Gamer Style Guide: 10 Accessories For Teens Who Love Video Games!

Gamer Style Guide: 10 Accessories For Teens Who Love Video Games!
Huffington Post
Whether you're a retro gamer, a pro gamer, a girl gamer, a graphing calculator gamer (see: Skyrim on your TI-84), or anyone in between, it's time to score some major fashion points. From classics like Pac-Man and Pong to more recent popular games like ...

In Defense of GameStop
The Morton Report
Regardless, they're neither of those things, just a company that has spread across the country selling video games... used video games. The latter has apparently become a source of true demonic possession, or at least since a few PR talking heads ...

Resident Evil - Revelations
With a campaign spanning more than 10 hours and an unlockable Raid mode that adds new goals and features, it's one of the most complete and hardcore gamer-friendly 3DS titles yet. It's also the first game to use Nintendo's new Circle Pad Pro, ...

Young Minds: Melkonian on Children and Video Games
blogTO (blog)
In his presentation, Peter will explore the positive and negative effects of video games on children and adolescents in the context of education. Unfortunately, a high percentage of video gamesconsumed by this age demographic are first-person shooters ...

Quality Index: The week's best iPhone games – Triple Town, Star Marine ...
Pocket Gamer
by James Gilmour fEvery week, Pocket Gamer sister site Quality Index (Qi) highlights the newest games to make a critical splash in the cool, seductive waters of the iOS pool. Grabbing scores and opinions from all corners of the web, including from ...

Hands On With The Steam App Preview
Platform Nation
For any PC gamer, Steam is a vital service to use. With instant access to a huge variety (thousands) of games by the click of a button, Steam is regarded as the best online distribution service. I have had a chance to use the newly released Steam app ...

No More SpongeBob Video Games From THQ
After years of making games for franchises like “SpongeBob SquarePants,” “Kung Fu Panda,” “Scooby-Doo,” and Pixar's “Cars,” video game developer THQ recently announced that it is pulling out of the children's games market. THQ is expected to focus on ...

Playing games is serious business
The fact that every single employee is a gamer - 33-year-old Mr Tan himself has been gaming since he was six - has been one of the fundamental reasons for the gaming peripherals company's phenomenal success. Incorporated in the United States in 2005, ...

What the Video Game Vendor Selling Hot Dogs Knows About Life
It might take someone fascinated by sports video games to build something so antithetical to their experience, as Hofmeier, 28, has done with Cart Life, an independent game that released in May 2011 and has captured considerable critical attention of ...

Peoria man turns basement into the ultimate mancave
Peoria Journal Star
For the record, this particular basement wouldn't appeal to all men - only those who like video games, target shooting, music, movies, entertaining, drinking, sports, electronic gadgets or state-of-the-art sound systems.

'Gamification': businesses seek the perfect video game to sell their goods and ...
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
However, in an age when video games can be found on nearly every cell phone and "Farmville" is one of the biggest draws on Facebook, thousands of businesses have upped the ante from game mechanics to customized video games designed to keep users on ...

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Secrets of The Darkness II
Wall Street Journal (blog)
If you do that and combine it with solid game play you can lead a gamer through a story while still giving them enough control to feel like…they're in control. Pulling it off correctly and seamlessly is as difficult as it sounds.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord Gets a Technological Oasis With New Warrior Zone
On Friday, JBLM service members and their families got their first look at the base's new recreation center, which features everything large, flat-screen televisions to video games to a spacious sports bar. "It's the biggest and best," center the Army ...

App of the Day: Doodle God
By Dan Whitehead Published 29 January, 2012 Doodle God has been around for a while but, as a discerning gamer who refuses to follow the common herd, there's a good chance you've flicked past it while browsing the App Store or Android Market.

Gamers Sanctuary hosts Magic: The Gathering Dark Ascension pre release tournament
The Flint Journal -
This tournament isn't about big cash prizes, it's a fun event that anyone in the family can come and do, not just the hardcore gamer, said Gamers Sanctuary owner Chad Erway. Enlarge Lathan Goumas | The Flint Journal Lathan Goumas | The Flint Journal...

The Flint Journal -

Unnecessary Analysis: Octorok
Platform Nation
In Unnecessary Analysis I'll spend way too much time and much to much effort in coming up with random theories about inconsequential things in video games. Our first entry will be Link's famous enemy, the Octorok. Let's start with the Octorok's name.

Platform Nation

Children spending 12 hours a day in front of screens
ONE in four children are spending as much as 12 hours a day sitting in front of a screen watching TV, playing video games or using Facebook. The figures, based on a survey of 8000 teenagers in Glasgow, also show that 13 per cent spend up to 16 hours a ...

Legendary Developer Hironobu Sakaguchi To Address BAFTA
Entertainment Focus
BAFTA will welcome the world renowned videogame developer, director and producer Hironobu Sakaguchi to the stage to discuss his illustrious career as the creator behind some of the greatestvideo games, a departure into film and his return to his ...

TA Community Interview - HybridPK
This week, the screws are being put to HybridPK, a gamer with a love of art, extended responses, and RPG-goodness. This is a long (but good) one, boys & girls, so be sure to grab your Sunday morning beverage of choice and strap in for this week's ...

Nerds Nerd-Out Together at Retro Arcade Night (Photos)
Broward-Palm Beach New Times (blog)
28 2012 at 5:31 PM ​These days, most gamer socializing happens through headsets and an Internet connection. Back in the day though, there were spots called arcades where peeps would hang out together, in the real world, and play video games.

Broward-Palm Beach New Times (blog)

Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit controller review (PS3)
Again, it can be argued that vibration could be distracting in tournament play, but the average gamerlooking for a premium controller may prefer the tactile feedback to the tactical advantage. If you're looking for other MLG licensed gamepads, ...

Lana Del Rey's debut album is here: Oy
New York Daily News
In the months since, “Video Games” has been viewed more than 20 million times — impressive numbers, though piddling ones compared to the 189 million souls who preferred to watch a clip of babies passing gas. On the strength of “Games,” Del Rey bagged ...

New York Daily News

Builder Turns Rec Room into Adult Cave
The Daily Mamaroneck
A rec room where the kids bounce on old sofas between video games? Arnold Karp says there's a third option, one he calls "The Adult Cave." The "cave" Karp's company created in a New Canaan basement won an award from the Home Builders Association of ...

Kluwe Among Players Selected To Take Part In "NFL Business Of Music Boot Camp"
Daily Norseman
In addition to being an avid gamer and (for my money) the best follow on Twitter, he's also part of a band called Tripping Icarus. He's the bass player for Tripping Icarus, and came by that after he got so good at Guitar Hero that one of his friends ...

One Mini Bluetooth Keyboard to Rule Them All
By matt | Jan 28, 2012 Once a niche product for corporate presentation rooms and college lecture halls, mini Bluetooth keyboards have also become indispensable gadgets for gamer and home theater enthusiasts alike. Portable, versatile, and- best of all- ...


Hendersonville man's odyssey a Sundance selection
As a kid, he grew up playing video games and sketched out his own ideas on paper. After high school, he worked for Internet companies in Asheville and Amsterdam and figured out he didn't want to work for anyone but himself.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Cinematic Trailer - Video Games Blogger
By Sabrina
Video Games Blogger Logo · Aliens: Colonial Marines Cinematic Trailer · The Orange Box Artwork What are you playing this weekend? #1 · Resident Evil Revelations Walkthrough Boxart Resident Evil Revelations Walkthrough · Resident Evil ... Assassin's Creed 3 Release Date · Battlefield 4 Announced By EA · Beyond Good & Evil 2 Rumors · Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 Hint · E3 2011 Favorite Trailers · Gamer Habits 5: Hoarding · LA Noire Walkthrough · Let's Talk: Beyond Good & ...
Video Game Walkthroughs, Video...

No Gametwerp This Week | Front Towards Gamer
By Tony "ChaingunPope" Wilson
Our panda listener base will be very upset. We strive to bring you a great podcast each week, but with so many steps between gathering topics to exporting the final show, things sometimes go wrong. This was one of those weeks. In any case ...
Front Towards Gamer

Blizzcon 2012 cancelled | NXT Gamer
By Sandeep
Alas, game developer Blizzard's yearly convention, Blizzcon, will not be returning this year. Fans of Starcraft and World of Warcraft will have to do without.
NXT Gamer

Symposium: 2 February 2012 | Video Games and Human Values ...
By rogertravisjr
Video Games and Human Values Initiative. A different, older kind of conversation about games in culture. Skip to content. Home · About VGHVI · Events · ← Gaming Session: Minecraft, January 26, 2012 ...
Video Games and Human Values Initiative

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