launches mobile game as part of strategy shift launches mobile game as part of strategy shift
In February 2011, seemed like it had been passed up in the gaming innovation race. It had 150 casual tournament games on the web but had only just begun to release those titles on Facebook, where Zynga dominated social games. Now...

Anonymous targeting Zynga over latest round of layoffs | BGR: "Hackers associated with the group Anonymous have threatened Zynga (ZNGA) for “the outrageous treatment of their employees and their actions against many developers.” The group is angry with the company’s latest round of layoffs, calling them “an insult to the population” and an “end of the U.S. game market.” The Anonymous members plan to release confidential documents it has obtained that suggest Zygna will be moving jobs to more “convenient financial countries.” The group has also said that it unless the company abondons these plans, it will release all the games it has stolen from its servers for free. The group has given Zynga until November 5th, also known as Guy Fawkes Day, to comply with its demands. Hackers inside of Anonymous have previously threatened to attack other companies such as Facebook (FB) although its attempts have been fairly unsuccessful so far. . . "

Mobile Game Developer Ogmento Launches New Games With Microsoft and the ...
Hollywood Reporter
Los Angeles-based game developer Ogmento is focusing its attention on technology that differentiates the mobile experience from games on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. The company has launched a pair of very different iOS and Android video game ...

Hollywood Reporter

NASSCOM Game Developers Conference 2012: What to expect
The NGDC provides a common platform to share best practices and knowledge to developers and businesses within the Indian gaming industry, especially the burgeoning indie game developmentcommunity. The NASSCOM Gaming Forum's advisory ...
Gaming grows up: A video game revolution
Chicago Tribune
But “Pong,” the first viable mainstream video game, blipped and blooped into bowling alleys and bars in 1972, and the Magnavox Odyssey, the first home gaming console, arrived 40 autumns ago. So, let's agree, 40 years old. It may be the last time we ...
Full Outlast Halloween trailer released
In the spirit of Halloween, game developer Red Barrels has released a spooky four minute trailer for their upcoming PC title, Outlast. The game takes place in Colorado's ... for Red Barrels upcoming title, Outlast. Video: Outlast official trailer from ...

Vancouver video game industry in peril
CTV News
It may soon be game over for video game developers in Vancouver. That is the message that many in the industry are trying to get across. Last summer, Microsoft Studios laid off 35 workers in Vancouver, while Radical Entertainment let go of 89 employees.

CTV News

Gamercamp: Toronto a video gaming backwater no more
MetroNews Canada
Toronto has become a video game hub almost despite itself. A decade ago, big companies like ...This created a scene of indie-game developers making games in tiny groups at a fraction of the cost of more mainstream fare. Independent developers average ...
University of Advancing Technology Tech Forum, day 1
With faster server and game response times, unique video and image toolsets, and advanced sound coding systems that allow for the creation of far superior web-based games than your standard Facebook game, Montes hopes to inspire game developers to ...

6 scariest video game franchises
In celebration of Halloween, I've delved into the depths of the internet and uncovered the scariest video game franchises around. Resident Evil ... Created by Canadian video game developer Silicon Knights, Eternal Darkness, was truly terrifying. 0 6 ...

NASCAR The Game: Inside Line – VIDEO GAME NEWS & UPDATE (blog)
NASCAR The Game: Inside Line, developed by UK based independent driving game developer, Eutechnyx and published by Activision, will be played on a 200ft mega-screen at the track. Eight lucky fans will compete in a bracket tournament to crown a fan ...

Medal of Honor Warfighter Video Game Review
Toledo Free Press
This first person shooter continues this game series as a direct sequel to the 2010 “reboot” Medal of Honor video game, pits military heroes against a terrorist threat called PETN who seeks to use a deadly explosive chemical. Strong multiplayer mode...

Toledo Free Press

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