ...

Video Game Review: 'Tales of Graces f' Excites with Fights, Stumbles with Story
If you are a gamer that likes to accomplish every part of a game, you will want to make sure to look over what items you will need to hold onto before you end up selling something you needed. The merchants do come in handy, however, as many items you ...

5 Ways a Hunger Games Video Game Could Work, Killer Kids and All
Sooner or later, we're going to get a video game based on The Hunger Games. No film can be as popular as this one, raking in just under $155 Million opening weekend, and not bring a huge amount of tie-in products in its wake, video games included.

US Military Funds Effort to Hack Video Game Consoles
Popular video game consoles such as Nintendo's Wii and Microsoft's Xbox 360 may resemble the new battlefields for national security in the eyes of the US military. The US Navy has begun funding a project to hack previously owned game consoles in an ...

Haney book, Tiger video game hit stores
A new tell-all book by former Tiger Woods swing coach Hank Haney arrived in stores, the same day the golf star's new video game hit the shelves as well. The well-timed product releases come two days after Woods ended a two-and-a-half-year win drought ...

Video Game Quick Hits 3/27/2012
Big Shiny Robot!
We all know the Mass Effect 3 ending has been somewhat controversial. It's been a little troublesome to discuss while avoiding spoilers as the game is still new. Late last week Arse-bot decided it was time to blow this wide open, and spoilers be damned ...

Big Shiny Robot!

Amazon 'All Video Games Gold Box Event' offers PS3 for $259.99
As most of you know by now, Amazon is hosting an "All Video Games Gold Box Event" today. Every two hours a new video game product will be on sale. Like most Gold Box deals, when the new product is available, the previous one expires.


Australian capital receives R18+ classification for video games
by Mike Rose [Console/PC, Business] The saga surrounding Australia's proposed R18+ rating for video games may finally be coming to an end, as the country's capital Canberra will have access to the rating from next week.

New Video Games For the Week Of 3/27: Slim Pickins? (blog)
With a new downloadable South Park game along with the fascinating monochromatic puzzler Closure, we might secretly have some hidden treasure available on consoles this week. Oh, and Silent Hill: Book of Memories for the Vita has been delayed. (blog)

Town centre video games store is axed
Halifax Evening Courier
Administrators Pricewaterhouse Coopers closed 227 stores and 2100 jobs after being called into the troubled video games retailer. A spokesperson for PwC said talks were ongoing with parties who have expressed an interest in buying parts of the business ...

Halifax Evening Courier

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13: Gameplay Review and Features for Hit Golf Video Game
Bleacher Report
Timing is everything, and that has never been more apparent than right now for Tiger Woods and EA Sports. On Sunday, Tiger wrapped up his first win in almost three years, and today Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is released. To further increase the actual ...

Bleacher Report

PERRIS: Video game tournament set for library
The video game contest is at 3 pm April 11 in the community room. Admission is free. Winners will get prizes. Everyone will get snacks, drinks and the chance to compete. The library is at 163 E. San Jacinto Ave., Perris. In Firefox, go to Tools / Clear ...

Why BioWare Needs Gamers to Make True Art
Wired News
These are issues that do affect the fundamental trust relationship of the gamercommunity and BioWare, as the multiple kerfuffles demonstrate. But, the real change happening, in my opinion, is the paradigm shift of video games towards being a true ...

Wired News

Teachers issue video games warning
The Press Association
Violent computer games are having a damaging effect on the "tender young minds" of children, a teachers' union has warned. The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) raised concerns about the negative impact of children spending hours a day ...

Section 8 Video Game: Judge Rejects $7 Million Award To Publishers
Houston Press (blog)
By Richard Connelly Tue., Mar. 27 2012 at 12:30 PM ​A federal judge has rejected the $7.3 million award an arbitrator gave publishers of the first-person shoot game Section 8 in their lawsuit against the game's publishers. Game developer TimeGate had ...

Robert Bowling moving on from Call of Duty
At first, the sudden resignation might come as a surprise to fans of the best selling video gamefranchise in history and Infinity Ward's claim to fame, Call of Duty. However, when you stop to take a second and think about it, the split seems like the ...

Download Code: Awards illustrate Canada's video game dominance
Financial Post
Assassin's Creed Revelations is one of the games up for a Canadian Video Gameaward this year. Each Tuesday in Download Code, Daniel Kaszor looks inside the business of video games with news, analysis and a peek at the week's major releases.

Financial Post

Horrible Food and Video Games Used to Date Back in the 80s
Video game historian Patrick Scott Patterson writes, "Anyone who claims video games cause child obesity might had more of a case in the 1980s." Here's more than eight glorious minutes' worth of commercials that explain why we were fat in the 1980s.

AIAS Foundation Supports Aspiring Video Game Industry Changers
Virtual Press Office (press release)
"The video game industry has incredible support within the academic world to develop and support students whose dream is to enter the interactive entertainment industry," said Martin Rae, president, Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.

Battlefield 3 PC patches delayed by console certification process
Speaking to PC Gamer, Bach was asked whether the PC patch is being delivered in one big lump instead of incremental updates due to console manufacturers' requirements. "Yes," he replied. "There are benefits to it, because you get proper testing.

I Messed Up My Video Game Kickstarter. Now, I'm Fixing It.
Three weeks ago, we launched a Kickstarter page for our project, "Crowdsourced Hardcore Tactical Shooter." With a week to go, we have reached, as of this writing, just over $70000 dollars of our $200000 goal, putting us at 35% funded.

I Messed Up My Video Game Kickstarter. Now, I'm Fixing It.
By Christian Allen
I Messed Up My Video Game Kickstarter. Now, I'm Fixing It. I Messed Up My Video GameKickstarter. Now, I'm Fixing It. Three weeks ago, we launched a Kickstarter page for our project, "Crowdsourced Hardcore Tactical Shooter." With a week ...

Video Games' Storylines Summed Up Differently (10 pics) - Izismile ...
By Voodoo
Here is a fresh view on popular video games. Here is a fresh view on popular video games.12345678910.

Video Game Soap Is Amazing, Gets You Clean! -
By sjohnson
Video Game Soap Is Amazing, Gets Your Clean! The controller you see above is not some weird third-party knock-off from China. It's a bar of soap. That's right, it's soap molded to look like a freakin' controller. You can buy it at Digital Soaps on ...
G4 TV - TheFeed

Parents: everything you know about video games is wrong | VG247
By Scott Steinberg
As you're aware, video games are one of today's most positive, uplifting and enjoyable escapes, and a pop culture medium that even the famed Smithsonian's now recognizing as among the era's defining art forms. Alas, many parents still ...

Video Game Reviews | RotoRob
By Herija Green
When the term “survival horror” is invoked most gamers think of one of two franchises: Capcom's Resident Evil or Konami's Silent Hill. And while the former has shifted toward action, Silent Hill is offering gamers a true throwback experience in ...

Gaming Nexus - Mistborn saga entering video game realm in 2013 ...
Bestselling author Brandon Sanderson and developer Little Orbit will be producing a video game prequel to the Mistborn series of novels. The role-playing game, titled Mistborn: ... BEST-SELLING FANTASY WRITER BRANDON SANDERSON AND LITTLE ORBIT TEAM UP TO BRING MISTBORN SAGA TO VIDEO GAMES IN 2013. Sanderson to pen original prequel to ... "As an avid gamer, I'm extremely excited by this opportunity," said Sanderson. "The chance to write the story for a ...
Gaming Nexus

Top 10 Best Pro Wrestling Video Games -
By admin
“Being that both are heavily targeted to the young, wrestling and video games seem to go hand in hand. Over the years we have been subject to many crappy games in the genre but, when done right, the joy one gets from it is almost second to ...

Nokia Fluid spotted at Occasional Gamer. : My Nokia Blog
By Jay Montano
Handsets often make at appearance at occasional gamer before being officially announced. This is because handsets playing those Windows Phone games reveal their model identity. You can see here the upcoming Lumia 719, 800c, 610 etc ...
My Nokia Blog

Helping young cancer patients cope: Re-Mission video game ...
By Todd Vandenbark
As reported in the iMedicalApps blog, the non-profit organization HopeLab has created a video game with the goal of helping young people cope with the daily regimen required to fight cancer. Re-Mission features a nanobot (microscopic robot) named ... Imagine a library with a collection of video games with the artistry of the biggest sellers that promoted healthy living, and help young people cope with life's challenges. Such an image gives this librarian hope that we might begin ...

Amazon Kicks Off All-Day Video Games Gold Box Event ...
By Anthony Severino
On top of the discounted price on a 320GB PS3, has a entire day dedicated to saving you money with their all-day Gold Box event dedicated to video games. Today's deal of the day is a 320GB PS3 for $259.99. But along with that ...
PlayStation LifeStyle

Eye Level: The Art of Video Games Triumph!
By Georgina
Many video game celebrities could be spotted hanging out during GameFest, including Keith Robinson of Intellivision, Tommy Tallarico of Video Games Live, and Seth and Michelle Sternberger of 8 Bit Weapon (who also performed). Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear Solid fame popped ... Also be sure to check out upcoming programs at the American Art Museum, including a performance by the wonderful Gamer Symphony Orchestra on April 29. Posted by Georgina on March 27, 2012 in ...
Eye Level

Video Game Controller Soap! - News - GameTyrant
By venkman
I know gamers aren't really into collecting soaps, but I think you'll want to check these out! Here we have an awesome collection of controller soaps for the PS3, XBox 360, and the original NES system. After a long hard day of sweaty gaming, ...

9GAG - Rainbow lvl: Gamer
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5 Ways a Hunger Games Video Game Could Work, Killer Kids and All
Video games' perception in the public eye has become tainted to the point that making a video game, any video game, about kids killing other kids could simply ...

ScrewAttack Video Game, Video Game Vault: Battle Chess | Video ...
Watch the ScrewAttack Video Game Vault: Battle Chess online at GameTrailers. com. Post comments online about ScrewAttack on the Game Trailers website.

How Video Game Sounds Are Made
How Video Game Sounds Are Made ... video about Wabi Sabi Sound, a Berkeley -based audio ...

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