Video games drive retail sales higher

Video games drive retail sales higher
Sales at sporting goods, hobby, book and music stores were up 2.9 per cent, based largely on strong sales of video games. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim were released on November 8 and 11, respectively, and each shattered sales records for ...

The Art of Video Games: From Pac-Man to Mass Effect For Smithsonian American ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
On March 16, New York publisher Welcome Books will release "The Art of Video Games," the companion book to the Smithsonian American Art Museum's exhibition of the same name, conceived and curated by video game expert, enthusiast and developer, ...

Lana Del Rey Performs 'Video Games' For BBC6 Live Session - Listen
Lana Del Rey performed 'Video Games' and 'Born To Die' during a live session on BBC 6 Music – you can listen to it below. The singer appeared on Fun Lovin' Criminals star Huey Morgan's daily show. Speaking about her hype, Del Rey said: "Not really, ...


Kristan Reed heads up Pocket Gamer
by James Batchelor Steel Media has announced that Kristan Reed has taken on the role of editor-in-chief for Pocket Gamer. Reed has ore than a decade of experience invideo games journalism, having started back in 1999 on Computer Trade Weekly, ...


Scientists Want to Use Video Games to Help Kids' Eyes
When I was a small child my parents would warn me that spending all day in front of the television playing video games would ruin my eyesight. Today researchers at the University of Tennessee Space Institute in Tullahoma have integrated computer games ...

UK PC download chart launches in February
The games and interactive entertainment trade body said in a press release that the new chart will represent "the first ever measure of actual digital sales of video games". The project has been running in closed beta form for a number of months, ...

Video Games Won't Kill Your Kid
The Stir
In fact, toddler video gaming is so prevalent, an ardent anti-gamer like myself has finally given in as I sit and cheer my toddler on as he plays Kinectimals. It's totally a 180 from when I told my boyfriend that playing video games when I was at home ...

The Stir

People news from Leviathan, Nexus and more
Shawe joins Leviathan; Nexus adds Hofmann and Gamer to roster; new creatives at Amalgamated and more. Lauren Shawe has joined Chicago production studio Leviathan as a producer. Most recently, Shawe was the senior VFX producer for New York City's Smoke ...

New Exhibit Looks At 'The Art Of Video Games'
Computer Graphics World
WASHINGTON, DC — "The Art of Video Games" is one of the first major exhibitions to explore the 40-year evolution of video games as an artistic medium. The exhibit focuses on graphics, storytelling and player interactivity and features some of the most ...

Megaupload founder revealed to be the world's best Call of Duty: Modern ...
Kim's expertise at the online component of the hugely popular military title is such thatgamer site Venturebeat claimed yesterday: "If I worked for Activision Blizzard, the publisher of Modern Warfare 3, I would put up his bail money".


VIDEO: The news says that it's okay for dads to teach 2 year olds how to play ...
Like I said, it's nice to have a story on the whatever o'clock that's about kid and video games that isn't about them growing up to be some social deviant. And what the doctor says makes a lot of sense; if some dude plays lots of games, and has a kid, ...

Microsoft takes a stab at Sony's constant remakes
I'ma better gamer for it. Strange that some people need additional motivation to play the game they paid for, no offense meant really. But, I never really understood the need. Even in WoW which is the biggest achievement whoring game there is, ...


Should the Elderly Play Video Games?
SodaHead News
by SodaHead Gaming Posted January 23, 2012 20:08:24 (just now) When you think of a hardcore gamer, you're probably not picturing a 74-year-old man. But this 74-year-old man is thanking video games for keeping him alive.

SodaHead News

Top 10 most memorable licensed songs in video games
Video Game Writers
Ever since the technological capability has existed, game developers and publishers have looked to license great songs by mainstream artists as a sort of cross-promotional way to entertain the player, while exposing them to worthwhile music.

This is your kid on video games, and it might not be so bad [Video] News (blog)
Those video games will make you stupid!" But are video games really that bad for little kids? Fox News Charlotte's Derek James decided to take a look at what effect video games might have on the little ones, introducing his adorable son as the guinea ...

Future US Promotes Ursula Morgan to Vice President of Media
Sacramento Bee
The biggest-selling magazines in the US, include Official Xbox Magazine, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, Nintendo Power, PC Gamer, Maximum PC and Mac|Life, while UK business publishes leading titles such as T3, Total Film, Digital Camera, ...

PopCap killing off Baking Life, not offering refunds or exchanges for ...
PC Gamer Magazine
I've never baked a virtual cake via the Baking Life app, but that PopCap aren't offering any exchange or refund option sets an ugly precedent for the value of microtransactions and gamer's rights. As pointed out in the screenshot below, ...

PC Gamer Magazine

The challenge of kids and media over-consumption
Summit Daily News
By Kathryn Corazzelli Video games, TV and computers take up a lot of the modern kid's time — but how much is too much? While it seems that more and more children across America are glued to their Facebook page or a video-game controller almost every ...

Responding to figures published today by TIGA, the trade association representing the video gamessector, which show that the industry is losing out overseas competitors, Convener of the Scottish Parliament's newly established Cross Party Group on ...

Play NFL Football Video Game While Learning Personal Finance Fundamentals on ...
MarketWatch (press release)
InCharge Debt Solutions launched a new webpage that features eight video games that teach various personal finance concepts while entertaining players of all ages from kindergarten to adult. InCharge is a leading nonprofit agency committed to the ...

Get Ready for The Aussie Gamer Show
We're getting ready to bring you an all new form of entertainment; The Aussie Gamer Show! The Aussie Gamer Show is our new, monthly podcast where we break down the month's video game news, reviews, previews and give opinions on just about anything ...

Ask Mr. Dad: I'm only going to say this 100 more times
Kansas City Star
But no matter what we do or say, he seems to end up playing video games instead of doing his homework. What can we do to make him start taking studying seriously? A: Whoa. Before we get to the homework thing, we need to talk about the real issue: What ...

Minecraft Made It Hip To Pay For Indie Games
Speaking to PC Gamer, Notch spoke on whether or not they are still indie developers with Minecraft taking off to sell over 4 million copies since its inception. With the Xbox 360 port launching soon and Anroid/iOS versions already selling well, ...

Kristan Reed named new Pocket Gamer EIC
Pocket Gamer's parent organisation Steel Media's announced this morning ex-Eurogamer editor Kristan Reed will become Pocket Gamer's new Editor-In-Chief. Reed will overlook, as well as the trade-based PocketGamer.

Indie Game: The Movie gets optioned by HBO
Vancouver Sun
HBO has optioned a documentary about video games made by filmmakers from Winnipeg, according to news reported Sunday. The film by Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on Friday. Indie Game has been getting rave ...

Gemini Rue Collector's Edition announced
If you call yourself and adventure gamer it is one game that you have to have played. The Gemini Rue Collector's Edition will be available from all good retailers for the SRP of £19.95 February 10th, we purchased the physical copy from Wadjet Eye and ...


Playcast deal brings OnLive-style cloud gaming to cable TV boxes in France
by Eric Caoili [Console/PC, Business] Playcast Media Systems, which provides an OnLive-style cloud gaming, has partnered with mobile/internet service provider Bouygues Telecom to stream video games to cable TV set-top boxes in France without requiring ...

Antec Shows off New Three Hundred Two Chassis
It joins several other enclosures as part of the "Gamer Series," and features a matt black paint job and a sleek, professional look. Antec describes it as an enclosure that is "designed to handle today's and tomorrow's high-performance systems that are ...

Hit indie game, A Long Way Home, floats gently onto Android
Video Games generally bring about emotions of a positive nature whether it is the sheer enjoyment of killing countless enemies or defeating an opponent you are playing against. It could be just the relaxing feeling you get playing a casual game or the ...

StormST Still Tower Gamer Edition PC
Japanese PC manufacturer StormST releases their Still Tower Gamer Edition desktop PC, which is configured to offer decent features and performance at a value price point. It's more of a "pre-integrated PC", since even its chassis is sourced ...
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Custom Art: Skull & Video Games
By Custom Art
Skull & Video Games. Une série de petits dessins (15x10cm) réalisés lors de la convention Hedg. Acrylique et feutre fin noir. Quelques uns sont à vendre, voir description et me contacter.
Custom Art

6 Video Games To Use In Your Classroom Tomorrow | Edudemic
By Terry Heick - Contributing Editor
But if the underlying learning process is well-thought out, tech can provide powerful common ground for teachers and learners. So then, video games. Video games do not represent a “rising medium,” but rather one that's established, potent, ...

How the video games industry is faring | The Associated Press ...
By The Associated Press
A look at results from selected companies in the video games business:
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FTG Giveaway: Runespell: Overture Steam ... - Front Towards Gamer
By smikey1123
What time is it? It's free game time. Front Towards Gamer is giving away a copy of the Steam game Runespell: Overture. For your chance to win read on.
Front Towards Gamer

The Portable Podcast, Episode 121 | The Portable Gamer | iPhone ...
By (The Games Are Evil Family)
On this episode of The Portable Podcast, host Carter Dotson talks to Lumi developer Foundation Games about bringing the title from Xbox to iOS, and with Life is Crime developer Red Robot Labs about bringing their location-based MMORPG ...
The Portable Gamer

C&C Music Factory Come to Dance Central 2 | GGS Gamer
By Joseph Haygood
24 Jan, 2012. Who here remembers C&C Music Factory? Yes, the band that dropped a few infectious grooves back in the early 1990′s. Well, most might have forgotten them as they were a footnote in music history, but they did put out a few ...
GGS Gamer

"Mass Effect 3" Breathes New Life Into Kinect | STACK Gamer
By SkywordNews
One of the most anticipated games of the year, Mass Effect 3 will be out in about six weeks. More good news.

Dead Island Brings fun to the Zombie Killing Genre | Airborne Gamer
By AirborneGamer
Dead Island Brings fun to the Zombie Killing Genre.
Airborne Gamer

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