Video-game production is tough but rewarding

UCF graduate says video-game production is tough, rewarding
Orlando Sentinel
Teblum, 29, works as a producer for Neversoft Entertainment, the California video game developerbehind hit franchises such as "Guitar Hero" and "Call of Duty." He recently spoke with staff writer Walter Pacheco. CFB: What's the role of a video game ...

CBS Takes A Stab at Designing a Video Game Controller
High-Def Digest
... set to footage of the elusive quarterback running against SMU. Sadly, CBS was forced to use classic 'Super Mario Bros.' music and sound FX as no game made in the intervening twenty-five years could so capture their vision of what a video game is.

High-Def Digest

Video game review: 'Halo 4'
'Halo 4' is the first game in what Microsoft's in-house studio 343 Industries is calling the 'Reclaimer Trilogy.' "Halo: Combat Evolved" and its ... But developer Bungie has moved on, leaving the franchise in the hands of Microsoft and in-house studio ...

Playing Nice: EB vs. Aussie game publishers
EB Games is Australia's largest specialist video game retailer, a position that has given the company the power to affect the way that Australian game publishers price, distribute, and marketvideo games in the local market. From an economic point of ...

Call of Duty Black Ops II – VIDEO GAME NEWS, STRATEGY GUIDE & MORE (blog)
Developed in conjunction with Activision and spread across 320 lavishly designed pages, the official Call of Duty Black Ops II Guide leads you through every battle blasted area and war-torn wasteland of the game. A complete campaign walkthrough takes ...

Project Eternity: Of Game Design And Men
Update #30 is penned by Adam Brennecke, producer on Project Eternity, and delves into the technical side of things, namely managing a video game project. If you're curious how teams are organized when working, who does what on the team or just want to ...

Good Bones: Game Designs That Just Work
It could be a reference to the titles in a series that have gone before, laying down a game designfoundation, or to a development team that's established and talented, who know what they're about. It could also refer to the tried and true tropes of a ...

Curiosity: An Audacious Mobile Game You Just Can't Help But Play
is the newest game from Peter Molyneux, the infamous designer whose unorthodox titles have alternatingly delighted and disappointed gamers for the better part of the last two decades. But calling Curiosity a "game" requires a somewhat loose definition ...


Dead Space 3 Looks Like A Game Nobody Will Like, Says Mafia Dev
Cinema Blend
In an interview with GameStar [via Beefjack] Mafia's lead designer and Mafia 2's lead writer, Daniel V├ívra, made some harsh but honest comments about the current state of the AAA business of video game design, saying... “Bigger is not always better.

Cinema Blend

Top 5 Video Game Weapons: Part I
The only drawback to this arrangement, as anyone who's ever used a GPS will agree, is the fact that it's as useful indoors as a lawnmower. Since a significant portion of thegame takes place indoors, this is one of the rare weapons that you don't get ...


Innovate to Educate: Designing Video Games to Teach Math
... learning, seasoned video game designers, and impact game publisher E-line Media to create an innovative video game that teaches fundamental math skills.

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