E3 organiser pulls SOPA support following gamer backlash

E3 organiser pulls SOPA support following gamer backlash
The Entertainment Software Association, which represents US games publishers and organises E3, has pulled its support for the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the United States. The trade group's U-turn (it previously strongly supported ... 

Toddlers Playing Video Games More Than Ever
FOX Charlotte
One reason may be that many young dads in their 20's and 30's grew up with Atari and Nintendo and they want to share their love of video games with their young kids. "When our kids see us playingvideo games they want to do it too and we think 'well ok ...

Evolution of a Gamer 7: Independence
Ryan continues his education, both for him and his children, through the medium ofvideo games. Click in to follow along! GoozerNation has really grown since I wrote one of these articles, so I'm going to take the time to explain. I'm a gamer.


How Gamer Parents Should Talk To Their Kids About Games
These days parents play video games along with their kids. This is a great opportunity for parents and kids to keep communication open. This piece by John Cheese is a bit dated – 2010 is like decades ago in the world of gaming – but it's still a ...
Parenting advice: children and video games
The Vancouver Observer (blog)
Educator Howard Eaton was asked, "how are video games impacting my child's future? My teenager spends an average of about two hours a day playing video games, but at times has spent as much as seven hours a day. Is there hope for teenagers who spend ...

'Civilization' creator: Games are taking over
But for someone who has been involved in video games since the mid-'80s, one of Meier's early prophesies is just now coming true because of mobile and social gaming technologies, he told CNN. "I've always said that games will someday take over the ...

Videogames aren't art and we shouldn't apologise for it
Back in 2010, veteran film critic Roger Ebert announced on Twitter that games could never be art, inadvertently declaring war on every gamer who ever legitimised their pastime by claiming it as an artform. It was one man against millions, but Ebert had ...

Top 5 Video Games to Watch For in 2012
Kidzworld Media
January may be slow for video game releases, but that doesn't mean we can't look to the future and get excited for what's to come! Here are our top 5 most anticipated games of 2012! Not to be confused with Tekken X [kwlink 25579]Street Fighter[/kwlink] ...

Video games retailer, 'Games The Shop' opens second store in
We are happy to have our second shop in the center of the town to give benefits and services to our customers.” Games The Shop sells games on platforms such as PC, PS3, PS2, PSP, Xbox 360, Wii, and Nintendo DS. Video games retailer , ' Games The Shop ...


Gamer for Life
Suburbanite (blog)
By Andrew Adam Video games have been a part of Andrew's life since childhood. Buying a NES with his own money in second grade, Andrew has continued playing games through the Nintendo 64, Gamecube, PS2 and now the Wii, PS3 and PC gaming on Steam era.

ModNation Racers: Road Trip Online Features Dissected
When a gamer who has opted to “Use Location Data” posts a lap time to the Leaderboards, that time is connected to their current location. Gamers can personalise their location names (ie, My Home, My Work, Mark's House Where I Always Win, etc.) ...


What happens when a game with virtual goods closes?
As discussed on Gamer/Law previously, issues of virtual property and virtual currency have to date been considered to be matters of contract law (although any alternative view has not been tested in front of a court so we don't know their legal status ...


Gamer Plays Battlefield 3 and Red Dead Redemption on PS Vita
However in this instance the gamer in question is running off hacked PS3 firmware, so unfortunately this wont be happening anytime soon. Enjoy the video below though, and watch in slight envious awe.

Average Gamers are Going To Hate BioShock Infinite's 1999 Mode
That's because it's so tough Ken Levine doesn't want "the non old-school, hardcore gamer" stumbling into it. I spoke to Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine recently about 1999 mode, an enhanced difficulty level named for the year the studio ...

Syphon Filter 4 set for winter 2012 release on PlayStation 3
Sony Computer Entertainment London Studio will announce the development of Syphon Filter 4 this February with the release planned for the holiday season, reports UK video games magazine PLAY. "As far as our spies tell us, Syphon Filter 4 will be...


Bubblehead Game "Bubbling in Outerspace" Is In Historical Orbit Around the Galaxy
Sacramento Bee
23, 2012 -- /PRNewswire/ -- Over the past three decades, video games have become a major part of our culture, and the video games have become a thriving multi-billion dollar industry. Believe it or not, video games began back in the days of Elvis and ...

Upcoming Xbox 360 Video Games for North America in February 2012
Gaming Tips
By Harold Hisona There'll maybe hundreds of video games planned to be released in February for North America, however, only a handful of them have been confirmed. Xbox 360 plays a very special place in the hearts of the Americans that's why Sony's ...

Gaming Tips

Microsoft defends core game output for Xbox 360
With 2012's confirmed first party output looking a little thin - Halo 4, Fable: The Journey and a downloadable Alan Wake title - it's with good reason that some gamers might be concerned about Xbox 360 core gamer support from Microsoft.


Notch: “It's become hip to pay for indie games”
PC Gamer Magazine
That's partly down to people charging for it, like with the Humble Indie Bundle, and party because of Steam doing awesome stuff,” Notch told PC Gamer last week. “I don't think [Mojang] are indie in the sense of how I used to work any more, ...

PC Gamer Magazine

Bastion Voice Actor Hosting 1st NY Video Games Critics Awards
Just Push Start
If you've played even a minute of the Independent masterpiece (and my personal favorite game ever) Bastion, you know the soothing, almost brain-bogglingly smooth narration of Logan Cunningham. The staple narrative technique in new-comer Supergiant ...

HBO Wants To Bring You A TV Series About Video Game Development
Complex.com (blog)
Response to the film at Sundance was overwhelmingly positive, and now it seems that HBO has optioned the film to be turned into a fictional TV series, following people trying to make their ownvideo games. Aside from that, the show would be produced by ...

Hitman: Absolution Preview
This past week at the Consumer Electronics Show, video games were slim pickings, which was kind of a surprise to us because, um, aren't video games considered consumer electronics? Regardless, some third parties did make the journey; among them was ...


Our failure is our communication with our fans, says Gameloft's De Vallois ...
Pocket Gamer.Biz
So it was a good opportunity for Pocket Gamer's Will Wilson to sit down with its SVP of sales and marketing Gonzague De Vallois and discuss how the French publisher was dealing with its own transition. "Games for everybody - that's always been our ...

Buying These "Mass Effect 3" Figures Gets You Some DLC
Complex.com (blog)
By Brian Conlon | Jan 23, 2012 | 10:06 am | Permalink If you're a North American gamer, and looking forward to Mass Effect 3, then Bioware and Big Fish Games have an interesting offer for you. The Mass Effect figures that Big Fish is offering are ...

UK top 20 video games chart, week ending 21 January
The Guardian (blog)
UKIE Games Charts© compiled by GfK Chart-Track Fifa 12.

The Guardian (blog)

Students create world's largest video game controller
Currently on display at London's Liverpool Street Station in relation to the release of Guinness Book Of World Records Gamer's Edition 2012, engineering students Benjamin Allen, Stephen van't Hof, and Michel Verhulst has created a working, ...


Please allow me to introduce myself...
Ars Technica
and, in 2006, I quit a job doing HTML code-monkey work for NPR's internal website to write aboutvideo games full time as a freelancer. I've had regular gigs writing and producing content for Joystiq, Crispy Gamer (RIP), Gamasutra, and most recently ...

Teen's game app flies
Boston Herald
By Brendan Lynch Your average high school sophomore probably spends a lot of time playing video games or using smartphone apps, but likely lacks the graphic design or project management chops to produce a game app of their own. On the other hand, ...

Lana Del Rey – Video Games/Born To Die (BBC 6 Music Session ...
By Petar Kujundzic
The rising star spoke to host Huey Morgan about her breakthrough single "Video Games," the title of her upcoming new album Born to Die as well as her musical influences. To top it off, Ms. Del Rey turned in great live versions of the two ...

World's Largest NES Controller Can Turn Video Games Into Actual ...
By Danny Gallagher
World's Largest NES Controller Can Turn Video Games Into Actual Exercise. By: Danny Gallagher | 13 minutes ago. largest nintendo entertainment syste controller nes liverpool guinness book of world records gamer edition. Guinness Book of ...

Puzzlejuice review - iPhone reviews | Pocket Gamer
A fun and diverting puzzler, Puzzlejuice offers a new style of play, but doesn't quite have the chops to back up its brain-punching claims.
Pocket Gamer | www.pocketgamer.co.uk...

TeenSpot.com - The Top Video Games of 2012
By Aaron Reynolds
What are The Top/Most Anticipated Video Games of 2012? TeenSpot.com has...
The Spotlight

GGS Gamer Podcast #12: Looking Back to Peer Into the Future ...
By Joseph Haygood
So after another absense, we are back, and for 2012, we look to keep the train on the rails with a regularly scheduled GGS Gamer podcast. This week, Joe, Tom and Roger talk about the year end article that Tom posted with input from all of us ...
GGS Gamer

Video Interview - Tommy Tallarico chats about Video Games Live ...
By RawmeatCowboy
Direct link here. Also check out: Video Games Live heading to Chile in 2012 · Video Games Live's Tommy Tallarico presented trading card on stage by Walter Day. Categories: Media, Interviews ...

Ubisoft Announce I Am Am Alive Release Date | Front Towards Gamer
By GamerGirl
I AM alive ubisoft The eagerly anticipated post-apocalyptic title, I Am Alive, has finally had a confirmed release date. The game will released as part of the Xbox LIVE Arcade House Party on March 7th, for 1200 Microsoft points. In the meantime ...
Front Towards Gamer

Parenting advice: children and video games | The Vancouver ...
By Howard Eaton
Howard Eaton 1 | 2 | 3 next › last page » Educator Howard Eaton was asked, "how are video gamesimpacting my child's future? My teenager spends an average of about two hours a day playing video games, but at times has spent as much as ...
Vancouver Observer Main Feed

War of the Roses Preview | bit-gamer.net
War of the Roses Preview. War of the Roses is Paradox Interactive's new mass-scale medieval combat game. We take a look.
bit-tech.net Feed

Xbox Live Vulnerability Exposed! Microsoft Ignored The Truth ...
Microsoft Ignored The Truth xbox 360 video games From what started as a ..... Gamer claims to know how Xbox Live is hacked says: 13 January 2012 at 11:55 ...

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