New concept art from The Amazing Spider-Man Video Game

New Concept Art and Q&A From The Amazing Spider-Man Video Game!
Comic Book Movie
New concept art from "The Amazing Spider-Man Video Game" has emerged showning early development of the game! Also check out a quick Q&A from .... Video Games: Negative Zone Suit Revealed as Latest Alternate Costume in The Amazing Spider-Man...

Comic Book Movie

A gamer is Born
Dubuque Telegraph Herald
Johns is among the countless video game connoisseurs of all ages who spend far too much time in front of the TV, memorizing tactics and maneuvers for an overtly addictive hobby. The difference between most people and Johns is that the lifelong Dubuquer ...

Hit-Monkey Video Game In Development At High Moon
Cinema Blend
High Moon Studios' upcoming Marvel video game was revealed today. As it turns out, they're not making ... Movie news · Movie opinions · Movie reviews · Upcoming movies · Trailers · Podcast · Hollywood gossip · Video games · Hollywood movie discussion ...

Cinema Blend

Endless Space review
All of the aspects of the game can be a bit overwhelming if you are a gamer who is not well trained in the world of strategic gameplay. You will most certainly get lost somewhere ... Steven Ruygrok, Denver Video Game Examiner. Steve Ruygrok, a ticket ...

Could Cloud Gaming Kill The Next-Generation Video Game Console?
For those unfamiliar, GaiKai provides a cloud-based service for accessing more than 40 popular video games online, without the need for any sort of fancy hardware. Early reports pointed to the possibility of extending PlayStation games to other ...


A Video Game Must Draw the Line Between Immortal and Unbeatable
I wouldn't know where to begin in rating either player for an appearance in a video game. For what they accomplished, and what they ... Rating a sport's legends is nothing new to video games. Sporting News Baseball by Epyx was .... The Gamer's Guide ...

Reddit leaks the Steam Summer Sale bundles
Video Game Examiner. + Subscribe. Ooopsies! It seems like Reddit has leaked this year's Steam Summer Sale. Apparently, this is not a first for Reddit, according to Just Push Start. Valve has not released the bundles for us to make sure this list is ...

Bluefin Teasing Something Mega Man Related
Folks from the two most popular video game comic series share what's in store in one, must-attend panel! Learn what's on ... Tanya is an avid gamer; when she is not playing or writing, she is working on gaming crafts, such as the well-known Punch Out ...

$1.2 Million eBay Auction: Every Video Game From 22 Consoles
PC Magazine
Who needs Halo or God of War when you have almost every... other... video game... ever.

Sir Paul McCartney Reveals More About His Video Game Project
As I wrote back in January, Paul McCartney—actually, that's Sir Paul to you—told German magazine Zeit that he was writing music for a video game…and then he said nothing else. But today he told the world, via Twitter, who exactly he was working for:...


Video game consoles taken from inside Flint bedroom while child sleeps
The Flint Journal -
He first believed his grandson had dropped something, but he found someone had forced their way into the bedroom window and taken an XBox Kinect video gameconsoles and game, valued at a total of $1340.

The Flint Journal -

The Secret World And The Uncanny Valley: Why Video Games Aren't Sexy (Yet)
ntil video game developers cross the uncanny valley and figure out how to do human animation, games won't be very sexy. ... I write about video games, nerd culture, and the gaming industry. ... As far as I'm concerned it's not gamer friendly either ...


Crowdfund a film about the last Soviet microstate, a video game about an ...
This week's round of crowdfundable projects takes us to the tiny fictional state of Unterzoegersdorf, where a feature film would rope UN peacekeepers into a world of political intrigue. Or you might rather travel to the moon, where a sidescrolling ...

Will Games Like 'Horn' Spell The End For Video Game Consoles?
Will better mobile games be the death of the video game consoles? ... Of Introverts · Lists Highest-Paid Actors · Video Buffett, Bon Jovi Duet · Erik Kain, Contributor. I write about video games, nerd culture, and the gaming industry. Follow Following ...


'Hit-Monkey' Video Game Coming In 2013 From Activision And High Moon
Speculation has been swirling ever since the San Diego Comic-Con schedule builder teased that the Marvel video game panel on July 14 would include. ... 'Hit-Monkey' Video Game Coming In 2013 From Activision And High Moon. Email This ...

Video game expo packs Austin Convention Center
YNN, Your News Now
The two-day Rooster Teeth Expo kicked off Saturday, drawing thousands of fans ofvideo game and Internet culture to downtown Austin. Named after Austin-based production ... The expo features more than just video games. Throughout the weekend, guests ...

YNN, Your News Now

Conan O'Brien Reviews 'Michael Phelps: Push The Limit' (VIDEO)
Huffington Post (satire)
Conan O'Brien may not be the first guy you'd think to turn to for video game reviews, but now that he's started a new web segment called "Clueless Gamer" he's going to be.

Continuity 2 and Pocket Clothier are the top-reviewed Android games for June
Pocket Gamer
Critically acclaimed. Click to read the full 'Continuity 2 and Pocket Clothier are the top-reviewed Android games for June' news article. For more Quality Index news and Android news,

London 2012: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games – review
The Guardian
It should come as no surprise that the Games have their own game. Every major and minor competition (yes, even darts) throws up a spin-off, but London 2012, like the Olympics itself, has a much richer heritage than most – from the beloved track and ...

The Guardian

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Birthday Supplies from Birthday Express
A new theme will be added to the Birthday Express line-up that will sure please the gamer in all of us. Whether you have kids or not, ... She has attended and has been invited to the largest video game conventions in the world. Tanya is an avid gamer ...

Borderlands 2: Commitment to PC Users & Bonuses for Playing First Borderlands
Tanya Valdez (aka Beatboxtaun) is a frequent contributor at She has attended and has been invited to the largest video game conventions in the world. Tanya is an avid gamer; when she is not playing or writing, she is working on gaming ...

Telltale confirms more 'Walking Dead' games after current series
The Walking Dead: Telltale has pretty much confirmed will will make more games based on The Walking Dead series beyond the five episodes of the developer's current game. - News article from Computer And Video Games.

Comic-Con 2012: Activision Blurs the Line Between Games and Toys with ...
Activision watched as Skylanders catapulted to the top of the video game and toy charts for 2011. The game publisher will showcase Skylanders Giants at San Diego Comic-Con 2012.


High Moon reveals 'Hit-Monkey' game
Hit Monkey: High Moon Studios is working on a video game titled Hit Monkey, as revealed via a teaser site today. - News article from Computer And Video Games. ... Computer And Video Games - The latest gaming news, reviews, previews & movies ...

Comic-Con 2012: Actor Grant Bowler Details Syfy Defiance TV Series and Trion ...
... is transforming the Hard Rock Hotel's Mary Jane's Restaurant into the Defiance Café for the duration of the annual convention. Actor Grant Bowler, who plays Nolan in the show and video game, talks about this true convergence in the exclusive video ...


F2P Call of Duty: Online announced by Activision
GamingBolt (blog)
Hottest Features. 50 Video Games Re-imagined As Stunning NES Cartridges · 7Video Game Death Animations That Will Make You Puke · 25 Famous Video GamesDemade Into Stunning 8-Bit Classics · 10 Awesome Open World Games From Recent Years ...

GamingBolt (blog)

Team USA Announces Finalized 2012 Olympic Roster
We Got This Covered
... Cannes 2011 · Comic-Con 2011 · TIFF 2011 · Fantastic Fest 2011 · SXSW 2012 · Tribeca 2012 · Cannes 2012 · Video Games · Video Games News · Video GameInterviews · Video Game Articles · Video Game Reviews · Video Game Previews · Conventions ...

We Got This Covered

Brandi Chambless - Pac Man Fever in a Skylanders World
The Cross Timbers Gazette
I can think of a thousand reasons to hate video games. They are expensive. I could invest in a mutual fund instead. They snag my child into a virtual world every day. They are a mindless activity….that is, unless you consider all the math a Mama has ...

Violent video game targets feminist blogger | The Raw Story
By Arturo Garcia
The game's creator, a 25-year-old Canadian man named Ben Spurr, defended his efforts to gaming news site, saying “In a movies [sic], novels, television, and video games, no one is actually being physically harmed,” he wrote.
The Raw Story

London 2012: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games - N4G
London 2012: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games will allow gamers to create their own moments of sporting history and fame by experiencing the thrill and adrenaline rush of the events and disciplines that will be a part of the ...
N4G: xbox360 news feed

Louis Knows What's Up - Video Games - Memes, Captions, and ...
By Cheezburger Network
video game memes - Now Louis knows what he's doing.
Video Games - Memes, Captions,...

Bucciful's Sneak Peak- The Walking Dead Video Game | Gamester 81
By Bucciful
Yes, in 2013 (hopefully) Activision, the company that has brought us some great franchises including Call of Duty, the Spider-man series, and the James Bond titles, have recently announced that they are making a Walking Dead video game ...
Gamester 81

Video: Game & 40 Glocc Fight In Los Angeles | Xclusives Zone
By Mr.X
If you were watching Twitter yesterday, word spread of Game and 40 Glocc getting into an altercation out in Los Angeles. Here is video footage from the fight captured by Game's iPhone. Watch the video below. Previously: Game – So ...
Xclusives Zone

21st Century (Psycho)education - Gamer Therapist
By Mike Langlois, LICSW
The good news is that technology today can help us invigorate learning as never before, often by using the mechanics or design of video games and social media. Before we press on, it is time to choose your own adventure! I encourage you ...
Gamer Therapist

Writer's Block: The Video Game
By dogtrax
The other day, I wrote about discovering an oddly disjointed video game that used the act of writing as part of the game play. It was strange, but fascinating. So, I wondered if I could use the idea of writing for a video game in Gamestar ...
Kevin's Meandering Mind

The Gametwerp Podcast Episode 144 - "New Censor" | Front ...
By Tony "ChaingunPope" Wilson
We did our best not to overuse the new “bleep” sound, but that didn't stop us from having a nice romp through video game land. Tune in to hear us discuss everything from Ubisoft to Sony! - Intros. - Assassin's Creed III Special Editions ...
Front Towards Gamer

Melee Video Game X *Sat, July 28th* Huntington Beach - Smash ...
By reaiota
Hey there Smash Community, My name is Josh and I have recently opened my Video Game store. I Love Smash and would like to make my shop well known for it's Smash tournament's that is why I need you to hype this tourney up for me.
Smash World Forums

Muslims Call For Death Penalty Against Makers Of Video Game ...
By Pastorius
Muslims Call For Death Penalty Against Makers Of Video Game Resident Evil 5 After Copy of Koran Seen Lying On Ground. Via Online Welten (Google translation from German): The zombie action game Resident Evil 5 has at one point in the ...
Infidel Bloggers Alliance

5 video games with the best stories ever « Donna Magazine
By kakonged
Rachel Muenz Writes About Video Games – Photo Courtesy of By Rachel Muenz. Storytelling in video games seems to be getting bigger and more important year after year. There are now professional video game writers ...
Donna Magazine

Top 10 Bestselling Games Worldwide in Week 27, 2012
By Ferry
Video Games Blogger Logo · Heavy Rain: Director's Cut boxart Top 10 Bestselling Games Worldwide in Week 27, 2012 · Rambo: The Video Game cover Rambo: The Video Game Announced · Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection boxart ...
Video Game Walkthroughs, Video...

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure « Indie Gamer Chick
By Indie Gamer Chick
Super Amazing Wagon Adventure was developed by Sparsevector. 80 Microsoft Points died of dysentery in the making of this review. Super Amazing Wagon Adventure is ranked on the IndieGamer Chick Leaderboard. Click here to see ...
Indie Gamer Chick

Why Don't Video Game Characters Get More Excited About The ...
A video game character leaps from the top of a staircase, flying through the air, guns blazing ...

GT Shows, Full Episodes, & Video Clips | GameTrailers
Angry Video Game Nerd: Mortal Kombat Memories - 7/4 6ampst ... A veteran gamer with a bone to pick with the worst games of the early generations. ... A GameTrailers series celebrating the music of video games, including highlights from ...

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