2012's most anticipated video games

2012's most anticipated video games
The industry has entered another transitional phase as the established dominance of current console platforms, now some five or six years old, begins to wane. Nintendo, once the biggest player in the market with the phenomenally successful Wii, ...


Penny Arcade Launching New Video Games Coverage
Vox Media kicked off the trend when a group of recognizable gaming writers went to found the Vox Media video games vertical, and now, with the help of Ben Kuchera, formerly of Ars Techncia, the team over at Penny Arcade will be expanding their empire ...

Professional gamer explains why League of Legends has nothing to fear from DOTA
We sat down with professional gamer Carlos Rodriguez, aka Ocelote, to discuss the differences between the upcoming Dota 2, Blizzard DOTA, and League of Legends, his current MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and profession of choice. ...

Hospital to study health benefits of playing video games
PROVIDENCE, RI — A Rhode Island hospital is investigating whether popular video games that make users jump, dance and exert themselves have any health benefits. Researchers at Miriam Hospital in Providence say they want to know whether players of ...

Woman Uses Video Games To Help Hospitalized Children
Jamestown Post Journal
By Scott Shelters (sshelters@post-journal.com) , The Post-Journal Typically, those who play video games spend time and money on their hobby. The young adults who participated in a recent Zeldathon spent a week's worth of time playing Zelda games. ...

New This Week in Video Games 1-15-12
Attack of the Fanboy
Gears of War 3: Fenix Rising Map Pack - Xbox 360 - Fenix Rising adds five new maps, four character skins, and the ability to level past the previous multiplayer cap of 100. By "re-upping", players will be able to earn exclusive emblems and weapon skins ...

Attack of the Fanboy

Free Saints Row: The Third DLC this week
Cheap Ass Gamer's head honcho CheapyD will soon be your homie thanks to some free Saints Row: The Third DLC. Cheapy, a huge fan of the series, won the opportunity to star in the game after placing a winning $1725 bid in a charity auction for the Ashley...


Supermicro talks multi-purpose workstations for the power gamer (interview)
Metzdorf was accompanied by professional gamer Carlos Rodriguez, as they discussed why Supermicro's current lineup of traditionally non-gaming workstations have all the power and affordability a gamer could want. In particular, the duo cited the ...

GAME hacked, customer details exposed
Troubled UK video games retailer GAME is the latest firm to find itself in hot water, after hackers breached its online security and exposed customer data. Information, including customer email addresses and passwords stored in plain text are reported ...


Mad Catz Releases MLG Pro Circuit Gaming Controllers
Remember when you were a kid and you'd go over to a friend's house to play video games? You would get there and get ready for some sweet GoldenEye action, and he'd hand you your controller. It didn't quite look or feel right. Upon closer inspection you ...


THQ respond to Warhammer 40000: Dark Millennium Online cancellation rumours
PC Gamer Magazine
The rumours started when Kevin Dent, 12 year industry veteran and CEO of the video games consultancy practice Tiswaz Entertainment, tweeted a series of rumours about THQ's future. “Apparently, The Game Workshops MMO has been cancelled by THQ” he ...

PC Gamer Magazine

Lana Del Rey Talks Youth, Music And 'Video Games'
That Grape Juice
While 'Blue Jeans' and 'Video Games' have reaffirmed our view that Lana is very talented, we'd be lying if we said we were wholly convinced by the 'easy breezy beautiful' vibe she is trying to give off -and judging by what is being said about her on ...

15 Bit Gamer: Sheik-Inspired Hoodie
Zelda Dungeon
The folks over at 15 Bit Gamer have recently made available a Sheik-Inspired Hoodie. Selling at the price-point of $54 dollars plus shipping it perhaps is a bit more than I'd be willing to pay. I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I'm going to ...

Zelda Dungeon

Zombies Fear It - Other Styluses Want to Be It; The Gun Stylus Assault Rifle ...
Sacramento Bee
A prized addition to every war gamer's mobile collection. Founded in 2007, Plow Games, LLC is a creative interactive software developer involved in a wide range of projects for its clients, from mobile, computer, console, and online games for consumer, ...

Are the Xbox Live hacks a simply brute force attack?
And I'm an xbox gamer, I just don't understand it at all. I admit I was also blinded by an XBOX vs SONY war, but ive realised theres no point and in the end they both improve the product! Ive got a PS3 and I didnt go online until this year… im stoked ...


Will you renew your Star Wars: The Old Republic subscription?
PC Gamer Magazine
If you're in Europe, the PC Gamer Mint Imperials on the Nightmare Lands server are open to mag readers. On the Republic side, The Revel Alliance are still taking applications. If you're playing in the US, check out the Coconut Monkeys on The Crucible ...

PC Gamer Magazine

Warzone Classic #8 – The Pre-E3 Show Part 2
In this episode we talk more about E3, make wacky predictions and introduce a new segment to our show, True Gamer Of The Week. *There were a few moments of cross talk and sound drop outs. Fuck Pamela Recorder. I'm looking into other recording solutions ...


The Fun And Games Of The FBI
Kotaku Australia
The other problem he encountered was that not every trainee was necessarily a gamer. Many had difficulty getting their heads around the controls. Pargman describes a first-person perspective prototype he created that he then tested with an audience of ...

Razer Orochi
CNET Australia
If you're an on-the-road gamer, we'd recommend making the space for a full-sized mouse. If you need the space, though, and want good wireless performance, give this one a look-in. Craig was sucked into the endless vortex of tech at an early age, ...

Set your own Guinness World Record with MSN
MSN Tech & Gadget UK
We've got a brand new entry appearing in next year's Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition - and you could be the record holder. So you want to be a record breaker? MSN has teamed up with Guinness World Records to give our readers the chance to set a ...

MadCatz Cyborg RAT 9 Review
I can tell you from personal experience that a mouse is probably the most important piece of equipment in a gamer's arsenal of gaming gear. Not only is it important to find a mouse with superior movement detection and sensitivity, but it is also ...

Gameification: Accelerating Learning for Both Business and Education
The Data Center Journal (blog)
Anyone who has children or who has been around them for a while knows that kids, as well as young adults, are attracted to video games like flies are attracted to light. And although older adults may think the kids are being lazy or using their time ...

The Data Center Journal (blog)

Portal 2, Skyrim receive multiple nominations in 15th AIAS Awards
by Mike Rose [Console/PC, Business] The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences has revealed the finalists of its 15th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards, which aim to highlight the best video games of 2011. The AIAS is a not-for-profit organization ...


Games, Gamers, & Gaming: Create New Character
Library Journal
My fiancĂ©e calls Magic: The Gathering “the other woman” (don't let her fool you—she's a gamer as well). I've grown passionate about libraries, too. I started working at Wayne County Public Library, NC, part-time when I was in college and have been ...

Sonex 6010 Computer Case is $70 of "Just Pure Cool Looks," Spire Says
Maximum PC
Spire set out to release a "versatile gamer chassis" and came up with the Sonex 6010, a $70 computer case with a meshed aluminum front panel and a "spacious internal design." And by spacious, Spire means this mid-tower case can accommodate graphics ...

Maximum PC

Hands-on with Alan Wake's American Nightmare on Xbox 360 [Video]
Los Angeles Times
The future of video games is increasingly shifting from discs to downloads over Internet-connected consoles, phones, tablets and PCs. Microsoft Corp. is aware of this trend as much as any other player in the gaming industry and rolls out multiple ...

Gaming Industry Spent As Much As $190000 Pushing for Senate Version of SOPA ...
Lobbying records for the second and third quarter of 2011 indicate that the ESA, which spends more than $1000000 lobbying politicians about video games every three months, paid two firms a combined $190000 to lobby about PIPA and other issues. ...

GoErie.com Blogs: Her Times - Coasting into video games
By Pam Parker
A lot of people don't like video games, but we played a lot of games that were both puzzles and business plans. One game that taught all my kids how to become entrepreneurs was called the RollerCoaster Tycoon series. It came out in 1999 ...
Her Times

Local Author Says Video Games Offer Valuable Lessons Not Easily ...
By Mike Dougherty
Millions of people play games, from the soccer field to the chessboard to online quests, and if you think that's all just a waste of time, a new book by a Philadelphia native disagrees.
CBS Philly

The Most Anticipated Video Games of 2012 | EgoTV
By Jonny Svarzbein
A brand new year means brand new video games to salivate over. 2012 is no exception with tons of sequels, originals and mash-ups to keep gamers saving their.

Video Games Live heading to Chile in 2012 | GoNintendo - What are ...
By RawmeatCowboy
Video Games Live heading to Chile in 2012. Jan 16, 2012 by RawmeatCowboy. Direct link here. Also check out: Video Games Live's Tommy Tallarico presented trading card on stage by Walter Day. Categories: Media, Interviews ...

Top Ten Contradictive or Misleading Items and Abilities in Video ...
By Oliver Surpless
As a quasi follow-up to my previous lists based on oddity in video games (Enemy attacks and customs/tendencies), this time, we are looking at game elements that have real world applications yet have dissimilar effects in video games. ...

Happy New Sweating | GGS Gamer
By Tracey McGarrigan
Recent Comments. Tom Mackenzie on Community Q: favourite gaming-related Youtube channel? Community Q: favourite gaming-related Youtube channel? | GGS Gamer on Contact · Community Q: favourite gaming-related Youtube channel ...
GGS Gamer

Gamer Spotlight - GrimBrother One - Xbox.com
Say hello to GrimBrother One in our Gamer Spotlight.

Playing Video Games May Make Specific Changes to the Brain ...
And, like many parents in this day and age, she worries quite a bit about how much time they spend playing video games. “Both my sons get on the XBox every ...

The 25 Most Violent Video Games - Digg
In today's Grand Theft Auto era, nothing is virtually sacred.

Proof Video Games Don't Cause Violence | N4G
Proof Video Games Don't Cause Violence. The infamous Brown vs. EMA case may ... Popping Mania Review - Midlife Gamer. 2h ago - Baron Von Pleb says: ...

Saturday Night Live - Lana Del Rey: Video Games - Video - http ...
Video. Lana Del Rey: Video Games. Musical guest Lana Del Rey performs " Video Games." « Back More ». Tags. Check-in. ON GET GLUE: Check-in on GetGlue ...

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