Why console gaming is dying

Why console gaming is dying - CNN.com: "The problem seems to be isolated to dedicated video games. Video game industry sales in the United States, including game discs, consoles and accessories, were down 24% in September when compared with the same period last year. Many experts believe these decreases in profits, the rise of casual and social gaming and waning consumer interest are affecting makers of the three big living-room consoles: Microsoft's Xbox 360, Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Wii. So is this it then? Is the death of dedicated gaming upon us? In a word, no. "I bristle when people suggest as much," says Adrian Crook, a game design consultant. "Consoles will grow again and will never go away." But today's dedicated gaming business is arguably in its most tumultuous period since the 1983 gaming collapse. It's nowhere near ruin yet, thanks to big franchises like "Call of Duty," "Madden," and a select few mainstream console games. But the console's influence is waning, and there's uncertainty about its future."

Biggest Video Game Threat Is Falling Sales
Video game designers work hard to make increasingly challenging plotlines, designstories with rich tapestries and often times flawed but heroic characters. And yet that isn't enough lately to keep the gamers coming back for more. According to NPD ...


Navy SEALS Punished For Secrecy Breach Linked To Video Game
The SEALS face criticism for failing to ask their commanders for permission to assist the video game designers and for allegedly showing them specially designedcombat gear that's unique to their unit. Four other SEALS are under investigation for their ...


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Destructoid (blog)
Who am I? A lover of the video game industry. I read about video games more than I play them. The various aspects and mechanics of design are what ... If, as a game designer, I wanted to make a platformer that incorporated the touchscreen beyond a map ...

Four Reasons Borderlands 2 Should Be Your New Favorite Game
Primary Ignition
Gearbox Software has tapped back into the success of its first-person shoot 'em up video gameBorderlands with a sequel that packs a bigger punch. Fans of the original had been waiting the arrival of the second installment in the series, and this ...

Rockstar's Musical Stylings In Grand Theft Auto V
Platform Nation
But Bully was more than a singular adventure in game design and premise for Rockstar. It was also an experiment in original music, and it was immensely successful. To this day, it is widely regarded as one of the best video game soundtracks out there.

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