Video Game Auteurs Define Their Industry In Critical Path

Video Game Auteurs Define Their Industry In Critical Path
Wired News (blog)
Grabias says that now is a pivotal moment in the history of video games. “It feels like being in the '20s at the start of cinema,” he says. “Being able to talk to people about what they ... In one clip, Drop7 creator Frank Lantz discusses escapism in games, noting that the type of video game that allows players to project themselves into an avatar is “a relief from the messiness of what it actually means to be conscious.” Some of it is heady stuff, but it's all geared towards starting a conversation about games. Because of that ...

How the video games industry is faring
July 12: NPD Group reports that U.S. retail sales of video game hardware, software and accessories fell 29 percent in June to $700 million. It's the seventh consecutive month of decline. Sales of console and portable software — the video games themselves ...

NBA Baller Beats Video Game: Camera Alert and Interview Opportunities
MarketWatch (press release)
About Majesco Entertainment Company Majesco Entertainment Company is a provider of video games for the mass market. Building on more than 20 years of operating history, the company is focused on developing and publishing a wide range of casual ...

Samsung Series 7 Gamer laptop: quick review
At a hefty 17", the Samsung Series 7 Gamer is not exactly what you might call "portable." It's a laptop that's squarely in the realm of desktop replacement. The system specs say it weighs in at just under 8.4 pounds, but it's still not something you'd exactly want ...


Sports Video Game News: Updated Rosters for NCAA 13, NBA2K12 & More
Bleacher Report
Rosters are one of the biggest aspects of sports video games, if not the biggest. Updated teams, players or custom rosters can take a sports video game to the next level. In this the first episode of Franchise Mode, you can find out the Gamertag and PSN ID for ...

Reflect on 25 years of Metal Gear with Hideo Kojima
At Kojima Productions I'm a director, producer, and designer of video games; I have control over the budget, and more say in what to do or what not to do, especially regarding hiring. ... Tanya Valdez,Video Game Examiner. Tanya Valdez (aka Beatboxtaun) is a frequent contributor at She has attended and has been invited to the largest video game conventions in the world. Tanya is an avid gamer; when she is not playing or writing, she is working on gaming crafts, such as the well-known Punch Out scarf.

Fake Gamer of the Week: Watch Out, She's About to Unleash Her Super Move
You would be wrong. "But that's Galaga" you protest. "There are definitely no super moves in Galaga". Perhaps you've just never been good enough to see one? Maybe it's been hidden all these years, waiting for the chosen gamer to unlock its full power.

Brave: The Video Game – review
The Guardian (blog)
Brave: The Video Game is a return to more straightforward territory, a third-person platformer-stroke-shooter developed by Behaviour Interactive (formerly Artificial Mind and Movement). The remit is clear: expand on the film's universe, and try to recreate some ...

The Guardian (blog)

Gamer's Domain: Final thoughts on Guild Wars 2′s pre-release
As Guild Wars 2's final Beta Weekend Event came to a close, there are many closing comments that my friends and I have made about the game. 99% of them are excellent; and here's why: We think the game has reached an unprecedented level of polish; ...


Adidas miCoach video game now available
TG Daily
That is what sets this title apart from the myriad other fitness video games out there. The following athletes appear in the recently released game: Kaka, Dwight Howard, Manuel Neuer, Jessica Ennis, Jose Mourinho, Ana Ivanovic, Will Genia and Eric Berry.

TG Daily

Ubisoft CEO: next-generation consoles need to arrive soon
One of the biggest topics in the video game industry over the past seven or eight months has been the next-generation consoles people are expecting from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. According to an article from Gamasutra, CEO and co-founder of the ...

Self-pwned: Black Hat says soz for phishing attack scare
Black Hat conference Organisers of the annual Black Hat conference have apologised after an estimated 7500 conference delegates received a suspicious email yesterday resembling a phishing attack. The dodgy email, informing entrants of a supposed ...

An unplugged gamer's cross-country pilgrimage
The Verge
The idea of the Gamer Unplugged project came to Amirkhani in a flash. "It's surprisingly easy to just become homeless," he said. "Getting things is hard, losing things is easy." Standing amidst the cluster of fellow video game journalists during a showcase of ...

Check Out Taipei's Underground Video Game “District”
In Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, there are many places that sell video games and video gameaccessorie.s but one place has become kind of like a pilgrimage site for gamers and tourists alike: the Taipei City Mall. Unlike a traditional mall, the TCM is built ...

EA NCAA Video Game Exclusivity To Lapse in 2014
Saturday Blitz
A gamer can fire up his X-Box and captain Michigan with a speedy quarterback who wears No. 15 and has long hair, but that's not Denard Robinson? As video games become more realistic, the NCAA too should get real. The next step on the college football ...

Portal 2 space: Popular video game's robot launched into 'actual' space
July 23, 2012 — An American video game company has revealed there is an unauthorized stowaway on board the Japanese spacecraft now in Earth orbit on its way to the International Space Station (ISS). "Wheatley," the orb-shaped robotic companion from ...

Twelve for 2012: Video Games Part Eleven - Black Ops 2
Unleash The Fanboy
Twelve for 2012: Video Games Part Eleven – Black Ops 2. Louis Rabinowitz | 23 July 2012 | EDITORIAL, MAIN PAGE, previews, VIDEO GAMES | 0 Comments. It's time for part eleven – the one with the robots, the zombies and the slightly suspicious looking ...

Upcoming video games: Kingdom Hearts 3D, Wreckateer
Hindustan Times
Upcoming video games: Kingdom Hearts 3D, Wreckateer. AFP July 23, 2012 .... In yet another incident of addictive game-playing, a teenage boy was found dead in an internet cafe after reportedly playing a video game for 40 hours straight. The boy had been ...

Hindustan Times

HUFF: Video games aren't just a time suck; many provide physical, mental benefits
Daily Nebraskan
Being a gamer doesn't mean that you have to spend all your waking hours glued to a screen, it can be a helpful tool for self improvement, or just a great way to blow off some steam at the end of the day. Besides, video games are just plain fun to play. Bea Huff ...

Ubisoft CEO: "We have been penalized by the lack of new consoles" (blog)
In an interview with Gamasutra, Guillemot said he feels that video games, as a medium, need more powerful hardware in order to keep growing: He's gone so far as to say that being forced to make games on the same machines for the past six years is leading ...

The Argument For a Very Violent Scene in a Very Violent Video Game
The Argument For a Very Violent Scene in a Very Violent Video Game After our hero Kratos wrestles the elephant monster in God of War: Ascension to the ground, he—you—can make him stab the creature in the head. You can make him stab repeatedly.

'Hotel Transylvania' headed for Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS
David Leavitt, Boston Video Game Examiner. David Leavitt holds a BA in Humanities and Social ... David enjoys video games from every genre and is a Featured Video Games Contributor at... Subscribe · Follow me on Twitter · RSS Feed · Become an ...

Win a PlayStation 3 console thanks to Brave: The Video Game
The Guardian (blog)
Brave: The Video Game – based on the new Disney•Pixar film – is a third person action-adventure where players can challenge destiny and change their fate, while playing as Merida who is voiced by the film's star, Kelly Macdonald. Using their wits and ...

The Guardian (blog)

Can video games really affect our opinions on football?
Full-Time Whistle
Recently major clubs have been swooping for players who don't have a large reputation in the football world. Most recently players like Oscar, Lucas Moura and Gaston Ramirez have been linked with Premier League teams, causing a storm of fans rushing to ...

Full-Time Whistle

Can Video Games Fix Childhood Obesity?
Kotaku Australia
Their view was that video games could not be part of a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps they can. But only a part. I don't think it's possible for video game exercise to be the solution for obesity. At best it can be a tiny part of a solution. Still, worth reading the full article if ...

MANOS: The Hand Of Fate….The Video Game?
So what classic film would warrant its own video game adaptation in this day and age? MANOS: The Hands of Fate. ... Born and raised in Indiana, Chris grew up on a healthy diet of video games and Magic: The Gathering. He worked a number of jobs in the IT ...


Manos: The Hands of Fate, the Video Game
By Alex
Manos: The Hands of Fate, which has the unenviable title of being the worst movie ever made, is coming back ... as a retro video game: According to FreakZone's site, "MANOS honours bad movies and games and borrows a lot of conventions ...

Chromatics video game – “Geometry of Love” | GORILLA VS. BEAR
By Chris
Play the new video game based on Chromatics' Lady, created by Ivan Safrin, here.

Video Games: Waka Waka Waka - Memebase: Rage Comics ...
By Cheezburger Network
Video Games: Waka Waka Waka. x. Share. internet memes - Video Games: Waka Waka Waka. Get Over Here and Play a Video Game · Incorrect source or offensive? category:the internetsgifmind blownpacman · Share on Facebook ...
Memebase: Rage Comics, Forever...

Win a PlayStation 3 console thanks to Brave: The Video Game ...
Want to get your hands on a brand new PS3 console, plus a Move controller, and a copy of the Brave game? Here's your chance …
Technology: Games blog |

Boy Plays Video Games 40 Hours, Dies | Praise Houston
By The Blessing
A teenager in Taiwan was found dead in an Internet café after playing video games for 40 consecutive hours. The teen, known only by the surname Chuang, collapsed during a marathon session of playing Diablo 3. According to reports ...
Praise Houston

Dishonored Devs Enter The 'Violence In Video Games' - TheSixthAxis
By Tuffcub
Dishonored Devs Enter The 'Violence In Video Games' Debate - TheSixthAxis. ... Raf Colantonio and Harvey Smith, co-creative directors on Bethesda's upcoming title Dishonored, have discussed the role of violence within video games.
TheSixthAxis - PS3 and Xbox 360...

Gates Foundation Wants to Combine Video Games and Education ...
By Julia Lawrence
Gates Foundation Wants to Combine Video Games and Education. The philanthropic organization is spending $20 million to design video game-based tools for teachers to use in the classroom. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has long ...
Education News

Retro Gamer Collection – Volume 3, 2012- P2P – Releaselog ...
By Tom
Retro Gamer presents its third anthology dedicated to the wonderful world of retro and we've gone all out to ensure that it's the best yet. You asked for it and we've delivered! Carefully hand-picked articles deliver the very best content making ...
Releaselog |

Scott Steinberg: Kids and Video Games: Health and Safety Issues
By Scott Steinberg
Where video games and kids are concerned, education and engagement are always key. ... Health experts say that kids need to get up off the couch and put down the video game controller and start moving around. Politicians and parental ...
The Huffington Post Full Blog Feed

First crack at video game recording and editing - Cheap Ass Gamer
By mm2barry
Here's a link to my first attempt at cutting together a video from gameplay. The audio gets a bit messed up for a little bit, but i think it came out alright. Please let me know what you think. As always, tune into VGConfidential podcast and visit us at ...
CAG Blogs

Here Are The 10 Best-Selling Video Games Of June – U.S. | My ...
By alba
Here Are The 10 Best-Selling Video Games Of June – U.S.. Posted on July 23, ... to one platform. Although Pokémon Conquest was released during the second half of June, it was the seventh best-selling video game (in the U.S.) of the month.
My Nintendo News

Video: Game Changers (EDUCAUSE Review) |
Share Your Feedback on the New EDUCAUSE Review Online. Now a one-stop resource that combines EDUCAUSE Review, EDUCAUSE Quarterly, and ...

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