Video Game Review: Inversion

Video Game Review: Inversion
New York Daily News
LOVED IT: Proficient graphics, some interesting uses for gravity mechanic HATED IT: Absolutely nonsensical story, fiddly cover mechanic wrecks controls, horrid voice acting, poor rhythm between gameplay and cutscenes GRAB IT IF: You liked Earth Defense ...

New York Daily News

NASA's free video game for Xbox Live: 'Mars Rover Landing' (+video)
Christian Science Monitor
Three weeks before the Mars Curiosity rover is scheduled to touch down on the Red Planet, NASA had unveiled a new video game that takes players through the spacecraft's 'seven minutes of terror.'

Christian Science Monitor

'The Demise of Guys': Stanford professor's book concludes video games and ...
San Jose Mercury News
Lamentations over the fall of man reached a crescendo recently with the publication of a celebrated Stanford University psychologist's e-book, which suggests that guys may be doomed by their addiction to Xbox video games and X-rated video dames. Among ...

The science of smells translates video game characters into scents
Kansas City Star
They've spent the past 40 years breaking down familiar tastes and smells into chemical compounds; now a team of Connecticut scientists and perfumers are working to deconstruct not the crisp taste of a pear or waft of fresh cut grass in the air, but the ...

Rare Video Game Collection Sells for $1.2 Million on eBay
This is not your average gamer's collection. A video game collection of more than 7000 titles was recently ... The collection, sold by a 32-year-old collector by the name of Andre, includes 22 full sets for many of Nintendo's consoles, every single ...


You A Gamer? Need To Get Laid? Well, You MAY Be In Luck
I'm not sure if this press release covers an amazing way for gamers to score some sex or if it's the most disturbing idea I've ever heard in my life but it would seem there's a new web site which is entirely devoted to the idea of getting gamers laid ...

Millcreek arcade brings video game classics to kids of all ages
Deseret News
MILLCREEK — "Pac-Man," "Donkey Kong" and "Pong." They are video gamesplayed at the arcade before Xbox and PlayStations.

Deseret News

Resident Evil 6 Hands On Preview
Gareth Von Kallenbach, Maricopa Video Games Examiner. Gareth Von Kallenbach is a syndicated movie & game critic, writer, author and frequent radio guest. on the Top Rated BJ Shea Morning Experience Show where he is the film and game guy for the ...

Plenty of Video Game Bargains to Be Had on Steam
The Ledger
The annual downloadable game sale features markdowns of up to 75 percent on a huge assortment of new and older titles, with additional price cuts on select games every day. The $50 or $60 you'd usually spend on one new game could easily get you five ...

How The Right Video Game Makes You A Faster Driver
As a professional driver and a frequent video gamer I can attest that, yes, video games can absolutely make you faster, but only if you pick the right game. This scene above is common in my household. The big difference between you and me is that ...

Twelve for 2012: Video Games Part Five - 007 Legends
Unleash The Fanboy
that's characterized the James Bond video games franchise, since… well, since GoldenEye. Most Bond films have never seen video game adaptations, and while I'm not suggesting they trawl through the Bond series, making video games of each movie (God, ...

Unleash The Fanboy

Video Game Quick Hits 7/17/12
Big Shiny Robot!
Movies based on video games have had a strong presence in VGQH these past few issues and today we get to finish with Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. Apparently this is a sequel to Silent Hill, a movie I don't remember being made. Even with the press ...

Big Shiny Robot!

Witcher developer: paying for DLC's not the future
"I see the industry trending toward over-exploiting the gamer, and I think this will come back to the publishers that are doing that, and eventually, people will stop buying their stuff," Iwinski said. "That's just not ... Steven Ruygrok, Denver Video ...

Eric Winkler | When you're gaming, 'old-school' is the way
Kansas City Star
Humans love their video games. ... p><p>Most NES games don&#x2019;t have much replay value for a modern gamer. But there are those that ... My first video game system was the ColecoVision, part of the second generation of video game consoles. We're ...

Universal, video game set to scare this fall
This autumn be ready to experience the fright of the "Silent Hill" movie and video game series at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights.

Date A Gamer Begets Shag A Gamer...And We Cringe
PSX Extreme
Gamers have long since suffered from various stereotypes that essentially accuse those who play video games of being immature, of being incapable of sustaining normal, mature, adult relationships. Furthermore, we're accused of being affected by the ...

PSX Extreme

Video Game Review: 'Ridge Racer Unbounded' Takes Franchise New Places
This is a video game review of Ridge Racer Unbounded.

This week in Video Game Criticism: From Journey to Spec Ops
Of particular interest is Brendan Keogh's piece on video games as comfort foods and our own Kris Ligman's essay on hoarding in Skyrim. Fernando Cordeiro at Nightmare Mode describes the living reality of San Paulo, the crime and the collective mentality ...


5 Hilarious Video Game Industry Screw Ups
What better way to send a message to the world that video games are not violent and unhealthy for children than to throw a party for your new game with boobs and butchered animals. Back in 2007, Sony held a crazy shindig in Athens, Greece to promote ...

"Rise of the Guardians" Game May Narrow Wii U Launch Window (blog)
As we've mentioned in past articles, video games generally come out in North America a few days before they do in Europe: American retailers expect Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game to launch in North America on November 20th. In Rise of the ...

Here's How The Creator Of Gears Of War Would Make A Firefly Video Game
Kotaku Australia
Warning: spoilers ahead. Would you play a Firefly game with first-person gun fights? Or Mass Effect-esque dialogue trees? Gears of War designer Cliff ...

Fake Gamer Of The Week: Playing With Clowns
Kotaku Australia
She's a female gamer. She's an attractive Asian woman. She's not exactly the core demographic for a competitive online shooter, but ... ... Fake Gamer Of The Week: Playing With Clowns. Mike Fahey Today 6:00 PM. She's a female gamer. She's an attractive ...

Want to Play the Mars Rover Landing Video Game?
If an exact ballet of events come together, Curiosity will land on the red planet Aug. 5. Scientists say landing the rover is the hardest NASA mission ever attempted in the history of robotic planetary exploration.

Bend Studio: Central Oregon's Hidden Treasure
Race into dangerous river basins, uncover hidden secrets and temple ruins in search of a legendary lost city as Nathan Drake in this all-new edition of the "Uncharted" video game franchise. "Uncharted: Golden Abyss" is the fourth installment in the ...

The Best Year in Video Game History
The Verge
There have been a lot of great years in video game history. Last Thursday, on #Polynauts (noticing a theme here?), our unofficial chat, someone pointed out that 2011 was a great year for video games. Think about it for a minute: just last year, we saw ...

Dark Knight: Batman takes flight in video games
Toledo Free Press
The Batman media blitz is on and the video game realm offers many choices, especially since the Christopher Nolan “Batman/Dark Knight” film trilogy began in.

Toledo Free Press

Gamer's Domain: Hardware, Software, Goofs and Tensions
Gamer's Domain: Hardware, Software, Goofs and Tensions. Written by Levi.Castle. Posted in Featured, Gaming. Tagged: Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Evolution, Battlefield: Bad Company 3, Call of Duty, Guild Wars 2, The Dark Knight Rises, Wii ...


The World's Most Lucrative Video Game Maker Has No Equal
Seeking Alpha
In addition to dominating the MMORPG, first-person shooter, and strategy sectors of the video game industry, Activision's "Diablo 3" has become the new fastest-selling PC game of all time. "Diablo 3" sold 3.5 million copies in the first 24 hours, even ...

Shag a Gamer launched in the UK
In this world, there are plenty of stereotypes – and when it comes to gamers, there is a certain stereotype associated with them as well. Gamers and geeks tend to be lumped together into a single category, so here we [...]


NASA releases a Mars Rover Landing video game for Xbox 360
To drum up even more excitement over what is already a ridiculously exciting mission, NASA decided to team up with Microsoft to turn the Curiosity landing into a video game. It made its debut earlier today on the Xbox 360, it's free, and it actually ...

A Tribute to Vintage Video Game Maps - How-To Geek
By Jason Fitzpatrick
Once upon a time when physical media reigned supreme and gaming geeks the land over pored over gaming magazines for tips and tricks, poster size game maps were a common but beloved gaming treasure. Check out these retro maps for ...
How-To Geek

Pro Gamer Athene Interview -- Raising Over $1 Million For Save The ...
By Cthuloops
Gamers might have gotten a bad rap in the past, but Pro Online Gamer Athene has over a million reasons why gamers are not slackers. Thanks to donations from gamers around the world, as well as...
G4 TV - TheFeed
Gaben Has All Your Money - Video Games - Memebase
By Cheezburger Network
video game memes - Gaben Has All Your Money. ... Video Games - memes, game lols, captions,. I Can Has ... Create or find a funny Video Game Meme? Make sure ... if video games had a god, would Gabe be considered a demi-god? Reply ...
Video Games - Memes, Captions,...

Need for Speed: The Run Video Game For Xbox 360 or PS3 only ...
By madamedeals
Hurry and get a Need for Speed: The Run Video Game For Xbox 360 or PS3 for only $4.99 Shipped!
Madame Deals, Inc.

Want to shag a gamer? | Lazygamer .:: Console and PC Gaming ...
By Geoffrey Tim
Dating site for gamers launches Shag a Gamer. Same premise - just focused on casual sex.
Lazygamer .:: Console and PC...

Powerful Egos | Sawbuck Gamer | The Gameological Society
By Drew Toal
Sawbuck Gamer is our daily review of a free or cheap ($10 or less) game. Yeah Jam Fury Creators: Willy World Entertainment, McCleod Gaming Platforms: Browser Price: Free. Three seconds into playing Yeah Jam Fury, I was convinced it ...
The Gameological Society

Train2Game student releases first commercial video game while on ...
Student game designer Jonny Robinson releases his first full commercial video game, which has now been downloaded over 250000 times worldwide. Jonny, 23, of Broughton, worked alongside six other students from the Train2Game course ...
MKNews - News

Valve confirms Steam for Linux |
Valve confirms Steam for Linux. Valve has confirmed plans to release Steam for Linux, along with a native port of Left 4 Dead 2. Feed

Video Games : Robotics;Notes - Page 1 For : PS3, Xbox 360. Genre : Visual Novel Robotics;Notes is a science fiction visual novel in which the player mainly follows the perspective of the main characters Kaito Yashio and Akiho ...
FNETS! A Forum-blog Community...

Highlights in Video Game News: GoLive to add Nexus 7 Support
By Jamaal Moore
Highlights in Video Game News. The coolest and most interesting stories and videos about the video game industry. Please leave comments, share, and become a member. ... This is going to be a mobile gamer's dream soon. Granted the ...
Highlights in Video Game News

INFO TvT Jitters - Tactical Gamer
By gijoe
I know they are out there. The people who hear the acronym TvT and turn and run. Im curious as to why people seem to have such apprehension when it comes to TvT. Personally, I love it. There is nothing like being shot ...
Tactical Gamer

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