F1 Race Stars - kart racing game

F1 Race Stars - PC: "User Experience To anyone who has played a kart racing game before, whether based on plumbers, primates or anything else they will immediately feel at home in Race Stars, in fact the only hit we really get is how to use KERS on corners... everything else falls into place itself. ... never left to think for long about the insanity that is going on around us. If there is anything that gives Race Stars its own feel it is that braking is more of a requirement here than most kart racers, especially on some of the more demanding hairpins. Video options are few and far between, everyone is getting the same graphical experience here with the game running at a solid 60fps on our GTX 680. Elsewhere the cars actually look rather good, some of the more life like art in the game with the racers all having an over the top look of the real person about them. Sound too is hyper exaggerated with the likes of Sebastian Vettel having a stereotypical German voiceover, Paul Di Resta going down the cliche Scots route for his voice clips. . . .  "

Non-ID'ers Doing ID: Video Game Developers Design a Better Packing Peanut ...
Core77.com (blog)
Non-ID'ers Doing ID: Video Game Developers Design a Better Packing Peanut Funnel. Posted by hipstomp / Rain Noe | 14 Nov 2012 | Comments (0). peanut-buddy-001.jpg. This is both a cautionary and inspirational tale of realizing a good idea for a product.

Core77.com (blog)

Video Game Review: Assassin's Creed 3
California Literary Review
As with any series relying more on suspense to drive interest over coherence, all the “shocking twists” in a plot that slowly changed a video game where players have played as a guy playing another video game into an Ancient Aliens farce, might have...

California Literary Review

Curiosity Game Goes Viral! Millions Want to Know What's Inside Giant Cube
Singularity Hub
Curiosity Game Goes Viral! Millions Want to Know What's Inside Giant Cube. Video game developer 22Cans' Curiosity—What's Inside the Cube has the net all a-twitter. What is inside the cube? The answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything? Or better ...

Singularity Hub

How to Boost Your Portfolio by Playing Soldier
Motley Fool
With the world's number one subscription-based online game, number one retail video game, and the number one retail- and digital-selling game, it's hard to imagine that things could get much better for the developer. But Activision's just getting started.

Video game review: “Halo 4″
Royal Purple News
A major change is the randomness of weapon spawns on each level, meaning players will no longer rush to a power weapon and battle over a gun every game, which is a nice change of pace. The action is as fast-paced as ever, but you are no longer at a ...

Royal Purple News

Developer Of Derrick the Deathfin Details The Personal Cost Of Game ...
Developer Of Derrick the Deathfin Details The Personal Cost Of Game Development. After all is said and done, it's about $63,000. by Matt Hawkins on 13th Nov, 2012. Tweet · Follow @gameranx. Video games cost money to make. Lots and lots of money ...


Chucky Child's Play Video Game Cancelled After Failed Kickstarter
The Inquisitr
Apparently, the developer studio had difficulty raising funding, which is not surprising considering there's been a huge 25 percent drop in “core games” sales this October. Many studios have been forced to lay off employees. According to phys.org ...

Grand Theft Auto V is due to be released in the spring of 2013, and the developers promise it will the biggest game they've ever created. You see a lot of ... Rockstar representatives say the gameworld will be so large that the maps of Grand Theft ...

5pb.'s New PSP/PS3 Game Designed by Guilty Crown's redjuice
Anime News Network
Japanese game developer 5pb. opened a teaser website for its new game Hanasaku Manimani last week. 5pb. is developing the original otome game (game aimed at female players), and supercell member redjuice is providing character designs. Last week's ...

Recent Studies Yield Divergent Conclusions on Link between Video Games and ...
Business 2 Community
While the researcher does not believe that gaming developers are intentionally trying to bash religion, he does question the often violent portrayals it receives. Video Games Make Kids Creative. A study ... His recently published article in Child ...

Amid Slumping Revenue, 'Punch Quest' Switches to a Paid Game
Touch Arcade
Mashing together their collective skills in pixel art, humor, game design, and randomly generated levels resulted in Punch Quest [$0.99], one of the silliest and most satisfying action games to grace our touch screens. It was also .... Those who value ...

Touch Arcade

'Halo 4′ Rakes In Over $220 Million In Only 24 Hours
Geeks of Doom
While these numbers are massive and mean huge success for Microsoft, they do not make Halo 4 and the Halo franchise king of the video game mountain. In fact, these numbers are fairly modest in comparison to the Call of Duty franchise, who, as a whole,...

Geeks of Doom

Ubisoft might be looking to hire Cliff Bleszinski
GamingBolt (blog)
Cliff Bleszinski, the man behind Gears of War, recently left Epic Games and has been looking to join other development teams. He even offered Capcom ... But now it looks like Ubisoft might be interesting in acquiring the services of the outspoken ...

GamingBolt (blog)

Faceless: Slender Man stalks, blocks Greenlight's top game from Steam
'Unknown entity that vaguely resembles a male figure' wasn't invented by whoever started the Slender Man craze and it would be unreasonable to question every horror film or video game that featured it. I think Faceless would never have been in this ...

Crysis franchise struggles to break even, eyes F2P
TG Daily
One of the most popular and seemingly successful video game franchises on the scene today is EA'a and Crytek's Crysis franchise. ... However, raw sales don't necessarily equate to financial success, at least from a developers point of view. Indeed, it ...

TG Daily

Postscript: The story of 'Dishonored'
Video Game Writers
Dishonored's debut trailer, which was posted way back in April, did a better job of presenting the world and Corvo's place in it than most of the resulting video game did. It showed a conversation between Corvo and the Outsider while Corvo was in jail, ...

Video Game Writers

Revolution: The story of Wii
Initially, before pitching to games firms, Tom Quinn first used gyroscope technology to control aircraft Three years later, just months after Gates handed control of his software empire to Steve Ballmer, one such unknown garage inventor was knocking on ...

The Making of Need for Speed Most Wanted on The Downshift
MotorTrend Magazine
While we would never encourage trying to elude the cops in real life, we can however, encourage it in the upcoming Need For Speed Most Wanted video game. On this week's episode of The Downshift, we take you to Criterion Games in the U.K. and speak to ...

MotorTrend Magazine

Live Gamer to Power Payments for GREE in 46 Countries Worldwide
Press News
Game developers can now use the HTML5-based GREE platform to publish games across platforms and monetize worldwide by accepting credit cards, mobile payments, and other methods in local currencies spanning 46 countries and six continents. ... With an ...

Freeze Tag CEO Updates Shareholders on the Mobile Game Company's Progress
14, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Craig Holland, CEO of Freeze Tag (OTCQB:FRZT), a developerof family friendly games for tablets and smartphones, updated shareholders today on the mobilegame company's progress in reaching its corporate objectives.

DLC abuse will ruin the future of gaming
The Daily Cougar
There is no doubt that video gaming will ever be the same thanks to the online component that allows gamers to play titles with people anywhere in the world at the press of a button, but the video game companies may use this to exploit gamers for every ...

Devil's Advocate: These games distract from smaller, more creative titles
The Daily Titan
The problem is, he views games with an outsider's perspective. He didn't grow up with video games in his life (while I assume he did with movies) and experienced the emotions a fantastic game can instill in a player. The general public has the same ...

Videogame Bigotry and the Illusion of Freedom
And that's the artistry of game design: bringing the player to accept and solve problems within the rules of a fictitious world. While you can passively enjoy a movie or book without really “buying” its logic, refusing to think within the logic of a ...

'Borderlands 2' entices first-person shooter fans with plot, action, humor
Kansas State Collegian
When looking at video game profits for 2012, it's hard to overlook video game giant 2K. Founded in 2005, 2K is one of the leading game developers in the world. With the release of “Borderlands 2″ on Sept. 18, 2K's parent company, Take-Two Interactive...

Kansas State Collegian

Splinter Cell: Blacklist – New Stealthy Video Revealed
The game's newest trailer, commented over by Zack Cooper, Community Developer, features a dark and shadowy environment that will be featured in this new Splinter Cellgame, alongside Chaos Theory's classic mechanic Closer Than Ever. Per Cooper ...


The future world of 'Call of Duty: Black Ops II'
CNN International
However, Treyarch Studio Head Mark Lamia said the bigger challenge for the game's developerswas creating futuristic tech for 2025 that would be both recognizable and unpredictable. "Once you go beyond 10 years out, I think there is quite a bit of ...

Profile: Ouya
IEEE Spectrum
Video game consoles are dying—and not in cheerfully animated explosions that allow restarts at the twitch of a button. Consoles like Sony's PlayStation, Nintendo's Wii, and Microsoft's Xbox once ruled the game universe. Now people are increasingly ...

Meet The Boy Who Wants To Change Your Life
Now Harry Lee is focused on creating video games that recalibrate the way you think about play, what play is capable of. Harry Lee wants to ... Will you engage in this game? Another scenario: a stranger approaches you. Randomly, he challenges you to an ...

'Hawken' Gets Graphic Novel, Preview Issues Include Beta Code
Archaia Entertainment and Meteor Entertainment have teamed up with comiXology to debut four, free exclusive digital preview issues of Hawken: Genesis, a hardcover graphic novel based on the highly anticipated online video game, Hawken! Today marks ...

C-Blogs RSS
Destructoid (blog)
Hey there random human or perhaps alien if you've infiltrated our world and society and you're currently masquerading as a human and decided to blend in online on video game websites in which case tell me why the f... that Engineer from Prometheus ...

Company of Heroes 2: Understanding the Past Through Gaming
Gaming Illustrated
It may be possible that increasingly realistic video games could offer a way to help understand these historically distant experiences. Role playing ... In an interview published on YouTube, Company of Heroes 2's Game Director Quinn Duffy explains the ...

Zone of the Enders HD Collection Review for Xbox 360, PS3
Gaming Age
They completely remade the game with a better graphical engine without sacrificing what made thegame a classic in the first place. While I know all these games being given a facelift have is a wish and a prayer, if I were the developer, I'd at least ...

Google's Android finally gets respect from developers
(MENAFN - Arab News) The mobile video game, 'Kingdoms at War' is popular with owners of Apple Inc's iPhone and Google Inc's Android smartphones alike. But for the game's maker, there is a very important difference - it earns more ... Smule, another ...

FORGE Interview with Dark Vale Games
Capsule Computers
In effort to provide the most up-to-date knowledge in the video game world, Capsule Computers strives to get in touch with those behind the game's creation. Dark ValeGames ... As a developer what class was your most favorite to work on and why? I ...
Capsule Computers

IPhone 5 Bug: Screen Stops Responding on Diagonal Swipes
The Droid Guy
First came the bubbling or ghosting effect on the display, next came issues with Wi-Fi connectivity, then came the disappointing Apple Maps fiasco, and now, a UK based game developer- CMA Megacorp has discovered another potential glitch- a touchscreen ...

Molyneux to indies: Don't be afraid to experiment
In a MIGS keynote that had to be delivered via Skype, 22Cans' Peter Molyneux made no apologies about Curiosity, stating that while it was maybe a "mistake" to launch the project when they did, game developers "owe it to the billion consumers out there ...


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