MIT to build educational video games with $3M grant

MIT to build educational video games with $3M grant
Mass High Tech
The MIT Education Arcade, which aims to show the potential of video games as learning tools, has built 15 video games designed to support math, science and humanities education. If you are commenting using a Facebook account, your profile information ...

Mass High Tech

New Choose-Your-Own-Adventure eBooks Read Like Video Games
Multiple “what if” storylines written by authors allow the reader to explore different events, enabling them to make choices that can affect the direction the story takes, like certain video games. Readers can also reread a key scene from a different ...

Largest video game controller in the world: Guinness Gamer World Record winner
Daily Mail
Guinness World Records Gaming Editor, Gaz Deaves, said: 'We've been burning the midnight oil like ninjas for the 2012 Gamer's Edition: witnessing record attempts, talking to developers and playing as many video games as we could handle. ...

Daily Mail

video games prizes up for grabs
BBC News
Four prizes are on offer in the Tiga games contest - part of the university's £5m prototype fund launched in July 2010. As well as the cash prize, the winning companies are offered support from established games developers. The fund is designed to help ...

BBC News

Thousand-gamer FPS fragfest aims for world record
By Caleb Cox • Get more from this author A Swedish tech outfit is to pit no fewer than one thousand first-person shooter players against each other simultaneously in a bid to set a world record. Uppsala-based outfit MuchDifferent reached out to the ...

Video games give seniors a mental boost
Exergames, virtual reality-enhanced exercise, may provide a mental benefit for older adults, according to a study published in the current American Journal of Preventive Medicine. The study enrolled 101 adults, ages 58-99 years, with 63 averaging three ...

10 video games to look out for in 2012
And combined with the cinematic prowess of Team Kojima, you're basically getting the summer blockbuster of video games that even Hollywood is unable to produce for themselves these days. For those into indie games, very few have built up as much ...


Which Is Healthier? Video Games Or Exercise?
BOSTON -- Can video games improve your health? Rhode Island researchers are starting a $2.5 million research project comparing active video game playing to a trip to the gym. The Wii game consoles helped put the get up and go into video games and now ...

Dundee MSP to lead new video games group at Scottish Parliament
Scotland Courier
A cross-party Scottish Parliament group on the video games industry will hold its first meeting in March. By Stefan Morkis The group received official approval from Holyrood's standards, procedures and public appointments committee on Wednesday. ...

Scotland Courier

Video Games Good For Mental Health..?
Brunei News, Brunei Headlines from Brunei fm
This is a Great news for all the Gamers around the world to prove to their parents that they can make something out of Playing video games, and they might even bring you some more game titles to help you out.

"Bioshock Infinite"s "1999 Mode" Makes Every Choice Matter
By Michael Epstein | Jan 19, 2012 | 11:13 am | Permalink Do you think video games have gotten too easy? Do you think quick-saves are a crime against all gamedom? If so, Irrational Games doesn't want Bioshock Infinite to disappoint you. ...

CES 2012: The Ultimate Gamer Living Room
G4 TV (blog)
As nerds, we are constantly beset by an insatiable technolust; one that can be fed but never satisfied. There's always a cooler TV, a better console, a crisper speaker; and then the next best thing hits a month later. Nowhere is this lust harder to ...

G4 TV (blog)

Assassin's Creed: Gamer Builds Own Game-Inspired Arm-Blade
Gamebandits (blog)
So now, we have a Youtube user slash assassin slash gamer. But you have to hand it the guy. He is pretty creative and resourceful. The arm blade was made from materials such as a door hinge. It is certainly mind-boggling, experimental and admirable of ...

Are video games good for your health?
Providence Eyewitness News
By Melissa Sardelli PROVIDENCE, RI (WPRI) - Researchers at Miriam Hospital believe that a different type of footwork, video game fitness, may be the answer to long-term health for some. "The self determination theory-of someone if it gives you a sense ...

Shogun Bros. unveils Ballista MK-1 gaming mouse for the sharpshooting gamer
latest offering which comes in the form of the Ballista MK-1 gaming mouse, a mouse which apparently has been designed for the sharpshooting gamer in mind. What makes the Ballista MK-1 an apparent ideal gaming peripheral for gamers is its indepedent X ...


Aeolus Gamer Storm Retools Dracula GPU Heatsink For AMD Radeon HD 7970
Legit Reviews
Aeolus Gamer Storm, the creators of the Dracula GPU heatsink, have created a new variant specifically for the AMD Radeon HD 7970. The heatsink was designed to withstand thermal loads of up to 250W when outfitted with fans. The Dracula heatsink utilizes ...

Legit Reviews

Embattled Metro-East police chief taken down by 5 video games
This undated photo shows Michael Baxton, former police chief of Alorton, Ilinois. He was removed from office on October 17, 2011 after an investigation into a felony conviction in his background. by Eric Lorenz ( -- One day after he resigned ...

Super Mario Bathroom: A Gamer's Throne
Business 2 Community
Bouts of frustration and broken controllers are normal for the household with an avid gamer during this era. Millions of terrabytes later, gaming has evolved from 8 bit pixels to ten million gigabytes of graphics. You need a certain model of video card ...

Review – Roccatt Kone [+]
It seems as though everything was made to be customizable so that any gamer can use this mouse. The setup may take some time if you're really nit-picky, but once it's all said and done, you have a gaming machine on your hands. As you can probably tell, ...


Wii U: Release Date, Tech Specs, Launch Games & Hardware FAQ
Though the Wii U's unique controller is not traditional for such an audience, the implementation of face buttons and dual circle pads into the controller suggests Nintendo is trying to cater for a more core gamer. Of course Nintendo will still want to ...

Gaming in 2011 and what's coming next, pt. 2
North by Northwestern
By DJ DeWitt Age of Wulin, the game involved in DJ's "Craziest Gamer Moment of 2011." Image courtesy of gPotato. Here's DJ's take on 2011 in gaming. If you missed it, check out Jordan's take from yesterday. 2011 was a great year for fans of video games ...

US PS Store update: ICO Collection, Starhawk beta
Experience the wonder and magic of one of the most beloved video games of all time, now available with full HD graphics, 7.1 surround sound, and stereoscopic 3D support. ESRB rated T File size 6.03 GB ICO ($19.99) ICO is a harrowing and emotional ...

Tank Riders
Pocket Gamer
by Brendan Caldwell Tanks hold a revered place in any true gamer's heart. Whether you cut your teeth on the streets of St Petersburg or crushed cop cars to bits in Liberty City, a tank is not just a ridiculous weapon - it's a symbol of ultimate gamer ...

Interview: Wrestling Goddess Stacy Keibler Talks Video Game Love and the ... (blog)
But did you know she's also a gamer? It's true, Stacy has loved video games since she was a kid and even had a Commodore 64. Are you in love, too? Those experiences and her outgoing character have now landed her a successful television acting career ...

Technology and Kids
The Friday Flyer
Computers, video games, cell phones and electronic screens are ubiquitous in our lives and the lives of our kids. Whether texting, surfing the web or playing video games, research shows that kids between the ages of eight and 18 spend more than seven ...

Cloud computing important for next-generation video games
For people interested in what the future of next-generation video games may hold, Square Enix worldwide technology director Julien Merceron said he believes cloud computing will be a big factor and play an "instrumental role" in newer consoles. ...

Find Your Way Through Time Travel In Final Fantasy XIII-2
I can only imagine the number of weapons, powers and items that have been scattered in all the different dimensions, creating the ultimate quest for the ultimate gamer. This trailer highlights Serah, Noel and their Mog friend more than the other ...

Congratulations to the winners of CATFANTASTIC! [US only]
PC Gamer Magazine
In honor of PC Gamer's 300th US Podcast, we not only tortured one another with an electric stun wand as part of America's cruelest game show—we also invited loyal listeners to play along for a chance to win some FABULOUS prizes! ...

PC Gamer Magazine

The Worst Video Games Of 2011: X-Play Presents The Golden ...
By sjohnson
It's that time of year again, gamers: Golden Mullet time! That's X-Play's annual celebration of the worst games of the year. Whether it's the horrors of Thor: God of Thunder, the terrors of...
G4 TV - TheFeed

Desktop computer Video games For Toddlers | Everything's Intact
By Scott
Animal video games: In this particular category, all the video games are associated with animals.Video games are ordinarily centered about matching the name of the animal to a image or guessing the sound the animal helps make. The video ...
Everything's Intact

The Girl Gamer Perspective: Marketing Messages Miss The Target ...
By melanie
Julia is our gaming expert on the Youth Advisory Board, and as a girl gamer, she's frustrated that so many of the video games she enjoys are rarely presented as being female-friendly. She may never have picked up Skyrim, which quickly ...

Video games: Why there may be no next-gen consoles | UWIRE
By admin
Video games: Why there may be no next-gen consoles. Posted on18 January ... The Wii did a decent job, but there's a lot more potential, mainly in regards to hardcore gaming as opposed to the current casual gamer market. The first one to ...

Should You Let Your Kids Play Video Games? : KIWI Magazine Online
By Marygrace Taylor
If you worry that video games are a bad influence, it may be time to reconsider: Video games can offer intellectual stimulation and developmental benefits for kids, says Cheryl Olson, an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and coauthor of Grand Theft Childhood: The Surprising Truth About Violent Video Games. “Video games are a form of ... Three video game options that safely engage your gamer's thinking cap: Yogi Bear: The Video Game for Nintendo ...
KIWI Magazine Online

Education News » The effects of violent video games
January 19, 2012 2:25 amThe effects of violent video games ... The gameris induced to carry out the cruel actions later than when it is just observed, because he has carried the message ready for the opportunity.
Education News

PS Vita sales crash 95% to 18361 units in week 5 ... - Pocket Gamer
Outsold by 3DS and PSP. Again. Click to read the full 'PS Vita sales crash 95% to 18361 units in week 5' news article. For more PlayStation Vita news and Multiformat news,
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'Amy' Is Awful Enough To Make You Hate Video Games and Life ...
By Phil Villarreal
We used to laugh at pundits like this who say video games are worthless trash -- or worse, a tool of the devil meant to torment your soul. That is, until we played Amy, which proves those sentiments exactly right.

Play Video Games On Your Rear Car Window | Bacon After Dark
By HoneyBadger
Play Video Games On Your Rear Car Window. gmfi. General Motors has published a video about a new concept car window with an interactive display. The car window has been under development in collaboration with the Academy of Art ...
Bacon After Dark

Lana Del Rey - Video Games (Live on SNL) - YouTube
Lana Del Rey performing Video Games live on Saturday Night Live, Jan. 14th 2012. © 2012 ...

UK top 20 video games chart, week ending 14 January | Technology ...
Fifa 12 continues its dominance of the games chart, but how soon until Zumba Fitness 2 knocks it off?

A changed gamer: from PC to console gaming | N4G
A changed gamer: from PC to console gaming. The unthinkable has happened, a PC gamer is slowly starting to like consoles more than his beloved computer.

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