Smithsonian Video Games Exhibit Celebrates Games As Art

Smithsonian Video Games Exhibit Celebrates Games As Art
PCWorld (blog)
By Jennifer Allen, PCWorld Jan 18, 2012 6:00 AM Roger Ebert might not believe that video gamescan be art, but the Smithsonian American Art Museum is all too keen to appreciate games as art with its upcoming 'The Art of Video Games' exhibition later ...

Virtual Victuals: A Gamer Turns Video Game Food Into Real Food
NPR (blog)
But now one gamer has made that food even more enticing by putting the virtual food of video games onto her very real dinner table. That's right: Daniella Zelli, a 23-year-old gamer in Edinburgh, Scotland, cooks up dishes inspired by games and shares ...

TIGA video games body backs Wikipedia in SOPA protest
Digital Spy UK
TIGA, the UK video games industry trade body, and Runescape developer Jagex have sided with Wikipedia in its protest against US internet piracy legislation. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, eBay and graphics card maker NVIDIA have all come out in opposition to ...

Alienware launches its $699 X51 gamer PC for the mass market
Dell's Alienware division announced a gamer PC for the rest of us at an event in San Francisco tonight. At $699, the X51 gamer PC will be the cheapest desktop ever launched by the company and it represents an attempt to snare a larger audience of mass ...

Curt Schilling the dragon-slayer
CNN (blog)
... video games were never hard enough to keep his attention. So he started playing fantasy-based, massive multiplayer online games such as “Ultima Online” and “EverQuest.” “I was always a big fantasy guy, a big 'Dungeons and Dragons' kind of gamer,” ...

Should video games pay licensing fees for using images of real planes and vehicles
Peoria Journal Star (blog)
By Andy Kravetz A leading producer of high-tech and action video and computer games is asking a federal court to rule that it can use images of modern weapons and aircraft, such as Bell Helicopter's V-22 Osprey, without paying licensing fees to their ...

Video games give seniors mental boost
Medill Reports: Chicago
Video games are not just for kids anymore. Exergames, virtual reality-enhanced exercise, may provide a mental benefit for older adults, according to a study published in the current American Journal of Preventive Medicine. The study enrolled 101 adults...

Medill Reports: Chicago has game -- like, literally
But is also a huge gamer and techie. When it comes to technology, he's much more than just a gear head. He actually visits NASA for rocket launches and works with nonprofits such as FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and ...

The effects of violent video games
On Line opinion
The gamer is induced to carry out the cruel actions later than when it is just observed, because he has carried the message ready for the opportunity. . Players of violent video games are immune to copying the action to the extent that they are living ...

Popular video games importer hacked?
Canadian video games importer, a popular retailer for many import fans, is reported to have been hacked, with the personal data of 21000 customers exposed on the internet. EDGE Online forum user random_dave posted the following ...

Get the sweat flowing with today's motion-oriented video games
COS The Campus
Get your health up the gamer way. Lose weight learning a new dance step, or compete for Gold in track and field events. Get your sweat flowing with a little boxing or slash your way through epic adventures as Zelda. All in the safety and warmth of your...

COS The Campus

What does 2012 have in store for video games?
UConn Daily Campus
Taking the ancient Mayan apocalyptic speculations that inspired a dismal John Cusack action film aside for a bit, 2012 appears to have a potentially great year for video games. After all, this year of draconian propaganda has just begun with two ...

Katy Perry Is Now Making Video Games
Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again? Do you ever feel like you wish you could just, I don't know, deck out your Sims sim in Katy Perry gear, start a sim-music career, and go on tour? Well, now you can. ...

Al Gore considers video games to fight climate change
CCL Online
Gamers are certainly not strangers to being confronted by controversial issues in plotlines and play. But how convinced will they be by a game which attempts to change their behaviour towards the environment and climate? Former US vice-president turned ...

Mass Effect 3 Demo Release Date and Information
The game will build upon the player's choices from previous games and will create a unique experience for every gamer based on how they chose to play the game. The official demo for the title will be coming out on February 14 th and BioWare has ...

World of Warcraft runs on Facebook with Gaikai
"Bring the game to the gamer, don't move people, move games," he explained. "Zynga has figured out that you put the customer first, very aggressively. You click once and you get to play for free, you share it with your friends and then you pay Zynga if ...

Profiling the social gamer: infographic
Econsultancy (blog)
An obsession with social gaming peaked in 2010, remained steady during 2011 and is only now starting to even out. But just because the buzz has quietened, it doesn't mean the growth rate is slowing. Our most recent stats on social gaming (based on ...

Here's Your New "Max Payne 3" Development Video (blog)
Video games are at their best when the game world makes sense with the style of play within it. Many people were worried that Remedy didn't have a hand in Max Payne 3. However, from the look of these videos, Remedy's endorsement of the game, ...

Best and Worst Gaming Trends of 2011
GoozerNation (blog)
If a gamer buys the game used, then they have to pay $10 to play online. Other trends included services like Uplay and Origin creating more headaches for gamers. Some people have account issues, others can't access their games. ...

GoozerNation (blog)

Surprise Attack Out Of Beta: Hold Onto Your Butts, Video Games!
Kotaku Australia
After the closure of some of Australia's biggest game development studios last year, a lot of developers decided to go indie. Among those marching towards independence was the marketing director of THQ and Blue Tongue Studios, Chris Wright. ...

The 50 Best Video Game Easter Eggs (blog)
By Ryan Woo | Jan 18, 2012 | 9:57 am | Permalink Every spring, people love trotting out their lists of favorite Easter eggs in video games: ten here, seven there, generally always pulled from the same 20 or so well-known eggs. And hey, there's nothing ...

The Fun And Games Of The FBI
He is here to talk to us about video games. Randy Pargman gets up on stage and introduces himself. He's a member of the FBI, and he works at the FBI Training Academy in Virginia. He's not wearing a black suit, he doesn't constantly interrupt himself to ...

Amy review: Survival boredom
by Richard Mitchell on Jan 18th 2012 1:30PM Video games, in general, require that we suspend our disbelief to some degree. We can forgive the unbelievable or the improbable so long as the experience remains entertaining. Games are full of trivial ...

'King Mo' Lawal: I Might Cheat At Video Games, But I Never Cheat At Fighting
MMA Nation
"I've never tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug. I've gone through, and still welcome, Olympic-style testing. "I will do whatever is necessary to get to the bottom of this." "I'm not a cheater," Lawal said. "I might cheat at video games, ...

MMA Nation

There's an Ong-Bak video game coming…
Studio HIVE has announced it's acquired the licence to use the property for video games, and will be bringing Ong-Bak to consoles later this year. “Ong-Bak is well known as a powerful international martial arts brand,” says Sahamongkol Film ...


As of March 1, Hudson is no more
If you grew up in the era when Japanese video gamer developers ruled the industry, the name Hudson Soft would be instantly recognisable. They're the people who brought you Adventure Island, Bonk's Adventure and of course, Bomberman. ...


AOC touts $300 flicker-free 3D monitor
TG Daily
I have always believed that more 3D video games and accessible content will help accelerate the adoption of the rapidly evolving medium in American living rooms. Fortunately, relevant 3D content is finally starting to go live, with some satellite ...

TG Daily

ustwo disappointed with Whale Trail sales, launches on Android
According to Pocket Gamer, ustwo's mills™ (who goes by the title "CHIEF WONKA") stated he was disappointed with the sales numbers and they represent the "final nail in the ustwo premium coffin." mills™ stated "We had invested a lot of money making ...

Daniel Radcliffe defends Lana Del Rey over SNL debacle
Vancouver Sun
The public at large might have given a collective thumbs-down -- when they weren't plugging their fingers in their ears -- to Lana Del Rey's "Saturday Night Live" performance, but the "Video Games" songbird has at least one defender: "Harry Potter" ...

Review: Samurai Warriors Chronicles (Nintendo 3DS)
Samurai Warriors is one of those video game staple series that pretty much every gamer worth his salt has dabbled in at least once. The latest game in the series, Chronicles, is rightly at home on Nintendo 3DS. After finally tracking down a copy in ...

Smithsonian Details 'Art Of Video Games' Exhibit
By The Huffington Post News Editors
WASHINGTON — The Smithsonian American Art Museum is announcing details of its first major exhibit exploring the art and evolution of video games. The unusual exhibit opens March 16, and will be on view in Washington through Sept. 30.
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Virtual Victuals: A Gamer Turns Video Game Food Into Real Food ...
But now one gamer has made that food even more enticing by putting the virtual food of video games onto her very real dinner table. That's right: Daniella Zelli, a 23-year-old gamer in Edinburgh, Scotland, cooks up dishes inspired by games ...
Boise State Public Radio

Playing Video Games
By daven
Playing Video Games · ← Previous. (Currently Browsing: Oblivious Mom). Playing Video Games. Published on Jan 18, 2012. Filed under: Oblivious Mom | No Comments. Upload a Meme Picture. Follow Us. Embed This Image. Direct Image ...
Meme Humor

[Multi] 2012 Video Games Preview - Part V (#1-10)
The mothership for all things video games with news, reviews, previews and a forum to share your views, we're zetta sons of digits!
vgZero - All Forums

On-line Flash Video games Greatest Entertainment « Derechopulico
By sudoku
Flash video games are getting to be component for the Web lifestyle. When a particular is bored, it's now a culture norm to seek out out on line online games to get a one-stop get rid of. Arcade online games are not normally considered great ...

The Relevance of Stories in Personal computer Video games
By Ron R.C. Floyd
Stories give motives to personal computer video games. They enable you to 'suspend reality' (to use marketing communicate). They put you in the footwear of the families concerned, they enable you to act out a story, to fulfill missions of ...
Brochures Online

Brainy Gamer: To dream again
By Michael Abbott
Brainy Gamer is a blog and podcast devoted to video games and the community of gamers. Your comments and feedback are always welcome. --Michael Abbott. My Photo. Search. Recent Comments ...
Brainy Gamer

Schitzpopinov » Lana Del Rey – Video Games RMX
By Tyler S. Popinov
Lana Del Rey – Video Games – Joy Orbison Remix by P5757575757575. Major † Popinov. @SchitzPopinov √ · Hear† Us on HYPE!! √ · Facebook √ · Click here to cancel reply. Name Mail (Will not be published) Website. Comment ...

9GAG - Video games to save the world
Video games to save the world. bigbend | 1 day ago 14857. Love. Video games to save the world. Comments. Fix this post | Report post | View sauce ». Correct me if I'm... brocolis. Ad win. axenon. Scumbag Hipsters. zeegs. Rock music. ... Site Feed

Top 10 Underrated Video Games of 2011 | Top 10 Lists |
By Mark Hill
2011 was a banner year for video games. It saw the release of Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, and a dozen other indistinguishable shooters, all of them selling.
Top 10 Lists

Village Gamer News And SOPA-PIPA » Village Gamer
By NightStorm
We at Village Gamer are also opposed to SOPA and PIPA. While we may not be actively participating in the blackout (due to the fact that it is a news day, and the press releases keep coming), you can be sure that we (or I, as the IT guy here) ...
Village Gamer

Bub Block (XBLIG) Review | Video Games News, Reviews, Release ...
By BenHeyman
Part of the real beauty of the Xbox Live Indie Games section is that anyone is able to make and market video games XBLIG Xbox 360 Roppy Chop.
Trendy Gamers | Video Games Reviews,...

Gamer Melodico: The Art of the SOPA Blackout
By Dan Apczynski
As much as I personally detest SOPA (that's the Stop Online Piracy Act, in case you haven't heard, and you can read some great pieces about it at Kotaku, Gamasutra, Wired, and Unwinnable), it just doesn't make much sense to take Gamer ...
Gamer Melodico

Gamer mentality
Gamer mentality. Remake of a true story. Original: MS paint pisses me off, i ought to learn how to use something better.
Funny Junk Latest Pictures

Universal-Gamer Review: Star Wars: The Old Republic | N4G
Universal-Gamer Review: Star Wars: The Old Republic. In 2012, Bioware gives us Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG highly anticipated by many (myself ...

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