5 tips for making video games your cat wants to play

5 tips for making video games your cat wants to play
5 tips for making video games your cat wants to play. The two-man team of artist TJ Fuller and programmer Nate Murray at developer Hiccup had something of a flop with their video game debut: Jacob's Shapes, a simple iPad puzzle game aimed at children.


Video game skills earn Des Plaines teen shot at world title
Chicago Daily Herald
Sunny, a resident of Des Plaines, earned the trip to Waikoloa, Hawaii, by finishing fourth at the popular handheld video game's national tournament in Indianapolis earlier this month. Years of preparation brought Sunny, 16, to this point. He was introduced to ...

ESTRICH: Video gamer dies ---- where was the common sense?
North County Times
I know (and try to think less about) what a dangerous place the world is. I understand that many people are concerned about the influence of violence in every form of media, including video games. But how could someone die just by playing a video game?

Watch as Beck's 'Cities' becomes a video game level
Los Angeles Times
The game creatively wraps a gamer's movements into the score. What in a more traditional game would appear as simple sound effects, in "Sound Shapes" are aspects of the song, as levels unfold as the track progresses. "Sound Shapes" already has an ...

Video-game review: 'Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD' seems dated
Kansas City Star
Email Story. close. tool goes here. Video-game review: 'Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD' seems dated. By TAYLOR T. ROBERTSON. Gamerlive.tv. By TAYLOR T. ROBERTSON. Updated: 2012-07-20T02:50:32Z. http://www.gamerlive.tv. More News. In the late '90s, ...

CNN Contributor Rushes To Blame Video Games For CO Shooting: 'Teenaged ...
In the lengthy aftermath of that shooting, the media, parent groups, and political figures all rushed to point a finger anywhere they could, frequently blaming pop cultural elements like violent video games or aggressive musicians. It would look like we may be ...

Ouya android gamer's device: hacker's delight
An interesting little device has been making the rounds on tech blogs after it was put up on kickstarter a few weeks ago: the Boxer8 Ouya. A sleek looking box, Ouya is looking to break into the home console gaming market, but here's the catch: Boxer8 wants ...

Game Developers Looks to Gain as Worldwide Video Game Market Predicted to ...
MarketWatch (press release)
NEW YORK, NY, Jul 20, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- It has been a tough year for video game companies as the emergence of mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets has caused traditional video game sales to dwindle. A recent report from the ...

Video Game Superstars Electronic Arts Tells DOMA to SUCK IT
Unicorn Booty (blog)
... join these efforts. I'm not a gamer myself, as I seem genetically unable to remind myself to eat, sleep and make those dollah dollah bills when even the suggestion of avideo game is placed before me, but I'm still able to recognize that this is fantastic news.

Unicorn Booty (blog)

Manos: The Hands of Fate Video Game Coming to iOS
Manos: The Hands of Fate Video Game Coming to iOS ... Related Items Apple cinema iOS manos hands of fate Video Games. About Todd Rigney Todd is a staff writer for WebProNews. At present, he enjoys terrible movies, weird 90's industrial music, and ...

The Average Gamer 7.20.2012: Super Hero Edition
Welcome back to the Average Gamer. This week we get the release of the next Batman movie, The Dark Knight ... This is normally a refreshing and entertaining turn for video games. There have been some terrible games out there; in fact, I cannot remember a ...

Video Game Quick Hits 7/20/12
Big Shiny Robot!
Paramount has recently filed a trademark for a video game version of World War Z. The studio is currently working on a film adaptation (starring Brad Pitt and Matthew Fox) of Max Brooks' 2006 novel.The trademark is classified as “downloadable electronic game program, electronic game software, and video game ... Zombies make for popular video games, so this seems like a no brainer. I'll be sure to report more details as they come in, but for now I'd expect this game sometime near the release of the film, June 21, ...

Big Shiny Robot!

Experts Say Video Game Addictions Should be Treated Seriously
He was an avid gamer and doctors believe it's from sitting for long periods of time while he was playing video games. This raises more questions on video game addiction that studies say affects 1 in 10 gamers. It's a billion dollar business and with 65 percent ...

NJ Family Says Home was Targeted in Pipe Bomb Attack Because of Video ...
ABC News
A New Jersey family says their home was targeted by three young neighbors in a pipe bomb attack that stems from an online video game dispute. Boanerges Bezerra awoke early this past Saturday and quickly moved his wife and their three children out of the ...

London 2012: Weak video game can't reach the podium
Toronto Star
From discus to skeet shooting, London 2012, the video game for the summer Olympics, covers 12 games including discus, skeet shooting and many other sports no one actually watches. With 26 sports to choose from, Sega surprisingly elected to include ...

Toronto Star

Ace Attorney: A Video Game Movie That Works
Platform Nation
The movie does go on a bit long at 135 minutes, but it is so funny and so dramatic and so perfectly Ace Attorney that I didn't mind it for one second. If this is the way to convince people that video games (and video game movies) aren't all bad and don't require ...

"The Dark Knight Rises" Video Game Now on Android, iOS [PHOTOS]
IBTimes India
Releasing superhero-inspired video games for mobile users is one of the latest trends in promoting upcoming movies. At present, a video game version of Christopher Nolan's much-awaited movie "The Dark Knight Rises" has hit Android and iOS devices.

IBTimes India

Video games can be good for your health
Medical Xpress
Dr. Penelope McNulty, a neurophysiologist at Neuroscience Research Australia, will present new data that shows the Wii is an effective rehabilitation tool at an international conference of the Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology in Brisbane on 20 July ...

What is the OUYA? The OUYA story so far
The OUYA project continues to attract attention; the console just surpassed the five million dollar backing mark and has already beaten the most funded video gameprojects on Kickstarter. The specs. The system will include a Tegra 3 quad-core processor (the ...


Video games and online porn 'can kill men'
Newstrack India
Washington, July 20 (ANI): An e-book by a celebrated Stanford University psychologist has suggested that guys may be doomed by their addiction to Xbox video games and X-rated video dames. Author Philip Zimbardo's more startling conclusion in "The ...

Ready Up: MLG Summer Arena starts today, we have free HD codes
PC Gamer Magazine
Major League Gaming's summer season starts on Friday with a StarCraft 2 Arena tournament, and we've got some premium passes to give away to PC Gamer readers before the tournament starts on today at 5:00 Eastern. Unlike previous arenas, however, ...

Teenager killed his father and attacked his mother after taking drugs and playing ...
Daily Mail
A teenager who stabbed his father to death and injured his mother in their bedhad been detained indefinitely after it emerged that drugs and violent video games had 'contributed' to his mental illness. Jordan Ryan from Blackburn, Lancashire, who is was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, had been playing a violent video game and also smoked cannabis and taken 'bubble' – a street nickname for mephedrone - on the night he fatally knifed Neil Ryan, 46, and injured his mother Deborah, 41. The 19-year-old TA...

Daily Mail

CNN Contributor Theorizes That Video Games May Be Connected to Colorado ...
Game Politics
And now we're going to find, probably on facebook or anybody who knows him will say, 'Yeah, he did have a lot of interest in that, He was always playing the video games," said criminal profiler Pat Brown this morning at around 9 am EST during a CNN segment ... And if the authorities determine he didn't play violent video games, I wonder if there will be people who claim that he was spending all his free time playing games, as well as claiming that he destroyed his games to make the world think he was not a gamer.

Teenager dies after forty hour 'Diablo III' marathon
This is the second video game related death to come out of the region this year. A similar incident occurred in February when Chen Rong-yu died ... When he's not playing music, he's playing video games. Every night he finds himself in the heart of the battle in ...


40-hour Diablo III binge blamed for sudden death of 18-year old gamer
An 18-year-old Chinese gamer, identified only as Chuang, died after a 40-hour Diablo III gaming binge, according to the Australian Associated Press. The teenager reserved a private room at an Internet cafe in southern Taiwan and played the hit game for two ...

Gamer Grub Review: The done right gamer snack making you crave more
Nerd Reactor
Hungry and playing video games at the same time? Don't worry ... We've been fooled once before with previous brands of gaming food that didn't quite live up to our expectations, but with Gamer Grub the problem has been fixed; the mold has been broken!

Nerd Reactor

New DLC screenshots revealed for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD, which was developed by Robomodo and published by Activision, was released as an Xbox Live Arcade downloadable video game on the Xbox Live Marketplace of the Xbox 360 in North America on July 18th. It has a price tag of 1200 Microsoft Points. View slideshow: New ... infatuated with video games since he was five years old. He has been writing online for nearly three years, has written at least 700 articles (mostly on video games), and has accumulated over 550000 page views.

How An Hour With Modern Warfare 2 Made Me Hate Video Games
Finances kept me away from most modern games in the late 2000s, when COD built its empire, and I didn't seek it out after because the military shooter genre doesn't hold much appeal to me. For someone to be “literate” in modern video games, they probably ...


Twelve for 2012: Video Games Part Eight - Medal of Honor 2
Unleash The Fanboy
Twelve for 2012: Video Games Part Eight – Medal of Honor 2. Louis Rabinowitz | 20 July 2012 | EDITORIAL, MAIN PAGE, previews, VIDEO GAMES | 0 Comments. It's time for part eight, the one with the warfighters, the medals of honor and that Battlefield 4 ...

Unleash The Fanboy

6 video game icons acting hilariously out of character | VentureBeat
By Mike Minotti
1 day ago Taiwanese gamer dies after 40-hour Diablo III session · U.S. Senate considering legalizing... 2 days ago Ouya's video game console Kickstarter tops $5M raised so far (exclusive interview) · 5 things the Deadpool game needs to ...

Philip Zimbardo Says Video Games And Porn Are Leading To The ...
By feitelberg
DM — The long-suffering girlfriends of X-Box addicts may welcome claims from a U.S. psychologist that men who spend too much time playing video games could be doing themselves more harm than they think. Stanford University's Professor ...
Barstool Sports: Boston

Super Punch: The Dark Knight Rises video game now on sale for iOS
By John
The Dark Knight Rises video game now on sale for iOS. Gameloft's iPhone video game The Dark Knight Rises is now available at iTunes for $6.99. Posted by John at 8:36 PM. Labels: batman, video games ...
Super Punch

Brave: The Video Game - more footage | GoNintendo - What are ...
By RawmeatCowboy
Also check out: Kirby's Dream Collection - more pics · Foster The People Makes Their Debut In Rock Band, Along With A Single From New York-Based Rockers, The Strokes · Iwata on Wii U price, returning to profitability, being first to market, ...
GoNintendo - Console News

South Jersey gamer gets kicked out of concert over a tweet, incident ...
By Juliana Reyes
South Jersey gamer gets kicked out of concert over a tweet, incident goes viral [LINKS] · So I was kicked out of MC Chris's concert last night, by him over a tweet… [Reddit] Mike Taylor, co-founder of gaming site Game Boat, recounts the little ...
Technically Philly

The Outdoors Is the Ultimate Video Game.
By Last Island
Funny Pictures, Fail Pictures, Cute Pictures, Funny Fails, Fun, Funny, Iphone,Iphone Fails,WTF Pictures. Home · Cute · Fail Book · Funny · iPhone · Random · Totally Looks Like · WTF. The Outdoors Is the Ultimate Video Game. Tweet · Pin It ...
Lolz Book

Video Games: New Trailer For Splinter Cell: Blacklist | Red Carpet ...
By Sam The Mailman
The United States has a military presence in two thirds of the countries around the world. A group of 12 have had enough and initiate a terror ultimatum called the Blacklist – a deadly countdown of escalating terrorist attacks on US interests.
Red Carpet Crash

Get Hyped- Marvel vs Capcom: Official ... - Front Towards Gamer
By FTG Contributor
Do you like video game art? Boy, I got great news for all of you! UDON has announced that they are releasing “Marvel vs. Capcom: Official Complete Works.” The book will contain 192 pages of artwork from Akiman, Bengus, Joe Madureira, ...
Front Towards Gamer

By ClassicVideoGameChannel
Just a little reminder to check out the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD Review!! Don't forget to comment and subscribe!!
Retroware TV

Mainstream dilution, core gamer evolution « Hardcore Casual
By SynCaine
The quick exodus from SW:TOR, and the initial scorn for what TESO is aiming to be, seems to show that even in the casual MMO gamer space, people are done with cookie-cutter crap games, and want something a little more… MMO.
Hardcore Casual

Deadpool comic author Daniel Way is writing the Deadpool game ...
By David Hinkle
Daniel Way, the current author on the Deadpool comic series for Marvel, will also pen the story behind High Moon Studios' upcoming game slated for 2013. One of Swords revealed as much in a primer for those who are unfamiliar with the ...

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